February To-Do List

Happy February! The shortest day of the year.

Lent begins on February 17th, which means the 40 Days for Life campaign is just around the corner.

Below are suggestions and tips on activities and things to do throughout the month.

  1. Sign up for 40 Days for Life campaign near you. Take an hour or more each week. Your presence is needed. If you take a day off to do your taxes, you can take a day to saves lives and change minds.
  2. Plan a fish fry event and have the proceeds to go towards a pregnancy center.
    1. You can even do some other fundraiser idea (dance event, telethon
  3. Donate to the Pro-Life Union of Greater Philadelphia as they pay for the expenses for the inaugural March held in Philly and even raise funds for next year’s march.
  4. Holy Hour for an end to abortion
  5. Pray the Rosary for Life
  6. Start a book club. Pick a book of the month. Suggestion: Read the memoir “Racketeer for Life“, the life of Joseph Scheidler. Scheidler passed away on January 18th 2021.
  7. Write cards to expectant mothers
  8. Do a homeless run. Be sure to collect gloves, coats, and other warm clothes for them to use.
  9. Write to your representative to defend the Hyde Amendment and to enforce any existing pro-life laws that are on the books. Remind them of how the scourge of abortion has changed our society for the worse.
  10. Consider writing cards to abortion workers and convince them that they are loved as a person and they are called to walk away from their heinous work.

Date to remember

  1. Start of 40 Days for Life campaign: February 17th.

Let us strive to build a culture of life today through love and mercy. One person at a time.

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