This week we have seen the cancel culture from both sides of the spectrum while a partisan response in one. Here’s a look.

Disney Let Go Rising Actress on Hit Series

News broke this week that Disney has terminated one of their rising stars on a hit series. Gina Carano, the star of “The Mandalorian”, was fired for making comments that triggered the left-leaning crowd. The move by Disney and Lucafilm has since backfired.

Carano got support from Texas Senator Ted Cruz. Sen. Cruz said in a tweet how the actress rose to stardom in a popular series, yet she was canceled because of her views.

This move by Disney shows that actors and actresses with right leaning or religious views don’t have a place in the big tent, the entertainment industry. We are even seeing Disney with its true colors as they have supported gay marriage let alone Planned Parenthood.

Abby Johnson and Catholic University of America

Recently, the pro-life group of Cardinals for Life at Catholic University of America in Washington, DC were pressured to cancel Abby Johnson, former Planned Parenthood director turned pro-life advocate. However, she was picked up by the school’s republican group, which sparked some controversy.

The original reason for canceling Abby was for remarks she made about her adopted son last summer ahead of the 2020 Republican National Committee. This sparked the debate among many liberal pro-lifers, particularly the ones who have been a part of the number of Black Lives Matter protests nationwide that same summer.

Even in a post leading to the cancellation, Abby knew deep down she was going to speak at the Catholic University of America. She event thanked the college republicans for the invitation to speak. To see her presentation, visit here.

Whether we agree with the person or not, we can’t just simply cancel that person because of remarks that person made. We live in a society that preaches tolerance for some, not for all. One, pro-lifers must have some non partisan groups speak or contribute to the debate in advancing a culture of life. Two, when we want to cancel out, it opens the door for another to welcome a particular viewpoint while declining to offer another point of view.

The idea of a university is to be universal without becoming too radical. Sadly, the higher education scene has been climatically heated to the point that one side is put to the side just to accommodate one’s feelings. Cancel culture is killing critical thinking. Critical thinking has been seen a an inconvenience in education. It needs to be brought back.

In the words of Rep. Madison Cawthorne, “Ideas sharpen the mind”.