March 3, 2021 – A Dark and Tragic Day in Waco

From John Pisciotta of Pro-Life Waco

With a heavy heart, I announce that, after nearly a year, the shedding of innocent blood has resumed in Waco.  The parking lot was busy. And moms with babies in the womb entered the abortion wing of Planned Parenthood Waco.  Abortion will continue this week. And then on Wed/Thurs/Friday of alternating weeks. Nicola Louise Moore of Massachusetts continues as the ‘physician” killing babies in the womb. I snapped this photo of her on Thursday morning. Lord have mercy.


Waco has now rejoined seven other Texas cities with facilities dedicated to killing preborn babies Pro-Life Waco has elevated outreach to preborn babies and moms in 2020. And we will elevate even more in 2021 and as long as we have this cross to bear.  Your sacrifice and discipleship are needed to defend the precious treasures Jesus loves so much.  We can look to our right and to our left for those engaged in the battle.  However, you and I are called to step forward with dedication, and with joy, serving this noble cause. WE WILL NEVER ACCEPT THIS ABOMINATION WITHIN OUR COMMUNITY!

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