This is Us?

Why are children in the womb not considered part of the human race by those who support abortion rights?   It’s as if “we” are all over here and “they” are over there, isolated all by themselves when in fact, they are us.

Aren’t we supposed to be inclusive, especially in today’s hyper-sensitive society?  Should we not err on the side of caution and safety before hurting anyone’s feelings or physically harming anyone?   And yet when it comes to aborting our progeny, we throw caution to the wind and allow – and sometimes applaud – an innocent heartbeat to stop, in an exceedingly violent manner.  That is what murder is – the taking of an innocent life.  Why is this tolerated by a supposedly progressive and intelligent society?

These children who have been created through a sexual act are human beings in their earliest stages.  It’s not about what they can or cannot do.  It’s about a new life that according to science has been created when the egg and the sperm meet.  If we are supposed to follow the science when it comes to the Covid pandemic or global warming, why is it OK to ignore the science when it comes to the creation of the human race? These newly created lives are part of the human community.  And yet, by celebrating the right to abort we are not considering them as part of us.  We are treating them as if they are an alien life form and have no right to become part of our human race family if we so deem it.  How is that kind?  How is that inclusive?  How is that socially acceptable?  They are us.

These zygotes, turned embryos, turned fetuses, turned infants, turned toddlers, turned teenagers, turned adults are us.  So how can we nod our head in agreement that it is acceptable to extinguish their lives under the premise that they have no function when in the womb?  And how can we claim it is none of our business?   Aren’t we supposed to be each other’s business?  Taking care of others, looking out for others, helping others when they fall to stand back up and move forward?  Why is all this thoughtfulness erased when it comes to children in the womb.  They are us.

By supporting abortion up to nine months (on demand), which is the mission of our current administration*, we as a country are stating that preborn children are not us – unless they are wanted, then they are us.  Therefore, we are deciding if life is valuable enough to keep based on what its function is, or if that life is wanted?  And if it’s not wanted, then they are not us?

Is this who we are as a society?  People who subjectively judge which babies are allowed to die and which are allowed to live?And even sadder, heartlessly cheer and applaud when our President, Vice-President, governors and representatives ferociously defend the right to allow it.  This is us? 

*Democrats oppose and will fight to overturn federal and state laws that create barriers to reproductive health and rights. We will repeal the Hyde Amendment, and protect and codify the right to reproductive freedom. ( ACHIEVING UNIVERSAL, AFFORDABLE, QUALITY HEALTH CARE – Democrats).

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