The Ninth Station of the Cross: Jesus Falls the Third Time

By this time on Our Lord’s path to crucifixion he was extremely weak.  He had endured the scourging, the crowning with thorns and the weight of the cross.  He knew his death was imminent but he proceeded along to fulfill His Father’s mission: death on a cross to redeem the world.

Often our work pursuing an abortion-free world seems daunting.  There is the immediate need to change each woman’s mind day-in-and-day-out at the abortion centers.  There is also the need to communicate with our governmental officials and hold them accountable to recognize all life is valuable.  Then there is the need to help those who have chosen life by supporting them through our pro-life pregnancy centers.  And finally, to be an example to others and explain with facts how abortion impacts women and society.  We may fall every now and then and wonder if society will ever change its acceptance of abortion but we must follow Jesus’ example and get back up and travel the road with one more day outside an abortion clinic, one more conversation with our local representative, one more fundraiser for our pregnancy centers and one more discussion with a friend who still cannot fully accept a pro-life agenda.

Lord, let us follow the example of all those who have steadfastly stood up for life, both past and present.  Let us pray that we have the energy and determination to continue the battle for life. And if we fall, give us a moment to gather ourselves together and then stand up to do your work as the voice for our unborn. Amen.

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