The Eleventh Station of the Cross: Jesus is Nailed to the Cross

Anguish.  Complete and utter anguish describes Our Lord’s nailing onto the cross. Exhausted and depleted, with little support from those around Him.

Anguish, too, describes the experience of the unborn child during an abortion.  There are those that say the child cannot feel or is unaware what is happening.  Perhaps this is wishful thinking, for to believe that these children are suffering even in the smallest amount is a thought too horrible to fathom. Their anguish is deepened by the fact that so few among us will stand up in support of their right to life.  And what about the anguish of those mothers, fathers, and grandparents who know that a piece of their family history has been erased? Their anguish may not be immediate.  It may be something that lingers in the backs of their minds and as time passes, becomes a stabbing pain of remorse.  An abortion cannot be changed – that life is eternally lost in this world. Regret and sorrow become constant companions.

Lord, let us remember your anguish as you were nailed to the cross.  Let us always remember you sacrificed yourself so that we might live again, joined with you one day in Heaven.  Please help us fight against the sin of abortion which causes anguish and sorrow to all involved.  Let those who do not see the evil in this act realize that no good can come to a human race that does not value these small lives.  And let us see the day when the anguish of abortion is recognized for what it is and the voices of our unborn are not silenced anymore. Amen.

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