The Thirteenth Station of the Cross: Jesus’ Body is Removed from the Cross

After an excruciating death, Our Lord was removed from the cross with love and tenderness and laid in His mother’s arms.  She lived every day since she was called to be his Mother knowing that this day would come.  And now that it was over, she just wanted to hold her Son in her arms one last time.  They had both accomplished what they had been asked to do by God, Our Father.  Their life together, bound by their promise to the Father, made them one with each other.

Abortion removes the possibility of ever knowing a love as deep as a mother for her child.  We are called to nurture, protect and teach our children, not to violently destroy their very being.  If only the mothers of these children could see into the future, they might realize how different their lives could have been.  Love, joy, and yes, even a little pride, could have filled their lives instead of regret at what could have been. Contentment in knowing they had done their very best as a parent would have replaced their unrelenting remorse.

Jesus, let all those mothers carrying sons and daughters at this very minute realize the precious gift they have within them.  Let them know the closeness of a mother and child; the closeness You had with Mary.  Mary felt every lash of the whip, every thorn piercing your head, every nail in your hands and feet and yet she did not ask that this trial be taken from her.  Just as You said, “Thy will be done”, so too did Mary utter these words.  Let these new mothers look forward to the day when they can sing together with the voices of their unborn sons and daughters.  Let them tenderly hold them in their arms as Mary so tenderly held her Son at his birth in Bethlehem and at the foot of the cross at Calvary.  Amen.

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