WATCH: Priest Warns Parents Against Sending Kids to Ontario Catholic Schools that Fly Gay ‘Pride’ Flag

“The ‘Pride’ flag represents to young people sexual ideologies that contradict the natural law and the teaching of Our Lord Jesus Christ.”

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Fr. Mark Goring, May 28, 2021

Pete Baklinski of Life Site News published an article concerning a Catholic priest from Ontario Canada. Fr. Mark Goring urged parents not to send their children to Catholic Schools who voted to fly a “Pride” flag. It was reported seven of 38 Catholic school boards in Ontario voted to fly the “Pride” flag,

A Catholic priest in Ontario is warning parents that Catholic school boards that voted to fly the pro-homosexual “Pride” flag at schools next month have become a danger to their children, and that they should consider alternative methods of education, such as private Catholic schools and homeschooling.

“So the obvious thing is if you want your children to be preserved from the ideologies of the world, you need to find an alternative,” said Fr. Mark Goring, a priest of the Companions of the Cross and current pastor of St. Mary’s Parish in Ottawa, in a
May 28 Youtube video.

Goring said that children will not be deceived by the LGBT activists’ claim that the rainbow-striped flag merely represents diversity, or inclusivity, or tolerance.

“Children are very good at picking up on things. They’re not stupid. You can tell them that that little flag represents ‘inclusivity’ and not bullying people. But they know, or they’ll figure out, that that flag represents a whole lot more than that,” he said.

“I’m already hearing stories. Children as young as grade one — the first grade — [are] coming home announcing that they’re having questions, they’re wondering about their sexuality. First grade! Is that what you send your kids to school to become preoccupied with, to start questioning what letter in the alphabet soup fits them best?” he added.

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