Take Action: PA House Bill 1500 Down Syndrome Protection Measure

Please see the message below from the Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation.  The legislative arm of the pro-life movement is an important one and one that we should all have time to participate in.

For any questions concerning who your state rep is, see this link.

Dear Pro-Life Leaders,

Please send a message to your state representative, urging him or her to support PA House Bill 1500, the Down syndrome protection measure.

This important piece of disability rights legislation would ban abortions when the preborn baby is diagnosed with Down syndrome. The current abortion rate for unborn children with Down syndrome is extraordinarily high—research indicates the vast majority of them are aborted.

To send a message to your state representative now, please click here

Thank you for sending these important emails!

All the best,

Maria V. Gallagher

Legislative Director

Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation



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