Special Books by Special Kids

“We’ve had messages telling me that he should be killed…that I should have never had him in the first place…that he’s a drain on society…I think Harry’s purpose is just to show people the beauty of a soul.”

This is a statement of a mom of a child with Goldenhar syndrome and autism.  She is one of hundreds of people interviewed by Chris Ulmer for his non-profit organization, Special Books by Special Kids.

Special Books by Special Kids is an organization whose goal is inclusion for everyone – specifically the disabled and special needs.  It started with a classroom teacher who wanted to connect with his students with various disabilities including autism, traumatic brain injury and speech apraxia.  The teacher, Chris Ulmer, later went onto filming children with disabilities and their families and posting the videos on You Tube and Facebook.  He engages with these kids as just kids and they respond to this.  He and they wanted to teach us all what true inclusion looks like.

Some of the stories are heartbreaking as I put myself in the place of these parents.  But every single video I have viewed shows parents and/or guardians that are more than up to the task and in fact, are thankful for the blessing of being able to care for these children.

Honestly, it is one of the most uplifting sites on Facebook.  These videos reinforce the fact that all life is precious and that we should not devalue any life.  In fact, one of the participants in this video project who was born with a large facial birthmark states that nothing is wrong with her – she is just different.  Another child with disfiguring scars from a house fire states “I think every human in this world has worth and interest and value.” 

Please consider viewing the website and the Facebook page.  Chris Ulmer’s enthusiasm as he talks to and plays with these children is so hopeful and encouraging.  And these parents (biological or adoptive) are determined advocates for acceptance and inclusion, and believe their families are richer for having these children in their midst.

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