Crawford TX becomes 36th Sanctuary City in U. S. A.

In the midst of all the chaos in our country and in the world, some good news from Crawford Texas.  See report from Pro-Life Waco below.  

This morning I am encouraged and also frustrated.

I’m encouraged by the unanimous city council vote on August 10 to make Crawford, Texas a Sanctuary City for the Unborn.

I’m frustrated by the fact that not one of the Waco news outlets (one newspaper and four television stations) found this big event noteworthy.  This has profound implications for how we battle abortion in Waco.

Mark Lee Dickson who launched the sanctuary cities movement in 2019, proclaimed
““The City of Crawford, Texas (population 733) became the THIRTY-SIXTH CITY in the nation, and the thirty-third city in Texas, to pass an enforceable ordinance outlawing abortion within their city limits. The vote by the City Council was unanimous! Way to go Crawford, Texas!
Crawford Councilwoman Cindy Vannatta shared, “Crawford is honored to stand up for the unborn to make sure that no babies are killed in our city limits by abortion.””

Leaders and supporters attending the Tuesday City Council meeting included: Dennis Daniel (Central Texas Fellowship  of Catholic Men), Rev. Ben Faus (Senior Pastor of First Baptist Church of Crawford,  and John Pisciotta (Director of Pro-Life Waco).

One thought on “Crawford TX becomes 36th Sanctuary City in U. S. A.

  1. Debbie Deane August 25, 2021 / 9:51 am

    Glory to God for the good news of Crawford becoming the 33rd sanctuary in TX, and the 36th sanctuary in the US! We must not get discouraged, and pray that these life affirming changes will be big news! Remember, even if man doesn’t acknowledge this as newsworthy, God does!

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