NJ Abortion Bill Remains in Limbo for Now – Lame Duck Concerns Loom

New Jersey residents – please see the message below from the New Jersey Right to Life.  You are being asked to contact your legislators in the coming months and let them know of your opposition to S3030/A4848.  Information on these bills as well as a sample email are provided in the link below. 


Thanks to your efforts and a team of dedicated Pro-Life Groups Working Together, the radical NJ Freedom to Kill bill has failed to get a committee hearing thus far.  Although the NJ media has largely ignored our advocacy efforts or provided extremely biased, unfair and lopsided coverage to our side, it is clear that legislators have been hearing our message.  However, as indicated in the article , Planned Parenthood and their co-horts are going to make a push to try to pass this in the lame duck session.  Read the article

Please make every effort to communicate your opposition to S3030/A4848 in the months ahead to your legislators, and especially between November and the second week in January, which is the lame duck session.  Please pass this on to 10 friends and family members and provide details about the radical  nature of this bill and  then ask them to pass this on to 10 more people and so on.  Please use social media and any other means at your disposal to educate people about this extreme draconian bill.  

Read our latest op-ed HERE

Read coverage of our Pro-Life Prayer Vigil HERE

Please continue to stay up to date with us on future events and action items on this legislation.

Information about this legislation and a pre-written email to your legislators to oppose this bill can be found on our website HERE 


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