BOOK REVIEW: Lila Delivers On Why Life Is Worth Fighting For

This is the first book review from Voices for Life. We hope that there will be more to come.

Lila Rose may have activist, mom, and wife next to her title. However, she can now add one more to it; author.

Yes, she is a published author. Her debut book, “Fighting for Life” was just recently released in May.

The book details Lila’s early life while also balancing her early activism. Lila shared many personal stories that can speak to every person. Many of the chapters are five to seven pages long, yet they go straight to the point.

The first half of the book covers Lila Rose’s early life from troubling household to when the seeds of human rights activism were planted after a startling encounter with a magazine that depicted abortion. In that first half, Lila shared a dark secret that very little people know about; her struggle with mental health. As the book went on, she overcame the hurdle to be the face of pro-life millennials.

What really stood out about Lila is her pro-life activism in a very left-wing state was a challenge. She even admitted to the fact that she was needed at UCLA as oppose to attending Hillsdale College, a conservative college in Michigan.

Overall, I recommend you read this amazing memoir of Lila’s life. The chapters are short but provocative. It is a game-changer. It will blow you away.

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