September To Do List

It’s September. Summer is coming to an end. Soon, we will see advertisements for Halloween and even the upcoming football season. Let alone we will embrace the most coveted pumpkin spice season.

While these traditions are great, there is work that is needed to be done to build a culture of life. Here are things you can do.

Here are things you can do in September

For those in school:

  1. Recruit new members
  2. Host speakers
  3. Find out about volunteer opportunity for group members
  4. Come up with a plan
  5. Reach out to your SFLA coordinator within your state

Things to do this month:

  1. Sign up for hours for 40 Days for Life (It begins on September 22nd and runs until Halloween)
  2. Participate in your state’s March for Life (Virginia September 17th and Pennsylvania September 27th)
  3. Host a Remembrance for the Unborn Event in your community (learn more here)
  4. Take part in prayer vigils in your community today.
  5. Lobby for the unborn
  6. Make calls to your representative and demand that they protect human life
  7. Host a movie screening of any pro-life movie at your church
  8. Reach out to pregnancy centers and run a gift drive to help moms and children in need

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