The Irony of “My Body; My Choice” In Era of Mask Mandates and Coercion

Has anyone notice the hypocrisy of the pro-choice crowd since the epiphany of mask mandates? No. Well, we have heard of the statement from pro-choice feminists or clueless abortion advocate that like to pick and choose the science they believe in that they do not want politicians to tell them what to do in the name of body autonomy.

Wait a second, this same crowd that has for decades told politicians that they want body autonomy when it came to the abortion debate. In turn, taxpayers are forced to pay the notorious abortion industry millions if not billions of dollars to promote abortion, no matter what. Only this time they have abandoned their battle cry to coerce people in getting the controversial vaccine and wearing a mask indoors.

Have they forgotten the fact that both masks and vaccines were all trials in finding ways to prevent the disease?

This same crowd that cried afoul over laws that were forcing them to do what they want with their bodies has all of a sudden went silent when many governors and shady groups that imposed mask mandates and trial vaccines.

So do I have a right to choose to wear a mask and get the vaccine or do I comply to coercion? The next time someone tells you to mask up remind them of how they demanded that laws don’t dictate what to do with their bodies

I’ll take “That Statement Didn’t Age Well” for $2000, Alex.

Here’s commentary from Tucker Carlson.