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Dr. Monique Ruberu, Natural Women’s Health

Please read Dr. Monique Ruberu’s urgent request below. She is one of our strongest leaders in our Philadelphia pro-life community.  Please give her request prayerful consideration.  This is yet another avenue we can take to strengthen our pro-life mission. 

Thanks to each of you reading this blog – no matter where you call home –   for all you do to be the voice for our unborn boys and girls.

 I am so blessed to be a Pro-Life Napro Technology Trained Ob/Gyn.  
In addition to treating our typical beautiful patients, the generosity of donors has allowed us to offer free care at Natural Women’s Health to wonderful women who are struggling financially or would otherwise seek care at an abortion facility. 

At Natural Women’s health all women have the opportunity to truly understand the root cause of all their gynecologic issues. 

We treat every Gyn problem effectively without the use of contraceptives in alignment with our faith. We also help couples who are struggling with fertility challenges to conceive without the use of IVF. 

We help mothers to understand the root cause of recurrent miscarriage and attempt to heal it. We address post-partum depression effectively without the use of anti-depressants. 

We are blessed to offer free abortion pill reversal services to any woman who desires to choose life for her child after using an abortion pill. 

All of this is possible because every bit of this work is FOR THE GLORY OF GOD.  Through Him all things are possible. He has provided a way in every situation that we have faced. 

The office has been growing, and I have felt the longing to bring another faithful, caring, God loving provider to our family. 
I did not know how this would be possible considering that I honestly can’t afford to pay myself a proper salary. Every month we focus on paying our employees, paying our rent, paying our bills and serving our patients. 

Then God provided. Sharon is a PA with many years service under her belt. She has two sons that are Franciscan Friars of the Renewal, and she is a faithful daughter to the King, wife and mother.  

Sharon has been moved for a long time to volunteer full time in a pro life setting. This is such a blessing for us because I honestly cannot afford to pay her a salary that I can’t even pay myself.  In order to work in our office and become a Napro Technology Trained Medical Consultant and Fertility Care Practitioner we have to pay for her training and travel expenses for the two sessions of training in Nebraska. 

The total cost of this training is $11760
This cost includes the course, course materials, flights, travel costs, room and board for both sessions of training. Thus far we have raised just over $3000 through a go fund me you may have seen. 

I wish that we had such a lucrative practice that this cost would be nothing, but recently we were informed that we have to vacate our current space by Oct 31, 2021. Our costs of new rent, furniture for the new unfurnished office, renovations and moving is going to cost a significant amount that we hadn’t planned for. 

I was also informed that my religious and medical vaccine exemptions have been denied so I no longer have the ability to perform surgery or admit patients to Holy Redeemer Hospital which further decreases our income. 

I believe that this work is important. I believe that expanding the practice and offering more patients this type of care is such a blessing. I pray that God will move your hearts to be generous and donate to cover the cost of this training for Sharon. 

The blessings from this donation will continue to change hearts and minds of many long after this fundraiser is closed. 

If you would like to donate through the gofundme here is the link :

God bless you! 
Dr. Monique Ruberu 
Pro Life Obgyn 

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