PA Pro-Life Judges SWEEP! Thank You to all who Pitched in!

Please see message from Ted Meehan below with information on yesterday’s election in Pennsylvania.  While the results are not yet official,  it looks like all the pro-life judges won.  Thanks to all who worked so hard to get them elected, and to everyone who voted.  

Thank you

God bless each one who worked so hard to elect our Pro-Life Judicial candidates in Pennsylvania!  It appears that we won all four contests. Kevin Brobson for Supreme Court. Megan Sullivan for Superior Court. Stacy Wallace for Commonwealth Court. Drew Crompton for Commonwealth Court. (Crompton leads the next highest candidate by a little over 1,000 votes. Keep praying that he prevails.)Special thanks to all who distributed nearly 20,000 voter guides in Delaware County, AND to all who made phone calls – 20,000 in the final 3 weeks! And who raised money – or donated, or did many other tasks that are so critical to success.Democracy can never be a spectator sport. As Thomas Paine warned us, many years ago, victory is not won by Summer Soldiers and Sunshine Patriots. It goes to those who dig down when it would be easier to surrender! We always get the leaders we deserve.One of the revelations that struck me, during this campaign, is that it seems that Republicans of today run on the same issues that they have always embraced: Limited Government, Lower Taxes, Sanctity of Life, peace through Strength, Strong Families, Religious Liberty, Educational opportunity for all, and traditional values. While our modern Democrat adversaries run on pronouns, global warming, defunding police, critical race theory, and muzzling speech. Nearly all of their issues change every year! Except they will ALWAYS call us “racists” and “fascists”. (Among some less polite names.)Their new controversial ‘ideas’ are divisive and destructive. It seems that we often have to prevail against a headwind of rule changes – and even some rule violations! But it is Our traditional values that unite and shape us as Americans and we are strong enough to persevere and prosper – as long as we sacrifice our time and treasure to preserve the great gifts of Life and Liberty – under God.Thanks to each one!

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