Pro-Life Christmas Wishlist

So you have family, friends, and secret Santa on your list. Chances are they would like a gift centered around the pro-life message.

We have you covered. Before we proceed, you may want to check out these shops from 2020 to give you an idea.

The 2021 Christmas Gift Guide From Select Podcasts and Groups

Patchwork Heart Ministry

Anne DeSantis, Director of the St. Raymond Nonnatus Foundation, runs a podcast interviewing Catholics and their faith journey. Purchase their clothing line here.

Those Other Girls Podcast

The podcast speaks to women who have been victimized by the hyperactive oversexualized culture while attacking liberal viewpoints.

Podcast host Mallory Finch had an epiphany one day at the gym when someone wore a sweatshirt that read anti-social social club emblazed across it. It triggered the opportunity to use it to promote the pro-life message. Get your anti-abortion sweatshirt today.

The Culture Project

Check out gear from The Culture Project

Here are book suggestions for those who love to read

  1. Fighting for Life-Lila Rose
  2. American Marxism-Mark Levin
  3. Speechless- Michael Knowles
  4. The Case for Patriarchy- Timothy Gordon
  5. The Tyranny of Big Tech- Sen. Josh Hawley
  6. Blackout- Candace Owens
  7. The Long Slide- Tucker Carlson


Purchase some faith-themed apparel here. Need pro-life gear for March for Life in DC, San Francisco, or your own state? Check out their line here. Use promo code PhillyPhilly at checkout.