Five Turnarounds; One Definite Save To Kick Off December

The following is from an email blast sent by Dr. Monique Ruberu.

On Monday Tony encountered a lovely young mom who he brought over to the Philadelphia Community Women’s Center and she has confirmed that she is keeping her baby!!!

On Wednesday we had 2 girls go over to the Philadelphia Community Women’s center for help after the rally!! 

On Friday Several of our prayer volunteers were present when a girl entered 777.  two women – one with a toddler arrived with an uber. The pregnant mom stated that she was too young to carry a baby,  but Tony and Alice were able to have a convincing conversation with the friend who had the courage to go into 777 and bring her friend out. Once out of there,  they were able to connect her to Pat who provided her with many numbers for support.  Her friend has pledged to continue walking with her,  and we are also willing to do so. At least for now that baby is saved,  please pray that the mom continues to choose life!!

Following that encounter,  a young girl drove up – Tony and Alice were able to speak with her as well,  and she drove away – please pray that she doesn’t return at another time!!!

Praise God that these amazing prayer warriors were present to intervene.