Peace in the Womb Caroling Event -Philadelphia/Bucks Counties, Pennsylvania

This past weekend we celebrated two Peace in the Womb Caroling Events in Northeast Philadelphia and Warminster, PA.  On Friday, a group of us gathered outside the Planned Parenthood in Warminster, PA to sing in celebration of the birth of Jesus while also keeping in mind those babies whose lives were about to be taken from them.  While there we witnessed a couple in the parking lot who were about to go inside.  A few of the long-time pro-life supporters spoke to the couple.  It seems the man wanted the abortion but the woman was hesitant.  They ended up driving off, only to return a little later.  Please keep this couple and their child in your prayers.  Maybe they stayed or maybe they still had not come to a final decision and left again.  On a brighter note, we heard that a woman who had changed her mind while at the site in the fall is now doing well and is expecting her baby in the Spring.  Please keep her and her child in your prayers also for a healthy and joy-filled life together.

On Saturday, our Northeast Philadelphia pro-life group joined together in song outside the Planned Parenthood on Comly Road.  There was the usual Saturday traffic going into this facility.  Who knows if our presence (and our singing) changed anyone’s mind before going through with a scheduled abortion. But it was an opportunity for us to join together and remember that the holiday is about the birth of Christ and the peace and joy He had hoped for the world.

These caroling events are sponsored by the Pro-Life Action League.  If anyone reading this blog is interested in coordinating this event in your community next year, contact info is noted below. 

So much of Christmas is over-orchestrated.  This event is beautiful in its simplicity.  There is no practice, no instruments, no RSVPing.  You just show up outside of an abortion clinic and raise your voice to celebrate the season and hopefully, provide a note of peace within the walls of violence.

Merry Christmas!

Peace in the Womb Contact Info:

Pro-Life Action League

Chicago, IL 60646, USA

Tel: 630-896-1200


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