Thousands of Students, Pro-Life Activists, Gather in Person and Virtually for “Post Roe” America

Over 2000 students from across the country made a long weekend in Washington, DC. Many were so happy at the moment when it was surreal to be “in person”. That came yesterday when they all gathered for the 2022 Pro-Life Summit. The theme of the conference was “All In for Life”, and it was no different as much anticipation is building for the reversal of the barbaric Supreme Court decision and a potential post-Roe America. It is fitting that the conference was held on the 49th anniversary of the controversial case casted down by 7 men on the Supreme Court bench.

Kristan Hawkins, President of Students for Life of America, delivered her opening remarks. Focusing on the inalienable rights in the Declaration of Independence, Hawkins told the attendees that even the founder fathers knew that without the right to life “everything else does not matter”. She encouraged everyone to continue the fight for the unborn in their communities and state while gearing up for a post-Roe America while sending the original decision to the “ash heap of history”.

Former VP Mike Pence delivered the keynote address. In it, he shared first hand how he had to do something when he heard the news of Roe v Wade. Along with former second lady, Karen they both protected life through their public service career. For Pence, he began when he was elected to Congress in 2001 and he dedicated his first session to defunding Planned Parenthood. Since then, he has consistently been a voice for the voiceless.

““The left believes children are a burden. We believe that they are a gift from God.” Pence remarked. The crowd stood and cheer. He encouraged everyone to persevere in the fight for the unborn, never give up, and get it done.

The summit included a myriad of speakers representing the diverse strength of the movement. One in particular, Christina Bennett. Bennett shared how she “escaped death” by the hands of a medical butcher. She knew that she had a purpose in life that even her mother knew from the moment blood was on the floor and wasn’t cleaned up. Today, she is a writer for Live Action and continues to help defend African Americans from abortion.

Delivering the evening keynote was Michael Knowles, author of his namesake podcast and author of “Speechless”, shared that in 43 states it is legal to murder a baby in its first trimester, 40 states allow abortions beginning at 15 weeks, at 25 weeks a baby can be murdered in 29 states, . He shared that the end of Roe would mark a monumental victory for “an end to abortion forever”.

Pro-lifers, let’s make 2022 a monumental year, whether you are a student, working professional, parent, clergy, or whatever you’re vocation in life is, you can make a difference and be all in for life. Don’t be afraid. If Jesus has to make sacrifices, so can you.

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