February To-Do List

It’s February. The commercialization of Valentine’s Day is in full swing. Here are some charitable themes to do for February on top of normal routines

  1. Write cards to single mothers
  2. Reach out to someone battling depression
  3. Shower a mother with an unexpectant pregnancy center with love
  4. Launch a card writing campaign to the workers, volunteers, and abortionists who work in the abortion industry encouraging them to #walkaway.
  5. Attend a prayer vigil in your community
  6. If in Philly area, attend this rally in memory of the founder of its pro-life coalition
  7. Offer your next Holy Hour for an end to abortion
  8. Pray the Flame of Love rosary
  9. Educate people on the importance of chastity
  10. Remind people close to you how much you love them
  11. Raise awareness on the suicide, abortion pill reversal, and sex trafficking hotlines.

Have a blessed February!