A Boy’s Life Saved at Comly Road – 34 Years Ago

Many times while we are outside of our local abortion facility praying and giving public witness or sidewalk counseling, we often wonder if our efforts are in vain.  I know I ‘ve felt that way on several occasions and would go home feeling dejected.  

Below is an uplifting account of a baby saved from abortion many years ago at the Northeast Women’s Center on Comly Road in Philadelphia (now a Planned Parenthood).  We don’t always know what the outcome of our presence or our offering of help to these women will be, but God sometimes works behind the scenes while answering our prayers. Once in a while we get to see or hear about the outcome as we see below.   This report comes from Mike McMonagle, President of the Pro-Life Coalition of Pennsylvania as told to him by Patrick Stanton. 

God bless all of you who continually pray and give witness outside of these killing centers.  Your prayers and actions, although you might not know it, are being answered!

From Mike McMonagle’s email: 

I close with an encouraging report that I received today from Pat Stanton.

When Pat was departing PP’s Center City abortion chamber today, a Philadelphia Civil Affairs Officer approached him and thanked him – and all pro-lifers – for our sidewalk counseling and public witness at abortion chambers.

This Officer revealed that, in 1988, he and his pregnant wife entered PP’s Comly Road abortion chamber for a scheduled abortion.  However, because of the witness, prayers, and information (particularly with photos) given to them by the pro-life citizens, they left without allowing an abortionist to kill their child.

The Officer concluded with the deeply heartfelt expression “We have had our son for 34 years now and every day I thank God for you people.  Keep up the good work.”

Let’s continue to act on this Officer’s exhortation!

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