The following is from an email blast sent by Dr. Monique Ruberu

PRAISE GOD!!! The Sisters of Life encountered a girl that they knew was a risk of abortion and took her to the Philadelphia Community Women’s Center – She is in need of help with a two bedroom apartment for her and her 2 other daughters , also needs more hours and a better paying job – I believe she is a hair stylist. 

The second girl is 19 years old – her mother almost aborted her when her mom was at the age of 20. – she is a real go getter. Very strong, Is entering an early nursing program and is hoping to get help with babysitting when the time comes and community support.  She has a meeting at the Womens Center on Monday. 

Pat just informed me there was another save at 777 today!!!! Details to come!!!

I have asked girls recently … if there was an ultrasound bud in front of the abortion center offering free ultrasound – would you go… they have all said yes. Please pray that if this is God’s will everything will fall in place to set this up and allow us to offer this service at 12th to start and also at 777 and Comley. 

Please help us fill every hour as we transition back to Sidewalk Servants campaign until the Fall 40 Days campaign

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