The following is from Michael Geer from the Pennsylvania Family Institute.

It’s a dark day for Lancaster County.

Today, Planned Parenthood opened an abortion clinic on 902 Manor Street in Lancaster where chemical abortion pills will be administered.

Not only will unborn babies be aborted through this clinic – a first for Lancaster County, but additional harmful services are now being pushed in this community like “transgender hormone therapy.”

There’s no question this is a devastating development that will harm more families and challenge the pro-life movement in new ways, but after the triumphant overturning of Roe v. Wade, we knew the battle for life would shift to states and localities.

We have always fought for preborn children everywhere and that fight will continue in Lancaster and throughout Pennsylvania. 

Let it not go unrecognized that Lancaster County was kept abortion-free for nearly a quarter century, thanks to men and women willing to take a stand for life. In 1998, Planned Parenthood filed to obtain a building permit in order to perform abortions in Lancaster. But a broad-based coalition made up of churches, physicians, pregnancy care ministries and community and political leaders fought back. This group, called Lancaster United for Life, won a court appeal to successfully keep Planned Parenthood from performing abortions in Lancaster city. Zero abortions have occurred in Lancaster for all these years since.

Lives were saved over this past quarter century in Lancaster County and we can all praise the Lord for this fact.

In their announcement of this new abortion facility, the head of Planned Parenthood’s central PA region stated they must “do everything we can in Pennsylvania” to continue killing unborn children. It matches the abortion industry’s agenda for our state and nation: to remove every pro-life limit on abortion, to force you to pay for abortion and to attack anyone that threatens their profits from abortion, like pregnancy care centers. 

It’s why we must do everything we can to get involved in advancing a culture of life here in Pennsylvania. For our children and grandchildren, may we continue to rally, to march, to stand, to advocate for the most vulnerable among us – preborn children in the womb.

One way you can do so is by joining us in Harrisburg next Monday, September 19th, for the Pennsylvania March for Life – the first state march for life in the nation since Roe was overturned! The battleground for life has now shifted strongly to the states. We have the opportunity to build on the momentum of the US Supreme Court decision and direct Pennsylvania as a pro-life state, not a radical state in the likes of New York or California.

We know the power of prayer – many considered it a miracle when Roe was overturned recently along with when Planned Parenthood was stopped in Lancaster back in the ‘90’s. Through Christ, all things are possible!

So please join me next week in Harrisburg, and join me in prayer especially for all of the preborn and the young women in Lancaster. We need faithful Christians standing up in their communities and being a daily voice for the voiceless.

Together, let’s build up the culture of life in Pennsylvania.

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