Special Books by Special Kids

“We’ve had messages telling me that he should be killed…that I should have never had him in the first place…that he’s a drain on society…I think Harry’s purpose is just to show people the beauty of a soul.”

This is a statement of a mom of a child with Goldenhar syndrome and autism.  She is one of hundreds of people interviewed by Chris Ulmer for his non-profit organization, Special Books by Special Kids.

Special Books by Special Kids is an organization whose goal is inclusion for everyone – specifically the disabled and special needs.  It started with a classroom teacher who wanted to connect with his students with various disabilities including autism, traumatic brain injury and speech apraxia.  The teacher, Chris Ulmer, later went onto filming children with disabilities and their families and posting the videos on You Tube and Facebook.  He engages with these kids as just kids and they respond to this.  He and they wanted to teach us all what true inclusion looks like.

Some of the stories are heartbreaking as I put myself in the place of these parents.  But every single video I have viewed shows parents and/or guardians that are more than up to the task and in fact, are thankful for the blessing of being able to care for these children.

Honestly, it is one of the most uplifting sites on Facebook.  These videos reinforce the fact that all life is precious and that we should not devalue any life.  In fact, one of the participants in this video project who was born with a large facial birthmark states that nothing is wrong with her – she is just different.  Another child with disfiguring scars from a house fire states “I think every human in this world has worth and interest and value.” 

Please consider viewing the website and the Facebook page.  Chris Ulmer’s enthusiasm as he talks to and plays with these children is so hopeful and encouraging.  And these parents (biological or adoptive) are determined advocates for acceptance and inclusion, and believe their families are richer for having these children in their midst.

Group Tour – Legacy of Life

Greetings ProLife Friends!

The Legacy of Life Foundation on-site tour is back and we would love it if you joined us on Thursday, July 22, at  6 pm at our Bucks County location! It has been a long road since March 2020 when the entire world went on lock-down and we are so excited to be able to have you and new guests come for a tour.  Bring a prolife friend!  Bring that person who might not really know what the Legacy of Life Foundation does.  You will meet staff, visit our new building and hear all about what is new with us!    Please  join us in spreading the message of the Legacy of Life Foundation 
so we can save lives and transform families together! On-site tour of our Bucks County location July 22 at 6 PM  Please register by email or call Keriann 215-788-4051 ✧Keriann@legacyoflifefoundation.org 

*Address will be given upon registration*

Planned Parenthood Northeast (Philadelphia) Surgical Center Failed Incidents Health Report December 2020

Pro-choice advocates continue to challenge anything they consider a roadblock to obtaining an abortion.  One of their often-heard complaints is the fact that in some states, these abortion surgical centers need to be inspected.  This requirement in Pennsylvania was the direct result of the Philadelphia-based Gosnell abortion clinic which was not inspected for years.  Once the atrocities that occurred there became known, Gosnell’s abortion clinic assumed the title of “the House of Horrors” where women died or were injured during the abortion process, three newborn babies were murdered during late-term abortions and aborted baby parts were found in jars scattered throughout the building.

Is this really want we want in a supposed civilized society? 

Why would you not want all medical facilities to be inspected?  Even if you support abortion, should not a clean, well-run facility be where you would want to go? 

As an example of what is found during these state inspections, please see the most recent report below for the Northeast Philadelphia Planned Parenthood Women’s Surgical Center (December 2020) found on the PA Department of Health website.  Inspections are not a means of delaying abortions – they are a way to ensure that those obtaining an abortion are treated with the same safety protocols as anyone would be in a hospital or outpatient procedure center. 

I often think if these inspections were not required, the pro-abortion advocates would be demanding that these facilities be clean and within all state guidelines as are other medical facilities. But because Planned Parenthood and other abortion centers complain about the inspection requirements (in their words “administrative hurdles) pro-abortion advocates have re-framed the discussion into one of limiting freedom to abort. Planned Parenthood calls these TRAP laws (Targeted Restrictions on Abortion Providers).

Steps taken to ensure patient safety should not be confused with restricting those patients. 

I would suggest all readers of this blog intermittently monitor their individual state’s Department of Health website to review abortion clinic inspections.

Health Inspection Results


Based on observation, review of facility policy and interview with staff (EMP), it was determined the facility failed to ensure a safe and sanitary environment in accordance with the facility approved policy for medication and specimen storage.

Findings include:

Observation tour conducted on December 16, 2020, with EMP2 revealed a specimen refrigerator which contain containers of tissue specimens revealed an open vial of tuberculin solution and quality control solutions. Further review revealed the tuberculin solution did not have a date of opening nor a date of discard.

Observation tour conducted on December 16, 2020, with EMP2 of the Operating Room revealed rust on brackets of the OR, stains on the OR floor and paint chips on the floor.

Review of facility policy “Infection Control Plan-Far Northeast Surgical Center last revised February 20, 2020, revealed “In using Standard Precautions, we assume all human blood, certain human body fluids and Other Potentially Infectious Materials (OPIM) are known to be infectious and use precautions with every patient and every procedure to reduce risk in the workplace. These practices are designed to both protect health care staff and to prevent staff from spreading infections among patients.”

An interview conducted on December 16, 2020, with EMP2 confirmed the above findings in the operating room and the issues of non-compliance identified in the specimen refrigerator during the observation tour in the facility.

Plan of Correction:

The Center Manager is responsible for ensuring the facility maintains a safe and sanitary environment and will address findings no later than 4/30/21.

1) The facility maintains two refrigerators, one for lab reagents/lab specimens and another for medication. The opened vial of tuberculin solution was removed/discarded immediately. All facility staff will receive training (retraining) on the Infection Control Plan related to proper storage and labeling of medication. The Center Manager (in collaboration with Director of Clinical Services) will provide staff retraining, obtain documentation of training, and monitor compliance. Additionally, labels with storage requirements will be added to the refrigerators. The Center Manager will monitor the refrigerators weekly for one month and monthly thereafter. Monitoring and any findings will be documented on the temperature logs, which are specific to each fridge. The CM will report on monitoring efforts at next quarterly Infection Control Committee. Reports from the Infection Control Committee are included in the quarterly Compliance, Risk, and Quality Management (CRQM) report to the Governing Board. The Director of Patient Services will ensure completion of the Plan of Correction.

2) As of 2/15/21, our Facilities Manager had serviced the Operating Room and the rust, stains and paint chips have been removed. The Center Manager (CM) will conduct monthly visual inspection of facility, looking for any items/areas needing repair (stains, rust, paint) and work with Facilities Manager to address any issues. The CM will report on monitoring efforts at next quarterly Infection Control Committee. Reports from the Infection Control Committee are included in the quarterly RQM report to the Governing Board. The Director of Patient Services will ensure completion of the Plan of Correction.

Support the Generation Life Golf Outing!

Please see the email below with details on the  Generation Life Golf Outing fundraiser.  While there are many avenues in the pro-life movement:  legislative, prayerful, pregnancy center donations, public rallies, etc., Generation Life’s mission is to get to the root cause of abortion.  Their goal is to educate the younger generations about chastity and try to stop the want or need for an abortion.  They meet young people where they are and proclaim this message.  Gen Life stands outside of abortion centers, speaks at pro-life rallies and most importantly, is a younger voice for the unborn. If you are an armchair golfer, then consider participating through a donation.  If you were impressed by Phil Mickelson’s recent PGA Championship at the age of 50 and want to get back out on the links, then here’s your chance! Either way, please support Generation Life.  It is through their ministry that true change will take place.  

Dear friend,
This week we are not only preparing for our final talks of the school year, but for our most exciting event outside the classroom – the bi-annual Pro-Life Golf Outing!

  Pro-Life Golf Outing
White Manor Country Club
Monday, June 7 Cocktails & Dinner to Follow  

This day of fun, friendship, and food at a top-ranked golf course makes it possible for us to continue spreading the Pro-Life and Chastity messages throughout the school year – and you can help!

An Award Sponsor sends our speakers to neighboring dioceses like New York, Allentown, Wilmington, and more!

  A Hole Sponsor shares the life-affirming message of Chastity with an entire high school student body in the Greater Philadelphia area!

A food sponsor not only nourishes our golfers but enriches a local grade school with a bold and informative Pro-Life presentation!
Your support will change the lives of thousands of students in the Archdiocese as well as countless unborn lives. Join us for Mass, meals, and a full day of golf with a friend or a foursome to stand up for the dignity of life while enjoying a beautiful course!

We thank you for your continued support and prayers for our team, students, and mission. With gratitude,

The GenLife Team
2021 Pro-Life Golf Outing  
8506 Frankford Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19136, USA 1.800.583.5290   www.generationlife.org  

Take Action: PA House Bill 1500 Down Syndrome Protection Measure

Please see the message below from the Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation.  The legislative arm of the pro-life movement is an important one and one that we should all have time to participate in.

For any questions concerning who your state rep is, see this link.

Dear Pro-Life Leaders,

Please send a message to your state representative, urging him or her to support PA House Bill 1500, the Down syndrome protection measure.

This important piece of disability rights legislation would ban abortions when the preborn baby is diagnosed with Down syndrome. The current abortion rate for unborn children with Down syndrome is extraordinarily high—research indicates the vast majority of them are aborted.

To send a message to your state representative now, please click here

Thank you for sending these important emails!

All the best,

Maria V. Gallagher

Legislative Director

Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation



Jockey Being Family Supports Adoptive and Foster Families

I am always amazed when a random act leads me to a message that is worth sharing in this blog.  I recently ordered some skirts from the Jockey website.  There was a sale and additional discount for signing up, so I did.  When the package arrived, out came the skirts along with a small postcard thanking me and stating that this purchase was fostering change.  As it turns out, in 2005 Jockey (headquartered in Kenosha, Wisconsin) established the Jockey Being Family Foundation in support of its corporate initiative to strengthen adoptive families.  It is a story that is very personal to Debra Waller, Chairman and CEO of Jockey.  She, in fact, was adopted into the family that owned Jockey and took over the reins of the business after her mother died in 2001. 

Local community volunteers as well as Jockey employees work together to make blankets for children, as well as fill backpacks that children will take to their new homes.  The Jockey Being Family website offers resource for parents in the form of webinars, support articles and podcasts.  A percentage of all Jockey sales goes to the Foundation. The Foundation also partners with several non-profits to create programs to help adoptive families: The Center for Adoption Support and Education (CASE), Creating A Family, Wisconsin Adoption and Permanency Support and the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption.

Since adoption is part of our pro-life message, it feels good to know that a company I purchased from supports strengthening family ties – so many times this is not the case with corporate America.

Please check out the Foundation website and consider ordering directly from the Jockey website in the future so that your purchase can impact the family unit in a positive way!

Bucks County, PA Life Chain, Friday, May 7th

Now that we have Spring time weather, the Bucks County Pro-Life Coalition First Friday Life Chain at the Planned Parenthood in Warminster will be returning to its original 9:30 AM time.

Please join us outside of PP to offer prayers for the mothers and their babies entering through the doors of PP and to continue to be a voice for these children.  Our public support always opens the opportunity to have the public driving by to question their own beliefs about abortion and perhaps realize the tragedy of lives lost in their own neighborhood.

Also, please feel free to bring baby supplies to stock the shelves of the pregnancy centers supported by the Coalition.

Please share this information…..ALL ARE WELCOME!

Time:  9:30 AM

Date:  May 7, 2021 (First Friday)

Place:  Planned Parenthood

             610 Louis Drive

             Warminster, PA 

*Please note Parking requirements:

 We are not permitted to park anywhere in the big parking where the PP building is.  That means no parking on either side of the 2 driveways left or right.  Also, some people have parked in the Mac Truck parking lot directly across the street from PP.  Please do not park there.  The owner is concerned about the big trucks that have to go in and out of their parking area.  The best place to park, if you are coming from Street Road, is in the parking lot just past the Seeton Turf Warehouse at 620 Louis Dr., Warminster.  If you are coming toward the Seeton Turf Warehouse from Ivyland Rd. and the warehouse is on your right, park in the parking just before the warehouse.  Do not pass the warehouse.  Otherwise, you have gone too far.

The Thirteenth Station of the Cross: Jesus’ Body is Removed from the Cross

After an excruciating death, Our Lord was removed from the cross with love and tenderness and laid in His mother’s arms.  She lived every day since she was called to be his Mother knowing that this day would come.  And now that it was over, she just wanted to hold her Son in her arms one last time.  They had both accomplished what they had been asked to do by God, Our Father.  Their life together, bound by their promise to the Father, made them one with each other.

Abortion removes the possibility of ever knowing a love as deep as a mother for her child.  We are called to nurture, protect and teach our children, not to violently destroy their very being.  If only the mothers of these children could see into the future, they might realize how different their lives could have been.  Love, joy, and yes, even a little pride, could have filled their lives instead of regret at what could have been. Contentment in knowing they had done their very best as a parent would have replaced their unrelenting remorse.

Jesus, let all those mothers carrying sons and daughters at this very minute realize the precious gift they have within them.  Let them know the closeness of a mother and child; the closeness You had with Mary.  Mary felt every lash of the whip, every thorn piercing your head, every nail in your hands and feet and yet she did not ask that this trial be taken from her.  Just as You said, “Thy will be done”, so too did Mary utter these words.  Let these new mothers look forward to the day when they can sing together with the voices of their unborn sons and daughters.  Let them tenderly hold them in their arms as Mary so tenderly held her Son at his birth in Bethlehem and at the foot of the cross at Calvary.  Amen.

The Eleventh Station of the Cross: Jesus is Nailed to the Cross

Anguish.  Complete and utter anguish describes Our Lord’s nailing onto the cross. Exhausted and depleted, with little support from those around Him.

Anguish, too, describes the experience of the unborn child during an abortion.  There are those that say the child cannot feel or is unaware what is happening.  Perhaps this is wishful thinking, for to believe that these children are suffering even in the smallest amount is a thought too horrible to fathom. Their anguish is deepened by the fact that so few among us will stand up in support of their right to life.  And what about the anguish of those mothers, fathers, and grandparents who know that a piece of their family history has been erased? Their anguish may not be immediate.  It may be something that lingers in the backs of their minds and as time passes, becomes a stabbing pain of remorse.  An abortion cannot be changed – that life is eternally lost in this world. Regret and sorrow become constant companions.

Lord, let us remember your anguish as you were nailed to the cross.  Let us always remember you sacrificed yourself so that we might live again, joined with you one day in Heaven.  Please help us fight against the sin of abortion which causes anguish and sorrow to all involved.  Let those who do not see the evil in this act realize that no good can come to a human race that does not value these small lives.  And let us see the day when the anguish of abortion is recognized for what it is and the voices of our unborn are not silenced anymore. Amen.

We Get the Behavior We are Willing to Tolerate

“We get the behavior we are willing to tolerate”. 

Apply this axiom to what we are willing to tolerate from our government representatives, from our local committee office all the way up to the President of the United States.

What behavior are we willing to tolerate?

This past Friday the Pro-Life Coalition of Pennsylvania held a public forum outside of Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick’s local office in Newtown, Bucks County, Pennsylvania to voice our concerns with his support of the Equality Act. A Republican, Fitzpatrick in 2019 said he would not vote for that version of the Equality Act without a religious exemption; however, two years later he voted for the 2021 version of the Equality Act which specifically notes there is no exemption for religious concerns. 

Here is some of the fine print of this act as currently written and waiting on a Senate vote.

*This legislation authorizes individuals and or government officials to punish Catholic hospitals and/or health care professionals who decline to commit abortions or gender transition surgeries.  It allows no provision for conscience rights, as any reference to the Religious Freedom Restoration Act is expressly disallowed.

*Taxpayer funding of elective abortions would now be a result of the “equality” act.

*Minors who wish to pursue gender transitioning surgery/hormonal change would not require parental consent

*Anyone who identifies as opposite to their biological sex would need only to state this fact to join same sex schools and teams.  Also, no questions asked to enter private facilities such as restrooms, locker rooms, or women’s shelters.  In other words, a biological male who perceives himself as a woman can now attend a girls-only school and proceed to play on the same athletic field, regardless if any hormonal therapy has taken place or not. This could have a profound effect on women’s sports and sport scholarships.  Also, a biological male can enter a women’s shelter if he so states he identifies as a woman.  The Equality Act contains no acknowledgement that males and females are biologically different.  What happened to “follow the science” as we have been admonished to do for global warming or Covid concerns?

 I have no idea how they plan to protect a woman in a shelter if a straight male enters, clearly planning to exploit the Equality Act for his own purposes, which could include assault, rape or murder. Apparently Fitzpatrick didn’t see the need to consider or protect these women’s rights.

Now is the time to hold our representatives’ feet to the fire.  One of the positive results of Friday’s rally is there was a genuine sharing of information how to get involved in local politics in order to have your voice heard.  Search for local Facebook pages for your local township, call your state representative to obtain information of local party committees, ask neighbors and friends if they have any contacts.

Politics is like commerce.  We buy a particular product because we like what it does and we pay for it with our vote.  Once we notice a degradation in the quality of the product, we can opt to take our business elsewhere.  We should never put the failed product back in our pantry or closet and simply say, oh well, nothing I can do about that.  There is always something you can do and silently tolerating poor performance or behavior should not be our default.