Bucks County, PA Life Chain, Friday, May 7th

Now that we have Spring time weather, the Bucks County Pro-Life Coalition First Friday Life Chain at the Planned Parenthood in Warminster will be returning to its original 9:30 AM time.

Please join us outside of PP to offer prayers for the mothers and their babies entering through the doors of PP and to continue to be a voice for these children.  Our public support always opens the opportunity to have the public driving by to question their own beliefs about abortion and perhaps realize the tragedy of lives lost in their own neighborhood.

Also, please feel free to bring baby supplies to stock the shelves of the pregnancy centers supported by the Coalition.

Please share this information…..ALL ARE WELCOME!

Time:  9:30 AM

Date:  May 7, 2021 (First Friday)

Place:  Planned Parenthood

             610 Louis Drive

             Warminster, PA 

*Please note Parking requirements:

 We are not permitted to park anywhere in the big parking where the PP building is.  That means no parking on either side of the 2 driveways left or right.  Also, some people have parked in the Mac Truck parking lot directly across the street from PP.  Please do not park there.  The owner is concerned about the big trucks that have to go in and out of their parking area.  The best place to park, if you are coming from Street Road, is in the parking lot just past the Seeton Turf Warehouse at 620 Louis Dr., Warminster.  If you are coming toward the Seeton Turf Warehouse from Ivyland Rd. and the warehouse is on your right, park in the parking just before the warehouse.  Do not pass the warehouse.  Otherwise, you have gone too far.

The Thirteenth Station of the Cross: Jesus’ Body is Removed from the Cross

After an excruciating death, Our Lord was removed from the cross with love and tenderness and laid in His mother’s arms.  She lived every day since she was called to be his Mother knowing that this day would come.  And now that it was over, she just wanted to hold her Son in her arms one last time.  They had both accomplished what they had been asked to do by God, Our Father.  Their life together, bound by their promise to the Father, made them one with each other.

Abortion removes the possibility of ever knowing a love as deep as a mother for her child.  We are called to nurture, protect and teach our children, not to violently destroy their very being.  If only the mothers of these children could see into the future, they might realize how different their lives could have been.  Love, joy, and yes, even a little pride, could have filled their lives instead of regret at what could have been. Contentment in knowing they had done their very best as a parent would have replaced their unrelenting remorse.

Jesus, let all those mothers carrying sons and daughters at this very minute realize the precious gift they have within them.  Let them know the closeness of a mother and child; the closeness You had with Mary.  Mary felt every lash of the whip, every thorn piercing your head, every nail in your hands and feet and yet she did not ask that this trial be taken from her.  Just as You said, “Thy will be done”, so too did Mary utter these words.  Let these new mothers look forward to the day when they can sing together with the voices of their unborn sons and daughters.  Let them tenderly hold them in their arms as Mary so tenderly held her Son at his birth in Bethlehem and at the foot of the cross at Calvary.  Amen.

The Eleventh Station of the Cross: Jesus is Nailed to the Cross

Anguish.  Complete and utter anguish describes Our Lord’s nailing onto the cross. Exhausted and depleted, with little support from those around Him.

Anguish, too, describes the experience of the unborn child during an abortion.  There are those that say the child cannot feel or is unaware what is happening.  Perhaps this is wishful thinking, for to believe that these children are suffering even in the smallest amount is a thought too horrible to fathom. Their anguish is deepened by the fact that so few among us will stand up in support of their right to life.  And what about the anguish of those mothers, fathers, and grandparents who know that a piece of their family history has been erased? Their anguish may not be immediate.  It may be something that lingers in the backs of their minds and as time passes, becomes a stabbing pain of remorse.  An abortion cannot be changed – that life is eternally lost in this world. Regret and sorrow become constant companions.

Lord, let us remember your anguish as you were nailed to the cross.  Let us always remember you sacrificed yourself so that we might live again, joined with you one day in Heaven.  Please help us fight against the sin of abortion which causes anguish and sorrow to all involved.  Let those who do not see the evil in this act realize that no good can come to a human race that does not value these small lives.  And let us see the day when the anguish of abortion is recognized for what it is and the voices of our unborn are not silenced anymore. Amen.

We Get the Behavior We are Willing to Tolerate

“We get the behavior we are willing to tolerate”. 

Apply this axiom to what we are willing to tolerate from our government representatives, from our local committee office all the way up to the President of the United States.

What behavior are we willing to tolerate?

This past Friday the Pro-Life Coalition of Pennsylvania held a public forum outside of Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick’s local office in Newtown, Bucks County, Pennsylvania to voice our concerns with his support of the Equality Act. A Republican, Fitzpatrick in 2019 said he would not vote for that version of the Equality Act without a religious exemption; however, two years later he voted for the 2021 version of the Equality Act which specifically notes there is no exemption for religious concerns. 

Here is some of the fine print of this act as currently written and waiting on a Senate vote.

*This legislation authorizes individuals and or government officials to punish Catholic hospitals and/or health care professionals who decline to commit abortions or gender transition surgeries.  It allows no provision for conscience rights, as any reference to the Religious Freedom Restoration Act is expressly disallowed.

*Taxpayer funding of elective abortions would now be a result of the “equality” act.

*Minors who wish to pursue gender transitioning surgery/hormonal change would not require parental consent

*Anyone who identifies as opposite to their biological sex would need only to state this fact to join same sex schools and teams.  Also, no questions asked to enter private facilities such as restrooms, locker rooms, or women’s shelters.  In other words, a biological male who perceives himself as a woman can now attend a girls-only school and proceed to play on the same athletic field, regardless if any hormonal therapy has taken place or not. This could have a profound effect on women’s sports and sport scholarships.  Also, a biological male can enter a women’s shelter if he so states he identifies as a woman.  The Equality Act contains no acknowledgement that males and females are biologically different.  What happened to “follow the science” as we have been admonished to do for global warming or Covid concerns?

 I have no idea how they plan to protect a woman in a shelter if a straight male enters, clearly planning to exploit the Equality Act for his own purposes, which could include assault, rape or murder. Apparently Fitzpatrick didn’t see the need to consider or protect these women’s rights.

Now is the time to hold our representatives’ feet to the fire.  One of the positive results of Friday’s rally is there was a genuine sharing of information how to get involved in local politics in order to have your voice heard.  Search for local Facebook pages for your local township, call your state representative to obtain information of local party committees, ask neighbors and friends if they have any contacts.

Politics is like commerce.  We buy a particular product because we like what it does and we pay for it with our vote.  Once we notice a degradation in the quality of the product, we can opt to take our business elsewhere.  We should never put the failed product back in our pantry or closet and simply say, oh well, nothing I can do about that.  There is always something you can do and silently tolerating poor performance or behavior should not be our default.

The Ninth Station of the Cross: Jesus Falls the Third Time

By this time on Our Lord’s path to crucifixion he was extremely weak.  He had endured the scourging, the crowning with thorns and the weight of the cross.  He knew his death was imminent but he proceeded along to fulfill His Father’s mission: death on a cross to redeem the world.

Often our work pursuing an abortion-free world seems daunting.  There is the immediate need to change each woman’s mind day-in-and-day-out at the abortion centers.  There is also the need to communicate with our governmental officials and hold them accountable to recognize all life is valuable.  Then there is the need to help those who have chosen life by supporting them through our pro-life pregnancy centers.  And finally, to be an example to others and explain with facts how abortion impacts women and society.  We may fall every now and then and wonder if society will ever change its acceptance of abortion but we must follow Jesus’ example and get back up and travel the road with one more day outside an abortion clinic, one more conversation with our local representative, one more fundraiser for our pregnancy centers and one more discussion with a friend who still cannot fully accept a pro-life agenda.

Lord, let us follow the example of all those who have steadfastly stood up for life, both past and present.  Let us pray that we have the energy and determination to continue the battle for life. And if we fall, give us a moment to gather ourselves together and then stand up to do your work as the voice for our unborn. Amen.

This is Us?

Why are children in the womb not considered part of the human race by those who support abortion rights?   It’s as if “we” are all over here and “they” are over there, isolated all by themselves when in fact, they are us.

Aren’t we supposed to be inclusive, especially in today’s hyper-sensitive society?  Should we not err on the side of caution and safety before hurting anyone’s feelings or physically harming anyone?   And yet when it comes to aborting our progeny, we throw caution to the wind and allow – and sometimes applaud – an innocent heartbeat to stop, in an exceedingly violent manner.  That is what murder is – the taking of an innocent life.  Why is this tolerated by a supposedly progressive and intelligent society?

These children who have been created through a sexual act are human beings in their earliest stages.  It’s not about what they can or cannot do.  It’s about a new life that according to science has been created when the egg and the sperm meet.  If we are supposed to follow the science when it comes to the Covid pandemic or global warming, why is it OK to ignore the science when it comes to the creation of the human race? These newly created lives are part of the human community.  And yet, by celebrating the right to abort we are not considering them as part of us.  We are treating them as if they are an alien life form and have no right to become part of our human race family if we so deem it.  How is that kind?  How is that inclusive?  How is that socially acceptable?  They are us.

These zygotes, turned embryos, turned fetuses, turned infants, turned toddlers, turned teenagers, turned adults are us.  So how can we nod our head in agreement that it is acceptable to extinguish their lives under the premise that they have no function when in the womb?  And how can we claim it is none of our business?   Aren’t we supposed to be each other’s business?  Taking care of others, looking out for others, helping others when they fall to stand back up and move forward?  Why is all this thoughtfulness erased when it comes to children in the womb.  They are us.

By supporting abortion up to nine months (on demand), which is the mission of our current administration*, we as a country are stating that preborn children are not us – unless they are wanted, then they are us.  Therefore, we are deciding if life is valuable enough to keep based on what its function is, or if that life is wanted?  And if it’s not wanted, then they are not us?

Is this who we are as a society?  People who subjectively judge which babies are allowed to die and which are allowed to live?And even sadder, heartlessly cheer and applaud when our President, Vice-President, governors and representatives ferociously defend the right to allow it.  This is us? 

*Democrats oppose and will fight to overturn federal and state laws that create barriers to reproductive health and rights. We will repeal the Hyde Amendment, and protect and codify the right to reproductive freedom. ( ACHIEVING UNIVERSAL, AFFORDABLE, QUALITY HEALTH CARE – Democrats).

Why Praise and Not Reform of Planned Parenthood?

“If a business is built on misleading users, on data exploitation, on choices that are not choices at all, then it doesn’t deserve our praise, it deserves reform.”

This is a quote from Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, during a video conference on the subject of privacy.  He was suggesting that regulators scrutinize social media’s privacy policies (e.g. Facebook) instead of Apple’s.  When I read the words though, it reminded me of a particular organization that needs scrutiny and reform – Planned Parenthood.

Misleading users

  We can check that box off.  Planned Parenthood has the following statements on their website:

“There are fake clinics that say they have pregnancy services. These are called Crisis Pregnancy Centers, and they’re run by people who are anti-abortion and don’t believe in telling you the truth about all of your pregnancy options. They may use lies and manipulation to try to scare or shame people out of choosing abortion.”

With regard to life-affirming pregnancy centers. These centers provide information for alternatives to abortion.  They don’t shame or scare anyone.  This information alone is misleading.

“Both in-clinic and medication abortions are very safe.”

 Well, Planned Parenthood needs to define “very” safe. A baby’s heart is stopped so it’s not safe at all for at least one life involved in the procedure.

Data exploitation

  We can check that box off also.  The Center for Medical Progress’ exposure of Planned Parenthood’s sale of baby parts business included the following:

“Planned Parenthood revealed private patient medical information to third party contractors at StemExpress, LLC in order to meet the company’s quotas for harvesting body parts from Planned Parenthood abortions, said a former StemExpress procurement technician, Holly O’Donnell.”

So, PP exploited personal patient data in order to work with StemExpress in gathering the requested baby body parts.

Choices that are not choices at all.  We can check that box off definitively.

When Dr. Leana Wen took over as president of Planned Parenthood in 2018 she stated that the “core mission” of Planned Parenthood was “providing, protecting and expanding access to abortion.” Despite this, Wen was fired within months of joining Planned Parenthood, and according to her she was fired because she “did not prioritize abortion enough.”

 From personal experience, I have never seen Planned Parenthood work with any pro-life witnesses outside their facilities to share life-affirming choices before a woman makes a decision even though we are within feet of their doors.   The choices they do offer are whether to have a surgical abortion or a medical one.  Opting to end a child’s heartbeat is the only choice offered.  There are no referrals to pregnancy centers.  There is no counseling as to the adoption process.  Abortions are the key ingredient of PP’s profit margins so it would be counter-intuitive to not push the key product.

Tim Cook is known to have a liberal-leaning ideology. I may not agree with his politics, but he is a successful businessman and I can’t say I disagree with his statement as it stands for any business.  So, based on this analysis why is PP praised and why is it not singled out for reform?  Because once again, the primary party involved in abortion, a child, cannot speak, cannot vote and is considered just collateral damage in Planned Parenthood’s misguided and heartless message that abortion empowers women.  Therefore, misleading the moms and dads, exploiting their personal information and underhandedly offering the idea of choices that really aren’t there is celebrated instead of being denigrated and targeted for reform.

Legacy of Life Virtual Tour – February 18th

The weather is dreary for many of us and we are still living under Covid-19 restrictions so we need to create our own bright spots in our days.  One bright spot I recommend is joining the virtual tour of Legacy of Life on Thursday, February 18th at 7 PM EST on Zoom.  You will learn first hand about the work Legacy of Life does everyday to support moms and their children.  Legacy of Life offers life-changing alternatives to women who are considering abortion…alternatives that Planned Parenthood does not offer.  My first tour there made realize that when I stand outside an abortion center, I can be confident in the alternative resources I offer women.  I know they will be taken care of if they only make the call.  Below are the details for joining the tour.  I guarantee you will be uplifted after taking part in this tour and may even decide to volunteer or donate to this worthwhile mission.

You are invited to join the Legacy of Life Foundation!  
You will hear from our advocates about how love & mercy give a woman hope even after they have been abandoned by their family, friends, and even the father of their baby just because they are pregnant.   Advocates and Ultrasound techs will share how through love and mercy truth transforms a woman’s heart from abortion-minded to saying YES to life.  These stories will melt your heart and reaffirm that, yes, hope abounds through love & mercy!

Mark your calendars and join us!
Share this invitation with a friend and help transform their Lenten journey!

Don’t miss a special message from Archbishop Nelson Perez of the
Archdiocese of Philadelphia
Thursday, February 18, 2021 7pm EST on Zoom
Register Now!

Abortion Pandemic

400,000.  That is the number of U.S. Covid deaths reported by the U.S. thus far.   The incoming administration has vowed to do everything possible to ensure efficient vaccine distribution and financial assistance to those impacted.   But here’s another number:  862,320.   That is the number of U.S. abortions performed in 2017 as reported by the Guttmacher Institute.  These are the most recent statistics available.   And no one from the incoming administration has offered any assistance to these vulnerable children.   As a country – and in fact as a planet – we are all looking inward, more interested in our own self-preservation and really not interested in the struggle for life our children endure, year in and year out.  We have experienced this pandemic for only about a year now and it has smothered our airwaves, while abortion has ravaged generations of children for decades in utter silence.   We are encouraged to stay safe, applaud our heroes, wear our mask, wash our hands, distance ourselves, follow the various local regulations, all in an effort supposedly to “care for each other.”  Again, it’s all about us.  In the meantime, the regulations in place to somewhat curtail the abortion factories are being threatened and challenged.  So, the result is herculean efforts to save lives from a pandemic but little or no effort to preserve newly created lives, and in fact the doors are wide open to stop these inconvenient heartbeats as swiftly as possible.   Heartbeats that hold so much potential and promise.  The old adage, “Hurray for me, the hell with you” comes to mind, although I am sure there are many who would say that is a little harsh, but is it?  We are losing lives by the hundreds of thousands every year and there is no daily update on CNN.  There is no Dr. Fauci instructing us how to save these babies.  Our governors never mention this sorrowful loss of life across their states.  All we have is dismissive silence or more rhetoric about the supposed value of all lives…except you know who…children who cannot yet speak or more importantly …..vote.  Are they not heroes, sacrificing their lives?

“The call to protect life – and not merely life but another’s identity; it is perhaps not too much to say another’s soul – was obvious in its sacredness.”  These are words written by Dr. Paul Kalanithi in his book “When Breath Becomes Air”.  It is a story of his passion as a neurosurgeon while dealing with an unexpected cancer diagnosis.   His words were written from a doctor’s perspective to save lives.   But they so aptly apply to the issue at hand, protecting lives, identities and souls…of our preborn children.

In an effort to recognize these unborn souls, there will be a Philadelphia March of Life on January 23, 2021. The event begins with a 9:00 AM mass at the Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul and will be followed by a peaceful march through center city Philadelphia, past the Philadelphia Women’s Center where 6,500 abortions are performed each year, and then a concluding rally at the Independence Mall Visitors’ Center.  Covid protocols will be in place.  Details can be found at the Pro-Life Union of Greater Philadelphia.

So, as we mourn those lives lost to an unexpected virus, so too should we mourn those lives lost to an unexpected betrayal of moral and ethical integrity by their brothers and sisters around the world, especially all those in leadership positions who claim to value life but really don’t.

Legacy of Life Virtual Fundraiser

This is an invitation to take part in the Legacy of Life’s Home for the Holidays virtual fundraiser.  The fundraiser started Thursday evening and continues through Sunday, 11/15 at midnight.  You can donate online and thanks to generous supporters, gifts will be doubled up to $40,000.  Access the virtual video through the website or through Legacy of Life’s Facebook page.

If you are not familiar with Legacy of Life, this non-profit organization invests in educating, inspiring and supporting women in unplanned pregnancies to find the strength to choose Life.  It provides Hope when pregnant women and their families are in despair and may turn to abortion.  This organization provides assistance to two pregnancy centers in the Philadelphia area, one in Center City Philadelphia and one in suburban Bucks County, PA.

Please view their website and learn additional details about the work that they do.  Watch the videos on the site – you will see pure joy in the face of the moms and their children who have been assisted through the Legacy of Life. You can also learn about volunteer opportunities and donations. I have personally taken a tour of one of their facilities and can attest to the warm and caring environment they have created for women who are unsure about which way to turn.

With the Covid 19 virus curtailing our social schedules, and with the holidays upon us and our Black Friday shopping on hold, perhaps you have a little wiggle room in your budget to offer a donation to a worthy cause. Help make a happy holiday season for a woman, her child and her family!

Click HERE to join the Virtual Fundraiser
 Help a Mom Bring Her Baby   Home for the Holidays  
Virtual Fundraiser will also be on Facebook.
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