Voices for Life is looking for any college, high school, and even young adults who are passionate about the pro-life message to join our team.

We have been getting attention through our social media outlets to the point that we are getting a following on a national level.


Have a background in journalism/ media/ or anything related

Blog 1-2x a week regarding pro-life issues

Share our content on social media outlets

Pitch to the team ideas for review (media discussing the pro-life message in it), interview, and even reflections

No experience is needed. However, we welcome your ideas to help us grow.

A creative and open mind is a plus

Email Patricia Dowling at defendlife@voices4life.blog or Mickey Kelly mickeykelly96@gmail.com if interested.

Note: This is an internship and may help you in your professional development

Happy 4th of July

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” Thomas Jefferson

Those words can be no further from the truth in the 21st Century. Even our founding fathers knew that right to life cannot be infringed. Sadly, that has been the case from Roe V Wade to scandals surrounding covid-19 positive patients in nursing homes and everything in between. Life is being infringed because statesmen, lawyers, judges, doctors, and even wealthy people can play God.

Our founding fathers risked their lives for giving up our freedom. Today, it is pushed to the back burner due to political correctness and even the popularity of marxist ideologies among younger people. 20% of Americans do not even know one signer of the Declaration of Independence, yet they can tell you about Che Guevara.

Let us never forget why we celebrate Independence Day. It’s more than BBQ, beach excursions, and fireworks. It is a day we celebrate America becoming a nation under God. Ronald Reagan once made the remark that if America forgets that their nation is under God, they will falter. He was right.

Our nation is so divided. We need to ask God to pour out his precious blood over our land and plead for him to heal it.

Suggestions To Celebrate the 4th

  1. Pray the Patriotic Rosary. Substitute the quotes with a reflection or scripture
  2. Pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet. Offer it for the intention of the restoration of faith in America for every state. Example: Have mercy on Pennsylvania and on the whole world.
  3. Read the Declaration of Independence
  4. Learn about the Catholic roots of the Declaration of Independence
  5. Educate your family, friends, and even neighbors on the importance of life being an inalienable right.
  6. Offer communion, mass, and even Holy Hour for the reparations made against America.

On behalf of the Voices for Life team, we want to wish our fellow Americans a safe, Coll, and blessed Independence Day Weekend.

May God Bless and Save America

Blessed is the nation whose God is the LORD” Psalm 33:12

Chief Justice Sells Out Pro-Life Movement in Crucial Landmark Decision

Chief Justice John Roberts, an appointee of George W Bush, has done it again.

Today, Roberts cast the deciding vote that struck down a Louisiana Pro-Life Law that holds abortion facilities to the same standards as a regular medical center.

His decision to side with the pro-abortion side of our nation’s highest court has sent shockwaves to the pro-life movement.

It is clear that Roberts has betrayed the cause. How and why could he do this? Even he is willing to give abortionists a free pass while turning the other way when victims are scourged by the heinous act of abortion.

This decision will no question play a pivotal role at the polls this November.


Voices for Life is posting its first review pertaining to entertainment and literature. We hope to review many mediums that cultivates a message regarding the buildup of the culture of life from womb to tomb.

Recently, a movie called Just Mercy (same title as the novel) came out that tackled the issue of the Death Penalty. The catch is that a wrongly convicted man was incarcerated and sentenced to die from a faulty and unjust justice system.

That is where Bryan Stevenson (played by Michael C Jordan) comes in as he interviews many death row inmates. One particular case, which was the focus of this movie, is that of Walter McMillian (played by Jamie Foxx).

McMillian was placed on death row for a murder he did not commit. The only reason he was convicted is because of a systematic racism that existed in Alabama’s court of law. Much of his case was based on false testimonies.

In addition to McMillian, Stevenson helps in the appeal for many other wrongful convicted inmates through the Equal Justice Initiative, which helped those who are poor who cannot pay legal fees.

This is a timely movie. It shows how our justice system has failed African Americans by giving them harsh sentences. We need to change the system where every person is even fair treatment for the crimes they’ve committed.

Even the death penalty is wrong. It murders a person, guilty or not of a crime. Incarcerated inmates are humans and deserve equal protection just as much as the unborn, elderly, migrant, immigrant, and every other human being on the face of the earth.

The movie is available On Demand, Apple TV (It is free until the end of June.) available on DVD.

We Don’t Need Cowards or Politicians. . .We Need BISHOPS!

The following is from Judie Brown of American Life League.

Shepherds lead from the front; goatherds lead from behind. 

There has been a lot of commentary about Bishop Robert Barron’s insistence that the laity — and not the bishops — should be providing clarity during times of crisis.  

So let me give you a vivid example of the rank cowardice we have among the Catholic bishops today. 

What follows is a statement made in May 2020 from the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops which — if they actually published something like this — would give pro-life Catholics across America a great deal of courage:

“Our hearts are wounded for the many souls mourned as African American communities across the nation are being disproportionately infected with and dying from the impact of Planned Parenthood. We raise our voices to urge state and national leaders to examine the generational and systemic structural conditions that make Planned Parenthood especially deadly to African American communities.

“We stand in support of all communities struggling under the weight Planned Parenthood has had not only on their physical health, but on their livelihoods, especially front line medical and sanitation workers, public safety officers, and those in the service industry. We are praying fervently for an end to abortion, and for physical health for all, and emotional healing amongst all who have lost loved ones.”

The problem? 

They never issued a statement going after Planned Parenthood or abortion.  They issued this statement about COVID-19.

If the Catholic bishops can be so adamantly clear during a pandemic that has killed 121,000 Americans, why can’t they be just as strong (if not STRONGER) in the face of the 2,363 abortions committed every day in America?!

Now it has been 103 days since the COVID-19 lockdowns began.  COVID-19 has claimed the lives of 121,000 Americans.  In 103 days, the abortion industry has murdered 271,508 babies.

This, Bishop Barron, is the problem.  We don’t need cowards.  We don’t need more politicians.  We need BISHOPS unafraid to live and defend the GOSPEL. 

How much longer will the Catholic bishops be silent in the face of the greatest sin this nation has ever committed in the eyes of God? 

If Barron is asking the laity to lead, then the laity is begging our Catholic bishops to ENFORCE CANON 915.

Is Fatherhood Essential? Reflecting on Father’s Day

It goes without showing that our culture has been going down a slow but declining drain.

We have seen an increase in crime, fatherless homes, sexual promiscuity, secularism, and even incarcerations. Why? It’s all because of the lack of father figures in the lives of children.

In 2003, Jennifer Schwartz from Penn State University, did a study on what is the cause of so many incarceration among children. She discovered that there has been a missing compartment in the household, a father figure.

As it turned out, Schwartz discovered what the complete problem was for these many young teens are imprisoned. They had no father in the household. Read more here.

Fathers Neglect

It appears that it can be applied today. Pope Francis once talked about a very dangerous plague in our culture known as the “throwaway culture”. This throwaway culture can be applied to the abortion industry.

Fathers to be are taught that they do not have to take responsibility for their pre-marital affairs with another girl. This is the most dangerous thing to say to a father. Even fathers regret their lost children in the hyperactive culture of death. Women’s rights achieved this victory when they intoxicated masculinity just to tear down men with the venom of feminism.

A man’s job in this culture is to stand against the waves of modernism. The father’s first and foremost job is to protect his family. Without his protection, the family is vulnerable to the tyranny of the world.

Man Up

We are living in hard times due to weak men. I see many wimps walk their girlfriends into the abortion facility every time I am on the sidewalk. It infuriates me, yet I have to offer it up to God for him to awaken his senses. However, it must make us stronger in order to create good times.

Men, throughout history, have risen to the occasion. Whether it were to do their duty to fight, provide, and even support. Now it would be the time for brave God-fearing men to step up to the plate to end the culture of death.

Men, it’s time to make and take a stand. The culture of modernism, secularism, and even relativism can end when you become more involved with your faith by leading your children and family to Christ. It will be a challenge, yes. However, when you place God first, you will move mountains and leap over the toughest hurdles.

There is a solution. Men, it’s time to step out on the sidewalk and pray. Visit Sidewalks Servants and Sign Up.


Conf. Call to Launch 2020 Pro-Life Election Efforts in S.E. Pa

The following is from Mike McGonagle, founder of Generation Life.

Dear Pro-Life Friend:


On behalf of our Political Action Director, Ted Meehan, and the leaders of our affiliates in Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Montgomery and Philadelphia Counties, I request that you participate in the efforts of our area’s pro-life movement to assist in the re-election of President Trump and other statewide and local pro-life candidates.  We request that you commence this participation by joining a Conference Call on Thursday, June 25, 2020 at either 11:00 AM or at 7:30 PM. 

Election’s Importance

Donald Trump has compiled the most pro-life record of any U.S. President.  He deserves our strongest support for his re-election against an opponent, Joe Biden, who has become a most intense supporter of the Culture of Death.  Numerous websites, such as Priests for Life, the National Right to Life Committee, and others, provide detailed contrasts of these candidates.

The Importance of Pennsylvania

If President Trump again wins Pa., he is highly likely to win re-election.  In 2016, he won Pa. by about 42,000 votes of about 4.5 million cast.  So, the extensive efforts of the Pa. pro-life movement then proved decisive to this victory.

A Reminder Regarding the Ora of Ora et Labora (Pray and Work)

This correspondence and our upcoming activities focus on our temporal efforts.  Nevertheless, our spiritual appeals remain crucial and many organizations are sponsoring spiritual activities for the outcome of the 2020 Election.  For example, I believe that such activities (e.g., our 2015 Year of Mercy appeals) bore fruit in the 2016 Election results in Pa.  Back to the labora

Overall Strategy

Our 2020 Election activities will be in two broad categories.

1. Persuading citizens who are likely to vote to reject pro-death candidates and to support pro-life candidates; and

2. increase turnout from normally unlikely voters, but who are likely to support pro-life candidates if they vote.

In a recent email, Ted expanded on the second strategy.

“A normal midterm election turnout is about 38%.  In 2018, because of the Left’s hatred of Trump, it was 53% – which is about where Presidential turnouts usually total.  Catholics tend to outperform the rest of the electorate in percentage of turnout – normally making them more valuable as a voting bloc.  (In an across the board turnout of 50%.  Catholics will come out at 60%.)

“The key in this election is to increase Catholic turnout by an additional 10%.  If we can mobilize 70% of Catholics to vote, I believe Trump will carry Pennsylvania.  If he carries Pennsylvania, he is very likely to win.  The issues important to Catholics (Life, Religious Liberty, Marriage, Family) need to be laid out in a comparative piece.  But the next task is driving people to vote.  Every possible thing that increases our turnout has to be employed.  Lit drops, phone banks, prayer groups, door to door.  And new things nobody has ever thought of before.  We need a big input of ideas – and the volunteers to execute them.”

Common Activities

The implementation of both of these strategies requires common activities such as literature distributions (particularly at Churches), phone banking, canvassing, voter registration drives, and other activities.

An Important New Endeavor: Mail-In Voting

The success of our 2020 Election efforts in Pa. will require effecting the good use of mail-in voting, which has similarities and differences from absentee voting.  Republican candidates have usually done better with absentee ballots than Democrat candidates.  However, Democrat candidates are currently better at mail-in voting.  So, we will need to quickly learn how to generate mail-in votes from likely pro-life voters.

Our Allies

We will have significant assistance from other organizations, such as the Pa. Trump 2020 Campaign, state and local Republican Parties, the Susan B. Anthony List (SBA List) and Catholic Vote (CV).  For example, SBA List is seeking paid canvassers (at $10 per hour, plus travel reimbursement) and CV is seeking volunteer phone callers from a callers’ smart phone with a special app that gives a CV caller ID and records responses.

Our June 25, 2020 Call Agenda

This Call, which will last 30-40 minutes, (both at 11:00 AM and at 7:30 PM) will feature Pa. representatives of SBA List, CV and Pa.’s Trump 2020 campaign.  The main presenter is Heather Heidelbaugh, who is from Southwest Pa. and is the pro-life Republican nominee for Pa. Attorney General (www.heatherheidelbaugh.com) against the very pro-abortion incumbent, Josh Shapiro.

Only the Beginning

This Call seeks to build enthusiasm and recruit local leaders for and participants in our 2020 Election activities.  Additional calls and meetings will be scheduled.

Please Contact Us

Whether or not you participate in this June 25, 2020 Call, please contact me or your local leader if you are willing to participate in these and other activities.  The “other” activities could be promoting a prayer vigil and protest at an upcoming Wilmington Cathedral Saturday Vigil Mass if Joe Biden returns there.

These local leaders are

Bucks County
Sandy Slater – 215-538-1390

Chester County
Jack O’Brien – 610-692-2122

Delaware County
John Williamson – 610-717-8938

Montgomery County
Kathy Sobocinski – 610-584-4291   

Northeast Philadelphia
Howard Walton – 215-698-0820

South Philadelphia
Pat Stanton – 267-718-4851

Other Parts of Philadelphia
Mike McMonagle – 215-393-3610


Thank you for reading this correspondence.  Please join this call and encourage others to join. 

Please contact Mike McGonagle at paprolifecoalition@gmail.com for info on the conference call.

Summer Reading List 2.0

Well, it’s that time of the year. Or is it?

Many people had hopes that they will flock to the beach this summer. However, the recent pandemic may put a damper on your plans. Yet, I plan to share a list like there is no third world problem. We must be willing to take risks in life. That is what life is about. Whether you decide to go to the shore, the lake, mountains, or lock yourself down in the comfort of your backyard, you might want to consider take something to read with you.

Before I share this year’s list, here is a link to my post last yearon the summer reading list here.

Since the time of the posting, there has been some new books that IK would highly recommend that will cover the issue of life.

Here are some books that I recommend you read this summer.

  1. Nothing to Lose, Everything to Gain by Kathy Barnette

Kathy Barnette, a candidate for the PA 4th Congressional District wrote a book that I believe cannot come at a more provocative time in the history of our nation. She holds back no punches as she exposes the lies of our culture in an attempt to free African Americans from the counterfeit of the Democratic Party. Purchase your copy here.

2. The Devil in the City of Angels by Jesse Romero

Former kickboxing champion and veteran law enforcement Jesse Romero wrote a memoir on his daily encounter with Satan while patrolling the streets of Los Angeles.

3. Sermons in Times of Crisis– Fr. Paul Scalia

The son of the late Supreme Court Justice reflects on the twelve timeless sermons that were delivered by saints, many of whom were martyred as a result for what they stood for.

4. Auschwitz Lullaby: A Novel– Mario Escobar

This novel tells the true story of a nurse who cares for the children. detained in the notorious Auschwitz Concentration Camp.

5. The Illustrated History of the Knights of Columbus– Andrew and Maureen Walther

In light of the news of the pope approving a miracle on behalf of its founder, here is the complete history of the Knights of Columbus from St. Mary’s in New Haven with 24 men to helping those in need during the coronavirus pandemic and everything in between. The organization has been at the forefront of the culture of life and sponsor the annual March for Life across the globe.

6. Whatever Happened to the Human Race? By Francis Schaeffer and C. Everett Koop, M.D.

Schaeffer and Dr. Koop explore the deepest question that will happen to the human race. It is a must have.

7. Fatherhood Aborted

This book commonly dispels the myth that abortion does not effect women. Men are effected too when it comes to the repercussions.

8. Subverted by Sue Ellen Browder

A former reporter for the Cosmopolitan shares first hand how she played a role in the sexual revolution during the 60s and 70s. In her biography, she even names a culprit who shaped the current landscape.

9. Rules for Retrogrades: Forty Tactics to Defeat the Radical Left by Timothy and David Gordon

This book counters the progressive version of its book written by Saul Alinsky, a mentor of former First Lady Hillary Clinton and President Barack Hussein Obama.

The Gordons break down how to defeat the radical left at their own game.

10. Stork: Sowing Season by Brian Patrick Edwards

Fresh off the press, Edwards makes his novel writing debut. In it he writes about a technocratic society that has society with no freedom. However, many families plan to resist. At what cost?

11. A Choice Not an Echo– Phyllis Schlafly

The mother of the conservative movement gives us stark reminders of their movement in today’s event. Originally released in 1964, the book was revised with a forward by former presidential candidate and Texas congressman Ron Paul.

Honorable Mention:

1984 by George Orwell

Statues being torn down. history being rewritten. Orwell foretold something that many thought it would still be fiction. In reality, it is happening now.

United States of Socialism by Dinesh D’Sousa

You may have seen many of his recent documentaries based on prior books written by him. We have seen the rise of popularity in Socialism and even in Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Do people realize what socialism has destroyed?

D’Sousa, once again, holds nothing back as he explores the history of socialism and how it once destroyed countries like Germany, Russia, Venezuela, et al, and will have the potential to do the same in the United States if we do not stop it. This book is hot off the press and will make a great edition to your physical or digital library.

Fortitude: American Resilience in the Era of Outrage by Rep. Dan Crenshaw

Former Navy SEAL turned Texas Congressman Dan Crenshaw is rising up in popularity among Republicans. Using the metaphor of his perseverance to recover from an improvised explosion during his third tour in Iraq, Crenshaw shares how we must overcome every obstacle from small to challenging while offering a road map.

LifeNews: Donations to Black Lives Matter Wind Up in Joe Biden’s Campaign — Deacon John’s Space

LifeNews.com Pro-Life News Report Thursday, June 11, 2020 To read the news, visit LifeNews.com. Top Stories • Donations to Black Lives Matter Wind Up in Pro-Abortion Joe Biden’s Presidential Campaign • Bill Gates Funds Pharmaceutical Companies Using Aborted Baby Parts to Make Coronavirus Vaccines • NBC Asks Pro-Life Sen. Tim Scott: Is the GOP “Using […]

LifeNews: Donations to Black Lives Matter Wind Up in Joe Biden’s Campaign — Deacon John’s Space