The following is from Tom Stevens of Pro-Life Union of Greater Philadelphia.

This week there are two more pro-life hearings happening in the PA House Health Committee – and again each presents you with an opportunity to help share pro-life facts with your supporters and on social media.

  1. Wednesday, April 21st, 8:00am – Pro-Life, Abortion – Part II – Providers and Alternatives
    1. A representative from Planned Parenthood and an independent abortion provider are expected to testify.
  2. Thursday, April 22nd, 9:00am – Pro-Life, Abortion – Part III – Down Syndrome
    1. Dr. Karen Gaffney and several parents of children with Down syndrome are scheduled to testify in support of the Down Syndrome Protection Act, Senate Bill 21. More about the bill:

To watch the livestream of both pro-life hearings this week, go to  

One way to show your pro-life support is to do so on social media – especially since the pro-abortion lobby will be active in attacking pro-life legislators and testifiers.

  • On Facebook, please thank State Representative and House Health Chairwoman Kathy Rapp –
  • For Thursday, on Twitter you can thank the lead sponsors of the Down Syndrome Protection Act, State Senators Scott Martin – @SenatorMartinPA – and Judy Ward – @SenatorJWard – along with State Representative Kate Klunk (who is on the PA House Health Committee) – @RepKateKlunk 
  • You can also use #SB21 and #ALifeWorthLiving to support the Down Syndrome Protection Act online.

I will continue to use #ProLifeFacts on Twitter in my posts from each hearing – you can follow along at

Lastly, we were very thankful to have outstanding testimony shared by three pro-life doctors at the first PA House Health Committee hearing on abortion that focused on fetal development and fetal pain. Here are the opening statements by each of these three doctors:

  1. Dr. Eric Hussar:
  2. Dr. Monique Ruberu:
    1. Rep. Rapp asked Dr. Ruberu about the level of pain during various abortion procedures. “I was listening in while [the Dept. of Health Secretary] was describing [the procedures] and she mentioned gentle suction. There’s nothing gentle about it.” Here’s the clip. As one of the Reps said afterwards, there were not many dry eyes after Dr. Ruberu’s response.
  3. Dr. Joseph Castelli:  


I am a loss of word after what has happened to me in the last 36 hours.

Yesterday, as I was on my way to work, I was followed by two teenagers. I was attacked but manage to evade a blow from behind to get a laceration on right forehead and ear. Additionally, I fell on my right side as I ran away from them, only to dislocate my shoulder and fracture my humerus.

For 12 hours, I had to overcome excruciating pain while reflecting on how these two teenage robbers went about preying on people to get things without working hard for it. On top of all of it, I was violated of my human dignity. Those thugs had no regard for human life whatsoever.

In any tragedy, we must rise up above it and fight back.

And Then There Were Three

Last week, we wrote about two pro-life women from the Greater Philadelphia area who have upcoming book releases this spring and summer

Since the timing of the post, The blogging community has learned of a third.

Marlene Downing is the third woman to have an upcoming book release confirmed on her Facebook page.

Please support Marlene’s book. It’s a groundbreaker work from God.

Two Philly Pro-Life Women Have Books Set For Release

Two local women have books coming out in the coming months. It is an opportunity to support our local advocates in all they are doing.

Anne DeSantis- Love and Care for the Marginalized

“Love and Care for the Marginalized” is a 40-day meditational for Catholics based on reflections from popes, saints, religious leaders, movie quotes, and others on how God speaks to each of us about the importance of making outreach to those who have been hurt, rejected, and marginalized.  Whether you are on the giving or receiving end, we have all experienced the world’s treatment of those who are uncared for and unloved.  Each meditation included a quote, reflection, a prayer, and a call to action.  The book is based on the command of Christ in the book of Matthew 25 where Jesus talks about the importance of loving and caring for those in greatest need and acting on their behalf.  This short book will help the reader to reflect upon the importance of making a difference for those who are alone, rejected and forgotten.   The book was born out of much reflection, thought and most of all prayer.  Learn more about the life and ministry of the author Anne DeSantis at

Heather Makowicz- Peak Encounters: 31 Inspirational Reflections to Connect You with God through the Beauty of Nature

From the book description section: Does experiencing creation invite you into a deeper, healthier relationship with yourself, with others, or with God? Peak Encounters is a collection of life-changing experiences from men and women who share their stories of trials, triumphs, fears, and courage as they encountered God through natural creation. God led them from obstacles to opportunities, transforming their lives from the outside in!

Surfing a monstrous wave reminded Jeremiah to be bold and step out in faith. Gardening showed Chiara how to give what she received from God’s tender care. And the author shares how canyoneering taught her that God protects-no matter where you land.

You may pre-order your book here.

Vote for Students for Life to Receive National Pro-Life Award

The following is from an email blast sent out by Kristan Hawkins, President of Students for Life of America.

I am thrilled to share with you that Students for Life of America has been nominated for the National Prayer Luncheon for Life 2021 Award!

This award honors three exemplary pro-life organizations that are successfully countering and winning battles against the abortion industry.

This nomination comes with the opportunity to receive a $50,000 grant to continue our life-saving and mind-changing efforts on campuses and in communities throughout the nation!

The recipient pool has been narrowed down to five national organizations, and first, second, & third place awards will be decided by pro-lifers like YOU from across the country.

Mickey, will you please cast your vote for Students for Life?

It’s easy… just click here.



Two local pro-life groups are in need of help. If you can spare a few hours to help. it will be appreciated.

Legacy of Life

Judy Secoda is requesting the help.

The Legacy of Life Foundation is looking for volunteers to help with renovations taking place at their Center City facility.

Their center located at 12th and Locust is going through some renovations and has requested the help of members of the Knights of Columbus between May 7th and 8th to help with moving furniture and light cleanup. The time slots are 8:30-1:30 and 1:30 PM-6 PM. Food will be provided. More than one shift is welcomed. 

They can sign up for shifts here. Judy Secoda can be reached at 215-287-3246. 

Sisters of Life

Chuck Kuhar, Grand Knight of Father Ryan Council # 5036, is seeking someone to assist him in a worthy cause. Chuck works with the Sisters of Life and needs the services of someone with access to a pick-up truck. The Sisters have received furniture donations and need to get the furniture out to the pregnant young women it was intended for. If anyone can help Chuck out, he can be reached at Thank you, I know the Sisters would truly appreciate the effort. 


Archbishop Nelson Perez is leading a Journey of Hope virtual event on Wednesday, April 28th with the Handmaids of the Sacred Heart of Jesus from 7PM to 8PM.

Sadly, they are planning to have Fr. James Martin, a Jesuit priest who has promoted the sin of homosexuality, as their slated speaker. We cannot let this happen.

Please attend the virtual protest planned by John Ritchie from TFP here.

Strong Presence of Youth In Center City

After a one-year hiatus, Center City Philadelphia was fully alive with the sight of smiles and friendliness of high school, seminarians, and even college students from Philly’s Youth Mission Chapter. Due to the pandemic last year, the Holy Week outreach went virtual. While it was good to improvise, many felt that there was a component missing. That would soon be found through an eventful Good Friday.

About 150 youth took the city by storm during Holy Week. For Good Friday, the day in Center City Philadelphia began with a one-hour prayer vigil outside of Planned Parenthood. Even the police officers were thrilled to see the youth take time out of their Easter break to bring the faith and light of Christ to those on the margins.

After a one-hour vigil, which included testimonies, rosary, and Divine Mercy Chaplet, the youth broke off around the city to collect intentions for the 3PM Service at the Basilica. Some of the passerbyers took time to admire the youth’s courage and tenacity to show kindness to others.

The pivotal part of the day for the large group was the Living Stations that took place from St. Patrick’s Church in Rittenhouse Square through town to the Basilica. As I was walking in the procession, I took time to survey how everyone stopped and watched everything unfold before them as they were reminded of what Good Friday let alone Easter was all about. Despite some occasional head shaking and maybe some uncharitable taunts, the people continue onward. The most moving part was the parkway was used to signify the lord’s journey to Calvary as I was taking in the background of City Hall and the large crowd following Jesus.

These young people bring hope to a city that is in need of it. Philadelphia has 12,000-13,000 abortions annually. That is extremely more devastating than the 500 homicides that happen in our city. Even a high poverty rate was needed to be shown by many. The youth even came out of their comfort zones to fulfill works of mercy to all around them.

These young people remind us why life from womb to tomb is precious and is worthy of protection. Even Jesus, portrayed by Jack Terzian, remembered every child of his that was going to be victimized by such atrocious acts while also asking his father to forgive his perpetrator.

If you are in the Philly area and interested in getting involved with Mission Youth Philly, please visit their website here.


Although Lent is coming to an end it is not too late to enter deeply into Christ’s Passion.

Come and join Mission Youth this Good Friday, April 2nd, to close out Holy Week.

9 AM Rosary at Planned Parenthood (12th & Locust)

10 AM Center City Crosswalk

Lunch, Living Stations Rehearsal

12:30 PM Living Stations of the Cross – Beginning at St. Patrick’s – Ends at Cathedral of Sts. Peter & Paul

April to Do List

The fourth month of the year. The flowers are blooming. The weather is getting warmer. Spring is in the air.

Here are things you can do for April

  1. Attend Holy Week Vigils
  2. Pray the Divine Mercy Novena
  3. Take part in Sidewalk Servants as hours are desperately needed to be covered.
  4. Write to your elected representative and inform them why abortion is the holocaust of our time
  5. Coordinate a Holy Hour for Life at your parish
  6. Collect baby items and donate them to Pregnancy Centers near you
  7. Help a college student purchase baby items for AlphaCare
  8. Donate to Pro-life groups

This is just the many things you can do. Be sure to do your part in defending life from womb to tomb.