Please Join the Bucks County Pro-Life Coalition for their Monthly Meeting on Monday, January 25th

A new year – a new time and location!  The Bucks County Pro-life Coalition has changed venues.  The meeting will now be held at  A Baby’s Breath in Warminster.  See the information below provided by Sandy Slater, President of the Bucks County Pro-life Coalition. 

Bucks County

This is a reminder of our monthly Bucks County Pro-Life Coalition Meeting for Monday January 25, 2021 at 6:30 PM at the location of A Baby’s Breath, 65 W. Street Road, Warminster, PA , Bldg. B; Suite 203.

Topics of discussion will be:

  • Debrief on the Pro-life activities this past month.
  • Pro-Life goals and direction for the year 2021.

This will be an important meeting as we welcome new members to bring to the table thoughts and ideas for expansion of the Bucks County Pro-Life Coalition.

We encourage all to attend this meeting and be active.

14th Annual Rally/March to be Held in Oakland, CA on Friday, January 22nd!!

Over the years I ‘ve noticed more cities holding their own March for Life on the anniversary of Roe v Wade.  Below is information passed on by Walter B. Hoye II, founder of Issues4Life Foundation for the annual Rally & March taking place in Oakland, California.  If you live in or around the area, please consider being a part of this event.  Now more than ever we must remain a strong voice for the unborn!

In Oakland, California …
14th Annual Rally/March.!!
Date: Friday, January 22nd, 2021
Time: From 12:00 Noon To 2:00 P.M.

We walk because abortion in the Black American community is a form of genocide, it is the Darfur of America. 2 We walk because abortion in Black America is the Civil Rights issue of our day. We walk because abortion does violence, both physically and emotionally, to men and women, to their children, and to their families.

We are committed to protecting both the civil and human rights of the child in the womb by recognizing the inherent dignity and unalienable rights of all members of the human family, so that in law and in practice every life is valued.

Please, join us as we rally and march for life in America.

Here’s the Schedule for the Philadelphia March for Life Next Saturday, January 23rd

Below is the schedule for next week’s March for Life in Philadelphia.  We encourage everyone to join the Pro-Life Union for their inaugural event.  And since the March for Life in Washington, DC is now being done virtually, it’s a perfect opportunity for those in or around Philadelphia who were planning to go to DC to come out and give public witness in your own neighborhood.  

Here’s Our Schedule!

09:00 AM     Roman Catholic Mass

Archbishop Nelson Perez will kick off the day by celebrating Roman Catholic Mass at the Cathedral of SS. Peter and Paul. All are welcome!

10:30 AM     Let The March Begin!

March begins! We will begin our march at the Cathedral and we will have many stops along our route, including the Philadelphia Women’s Center where over 6,500 abortions are performed each year.

12:00 PM     Rally and Speakers

We will conclude the march with a rally at Independence Mall where you will get to listen to some incredibly compelling speakers to wrap up the day.

More than 17,000 unborn children are being quietly exterminated in Greater Philadelphia annually. Come stand with us to say, “ENOUGH!”

We are looking forward to keeping you updated during our planning and preparations for this event. But what’s going to make this event great… is YOU.

Please invite at least one friend to join you at the march and to help us in our protest! Don’t miss this!

Masks and social distancing will be required.

Use this link for more information on this March for Life 

Can’t make the march but want to support the pro-life movement in a different way? Click here to make a donation to the Pro Life Union and help us in our fight for the sanctity of life in the Greater Philadelphia area!

Please Join Our Annual Rally for Life in Warminster, Pennsylvania on January 22nd

Public WitnessIn the past we have held our  Rally for Life the same day as the annual March for Life in Washington, DC.  This year we have decided to have this rally on the actual anniversary of the Supreme Court decision declaring abortion lawful throughout the nation.

Our program will begin at 12:00 noon at the VFW located at 645 Louis Dr, Warminster, PA.  We will have light refreshments and a short program. After our program we will solemnly walk to the Warminster Planned Parenthood where we will have 10 minutes of silent pray.  Our program will then end with a closing prayer.  (see program below) 

We will pray for the over 60,000,000 babies killed since this decision.  We will also pray for those who procure, provide or promote the killing of our preborn brothers and sisters.

Prayer is the most important weapon we have to combat the evils in our society; and prayer vigils outside of abortion facilities combine this powerful weapon with our witness to the crimes against humanity taking place in our communities every day.

Whether you are planning on attending the March for Life in Washington, DC this year or not, please consider joining us on January 22nd to give witness to the horrible sin of abortion.

Signs will be provided and CDC Guidelines will be observed.  

This event is sponsored by the Bucks County Pro-Life Coalition

Refreshments provided by the Pro-Life Coalition of Pennsylvania 


Please print out and distribute the flyer and the program below. Hope to see many of you then.

2021 Rally for Life Flyer

Rally for Life Program

Take Action: NJ Board of Medical Examiners Proposed Rule Change on Abortion

If you live in New Jersey, please read the information below provided by New Jersey Right to Life and then comment on the Proposed Rule Changes on Abortion published by NJ Board of Medical Examiners.  You have until March 5th to comment.  

Call to action 2

Please note:  It has come to our attention that the NJ Board of Medical Examiners’ website does not make the process for commenting easy so we have updated this alert with specific information to make the process less difficult for you to comment.  Thank you for taking action on this important matter!

The NJ Board of Medical Examiners Published Proposed Rule Changes on Abortion today.  Interested persons can submit comments, information or arguments concerning the proposed changes.  We need to flood the NJ Board of Medical Examiners with our comments opposing these changes on or before March 5, 2021. 
Please share this information with health care professionals, post-abortive women and anyone you think will be concerned about these proposed changes.

Here is a link to the Proposed Changes  

In order to ensure your comments are received, please send your comments
concerning any rule proposals via email to  

Please include the following in your email:

Email Subject Line:  Surgery, Special Procedures, and Anesthesia Services Performed in an Office Setting
 Email Body:  Provide Comments to the Rule Proposal, 
Include: Your  Name,  Affiliation and Contact Information (email address and phone number).

The NJ Board of Medical Examiners voted unanimously to change these rules in September.  Not surprisingly, most of these changes seem to be in line with language in S3030/A4848, the NJ Freedom to Kill Act.  The studies they name in their Rule Proposal to justify the changes are clearly biased studies funded by wealthy abortion supporters. Contrary to their claims, these changes in no way make abortion safer for women.  

According to their Release, the changes and repeal include the following: 

  • repealing the Termination of Pregnancy rule, N.J.A.C. 13:35-4.2, that singles out abortion care for targeted regulation by, among other things, requiring that all terminations of pregnancy be performed only by a physician, and barring office-based terminations beyond 14 weeks gestation; 
  • clearing the path for Advanced Practice Nurses, Physician Assistants, and Certified Nurse Midwives and Certified Midwives to perform early aspiration terminations of pregnancy (in addition to medication-based termination of pregnancy, which is already permitted) and clarifying that these providers are authorized to provide miscarriage treatment; and 
  • updating the regulations to integrate reproductive care within the generally applicable rules designed to ensure the safety of patients who undergo surgery or special procedures in an office setting.

Here is a link to an article about the proposed changes.

Protest Against the Grafting of Aborted Baby Parts Onto Mice at the University of Pittsburgh

Just when I thought things couldn’t get any worse, I came across this in my email.  If you thought you needed an excuse to stand up and speak out, here it is!  How barbaric?  How far has our country sunk? Scalping preborn babies and using these scalps for ‘research’.  

This is why we sidewalk counsel, this is why we stand outside abortion chambers to pray and give witness, this is why we start and volunteer at homes and pregnancy help centers, this is why we blog. We do these things so that no child will ever again be subjected this this cruelty. 

Please everyone, especially if you live in Pennsylvania, sign this protest from TPF Student Action below and then forward to all your family and friends and ask them to do the same.  We must, now more than ever, be a voice for the unborn.  

University of Pittsburgh

from John Ritchie, TFP Student Action, Director

What are “humanized” mice?

Unfortunately, the University of Pittsburgh is using human organs and skin from aborted babies for “research” — grafting baby scalps onto mice and rats.

Dr. Stacy Trasancos, who opposes the practice, explains:

“Human hair was evident by 12 weeks but only in the grafts taken from the fetal scalps. In the scalp grafts, fine human hair can be seen growing long and dark surrounded by the short white hairs of the mouse.”


Sign your protest against this barbaric experimentation.

I’m sick to even write about this issue, but this is where the Culture of Death has taken society. This is what a society without God and without morals offers.

“The images literally show a patch of baby hair growing on a mouse’s back,” wrote Dr. Trasancos in the National Catholic Register.

The Most Rev. Joseph E. Strickland, Bishop of Tyler, Texas, condemned the use of aborted baby parts for research.

“These are crimes against humanity that should be prosecuted,” he tweeted.  “Silence in the face of these atrocities simply adds to the evil. Wake up America! Demand that this stops NOW!”

Click here to tell the University of Pittsburgh to stop using aborted baby parts.

I’m rushing to collect 20,000 protest petitions by Wednesday. Whatever you can do to help me reach 20,000 people is most appreciated.

Thank you for fighting the good fight.

P.S. – Researchers at the University of Pittsburgh published a study in Scientific Reports revealing how the institution scalped victims of abortion (human babies) and transplanted their skin onto lab rodents for medical experimentation.

IMPORTANT Update about the Maryland March for Life

Please see information from Maryland March for Life pertaining to their March for Life scheduled for February 4, 2021 below.  

Maryland MFL

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to create numerous challenges. We would never dream of pausing or canceling the life saving work our coalition engages in each year during the General Assembly Legislative Session. However, we have to recognize the need to adapt to the current situation.

We will not be allowed to host our religious services, youth rally, Lawyer’s Mall Rally, or post-march mixer due to restrictions in place at all of our regular venues. All back-up options have been explored. We intend to host a “Life Chain-like” event on the public sidewalks outside the Miller Senate Building with individuals or family groups spread 6-feet apart. In accord with current Annapolis-specific executive orders, this event will require face coverings for attendees (unless unable due to age or medical conditions). Lastly, with the potential for a shortened legislative session AND the expectation that crucial legislation will be introduced early this year, we are moving the 2021 Maryland March for Life UP to Thursday, February 4, 2021 from 4:30 pm to 6:30 pm. Please see the updated Eventbrite for specific times and locations and any updates from now until then. Please also check out our website at for additional information.

As always, thank you for your support and we look forwarded to hosting you at our newly designed March at its rescheduled date and time.

Thursday, February 4, 2021 from 4:30 PM to 6:30 PM (EST)
Public Sidewalks Outside Miller Senate Building
11 Bladen Avenue
Annapolis, MD 21401

Reminder – First Friday Life Chain in Warminster has a Date and Time Change


The Bucks County Pro-Life Coalition invites all pro-lifer prayer warriors to join us for our monthly First Friday Life Chain on Friday, January 8, 2021 at the Warminster Planned Parenthood at 610 Louis Drive.

For the winter months it was decided by our Outreach Committee and seconded by those present at our Peace in the Womb Christmas Caroling to change the time of these monthly Life Chains to 12:00 noon.  And since the first Friday falls on New Year’s Day, we will gather on the second Friday for January. 

In order to social distance properly,  we will  stand and pray on both sides of Louis Drive in front of Planned Parenthood. 

We hope many will join with us to pray for an end to abortion at this facility as well as other facilities in Southeast Pennsylvania and across the country.  Signs will be provided for this event.

Please read the Code of Conduct for our Life Chain below.

1 — Be humble but be bold as you stand today against the greatest injustice our nation has ever faced.
2 — In the spirit of Christian love, commit to being peaceful, prayerful, and polite, in word and deed. Any misconduct from passersby should be met with silence, which will convey your inner peace.
3 — Do not respond to motorists. Please stay silent and prayerful and your
response to any situation will be proper. Do not wave or gesture. Do not
frown or smile in response to motorists. Our mission is to pray and stand
against abortion—with the solemnity our mission deserves.
4 — Help others. Watch for mothers (and dads) who need help with children, and assist the elderly with chairs and other needs.
5 — Pick up any trash near you before leaving your area.
6 — Drive carefully, and park legally. Buddy-up, if possible, to minimize
traffic woes. Use crosswalks, and do not hold up traffic. Watch your small
children at all times. During the Chain, stand back from the street and do
not extend your sign over the curb. Give immediate passage to other
pedestrians. Only small children should eat during the LIFE CHAIN.
7 — Thank you for being a strong public witness for Christ and for being an
exemplary citizen in our local area.

(Published by Please Let Me Live, distributed by LifeChain.Net, 2002.)


The Bucks County Pro-Life Coalition is an organization that believes in the sanctity of life from the moment of conception to natural death.  We provide financial and material support to area crisis pregnancy care centers that endorse the sanctity of life.  To expand our mission, we provide information and education to the community.  Follow us on Facebook using this link.  

Wonderfully Made – A Theology of the Body Retreat for High School Girls

The St. Peter Respect Life Committee in Elverson, PA is excited to announce the 4th Annual Theology of the Body Retreat for High School Girls.  Previous retreats have been extremely well received by both those who attended and their parents.  Please see information from Jo Christof below on this retreat and print out and share the flyer.


RETREAT LEADER: Samantha Kelley of

SPEAKER:  Marie DiCecco – “Women’s Health in conformity with Theology of the Body”


  • Fr. Timothy Danaher, O.P.
  • Fr. Reuben Nuxoll, Legionaries of Christ

WHEN: Friday, February 5 – Arrive 7:00 pm to Sunday, February 7 – Depart 11:30 AM

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner served Saturday & Breakfast served Sunday

WHERE:  St. Mary Of Providence Center, Elverson, 227 Isabella Road, Elverson, PA 19520

COST:  $125 per person (scholarships available)

We will talk about what it means to be a young, dynamic, Catholic woman in today’s world. The retreat will introduce you to John Paul II’s Theology of the Body and what it means for your life! Retreat will include talks, small groups, Mass, adoration and time for confession. The Retreat is led by Samantha Kelley, the Founder and President of FIERCE Athlete ( Sam is a young Catholic woman, trained in teaching the Theology of the Body.

Marie DiCecco has been a high school health educator for the past 35 years and has recently completed an Allied Health program in women’s health care.

The Sisters of Life will be attending, speaking and leading small groups.

This retreat is sponsored by St. Peter Respect Life Committee

For More Information, TEXT Eileen Christian @ 610-716-1840 or email @

Register online here. 

*Please note proper safety protocols to protect all participants will be taken- please contact Eileen with any concerns.

Wonderfully Made flyer.Feb 2021

Remembering Lives Lost and Hearts Broken in Waco, Texas

Pro-Life Waco is sponsoring an ad in the Waco Tribune.  You can find more information on how to be a part of this initiative below.   Thank you to John Pisciotta of Pro-Life Waco for forwarding information on this project. 

AdRoe Day ad in Waco Trib: 410 and working hard.

WacoWe are now two/thirds the way along the path to 600 households publicly declaring their lament for the tragic Roe v Wade decision imposed on January 22, 1973.

This Pro-Life Waco initiative is unique and important. The only other city in the USA that will have a Roe Day “signature ad” is Reno, Nevada.

Signing up is easy for you and your friends. Just provide your household name the way you want it in the ad and donate $5 – $50 to Pro-Life Waco. Mail to Pro-Life Waco at 4200 Grim Avenue, Waco, TX  76710.
Or you can do this online at www.prolifewaco.comClick on the Support Us button located on the bottom/right of your screen.

You can see and print copies of the flyer/signup form here. 
Ways you can help through our final sign up Day of January 15:

1. Having your household signed on would be a blessing. Wherever you live, you can join with others defending preborn babies, moms and families.

2. Sundays Jan. 3 and 10 and Wednesdays Jan. 6 & 13 are worship days before our January 15 cutoff for adding names. You can print copies of the flyer/form to share with your friends. If some of your friends commit “on the spot,” you can take their checks and forms and return to me at 4200 Grim Ave, Waco 76710. My mail has a drop slot into my home.

3. Forward or share this message to your friends. Hopefully, others will learn about the Roe Ad campaign from multiple sources.

The Roe Day Proclamation part of the ad will look like the picture above.