Philadelphia Women’s Center 40 Days Recap


The sixth 40 Days for Life Campaign concluded last Saturday at the largest non-Planned Parenthood facility in Philadelphia.

Two confirmed saves and God only knows if there were even more. Despite the number of signs stolen, a potty-mouth, man-hating, security guard, and the need to fill last-minute vacancies, pro-life were able to be present in front of the facility from Tuesday to Saturday. The sad irony is the fact many were present to see children who attend the daycare.

Take Away

Pro-lifers in the Philadelphia area are getting stronger and bolder every single day.  With their loving and peaceful presence, the hearts and minds of abortion-minded women are being changed.

Is it Over?

The answer is no. Harrisburg released a statement that 45,000 babies have been murdered at this location since 2011. We need to be bolder and vigilant for the protection of the most vulnerable in our society.

You can do that by participating in the Sidewalk Servant Campaign today. Give an hour or more a week to help moms know that there is a better way.

March for Life Marks End of 40 Days for Life Fall Campaign at Warminster Planned Parenthood


March for Life Warminster PP2019

March for Life Participants Gather at Warminster
Planned Parenthood
to Close 40 DFL 2019 Fall Campaign 

On Saturday, November 2nd, pro-life supporters started arriving in the parking lot of Nativity of Our Lord Catholic Church, Warminster, PA.  As the number of pro-lifers grew, those who were waiting for the March for Life to begin gathered in prayer. They prayed for the safety and protection of all participants. Among many petitions, one of most importance was an end to abortion in our country.

Before the start of the prayer walk, an elderly man volunteered to carry a white cross. This cross survived the destruction of a large number of crosses that were demolished at Our Lady of Guadalupe Church in Doylestown.  The March for Life prayer walk started on the church sidewalk and ended at Warminster Planned Parenthood.  As the pro-lifers arrived at the abortion site, they joined others who were standing vigil in front of planned parenthood. A total of 54 men, women and children participated in the March for Life and the prayerful gathering.

Dr. Rob Arner, a theology and ethics professor, is a member of Washington Crossing  Methodist Church.  He shared an enlightening and encouraging message.  His remarks underscored the belief in the sacredness of life of the early church.  A handout, with several writings and quotes from the early church fathers, was distributed.  Rob read each of the early father’s quotes.  Their writings underscored the belief in the sanctity of life and considered abortion an act of murder.  Below is an excerpt of one such writing:

“With us, murder is forbidden once for all. We are not permitted to destroy even the fetus in the womb, as long as blood is still being drawn to form a human being. To prevent the birth of a child is a quicker way to murder. It makes no difference whether one destroys a soul already born or interferes with its coming to birth. It is a human being and one who is to be a man, for the whole fruit is already present in the seed.” (Tertullian, Apology, 9:6-8, about AD 196)

Answering God’s Call and Faithful Pro-Life Servants

Ten years ago, Mary Paris, a sidewalk counselor at Warminster Planned Parenthood, took on the challenge of organizing a 40 DFL prayer vigil.  She enlisted Catholic Church Coordinators to sign up church members to pray for one hour at Warminster PP.  Mary successfully and faithfully served as 40 DFL leader from 2009 to 2018.  She is the Lord’s humble servant and continues to serve Him as a dedicated sidewalk counselor.

In the 2018, Melissa Chapman participated in 40 DFL Fall campaign. She felt the Lord calling her to become actively involved in a 40 DFL campaign at Warminster PP.  Melissa is a busy wife and mother. She also volunteers at A Baby’s Breath, a pregnancy care  center that helps women in a crisis pregnancy.  In answer to the Lord’s call, Melissa successfully organized both the Spring and Fall campaigns of 2019.  A number of Evangelicals, not previously involved in this 40 DFL, joined with Catholics in these prayer vigils. The number of Protestant and Evangelical churches has been increasing with each campaign since 2009.

Many blessings and thanks to all who answered God’s call to serve as organizers of 40 DFL.  We are also grateful to prayer warriors and sidewalk counselors who serve as intercessors at abortion sites throughout the year.  Many lives have been saved due to the dedication of sidewalk counselors. We may never know how many mothers chose life for their babies because of your prayerful presence, but our Heavenly Father knows.

A LIFE SAVED in Chester County!

The following is from Rachel Hayes, Chester County Leader for 40 Days for Life.  Many babies lives have been saved through this campaign.  

If you have never participated in a 40 Days for Life Campaign, please consider joining the Spring 2020 Campaign which begins on Ash Wednesday.  Use this link for more information on 40 Days for Life.

Chester County

What wonderful news we have to end our fall 40 Days for Life campaign in Chester County. For those unable to attend our closing rally this past Saturday, you might not be aware that we have confirmation of a mother choosing life and a baby saved from abortion. PTL! This was a beautiful story of a young woman in need of hope and support. Upon exiting the abortion facility because she felt unsettled being there, she was met by 40 Days volunteers who let her know that help was nearby at CCWS medical center and that they would show her the way. How grateful I am that our prayers were answered and that God used our presence to be part of this unfolding story! For this young woman, instead of a day of hopelessness filled with tears of sorrow and a lifetime of regret, it was a hope filled day of joy and thankfulness as her mother’s heart was overwhelmed with wonder at seeing her 10 week old baby via ultrasound for the first time and being cared for and loved by the center’s staff.

To sumarize a bit of encouragement from National Headquarters Campaign Director Steve Karlen at our rally: our hour(s) of vigil over the course of the 40 days will most likeley be unremarkable, and we might be tempted toward discouragement or even laziness in not getting out to pray and hold vigil. Don’t be discouraged because the seemingly mundane and unremarkable are bearing fruit. Though we don’t always get the tangible news above, we know that abortion numbers go down when we are present and praying, abortion-vulnerable women are changing their minds, babies are being saved, clinic workers are having a change of heart, and abortion facilities are closing. It’s happening in cities across the US and globally. Your prayers and your vigil presence do make a difference. Thank you for fasting & praying, and taking an hour or more of your time to stand in the gap for the many babies at risk! 

Though our fall campaign has come to a close, please be mindful and continue to pray throughout the year because abortions occur at WC PP each Friday. For those able, we can be a prayerful presence year round. If not, pray for those who can and prepare for another 40 Days in the spring. What else can you do until then? Support your local pregnancy center and other life-affirming ministries. Vote this Tuesday, Nov. 5, for candidates who support protections for the unborn. Contact your PA House reps and senators in support of the PA Heartbeat Bill. Get involved with or start a pro-life ministry at your church. Make plans now to attend the DC National March for Life on January 24, ’20. Mark your calendars for the first ever PA March for Life on May 18, ’20.

I hope you are encouraged to persevere and not give up hope, because our God is working in and through us to bring an end to abortion in WC.

“Let us not grow weary of doing good, for in due season we will reap, if we do not give up,” and “let us consider how to stir up one another to love and good works”! 

40 Days for Life Making a Difference in Northeast Philadelphia

The 40 Days for Life Fall 2019 Campaign ended on November 3rd and each global site has its own story to tell.  Stories about babies saved, support provided, volunteers who came for the first time, life chains and rallies incorporated into the vigil schedules.  And at the Northeast Philadelphia site at the Planned Parenthood on Comly Road we are no different.

We heard reports of pro-life information shared with not only the women who came to PP but also  some of the men who had accompanied these women and were willing to accept our literature.   We had first-timers sign up to stand outside the abortion center and most importantly we had three saves — during the last week of the campaign!IMG_5723

Two of the saves were couples who had come to PP but ultimately turned back around and left.  The third save involved a woman who advised someone standing outside that she was in an abusive relationship and was being coerced to have an abortion.  After receiving information on a local shelter for abused women she realized there was help available and decided against the abortion.

These same types of stories can be multiplied over the entire globe as we all joined together to fight the abortion machine.  At times it is difficult to see beyond our own local abortion site or the logistics of scheduling hours, life chains or prayer rallies.  But this is bigger than that.  It is volunteers speaking all languages willing to stand outside an abortion center in any country and offering alternative help to those going in. So big a task and yet so simple – offering help to someone in need, no matter where it is needed. We will keep all those who turned around in our prayers that they do not second guess their initial instinct to leave but we also need to pray for those women who did not turn around and for those babies who suffered the consequences.

The Spring 2020 40 Days for Life campaign is scheduled for February 26 thru April 5!

Former Abortionist to Highlight Closing Rally for 40 Days for Life Waco on Oct 29th

from John Pisciotta, Director, Pro-Life Waco 

We are in the final week of the successful 40 Days for Life prayer vigil in Waco. There is very good news about the Closing Rally, which begins at 6 PM on Tuesday the 29th in the public right of way of Planned Parenthood at 700 W HWY 6.

Dr. Haywood

The keynote speaker will be Dr. Haywood Robinson, an abortion doctor in California as a young physician until is conversion to pro-life and to Christ.

He is now retired from his health care career and works for international 40 Days for Life in Bryan, Texas. Dr. Robinson has been very busy speaking at fall 40 days events around the country and beyond. Below is a sneak preview of Dr. Robinson: a 7-minute recent interview on the 700 Club.



True Freedom Conference Focuses on Hope, Freedom, Love and Forgiveness Found in Christ

Below is a report from Kim Griffin on the True Freedom Conference that was held in center city Philadelphia on Saturday.  Additional pictures of the prayer rally are in the file below Kim’s report.  


On October 26, 2019 people of faith, young and old gathered for a prayer vigil at the Women’s Center of Philadelphia.

The Women’s Center of Philadelphia is an abortion center in a non-descript building on Appletree Street in Center City Philadelphia. They provide abortions up to 24 weeks of pregnancy. On an average day, they abort 19 babies per day, 6437 per year.

Speakers at the event spoke of the hope, freedom, love and forgiveness found in Christ. And acknowledged the difficulties facing the pro-life movement but that is a worthy and important cause.

Here are some highlights:

Karly Brown from Temple University spoke about abortion being the “greatest battle of our day. “She pointed out that Christ was humiliated and mocked for sharing truth and so we will be too.

Pastor Curtis who comes to the clinic to pray with his three children and hand out blessing bags spoke and shared that each one of us is “made in the image and likeness of God.” The blessings bags contain handwritten cards with words of encouragement and pamphlets that contain resources for adoption, counseling, and free ultrasounds. There is also information on the abortion reversal pill. When women go the clinic for a chemical abortion they take the first dose of the abortion pill (Mifeprex or RU-486.) They are sent home to complete the abortion with two more doses. But if the woman changes her mind the effects of the first dose may be reversed and allow the pregnancy to continue. Women have up to 72 hours but ideally would call within 24 hours of taking the first dose for a greater chance of reversal. Women can call and receive help from a medical professional that will guide the woman towards reversing the effects of the abortion pill. The hotline number is (877) 558-0333.

Marlene Downing who is the executive director of Hope Pregnancy Center in North Philadelphia emphasized that pro-life efforts are never in vain, that we must not grow weary. The pregnancy Center offers positive alternatives to unplanned pregnancies working to meet both the needs of the woman and the child at every level.

And Father Joseph Coffey, a Navy Chaplain and champion for the unborn reminded us that the Quakers spoke out against slavery long before it was abolished. We too are speaking out against an injustice against humanity, the killing of the unborn. And our efforts are not in vain.

Pat Stanton, co-leader of Sidewalk Servants for 40 days for life pointed out that abortion statistics are in our favor.  Less women are getting abortions. And there have been two saves during this 40 days for life campaign in Philadelphia that we are aware of, perhaps many more.  Patrick further stated, “since the 1990’s the number of abortion clinics has dropped 68% from app. 2100 to 728. And according to 40 Days for Life, the results from 24 coordinated campaigns; 16,004 babies have been saved and 190 abortion workers have been converted and 100 abortion centers closed!”

During the prayer vigil, many women entered the clinic (Saturday is one of the clinics busiest days) but this Saturday at least the message of hope, forgiveness, and healing in Christ was shared.

You can view more photos from the True Freedom Conference prayer vigil are below.

True Freedom Conference


Closing Rally Scheduled for Saturday, November 2 at 4 PM in West Chester, Pa.

Chester County spring campaign

from Rachel Hayes Chester County Leader – 40 Days for Life 

The fall 40 Days for Life campaign home stretch is here with just another week and a half to go! Your help is needed to fill the remaining vigil hours on behalf of the unborn at risk. Please consider committing to an hour of prayer and peaceful vigil before the end of the campaign: Chester County 40 Days for Life 

Though the official last day of our campaign is Nov. 3, we will be having our closing rally celebration at 4 pm on Sat., Nov. 2 at our vigil location.  (map)

Come out to be encouraged and inspired at what God can do through our prayers and faithful witness as we hear from Steve Karlen the National Headquarters Campaign Director.

Here’s an excerpt from Karlen’s bio: “Steve got involved in the pro-life movement as a volunteer leader with the 40 Days for Life campaign in Madison, Wisconsin. Before long, he found himself at the center of a nationwide controversy as the health system at his alma mater, the University of Wisconsin, was secretly preparing to open a late-term abortion center on campus. Groups across the state looked to him for leadership. After a grueling 16-month campaign, the university health system cancelled its abortion plans, later citing the work of Karlen and his team as the reason for making that decision.”

March for Life in Warminster, Pa to Close 40 Days for Life Campaign on Saturday, Nov 2

March for Life in Warminster

As the 40 Days for Life Fall Campaign draws to an end, the Bucks County Pro-Life Coalition will hold a March for Life on Saturday, November 2 beginning at 12:00 noon at Nativity of Our Lord parking lot located at 626 Street Road in Warminster (map) and ending at Planned Parenthood on Louis Drive.

We will march silently up Street Road to give witness to those who live and shop in Warminster of the terrible crimes committed by Planned Parenthood right in their own neighborhood.

Please try to join us for this closing event.  Signs will be provided for everyone.  A short prayer service will follow this march at Planned Parenthood.

 Please print out and share the flyer below.

March for Life in Warminster



40 Days for Life Needs Prayer Warriors at West Chester Planned Parenthood on Oct 25th

The following is an urgent request for prayer warriors to cover afternoon and evening hours at the Planned Parenthood in West Chester, Pa.  If you are able, please go to their website (listed below) and sign up to help out.  

Chester County

from Silvana Byrne

On Friday October 25th, Chester County Pro Life Coalition is scheduled to pray in front of Planned Parenthood in West Chester from 7:00 am to 8:00 pm. So far we only have coverage from 7:00 am to 1:00 pm, so that means that from 1:00  to 8:00 pm the women and men who enter Planned Parenthood will not have the opportunity to be persuaded to keep their baby alive so he or she will have a chance to live the beautiful life God intended for them to have.
So I come to enlist your help to come out and fill those empty hours that are so important for saving lives.
Please  go the the 40 Days for Life Website to sign up for your opportune time or email me at

‘To God be the Glory’: 100 Babies Saved So Far during This 40 Days For Life Campaign, Leaders Report

Below is a report from Calvin Freiburger of LifeSite News. These 100 babies saved during the 40 DFL Fall campaign have been documented. There are hundreds more babies saved from abortion that are known only to God and their moms. If you have participated in 40 DFL, thank you for your prayers and peaceful presence. You may never know the power of your prayers in changing a mother’s heart to choose life for her baby, but the Lord does.

The latest 40 Days for Life campaign is well underway, and the pro-life organization is reporting remarkable progress so far as it launches a new ad detailing the latest extremes supported by the abortion lobby.

40 Days for Life organizes round-the-clock prayer vigils outside of abortion facilities around the world, persistent displays to raise awareness that abortion is not only happening in a community, but that there are community members willing to oppose it. The organization says that since 2007, it has led to the prevention of over 16,000 abortions, the closing of over 100 abortion centers, and the quitting of almost 200 abortion workers.

On Monday, 40 Days for Life tweeted word that the latest campaign, which has only been going on for two weeks, just saved its hundredth baby from abortion:

We’ve just gotten report of our 100th baby saved during this #40DaysforLife campaign! To God be the glory! Get involved! Your prayers and sacrifices save lives!

The same day, 40 Days for Life unveiled a new ad it plans to air in select locations, framing Planned Parenthood as “out of touch” with women for backing abortion up until birth.

“Despite the scandal of selling body parts of aborted babies for profit, Planned Parenthood is now advocating for abortions beyond nine months, even as a woman is dilated and giving birth,” the ad says.

It goes on to reference the cheers that filled New York’s state Senate upon passing a law allowing virtually unlimited abortions, and plays a clip from an infamous 2013 hearing in which Planned Parenthood lobbyist Alisa Lapolt Snow admitted to Florida lawmakers that she “really [didn’t] know how to answer” how a baby delivered alive on a table following an abortion would be treated.

In the years since that testimony, the issue of infanticide has only intensified, with Virginia Democrat Gov. Ralph Northam’s infamous January comments about keeping babies with severe defects “comfortable” until the family decided whether to let them die, and national Democrats opposing legislation that would guarantee medical care to infants who survive abortions.

Click here to read full article.