Elections Have Consequences; Vote Your Conscience 2020


In an effort to piggyback on a previous post from Ted Meehan, I want to break down some other ideas regarding what to do on June 2nd for the Pennsylvania primary and the 2020 General Election. This is going to be the biggest election since the Civil War era.

Vote in person

By now, many of you have heard about an effort to vote via mail. It’s a scam to lose your votes. Nancy Pelosi and her circle of pedophiles, swamp creatures, and godless communists will stop at nothing to remove President Donald Trump from office.

I can’t understand how people can stand outside to enter a supermarket or even an essential store to not wait in line to exercise their right to vote. Even Joe Gale fought this attempt. Inform your family members, community, and friends to not take part in this scam. VOTE IN PERSON!

The PA primary is Tuesday, June 2nd. The deadline to register for the primary is May 18th. Absentee ballot deadline is May 26th.


This should not only apply to PA voters, but everyone who lives in key states that can play a crucial role in bringing real changes to Washington.

Help those who are running for office. There are candidates for the statehouse and senate along with Congress. You’re looking at 88% of seats up for grabs. Democrats control the House of Representatives. As we have seen in the last two years, they have to regard to the protection of human life at the moment conception until natural death, religious freedom, and the stellar work the current administration has done. The magic number is 218 as the House of Representatives is made up of 435 from all fifty states.

Be sure to visit Susan B Anthony to learn how you can do your part.


  1. Share about candidates who vow to put God, freedom, and life on the platform of public office. Some candidates, in particular, are: Kathy Barnette, Andy Meehan, and Nick Freitas.
  2. Share pro-life messages on your social media outlets
  3. Take part in Twitter campaigns
  4. Pray in front of abortion facilities
  5. Be willing to engage with dialogue with friends and family regarding the pro-life issue. Remember you have a duty to instruct the ignorant whose mind is blind.
  6. Hold your elected officials accountable in how they vote on all culture of life issues
  7. Recruit new members from your church, college campus, and even those in your Knights of Columbus, parents who take their kids to school, etc. Be sure to train them on the dos and don’ts while figuring out what talents they can bring.
  8. Encourage members of the clergy to be more vocal on pro-life issues.
  9. Write pro-life editorials for major newspapers
  10. Volunteer at pregnancy resource centers
  11. Donate money to pro-life charities





Virtual Pro-Life Events

Here is a list of upcoming pro-life events taking place in the next few days.


Tonight, 8:00 – 10:00 pm: Students for Life, National Pro-Life Summit Follow-Up Webcast- register using this link: https://www.studentsforlife.org/summit-webcast/

Thursday, April 30th, 8:00 pm: Sisters of Life Virtual Gala – register using this link: https://sistersoflife.org/virtualgala
Friday, May 1st, Saturday, May 2nd and Sunday, May 3rd – One Million Rosaries for Unborn Babies – we are asked to pray one additional rosary each of these days for the following intention: for an end to the surgical and non-surgical killing of unborn human persons. Register using this link: http://www.saintmichaelthearchangelorganization.org/index.cfm

GREAT NEWS for Praise & Intercession!

Some really great news below from Rachel Hayes, 40 Days for Life Leader in Chester County, Pennsylvania.

Chester County PP

This past Friday at West Chester Planned Parenthood,  a sidewalk counselor was able to reach a mom in need before she went in for her abortion appointment. While others prayed nearby, by the end of the conversation this mom of a 1-year-old received information on life-affirming options, was given hope of a better choice for her family and made the decision to have her husband come and pick her up!

We rejoice and give all glory to God that this woman was turned away from choosing death for her child yesterday! When it comes to abortion, fear often clouds judgment and leads to the death of the innocent, but love empowers, rejoices in hope, drives out all fear, and brings life. Please pray that this family would reach out to Chester County Women’s Center or any other place offering real hope, real support, and real help through a difficult time. Pray that this young mom is empowered and encouraged to love and cherish her unborn child just as much as her born child. Pray that the father steps up with courage and strength to care for and protect his family.

The parking lot was remarkably light for abortion day at WC PP. PTL! May God be merciful to use this current health crisis to cut into abortion revenue and close WC PP for good.

Thank you for your continued prayers and support for the most vulnerable among us, and your good deeds done in the name of Christ Jesus to bring an end to the evil of abortion.  – 1 Peter 2:11-12

Living Godly Lives in a Pagan Society


Spring Campaign is Finished, NOW WHAT?

The following is from Rachel Hayes, 40 Days for Life Coordinator for West Chester, Pennsylvania.  Rachel has some helpful suggestions which we have posted below. Although they pertain to Pennsylvania, and particularly to Chester County, Pennsylvania, others may benefit from her insights. 




Thank you for your devotion to prayer, fasting, and peaceful vigil over the course of this largest ever spring 40 Days for Life campaign. In spite of the suspension of the public vigil worldwide, we can rejoice for the moms who were encouraged and empowered to choose Life, and for the 346 babies that were saved! I am grateful for each of you, and God’s answers to our many prayers. 

I would be ecstatic if West Chester Planned Parenthood closes, and we never need another prayer campaign outside that facility. May it be so! However, even if this does occur, our prayers, giving, and engagement with our culture must remain a priority to truly shift us from a culture of death to a culture of Life where abortion is made both unavailable and unthinkable. Though 40 Days for Life is an essential outreach for bringing an end to abortion where we live, the battle for the lives of innocent pre-born children takes place 365 days a year. What can you be doing now?

PRAYER: As always, continue to offer up prayers for all the initiatives going on across our country and local communities that engage the culture of death with truth and grace. Pray for the effectiveness of the frontline work of sidewalk advocacy and pregnancy centers that more women would be reached with life-affirming parenting choices, and that more children will be spared. Pray and ask the Lord to help you live in a way that promotes Life, and ask what he may be calling you to do.

GIVINGAre we serious about ending abortion in the U.S.? To a large extent, if our collective giving is any indication of how seriously we take this issue, the answer is no. Of 400 billion dollars annually given away in the U.S., only .2% of that money goes to all pro-life causes combined. Consider how you can support a local pregnancy center  with your time, talent, and financial resources. The nearest pregnancy medical center to WC PP is Chester County Women Services 

ENGAGEMENTThere are many efforts across our nation engaging in the public square. Consider upping your game: Do you know what’s going on at the governmental level in PA? Is your calendar marked for National and State marches for Life. Do you know where to go for pro-life training, educational, and news resources? Consider following  Chester County Pro-Life Coalition and the Pro-Life Union of Greater Philadelphia  on Facebook for keeping up to date on public witness opportunities and events once we are through the Covid-19 health crisis.

For your planning ahead, the fall 40 Days for Life campaign is Wednesday, September 23 – Sunday, November 1. Follow us @chesco40days. 

Lastly, if you feel called to public witness year round outside of WC PP during their abortion focused operating hours on Thursdays and Fridays, let me know. 40 Days for Life will be launching a 365-40 Days in the future, and I would like to know who has interest in this initiative.

Thank you again for being a part of the beginning of the end of abortion in West Chester. 

As we approach  Resurrection Sunday, let us reflect on the wonder of the Author of Life choosing to begin his earthly journey in the humblest and most vulnerable state as an innocent, dependent child in the womb of his blessed mother. In Christ Jesus we rejoice in the wonder of life, and in the gift of eternal life to come. Health, safety, and a blessed Holy Week to you and yours!

Small Rally Cut Short By Visit from Law Enforcement; Planned Parenthood Unhinged and Is Still Open

Though a small rally was planned with at least six people it was cut short.

Despite Pat’s efforts, the police department has ordered the disbandment of the less than ten people gathered for stream stations of the cross and prayer.

Meanwhile, Planned Parenthood continues to murder innocent children while the nation is in the middle of a pandemic.

In the meantime, the Catholic clergy is mainly silent. I can only imagine what it was like for Jesus when many of his closest friends abandoned him while he was journeying to Calvary.


Knocking on Windows

This is taken from an email blast sent out by. Dr. Monique Ruberu

I was blessed to spend some time at 12th and locust this afternoon.
As I stood there praying I saw a Lyft car pull up… the girl was in the front seat. I saw her lean into the driver and saw him try to pacify her as she wept.
I approached the car and gently tapped on the window… she lowered the shutter and I introduced myself and told them that I wanted to help them…in the conversation, she shared with me that her name was N___, He was K___, she was 7 weeks pregnant and they appreciated the resources…

When she wasn’t willing to talk anymore I resumed prayer on the sidewalk. Eventually, she put on a mask and gloves and went into the abortion center. I reminded her that she could step off the table even at the last minute.
after she went in I returned to the car…
I had a great chat with the father of this child. We spoke about how his role as a father was to protect, to love. To honor…not to allow someone else to harm his child or his girlfriend.
I told him that if this child would be allowed to live… he or she could be his best friend in the future… he or she may be the one that is there when everyone else has left him… I asked him to please stand up for this child… his flesh and blood … because he is the only one that has the power to change her mind.
he agreed with everything, he even looked up the Levatino abortion procedure videos to share with her… he promised to keep me posted…

but I haven’t heard anything… so I leave this in God’s hands… I trust that Our amazing God can move hearts and change minds.
The beautiful thing about praying alone out there today was that there were no escorts… according to those who have been present daily this is the new COVID norm…

So as 40 days come to an end, there are some of you who are young and healthy… I would ask you to consider returning by yourself for an empty hour on the sidewalk. If you need a mask I will find one for you.  The killing continues, and we have the opportunity to one by one safely witness and pray.
if you are immunocompromised or older – please stay at home…

nobody should go without a mask.
the supporting prayer for those out there on the front lines is imperative. PLEASE continue to pray during your committed hours.
please let me know if you want to be added to the sidewalk servant mailing list for emails after the 40 days close.
God bless you,

please pray for N, K and baby!
dr Monique

Two saves in Philadelphia. No Joking

No one will be April fooling you with this email from Dr. Monique Ruberu.

Praise God and praise the fearless prayer warriors who continue to show up and pray outside the abortion centers.

Praise God for the continued prayer support YOU are providing through our daily 12-hour vigil at home.

Today we have had reports of two women who chose life… one at Comley Rd and one at 12th and locust!!!


Here is the report from Pat Stanton about the save at 12th and Locust…

” She was meandering in and out of the Center… a young girl… twice we offered her help and resources but she wouldn’t take a thing…

A while later an older lady walked in… I approached her in the same way “Can I offer you any help?” She replied, “I’m not here for an abortion… I have someone in there”

Pat responded, “Will you take some resources in for her? You know this is murder”

sadly she shook her said and said, “I know”

Pat returned to prayer…

a short while later he was so thrilled to see the older lady coming out fists pumping into the air in JUBILATION.accompanied by her granddaughter..” we are KEEPING this baby!!!”
Pat shared all of the resources with them, made sure they had the numbers they needed to call for help and watched them walk away.
It was a good day. Thanks be to God!


Meanwhile, Anita Flynn shared about how an unlikely person helped pro-lifers in NorthEast Philly helped a girl to the pro-life side.
if you are not older or immunosuppressed and want to join pat and the few others on the front lines please reach out to pat (2677184851) to see how you can help there are some masks available for the few that go down.

please see the list of hours covered and let me know if you want to cover an hour of prayer at home.

hour(number of people)

Let’s bring every hour up to at least 2 people …

Saturday: 7(1),8(4),9(3),10(5),11(4),12(1),1(7), 2(2),3(2),4(3),5(1),6(1),7(1)

Sunday: 7(1),8(4),9(2), 10(3), 11(3),12(4),1(2),2(3),3(2),4(1),5(1),6(1),7(1)

monday:7(3),8(4),9(4)10(3),11(3),12(2),1(3),2(2), 3(3), 4(1),5(1),6(1),7(1)

tuesday: 7(2), 8(4),,9(5),10(2), 11(3),12(2),1(2),2(2),3(3), 4(1),5(1),6(1),7(1)

wed:7(3),8(4),9(4),10(2),11(3),12(2),1(3),2(2),3(3), 4(1),5(1),6(1),7(1)

thurs: 7(3),8(4),9(3),10(2),11(3),12(2),1(2),2(2),3(3), 4(1), 5(1),6(1), 7(1)

friday: 7(3),8(4), 9(3),10(2),11(3), 12(3),1(2), 2(2), ,3(4),4(2),  5(1), 6(1), 7(1)

Light Shining Out of Darkness

At the start of every 40 Days for Life campaign there is PPHope. Hope that this time, at any particular vigil site there will be a SAVE. A mom who changes her mind and decides to keep her baby. Last week at the Northeast Philadelphia vigil site just such a thing occurred – and through the efforts of a most unlikely advocate, the security guard at Planned Parenthood who was outside there by himself later in the day. He shared the following details.

A young woman, about 25 years old had gone into PP and at some point, came back out distraught. She seemed immature – a party type. She said she was confused about what to do. Her boyfriend wanted her to keep the baby but would leave the decision to her. Her dad wanted her to keep the child also but her mom thought abortion would be best. As the guard listened to her story, he advised her to talk to her boyfriend again, to discuss all what being a parent entailed. He told her she was basically old enough to give it mature thought and know what she wanted to do, not just react without thinking it through. She took his advice and went back to the car and discussed it with her boyfriend and together they decided they would keep the baby. She called her mom who responded that she wasn’t going to be the babysitter! (how many times have those words been said until the baby arrives).

And just like that, a baby was saved from abortion that day. I thanked him for sharing the story and told him he’s a good listener. He said his position outside the doors of the PP is similar to that of a bartender. People come in and out those doors and tell him all kinds of things. He still believes a woman should have a choice, but in this instance he thought the young woman involved was so confused she needed to think things through. So the security guard was the light shining out of the darkness.

In sharing this story he also mentioned that about six months ago another woman came to PP thinking the only way to end an abusive relationship was to have an abortion. He provided her with information about Laurel House which offers support for women who are victims of domestic violence. He later learned she decided to keep the baby.

God works in mysterious ways and a calming presence in the midst of chaos might be all these young women needed. Aren’t the words of the poem below so true….

Light Shining out of Darkness

By William Cowper

God moves in a mysterious way,

His wonders to perform;

He plants his footsteps in the sea,

And rides upon the storm. 

Deep in unfathomable mines

Of never-failing skill,

He treasures up his bright designs,

And works his sov’reign will. 

Ye fearful saints, fresh courage take,

The clouds ye so much dread

Are big with mercy, and shall break

In blessings on your head. 

Judge not the Lord by feeble sense,

But trust him for his grace;

Behind a frowning providence

He hides a smiling face. 

His purposes will ripen fast,

Unfolding ev’ry hour;

The bud may have a bitter taste,

But sweet will be the flower. 

Blind unbelief is sure to err,

And scan His work in vain;

God is his own interpreter,

And he will make it plain.

Pray at abortion facilities; Pray at Home

Every hour going forward has at least one person praying to end abortion at the two downtown vigil sites. These people are also praying for the few people going down to be present, praying for the women and babies as well as for the conversion of the workers.

Now we are looking for people to be the 2nd and third prayer warriors from home at those hours see below and pick your hours…


1. I just got off the phone and conference call with an abortion pill reversal patient from the Allentown area. She has an 8-month baby and was concerned that she wouldn’t be able to handle another pregnancy with severe nausea and vomiting. Her boyfriend is the same father and he was not happy about the abortion, he is happy that she is trying to reverse. Please pray for this patient and if any of you are willing to be on her support team or know of anyone in that area (Allentown) to help with a baby shower and to address any needs she may have… let me know.
2. on Monday and Tuesday we are trying to inundate senators offices with quick 2-5 minute calls stating that we don’t want telemedicine abortions included in the tele-med bill. Senators say they hear from the pro-abortion side much more frequently than they hear from us… so LET’S BE HEARD!!! There is a signup genius through the pro-life union of Greater Philadelphia – the goal is to have 5 people scheduled to call every 20 min while offices are open… want to flood their lines.

SIGN UP HERE  about tele-med Bill

Let’s bring every hour up to at least 2 people …

Saturday: 7(1),8(2),9(2),10(1),11(3),12(1),1(7), 2(1),3(2),4(1),5(1),6(1),7(1)

Sunday: 7(1),8(2),9(1),10(1),11(2),12(0),1(2),2(2),3(2),4(1),5(1),6(1),7(1)

monday:7(3),8(2),9(3),10(1),11(2),12(1),1(3),2(1),3(3), 4(1),5(1),6(1),7(1)

tuesday: 7(3),8(3),9(2),10(1),11(2),12(1),1(2),2(1),3(3), 4(1),5(1),6(1),7(1)

wed:7(2),8(2),9(3),10(1), 11(2),12(1),1(3),2(1),3(3), 4(1),5(1),6(1),7(1)

thurs: 7(3),8(3),9(2),10(1),11(1),12(1),1(2),2(1),3(3), 4(1), 5(1),6(1), 7(1)

friday: 7(2),8(2), 9(2),10(1), 11(2), 12(1),1(2), 2(1),3(3), 4(1), 5(1), 6(1), 7(1)

Wanna Break Cabin Fever? Take a Leap of Faith and Pray Outside of Abortion Facilities

The headliner might be a bit misleading. However, two brave men decided to continue praying outside of abortion facilities in the Philadelphia area, despite the stay at home order from elected officials.

The suggestion does come with some parameters.

  1. Do not come within two feet of patients entering the facility or escorts (if any decide to be out there)
  2. Be sure to be courteous and respectful to police and people coming and going on the sidewalk
  3. Be peaceful
  4. Bring love
  5. Stay safe and well
  6. Treat this like 40 Days for Life is still going on.
  7. Pray in small groups of less than ten
  8. If you are ill, pray from home

Remember, God has appeared to many people to do his will. You should do his, not the will of man.

“Never underestimate the spirit of God working through you, with you, and despite you.” Archbishop Nelson Perez