Philadelphia Women’s Center 40 Days Recap


The sixth 40 Days for Life Campaign concluded last Saturday at the largest non-Planned Parenthood facility in Philadelphia.

Two confirmed saves and God only knows if there were even more. Despite the number of signs stolen, a potty-mouth, man-hating, security guard, and the need to fill last-minute vacancies, pro-life were able to be present in front of the facility from Tuesday to Saturday. The sad irony is the fact many were present to see children who attend the daycare.

Take Away

Pro-lifers in the Philadelphia area are getting stronger and bolder every single day.  With their loving and peaceful presence, the hearts and minds of abortion-minded women are being changed.

Is it Over?

The answer is no. Harrisburg released a statement that 45,000 babies have been murdered at this location since 2011. We need to be bolder and vigilant for the protection of the most vulnerable in our society.

You can do that by participating in the Sidewalk Servant Campaign today. Give an hour or more a week to help moms know that there is a better way.

Stop Planned Parenthood in KCK campaign


Stop PP in KCK

Your witness and voice are crucial to our success!!!!!

Please take 2 minutes to call Mayor David Alvey’s office and respectfully ask that he publicly state that he is opposed to Planned Parenthood opening a center in KCK. A similar statement by the mayor in 2006 kept a strip club from opening in WyCo. 


Remember how effective your calls and emails were to Larkin & Garcia Funeral Care that resulted in canceling the lease that they had with PP on their building located at 1854 Minnesota Ave!!!!!!!



How to contact Mayor David Alvey
1. Call and leave message with his assistant at (913) 573-5010  or

2. Email Mayor Alvey at .




Mayor David Alvey,

Respectfully, I urge you to publicly state that you are opposed to Planned Parenthood opening a center in KCK.

I would like to ask that you email me at with any contact efforts that you make so that I can measure the size and effectiveness of our Call to Action.



Approximately 40 individuals participated in our Oct 26 prayer rally at the UG municipal building.

November Events

Sleeping_newborn_infant (1)

It’s November. 40 Days for Life campaign has concluded. There are a few events abound for the month.

See the latest on the November Elections here. There are also some takeaways on how to fight harder for the culture of life and to unseat radical pro-abortion incumbents.

Pro-Life Union will continue it’s Newby Saturday on November 9th at 12th and Locust. Learn more here. Note: this event will occur every 2nd Saturday of the month.

The Culture Project will be hosting their Second Sunday gathering on November 10th. It starts with Sunday mass at the Basilica at 6:30 PM. After mass everyone will gather for food and drinks at Mace’s Crossing. Adults 21 and over are encouraged to attend.

The Super Bowl 52 rematch will take place on Sunday, November 17th. But a group is hosting a discussion on Theology of the Body. All fathers are encouraged to attend with their sons.

The annual Stand Up for Life Dinner will take place on Sunday, November 24th. Learn more about it here.

We hope many of you can join us any or all of the events mentioned above. Remember to pray for the faithful departed during the month of All Souls, especially of our pro-life warriors who were called home recently.

Eternal rest, grant unto them, O Lord. And let the perpetual light shine upon. May their souls and the souls of the faithfully departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace. Amen. 


40 Days for Life Making a Difference in Northeast Philadelphia

The 40 Days for Life Fall 2019 Campaign ended on November 3rd and each global site has its own story to tell.  Stories about babies saved, support provided, volunteers who came for the first time, life chains and rallies incorporated into the vigil schedules.  And at the Northeast Philadelphia site at the Planned Parenthood on Comly Road we are no different.

We heard reports of pro-life information shared with not only the women who came to PP but also  some of the men who had accompanied these women and were willing to accept our literature.   We had first-timers sign up to stand outside the abortion center and most importantly we had three saves — during the last week of the campaign!IMG_5723

Two of the saves were couples who had come to PP but ultimately turned back around and left.  The third save involved a woman who advised someone standing outside that she was in an abusive relationship and was being coerced to have an abortion.  After receiving information on a local shelter for abused women she realized there was help available and decided against the abortion.

These same types of stories can be multiplied over the entire globe as we all joined together to fight the abortion machine.  At times it is difficult to see beyond our own local abortion site or the logistics of scheduling hours, life chains or prayer rallies.  But this is bigger than that.  It is volunteers speaking all languages willing to stand outside an abortion center in any country and offering alternative help to those going in. So big a task and yet so simple – offering help to someone in need, no matter where it is needed. We will keep all those who turned around in our prayers that they do not second guess their initial instinct to leave but we also need to pray for those women who did not turn around and for those babies who suffered the consequences.

The Spring 2020 40 Days for Life campaign is scheduled for February 26 thru April 5!

The Night Before

At 9PM on Friday evening I was attending a beautifulIMG_5712 pro-life candlelight vigil ceremony at the Planned Parenthood on Comly Road in Northeast Philadelphia.  At this same time on Friday evening, each woman scheduled for a Saturday morning abortion was preparing for her crucial moment of decision to take the life of her child – either voluntarily or involuntarily.  The abortionist, Charles Benjamin, would be following whatever his Friday evening routine is before showing up twelve hours later to erase the life of one baby after the other – all in the name of healthcare.

Twelve short hours.

On Friday evening these children were secure in their mothers’ wombs not knowing what violence was imminent.  The sadness is overwhelming.  There was so much love and prayer outside this building on Friday night and yet by Saturday morning the walls inside would be cold and unfeeling as Planned Parenthood staff processed one woman after the other and handed her over to the abortionist and the tools of his trade.

How many of these women will seek physical and emotional support after their abortion — or were even told help is available?  How many parents of these young women have no idea how close they came to being loving grandparents? How many of these women will again experience a “night before”?  And at what point will Charles Benjamin decide enough is enough? IMG_5723

Benjamin admitted during the 2013 Kermit Gosnell trial that he, Benjamin, had done 40,000 abortions in his career.  Apparently enough will never be enough for Benjamin.  He and his medical partner, Bruce Berger recently closed their private abortion practice.  Does this mean he is stepping back or just re-doubling his efforts at Planned Parenthood or other abortion clinics in the area?

There will continue to be many more “nights before” when a child is safe in the womb….until the next morning when the unthinkable happens as long as Benjamin, Berger and their abortionist peers make their services available….in the name of healthcare….healthcare that cares so little for the child in the womb.


Philadelphia Abortion Practice Closed

I recently was alerted to an article on that announced the Berger and Benjamin LLP abortion practice closed voluntarily effective June 2019.  No reason was provided. You can read the entire article below.

IMG_5705 (2) The Philadelphia based practice was cited in May 2017 by the PA Department of Health for inadequate spore testing on the autoclave sterilizer and unsecured storage of Lidocaine HCL 1%.   However, since that time no other non-compliance reports were issued by the Department of Health.

Dr. Charles Benjamin is also the abortionist at the Planned Parenthood at Comly Road in Northeast Philadelphia and was the abortionist at the Cherry Hill, New Jersey Women’s Center as noted in the story below referencing a 2000 lawsuit which was settled out of court.   When accessing the Berger and Benjamin website, it now automatically re-directs readers to The Women’s Centers – not Planned Parenthood – for abortion information.

Sadly, on the Berger and Benjamin site the following words still can be read:

“Confidential and Comfortable Pregnancy Termination Services in a Private Physician Setting”


Philadelphia abortionist responsible for 40,000 abortions closes clinic

During the trial of Kermit Gosnell, only one time during the entire horrific trial did the jury audibly gasp. That was when Dr. Charles Benjamin testified in a matter-of-fact way that he had performed over 40,000 abortions in his over 30 year career.

His private practice, Berger and Benjamin, LLP, has been performing abortions since 1978. However, after an inspection by the Pennsylvania Department of Health on June 24, 2019, the facility “voluntarily ceased services and relinquished their registration certificate.” Their website now states, “The office of Doctors Berger and Benjamin has closed.”

With this closing, nine abortion clinics in Pennsylvania have closed since 2012.

Why Mandating Inspections Matters

State inspections were only mandated into law by the passage of new abortion clinic regulations in 2011, a major initiative by Pennsylvania Family Institute after the horrors of Kermit Gosnell’s clinic were revealed. After nearly a year’s battle in the legislature,, the common-sense regulations finally passed into law, classifying abortion clinics as ambulatory surgical centers (treating any place that performs abortions like any other surgical facility).

Five abortion clinics closed as a direct result of this new legislation when it went into effect in 2012. Another clinic in Harrisburg, Hillcrest Women’s Medical Center, was forced to shut down in 2017 after failing numerous health inspections.

Planned Parenthood connection

Benjamin has previously stated that he performs abortions at the Einstein Medical Center and for Planned Parenthood at their Comly Road facility in Philadelphia.

The Comly Road Planned Parenthood location performs the most late-term abortions for Planned Parenthood than any other Pennsylvania location. In 2017, reports show they performed 260 abortions at 15 weeks or later into pregnancy.

Planned Parenthood is the largest abortion business in Pennsylvania, performing half of all abortions in the state. In total, their Comly Road location performs the third highest number of abortions for Planned Parenthood in the state, accounting for over 2,000 abortions every year at this one location.

Planned Parenthood has made Dr. Benjamin a millionaire. Since 2008, Planned Parenthood has compensated him as an abortionist for over $3 million.

How many abortions did Benjamin’s clinic perform?

Reports filed with the PA Department of Health are perplexing. Each facility that receives any type of state funding must file a quarterly report with the state on the number of abortions performed. Since 2013, Berger and Benjamin filed two quarterly reports – one in 2013 stating 269 abortions performed in the 1st quarter. Then in 2016, a report filed for the 3rd quarter shows 154 abortions performed. No other data was provided for any other quarter.

The website for Berger and Benjamin states they performed surgical abortions between 4 and 20.5 weeks and the abortion pill/RU486 up to 9 weeks. They also advertised how they had no protesters because they were in a private office in a medical office building.

Benjamin’s Influence

Not only has Dr. Benjamin carried out over 40,000 abortions, but his clinic has had an influence on pro-abortion politics. His clinic was one of ten Pennsylvania abortion clinics that joined an amicus brief filed by the Women’s Law Project against a Texas law that would have put the same health and safety standards on abortion clinics in Texas that Pennsylvania did in 2011. They claimed Pennsylvania’s law was “disastrous” and that it had “potential of grievous harm to women.” Of note, one of the then abortion clinics on their brief was Hillcrest Women’s Medical Center, a facility forced to shut down after numerous failed inspections that included not having a registered OB/GYN or nurse to help patients, not giving background checks to staff and using unsterilized and expired medications. The inspections were only mandated by law thanks to the new abortion clinic regulations. One Google review of Hillcrest stated that she wouldn’t let her cat go there for any services, much less herself.

In 2000, Benjamin was sued by a Pennsylvania teen for violating Pennsylvania laws after he performed an abortion on the then-16 year old in New Jersey but she then suffered from post-traumatic stress syndrome as a result. The case was settled out of court three years later.

40,000 abortions. And what’s chilling is Charles Benjamin is certainly not the only Philadelphia abortionist who can say that. Another one: Kermit Gosnell, on record performing 40,136 abortions from 1988 – 2009.