Help Support Gianna Center of Philadelphia with End of Year Fundraiser

The Gianna Center of Philadelphia has a tremendous opportunity here to make up for the less than expected revenue from our fundraiser as we have a generous donor willing to match funds up to 25,000 but ONLY until Dec. 27.
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Give the Gift of Life This Christmas

Christmas is fast approaching. There are so many ideas for gifts to give this season. Even though you may have completed all of your shopping, and crossed items off your list, there are other people struggling, wondering what they’ll do this Christmas and what the next year will bring.

Want to give the best gift to individuals struggling this Christmas season? How about the gift of life?

Keep in mind the pregnant woman who appears distressed, worried, or unsure while walking toward the entrance of an abortion clinic. Your kindness, compassionate approach, helpful resources, and prayers could inspire this pregnant woman to give the gift of life to her unborn child. Imagine her having this newfound hope for a better future; what a joyous occasion that would be this Christmas!

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Thousands Gathered to Celebrate Life, Honor Courageous Witnesses and Pioneers

Since 1981, pro-lifers from all across the greater Philadelphia area to celebrate the accomplishments of the past year and look ahead to recommitting to defend life from conception until natural death as a new year is just mere weeks away. On Sunday evening, 1200 pro-lifers from newborn to great grandparents gathered for a night to remember, connect with other pro-lifers, and celebrating their first inalienable right; life.

This year, the Pro-Life Union of Greater Philadelphia area, used the evening to honor award recipients who have chartered authentic healthcare for women, stood tall against the hatred of a state representative, and leading by example on a college campus. Not only did they honor those who were rewarded for their amazing works, but they also took time to recognize the medical students who were in attendance, especially those at Drexel and Thomas Jefferson Universities.

In his open remarks, Fr. Christopher Walsh and Tom Stevens reminded everyone that everything State Rep. Brian Sims said in a viral video when attacking pro-lifers this past spring was all a lie. Pro-lifers continue to do the amazing work in not only caring for babies in the womb, but to also care for the mom and their baby for a lifetime in helping with home economics, job skills, and even their education endeavors.

In addition to the award recipients, the attendees had the opportunity to hear from two amazing speakers. The first was Dr. Monique Ruberu. Dr. Ruberu shared her experience while in residence at Hahnemann University Hospital of how she was forced into taking part in an abortion and she knew from that day that she will never do it again. She encouraged all in attendance to stand tall for their faith and the most vulnerable in our society with her.

The second speaker was Rachel Guy. She thanked everyone for all they do to defend the unborn child.  While in the womb, doctors gave a grim diagnosis to her parents who were encouraged to abort Rachel. Her parents chose life instead. Rachel was born at 1 lb. 2 oz. and became healthy during her five-month stay in the NICU. She founded His Love and Care, a ministry that connects expectant mothers with pro-life OB/GYNs and physicians.

As 2019 draws to a close, this is one of the most amazing events that every pro-lifer from conception to senior citizens look forward to when it’s an opportunity to recommit to fighting for the good in the world and even their faith no matter what our professions are in life.



‘We Never Thought Twice’: Teacher Adopts Student With Down Syndrome After Mom Dies


Caucasian mother holding baby girl with Down Syndrome

The following is an inspiring story by Will Maule of Faithwire.  He writes about the selfless love of a teacher, a terminally mother and her son.

A compassionate teacher has adopted her own student after his mom died of cancer.

The incredible story began four years ago with a brutally honest conversation between special-ed teacher Kerry Bremer and Jean Manning, a terminally ill mother.

Though the pair had only known each other for a matter of months, their conversation would prove to be life-altering both for Kerry and for Manning’s son, Jake, who has Down Syndrome.

“I said, ‘I may be overstepping here and forgive me if I am, but my family and I would like to offer guardianship for Jake if you need a backup plan,’” Bremer recalled to TODAY Parents.

Through tears, Jean accepted her offer.

“I’ll sleep better tonight than I have in a very long time,’” the ailing mother explained.

Bremer noted how she “fell in love with Jake instantly” and could not help but offer him a place in their family. “I knew he would a need a home and there was no way I wouldn’t open ours to him,” she said.

Kerry Petkewich Bremer about a week ago

This past Wednesday, Jeanie Manning became a “Queen Angel.” She fought a long, hard and often very unfair battle with cancer. We knew it would happen some day, but it was the last thing any of us expected this past Wednesday. As a result of her passing, we will love, protect and treasure Jake just as we promised. He will live with us forever and we will keep her memory, her love, her determination and her beautiful smile alive in his heart and ours every day! We love you “Queen Angel Mom.” Fly high and watch over us every day. “Our boy” will miss you terribly, but we’ve got this! ❤️🙏😇 “Bremer, party of 6

On November 13, Manning passed away,

“My mom went to heaven,” Jake told CBS 17. “She’s my queen, angel mom. She’s always in my heart..she loved me so much.”

After Jean passed, Jean honored her promise and Jake moved into the family home. The house was already filled with Jake’s toys and clothes from the countless hours he’d been spending there while his mom went through grueling treatment. The transition was tough but is going well so far.

“We never thought twice about it,” Manning said of their decision to welcome Jake into their family. “I loved this kid so much. He has done more for us than we could ever do for him.”

Website: Faithwire

Think What Would have been Lost Without Adoption

November is National Adoption Awareness Month and to celebrate, the Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation has been posting stories all month on adoption.  Below is one from Maria Gallagher, Legislative/PAC Director of the Federation on Wendy’s founder, Dave Thomas. 

adoptionnotabortion _1_

by Maria Gallagher

My co-worker surprised me one day by asking, “Did you see what’s on your cup?”

I turned the red paper cup around and looked at the wording imprinted on it. It stated, “Face it. Without adoption, Wendy’s wouldn’t be here.”

I knew it to be true. The founder of Wendy’s, the late Dave Thomas, had been adopted as a child. As an adult, after building a successful nationwide restaurant chain, he became a tireless advocate for adoption.

Think about it. Consider the jobs that would have been lost, the relationships that never would have formed. The people who would not have had Dave Thomas to look up to as a mentor and a business leader, were it not for adoption. Just one child. One story.  One adoption.

This story continues here.


Adoption is a Loving Option

As this is National Adoption Awareness Month, I thought I’d share my adoption story with everyone.  I so often post stories from others on this subject and thought it about time to share my own.  


You never know where you will be or what you will be doing when God sends a messenger to call you to serve Him.

I was  home on a Saturday, probably cleaning, when I received a telegram (this was way before the internet) from my uncle in the Philippines asking if we would take a child he came across in the hospital.  Without hesitation, my husband and I said yes; and so, our journey through the adoption process began.

A Little Background

My uncle, Father Gratian Murray, started out his ministry as a Christian Brother (he was known then as Brother Gratian of Mary) who was sent to the Philippines.  One of his major accomplishments was to start a home for abandoned boys called Bacolod Boys Home where boys he rescued from prison or living on the streets could have a place to call home.  Father Gratian was a major influence in my life, and I’ve saved the many letters he would send me over the years.

After 25 years of service as a Christian Brother, he became a diocesan priest.  On one of his trips to visit parishioners in the hospital in Bacolod he came across this little 11-month old girl who had been abandoned at birth and was living in the charity ward of the hospital.

My uncle knew we had our names on the adoption list in our diocese, so he automatically thought of us when he saw her.  At that time our Archdiocese had not handled many foreign adoptions (those who adopted before then were referred to the Archdiocese of New York), so we had to do a lot of the leg work ourselves. Finally, just after her second birthday, our daughter Maria came home to us.

It was a very cold night in January when she and the sister in charge of adoptions for the Archdiocese of Philadelphia  came in.  We were anxious as we didn’t know how she would respond to us.  When they came into the airport after landing, she came right to me as if she knew I was her mother.

The language barrier was a little hard at first.  My uncle had sent a paper with the words she knew and what they meant. It didn’t take long for me to figure out what she was saying and for her to learn our language.

When she was in the first grade, she became a US citizen.  She proudly announced to her teacher and her classmates that she was becoming a ‘senior citizen’. We all thought that was so cute and my sister actually had a cake made to celebrate afterwards with the words ‘Congratulations to the world’s youngest senior citizen’.

My daughter is 45 years-old now and has three children of her own as well as four grandchildren (making me a great-grandmother!).

By the way, during the adoption process, I found out I was pregnant and had  two other pregnancies after that.  Maria has three younger brothers and they are very close. I can’t imagine our lives without her or our sons. It wasn’t an easy ride; however, it certainly was worth it.  We’ve shared happy times and sad times, but we are all always there for one another.  In the link below are some pictures of our family; we are very proud of each and every one of them.

Adoption really is a loving option!


Family pictures




Woman Headed to the Abortion Clinic Changes Her Mind, Her Friends Adopt Her Baby

“It was all definitely orchestrated by God. I just think, if we had even had children when we were first trying, Kyndal might never have been born.”

Life News published a heartwarming story from Right to Life of Michigan. Read the details of an adoption of a baby girl whose mom changed her mind about abortion on the way to her appointment. Thank the Lord that this mother chose life. Adoption is always the loving option.

Tricia and her husband Scott spent long years wishing for a child. They tried for many years to conceive, and when they never did, they decided to start the adoption journey. They became an active couple, hoping to be paired with a child who needed a home, but after a few years of waiting with no responses they became discouraged.

“We thought, maybe God had other plans for us,” Tricia said. “We committed to thoroughly spoiling our nieces and nephews.”

Meanwhile, an acquaintance of Scott’s through work was facing her own difficulties. She was pregnant, but not ready to care for a child and didn’t want her family to know about it.

One night, Tricia and Scott received a Facebook message from her, asking if they would ever consider adopting from someone they know.

“This was someone who was very supportive when she learned we were hoping to adopt,” Tricia said. “She said she would even share our information if she ever encountered someone looking for options. When she reached out because she was pregnant, we said, of course we would!”

Tricia and Scott were thrilled at the possibility of receiving the child into their home. They were even more grateful and surprised when they heard the story behind the woman’s inspiration to contact them.

“She was going to terminate—she was actually on her way to the appointment, but she said she remembered Scott and I, and how much we wanted a baby but couldn’t have one. She realized the weight of her decision and decided to reach out to us.” Tricia said.

They soon finalized the paperwork to become her adoptive parents, and on October 7th, 2017, Tricia and Scott were in the delivery room while Kyndal was born.

“It was kind of like coming full circle,” Tricia said, explaining that she was also adopted.

After Kyndal’s birth, there was a 30-day period in which the birth mother could change her mind about the adoption.

“This was almost more stressful than the years we spent waiting to be matched,” Tricia said. “We were pretty sure she wouldn’t change her mind because she had such a good understanding with us, but there’s always that ‘what if?’”

Eventually the 30 days were over, and Kyndal has spent two happy years at home with Tricia and Scott.

“She is the sweetest, most beautiful blessing,” Tricia said. “It was all definitely orchestrated by God. I just think, if we had even had children when we were first trying, Kyndal might never have been born.”

Tricia acknowledged the long and difficult period of waiting during the adoption process was a necessary part of the story. A small misunderstanding in their paperwork caused years of waiting without a match, even though their profile had very high views from birth parents looking for a couple.

“But again, if we had been paired with a child any sooner, our Kyndal may never have been born,” she said.

Click here to continue reading this inspiring Life News story.

One Woman’s Journey from Crisis Pregnancy to Loving Adoption

The following was sent to me by a very dear friend from Facebook.  She is sharing her story so those who find themselves in similar situations will know that there is always hope and loving solutions available.  If you are pregnant and in need of help, please contact one of our pregnancy help centers.  The national hotline number is: 1-800-712-HELP or text HELPLINE to 313131. 

twins babies

On February of 1998, I found out I was pregnant by an older man that I had met at my job. At that time, I was a newly divorced single mother of a two-year-old boy, and working two jobs to make ends meet. After my divorce, I got very depressed and felt lonely. I, then, made some unwise decisions. I was not very interested in this man, but he was nice to me and gave me the attention that I had been wanting. Looking back, I was yearning for a ‘father figure‘ or someone who would take care of me.

One day, I contacted a close family member to confide in her. I was in dire poverty, and considered living in my car. My relative suggested an abortion, stating, ‘nobody would know.’ Once I told the Father he was not upset, but disinterested, he said he was too old and told me I should get an abortion; his children were all grown and he’s not going to do it again. The option of abortion was the last word I wanted to hear.  I finally decided to pray to God.  I poured out my heart to Him, stating, ‘God, I can barely take care of myself and my son; I cannot do this.’ I remember breaking down and crying out to Him, stating over and over, ‘Please tell me what to do.’

After, I had the urge to look through my phone book. While searching through my phone book, I came across ‘Abortion Alternatives’ and found ‘Birthright’ and a Crisis Pregnancy Care Center in my area. I thought I should give them a call,but I waited a few days.

Though I was baptized Catholic in my early 20’s, I fell away from my faith, interestingly enough, I drove past the Church, St. Michael’s in my hometown.  It had a huge sign out front that read “Pregnant? Need Help?” This caught my interest. I walked right in, full of embarrassment & nerves. I didn’t know where I was going or what I was doing but God did! I saw a bunch of people in a small room in the corner of the Church praying. So, I thought, prayer wont hurt and maybe someone here can tell me who to talk to.

They had out their rosaries,I had none. I was feeling more foolish by the minute & considered leaving and asked myself, “what am I doing here?” I listened and tried to follow their prayers.  I knew the simple prayers.  I was caught off guard when I discovered they were doing a rosary for the unborn!  I can’t leave now. They will hate me and shame me I thought. When it was finally over I waited and approached a lady and said I really enjoyed the rosary and had a question – I was so nervous! Uh, yeah, I actually saw your sign out front and I’m pregnant, I just blurted out. I probably cried. She gave me a big hug and she asked if I knew how far along I might be. I said maybe a month. She took out of her purse a tiny plastic doll (what I thought it was) and said your baby is probably around this size then. She gave it to me. She asked if I knew about the Pregnancy Center. I said not really. She set me up to visit the Pregnancy Center here locally. You know what? I never knew her name, but I will never forget her.

The Pregnancy Center helped me find many resources and were very kind to me. This is where I also read about the adoptive parents. Reading about this family,  I found that they lived in the hometown where I grew up, and that they had been longing for a baby.  I knew then they were the right parents for my baby.

I learned they had many of the values I had, had been married over 20 years, and waited and longed to have a baby for about 20 years as well! They nearly had a baby twice, but in each case, the birth-Mother changed her mind and decided to parent. That is her right to do so, but I fell in love with this couple like they were my own family. Before I ever heard the term ‘love them both’, they truly did love me and the baby! I also saw how they interacted with and loved my toddler son. I never considered any other family, I knew right away they were the One!

At five months pregnant, the adoptive mother attended an ultrasound appointment with me. We were able to find out together that I was having twins! During the appointment, the adoptive mother said that she saw an extra little hand across the ultrasound screen as if one of the babies were waving and saying, ‘Hi, I am here, too.’ Finding out that I was having twins confirmed my decision of adoption, that I could not care for three babies alone, and I wanted my twins to have a father in their lives.

The twins were born in September 1998, only three days before my due date. Even though I had a lot of trouble during the delivery, close to having a blood transfusion and hysterectomy, the twins were born perfect and healthy.

To be 100 percent honest, I almost changed my mind and decided I wanted to parent at the last moment. Oh, how I didn’t want to break their heart, but when I was very close to having a hysterectomy, I thought I am still so young, these might be my last children. God had His hands in all of it throughout. I am happy and grateful that I decided to place them in an open adoption with this loving family.

The journey was not always roses; no journey is. There is grief and loss and pain, but there is also beauty, and trust and  love and  family! To this day, the adoptive parents and I still remain friends, and my birth children are loved by me and many others.

I was pressured to abort and my situation was then considered a ‘crises pregnancy’.
I didn’t know how or what to do. I wanted them to have everything and to have a Father too. To know that they are loved by so many!

Never given up-only given More; Given Life; Given a family Given Hope and a Future  – (Jermiah29:11) Given Love

As birth Mom, I am blessed with Open Adoption, the ‘adoptive ‘Mom said to me – you will never have to worry about them or wonder about them being off in the wild blue yonder (her words).

They are soon to be 21! Happy birthday to these precious young adults. I love you with all my heart. I hope in sharing my story that especially those being pressured or considering abortion will heed my words below:

Please don’t let anyone pressure you to abort your child! 

You are a Strong Mama and there are many wonderful resources, (like Pregnancy Centers) that love you and your baby and will help see you through.

If you know it is not possible to parent or unable, whatever your situation may be, remember that adoption is a loving option.  Life is a beautiful gift and adoption is an amazing journey.

Thank you for reading. God Bless. And Happy 21st birthday to my birth twins!
You never regret choosing Life! ~Birth Mom Mindy