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6 out of 10 Americans Reject Idea that ‘Human Life is Sacred,’ Survey Finds

The first installment of the report series suggests that only 6% of Americans adhere to a biblical worldview.

Pro Life Activist

The following is an article by Michael Gryboski, a reporter for the Christian Post. This report should be of great concern to all Catholic and Evangelical Churches.

Around six in 10 Americans do not believe that human life is inherently “sacred,” though more than two-thirds believe human beings are “basically good,” new data suggests.

The recently launched Cultural Research Center at Arizona Christian University released a report on Tuesday examining how Americans value human life.

Data for the report came from a survey conducted in January of 2,000 adult respondents in the United States, 1,000 of whom were contacted by telephone and 1,000 reached by online questionnaires. The data has a margin of error of 2 percentage points.

Among respondents, only 39% said they agreed with the statement: “human life is sacred.” 

The word “sacred” is defined by the researchers as “having unconditional, intrinsic worth.”

Many respondents who identified as religious were more likely than the total sample to believe that human life is sacred. For example, 60% of evangelical and born-again Christian respondents agreed that life is sacred.

Among other respondent groups, 46% of Pentecostals, 45% of mainline Protestants, and 43% of Roman Catholics agreed that human life is sacred. 

Meanwhile, 12% of respondents said they believe people are only “material substance – biological machines.” Another 12% said that believe humans are “part of the mind of the universe.”  

While most did not believe life was sacred, 69% of respondents concluded that people were “basically good.”

The researchers argue that seeing humans as just “basically good” runs “counter to the foundational biblical teaching that human beings are created by God and made in His image but are fallen and in need of redemption.”

CRC Director of Research George Barna, who founded the Barna Group, said in a statement that the view of mankind being “basically good” is negatively influencing current debates over law enforcement and systemic racism.

“A movement to defund police departments might make sense if people are innately good. People with a humanistic worldview argue that crime and violence happen because of poverty, bad parenting, systemic discrimination, and other external forces,” stated Barna.

“Yet crime statistics, political tensions, tendencies toward anger and hatred, and America’s moral deterioration and confusion suggest that we are neither innately good nor that emotional responses to empirical challenges will solve the problems.”

Christian Post article continues

Translating the Gospel of Life into the culture

The following is from Tom Stevens, CEO and President of the Pro-Life Union of Greater Philadelphia. 

The last time I led the monthly Bible Study that I do for the ladies at Guiding Star Ministries Home for Single Pregnant Moms and Children, I made a handout.  It included an artistic graphic I made with a scripture verse on it.   It happened to be Ash Wednesday … so I used a simple translation of Mark 1:15, “He said, “The right time is now here.  God’s kingdom is very near. Change your hearts and lives, and believe the Good News!”  To make it attractive to the ladies I put flowers, a heart, and a butterfly on the image.  

Why?  Why are we trying to translate the Gospel of Life into something that might be relevant and attractive to residents of a maternity home, or to customers at an abortion center, or anywhere we go?  Because the Good News of the Gospel of Life changes hearts and minds when and if received. Then it changes decisions, actions, and behaviors.  Heart, mind, and behavior change is required to bring an end to abortion, euthanasia, and every attack on the Sanctity of Life. It’s up to us to do our best to bring the Gospel of Life to the culture.

How can we best translate the Gospel of Life to reach the “unreachable”?  To reach an urban culture where sex is without boundaries or covenant and single moms having babies sometimes is worn as a badge of honor, or an avenue to welfare; to a suburban culture where self, convenience, self-help, and pleasure are gods … and all where abortion is seen as a simple and quite acceptable option?  This is THE question often on my mind.  As I stand in front of an abortion center or create a social media post, or sit in a meeting … HOW CAN WE REACH the confused, broken, hardened, untouchable, churchless, and traumatized who are having abortions?  HOW CAN WE BE IN their world/culture/sphere WAY BEFORE pregnancy, abortion clinic appointment, abortion?  Be part of the answer… join a Pro-Life Union team. Complete the volunteer form at

Philly Youth Missions Holy Week Outreach Canceled

With the pandemic of the Coronavirus taking longer to contain, The Legionaire of Christ has made the decision to cancel this year’s Holy Week outreach in Philadelphia.

This decision is for the betterment of everyone’s health and to ensure that they are not compromised by any potential carriers of the virus.

“It is heartbreaking to see this not happening.” Pat Stanton remarked. “These kids look forward to it, but in the end, we must make sure everyone stays safe. I encourage everyone to pray for an end to the pandemic and do their part to slow its spread.

Here’s a blogpost from their event last year.

African American Pastor Urges Americans to Wake Up to Genocide Against Black Community

With Dr. Washington, I challenge Christian Americans—whether white or black—to vote according to Christian principles.

Newborn Baby

The following article by Stephen Strang published in Charisma News concerns the issue of abortion in the black community.

There’s a genocide taking place against the black community in America, but you won’t hear about it in the media. Why? Dr. Raleigh Washington—president emeritus of Promise Keepers and pastor emeritus of the Rock of Our Salvation Church in Chicago—says it’s because most people don’t see it as genocide. Instead, they call it abortion.

I recently interviewed Dr. Washington, whom I’ve considered a good friend for years now. He was one of the pastors who traveled to Sanford, Florida, after Trayvon Martin was killed in 2012. Many in the black community in Sanford were outraged that George Zimmerman killed Trayvon, calling it a clear example of systematic racism.

Dr. Washington and Bishop Harry R. Jackson came and spoke to a group of black, white and Hispanic pastors about the importance of unity in that hour. They told them the only way to help bring racial reconciliation to Sanford was by uniting among themselves. They had to show the city they were standing together.

When Zimmerman was acquitted in July 2013, riots broke out around the country—but not in Sanford. Dr. Washington says it was because the pastors of the city stood together in unity and worked toward racial reconciliation.

Dr. Washington says relationship is the key to racial reconciliation, just as it is the key to responding to another strong burden on his heart—abortion in the black community.

“I’m talking specifically about African Americans because African Americans are perishing,” he says. “We, literally, as a people, are committing self-genocide. And the primary thrust and cause for that self-genocide is indeed abortion. Thirty-eight percent of all abortions are done by African American women. We are only 11% of the population of America but yet 38% of the abortions. That dynamic is really causing a genocide.”

Dr. Washington says in most urban centers in the U.S., more black babies are aborted than are born. New York City has made headlines for this sad statistic. This may be due to the fact that over 90% of abortion clinics located in urban areas are within walking distance for African Americans, Dr. Washington says.

This issue burdens Dr. Washington so much that he’s writing a book on the subject, called My People Perish for Lack of Knowledge.

“It is time to turn the tide of abortion,” he says. “And the No. 1 way to we can make a difference is how we vote. If we vote conservative according to biblical values—and that would be Republican—we could turn the tide of this abortion that’s causing genocide in the African American community.”

Of course, the Republican Party is not the savior in this situation. Much of the deep state involves Republicans, I’m sure—and the Republican Party is not always dictated by biblical values. In many ways, the Republican Party has failed the black community, especially in recent decades.

Charisma News continues here

A Powerful Testimony from a Post-Abortive Mother Leading Others to Healing and Wholeness in Jesus

“More than one in four women have had an abortion. This is an epidemic! So many are hurting. But because of God’s grace, and His grace alone, I am given the privilege to meet other women in their own struggle with abortion, and I can show them the beautiful complete healing of Jesus.”   

Wendy Schetig 1

On January 22, 2020, the 47th anniversary of Roe v Wade, 130 pro-lifers gathered in front of Planned Parenthood, Warminster, PA for a Prayer Rally for Life.  Wendy Schettig was one of the invited guest speakers.  She shared her compelling testimony about the impact of having an abortion as a 19 year-old teen.  Her journey takes her from deep regret, extreme emotional pain and mental breakdowns to forgiveness, healing and redemption through Jesus and His Holy Word.

Wendy is a wife, mother and musician, singer/song writer.  She has a ministry to post-abortive women, faithstep.  Wendy’s healing and inspirational music is available at  Read her miraculous testimony below.

Below is a very personal story, my story about abortion. The reason I tell you this story is because I want others to know there is help for women and men who are struggling with abortion(s) in their past. It’s not a political story, it’s just a very true story about the pain I was unable to reconcile between myself, my unborn baby, and God. It was only when I finally grasped the true depth of God’s love that I found healing. Here is my story:

I had an abortion in August 1975 when I was 19 years old. I lived in a small town in Maine at home with my Dad who was verbally abusive and a heavy drinker. I was afraid of Dad and afraid of what the small-town-busybodies would say when they found out I was pregnant. The baby’s father didn’t hesitate to strongly suggest abortion. So I took what I thought was the easy way out and had an abortion. I was told I could have this procedure, forget about it, and go on with my life like nothing happened. I was young and naive, so I believed them.

Although I had been told the baby inside me wasn’t much more than a bunch of cells, deep down I knew this was a little life that trusted me to protect it. It seemed easier not to dwell on what I thought was true, so it served my purposes to bury my doubts.

However, during the abortion, with the truth ripping at my soul, I cried bitterly as I lay on the table. I believed my baby’s soul was floating upward and away into the darkness of space without love and surrounded by the cold. In the days and years to come, the terrible emptiness of that thought took me to untold depths.

When the abortion was over, I asked the nurse if my baby was a boy or a girl. She laughed and answered harshly, “How should I know? It came out in lots of little pieces.” I was horrified. I could do nothing else but choke down my feelings, get up and walk away.
I managed not to think about it most of the time, but a slow insidious grief crept in. I became withdrawn. I allowed thoughts of condemnation to seep into my mind. They were words of deep shame and worthlessness.

The abusive words I continued to hear from my father rang truer than ever because now they validated the horrible person I had become. I hated myself. I apologized for my very existence and felt grateful that anyone would bother to house me. I thought I would be better off dead so the rest of the world would have one less burdensome mouth to feed.

A year later I married a man who knew nothing about the abortion. I hoped I could fix my pain by changing my living situation and my home. I was just making more mistakes to try to fix the old ones, and more people were getting hurt in the process.

By the time I was twenty one, I had been married, divorced, and alienated from my dad. I drank too much and continued down a path of destruction. I was an emotional meltdown waiting to happen. That meltdown came three years later in the form of a terrible nightmare. I dreamed I gave birth to my lost baby. I was excited at the thought of seeing my baby, but before I could hold it or even see it, the doctor wrapped it up and took it away. I ran down the hall crying for my baby, but when I found it I was horrified to see the doctor chopping it up with a butcher knife. I awoke screaming at the doctor to stop killing my baby.

After the dream that night I lay there in the dark crying and bitterly hating the doctor. As I sorted out the memory of my dream, I was initially relieved that the nightmare was just a dream. It hurt as I felt strong maternal instincts for my baby and dearly longed for it to be alive with me. But then the deep hidden truth crept in — this nightmare was real — the baby was real — the doctor was real — and a powerful Truth spoke directly to my soul, “The doctor didn’t kill my baby. I did.”

I cried for two days. I couldn’t get out of bed. I just cried. As I lay there alone thinking, I decided I should die. Then I thought about hell. Prior to this I didn’t think hell existed, but now I realized there must be a hell for people like me. If I killed myself, I would surely go there. I wanted to crawl out of my own skin and be someone or even something else. Then I thought about God. I didn’t know much about God, but I knew he was angry with me. I surely didn’t deserve anything else but death and hell.

After the second day of crying, I mustered up enough self preservation to run away. I decided to run away from me. I hoped maybe I would be able to start a new life again somewhere where nobody knew me. Then maybe after twenty years or so God would forget what I did, and He would let me be His friend. So I grabbed a few clothes, my guitar, and drove away. I left what I knew behind and went looking for God.

Click here to continue reading Wendy’s healing through Christ and her ministry to post abortive women.

God Speaks to Us Through History – Reflection from the March for Life

God Speaks to Us


The following is from Ted Meehan, long-time pro-life warrior from Delaware County, Pennsylvania.  

Reflection from the March for Life

God speaks to us through history. He is speaking to us today, in the Culture War that has been raging for 5 decades or more.  The forces of Secular Progressivism justify every evil with Moral Relativism, Political Correctness, and distorted views of Diversity. The denial of God is either implied or articulated. Objective Truth is denied. Virtue is ridiculed. Life itself is treated as a commodity of minimal value.

We are all called upon to be prophets – whether we are willing or not. We must confront the onslaught of cultural depravity, and defend Truth and Virtue and Morality. In fact, we have arrived at a point where even common sense itself requires defending. If we avoid the battle, we will find ourselves living in a state of despair, and hopelessness. Joy will be gone. Hope will end. Beauty will no longer exist. And we will live meaningless lives, filled with superficial madness – with no hope of salvation.

God is the source of Truth, and Beauty, and Virtue, and Goodness. He is Love. He is calling upon YOU to measure your life, to see if you seek to please Him, or to please the forces of moral chaos, and depravity. One cannot be neutral. “If you are not with Me, you are against Me.”



Roe v Wade at 47. How did we get here? What Can We Do?

It should come as no surprise to many pro-lifers that Roe v Wade is in its 47th year. The question we must ask ourselves is “How did we allow this barbaric decision to make it this far?”

I can give you a myriad of answers, but sadly churches and people of goodwill have been silent. No more. No more apathy. No more silence. It is time to make noise not only from the pulpit but also in the public square.

Yes, there are risks if we cast ourselves out into the deep. However, we have a job that is bigger than ourselves. Far too often I have seen people who have their thinking clouded by radical liberals in the classrooms and college lecture halls. Our job is to be bold in our claim of being pro-life. We cannot stand by and hope people have a change of heart. We need to instruct people where their argument is wrong with love and mercy.

Love and mercy can win over those who have been poorly educated on abortion. It is what we have on our side when it comes to tools for victory and evangelizing to those who live in darkness. That is how we win the debate. Members of Congress or the state office will not help us win. Sure, they may campaign on promises, yet we have seen many not showing a backbone when it comes to defunding Planned Parenthood or even preventing radical abortion laws from ever being law. Abby Johnson reminds us that this debate will be won outside of abortion facilities, college campuses, and even our own homes.

47 years of Roe v Wade has brought nothing but sorrow, agony, and emptiness to our country. I believe that our country is in need of an awakening. I believe a spiritual revival is happening all across the land. Our job has not been an easy one. The abortion lobby may have money, but pro-lifers don’t need a full bank account to combat the diabolic industry. Rather, we have an arsenal of people who are using their talents for something bigger than you and me. These 47 years have only brought a shift in the nation’s attitude on abortion. A majority of America is now pro-life, many of them are young (1/3 of my peers are missing because of his heinous, cold, calculous decision). We have God who has guided many to win many victories for the cause from cradle pro-lifers to former abortion workers.

The question remains: Are you willing to stop another million Americans from being murder due to a false agenda? 61 million Americans, black, white, Latino, Asian, and even mixed were silenced to help women get ahead in life like Michelle Williams and other celebrities. We must be pro-active and step out of our comfort zones. We may think that conveying the message on a digital medium can win everybody. However, as many apologists prove, your “presence” will make a difference to others.

Are you ready to step up to the plate and out of your digital comfort zone?

Pro-life…Except Human Life

The selfishness of our society was nowhere more keenly illustrated than when one bleach-blonde twenty-something blurted, “Babies are gross!”…..

Foundations of Truth is a website dedicated to the truth.  Here is an excerpt from their mission statement.  “Truth is a rare commodity in today’s world. From entertainment to news, politics to education, and science to religion, it is becoming increasingly difficult to discern between what is true and what is fake…..To help answer these questions, Foundations of Truth connects today’s specific issues and news stories with the eternal and foundational truths of God’s ” What follows is a recent article from their website.

Every life is a valuable miracle, and it’s God’s involvement in life that gives it direction and purpose.

For example, when God talked to the prophet Jeremiah about the task for which he had been made, God told him, “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart; I appointed you as a prophet to the nations” (Jeremiah 1:5).
This verse affirms the foresight of God for each of us and the value He places on each individual human—a value he assigns to no other living species, thus elevating man above animals.

In a recent PragerU video, Will Witt presented people on the street with two petitions. One was to save baby eagles, which was quickly signed by all. The other was to stop the killing of humans, which was also enthusiastically received—until the words “anti-abortion” were added. Young progressives froze as that buzzword brought them to a halt.

The selfishness of our society was nowhere more keenly illustrated than when one bleach-blonde twenty-something blurted, “Babies are gross!”, showing the same physical repulsion as a child who refuses to touch a dead worm. When Witt told another woman who signed the eagle petition that “We wanna protect [unborn children’s] rights, too,” she responded, “Wait! No! I don’t agree with that!”[1]

To put it bluntly, she disagrees with protecting the most basic of all human rights—the right to live—the right to be born. That fundamental right has been so redefined in recent years that nearly half of all Americans now consider themselves “pro-choice,”[2] meaning they want to rob unborn children of their ability to make any choice, ever.

Not just Christians care about unborn life but many atheists do as well. Some 19% of atheists identify as pro-life. [3] As famous atheist Christopher Hitchens affirms, “the unborn entity has a right [to life] on its side and every effort should be made to see that it is preserved.”[4]

There is no rational reason to couch abortion in terms of “women’s rights.” In fact, pro-life feminists such as Frederica Mathewes-Green see “pro-choice” arguments as often being made from a position of fear—a fear of, and a desire to avoid pregnancy. She suggests that many women, finding themselves with an unwanted pregnancy, “wants an abortion as an animal, caught in a trap, wants to gnaw off its own leg.”[5] Of course, the solution for this fear is not more abortions but rather better support and resources for the women who do experience unwanted pregnancies, thus allowing them to carry the child to term without the mother believing she is throwing away her own hopes and dreams.

The good news is that the number of abortions performed annually has been on the decline for the past few decades.[6] But in the meantime, we still need to confront this issue head-on and defend the rights of the unborn. After all, they are human, their life is ordained by God, and we should therefore defend their fundamental God-given inalienable rights, which begins with the right to be born.

Website: Foundations of Truth

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Hate Has No Home Here – Or Does It?


In his column in the Bucks County Courier Times this past weekend, JD Mullane wrote about the vandalism and destruction of the memorial crosses  on  the property of Our Lady of Guadalupe Church, located in Buckingham Township.  In his article he mentions the ‘anti-hate signs’ you see all over Bucks County and beyond.

These signs are mostly put up by members of a certain party.

The party that:

I could go on, but you get the gist.  This party is a party of hypocrisy.  And while not all in the party support these ideas, the far left contingent who have taken over  have been successful in silencing those who are more moderate.

How should Christians deal with the hate?  The opposite of hate is love.  And what better way to show our love than to pray for those who have wronged us.  Prayer is the weapon of choice for those of us who realize that we are in a spiritual battle.  A battle for the souls of those who have turned away from God and His commandments.

Let’s all commit to praying for those who have lost their way.  Let’s pray for an end to abortion and all other sins running rampant in our society.  And let’s, while praying, ask God to take away satan’s power and end his reign of terror in the world.

Through prayer we will defeat the enemy.  Through prayer we will see an end to abortion and the other evils in our society.  Through prayer we will see an end to hate. And then because of prayer, we will all be able to say with certainty, “Hate has no home here.”

‘For though we live in the world, we do not wage war as the world does. The weapons we fight with are not the weapons of the world. On the contrary, they have divine power to demolish strongholds. We demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God, and we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ. ‘ – 2 Corinthians 10:3-5