Stop Planned Parenthood in KCK campaign


Stop PP in KCK

Your witness and voice are crucial to our success!!!!!

Please take 2 minutes to call Mayor David Alvey’s office and respectfully ask that he publicly state that he is opposed to Planned Parenthood opening a center in KCK. A similar statement by the mayor in 2006 kept a strip club from opening in WyCo. 


Remember how effective your calls and emails were to Larkin & Garcia Funeral Care that resulted in canceling the lease that they had with PP on their building located at 1854 Minnesota Ave!!!!!!!



How to contact Mayor David Alvey
1. Call and leave message with his assistant at (913) 573-5010  or

2. Email Mayor Alvey at .




Mayor David Alvey,

Respectfully, I urge you to publicly state that you are opposed to Planned Parenthood opening a center in KCK.

I would like to ask that you email me at with any contact efforts that you make so that I can measure the size and effectiveness of our Call to Action.



Approximately 40 individuals participated in our Oct 26 prayer rally at the UG municipal building.

Diamond & Silk Share Message of Life at Pro-Life Banquet

I recently had the opportunity to see Diamond & Silk at the Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation’s 40th Anniversary Celebrate Life Banquet held in Harrisburg.  While I knew these ladies were very conservative and very pro Trump, I didn’t realize just how pro-life they are.  Among the many things they spoke about was  Margaret Sanger, her founding of Planned Parenthood and the focus of Planned Parenthood to exterminate pre-born babies, particularly the genocide of black babies.

For those who were not so fortunate to see them in person, you can view the Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation’s video of this event below.

I would like to suggest that we all write to them and urge them to speak out more on the issue of abortion, particularly the genocide of black babies.  You can reach them at: Diamond and Silk,  7711 S. Raeford Rd. Suite 102-171,  Fayetteville, NC 28304 or email them at



Teenager Makes Viral Response to Miley Cyrus with Message of Adoption

Adoption Cake

Photo courtesy of Hannah Rickords Facebook page

By now, many of us are outraged by the stunt pulled by pop and teen idol, Miley Cyrus.

Does she realize that she is part of the problem of how many people are being exposed to the promiscuity in our culture?

Recently, Hannah Rickords, a young woman in her late teens countered Miley’s Facebook sharing her adoption story.

Read below:


You teamed up with Planned Parenthood to share a message…

Here’s mine.

20 years ago, my biological mother walked into her Planned Parenthood pregnant and not sure where else to go. Measuring over 20 weeks, she was told they could move forward with termination. When she explained she wasn’t there for that kind of procedure, it was explained to her that was all the only help she could receive there.

My birth mom wrote:

“All I wanted was help. For someone to see me for the terrified young woman I was. I wanted someone to hold my hand and tell me everything was going to be okay. I quickly learned that this was not the place for that kind of reassurance. The woman quietly, but firmly, said she was sorry she couldn’t help me.”

If that day she had chosen abortion as her plan, I would not be here today. Regardless of what argument you could have of when life truly begins, if that day in that Planned Parenthood, a young girl was swayed to terminate, I would not be here.

Miley, what about my healthcare? What about the millions of people that will never see the light of day because “abortion is healthcare?”

As an unborn child, there wasn’t much I could do to contribute to society, but now as a 20-year-old being, I have been able to touch the lives of hundreds through a conference I held and my original music.

I am grateful every single day that my birthmother chose another plan for me.

I am grateful every single day that an adoption is an option.

Take action by sharing her photo on her social media platforms today. Adoption Story

Abortion Clinic Uses Deceptive “Black Lives Matter” Tactics to Target African American Mothers in New Jersey


Please read the article from Rev. Dr. Clenard H. Childress, Jr below.  The abortion industry will use any tactics to kill, following in Margaret Sanger’s footsteps with her ‘Negro Project’. 


Nationwide — The seductive tactics of evil institutions are often cynical and certainly deplorable. The psychopathic gestures or practice subliminally mocks its intended victims and brings a sadistic satisfaction to the demented individuals who perpetrate such acts.

Thus it was in NAZI Germany during The Holocaust. Unsuspecting victims of Hitler’s eugenic rage were transported to concentrations camps such as Dachau. Upon arrival (to their last destination), having traveled in congested cattle cars not fit for humans, these unsuspecting victims were deliberately deceived until the last moments of their lives. The following account was taken from the liberating USA 7th Calvary,

Reverend Childress’ article continues here 

Rev. Dr. Clenard H. Childress, Jr. is the founder of – a movement designed to reach the Afro-American community with the truth about abortion. He can be reached via email at