We are just days away from the 2nd Annual Philadelphia March for Life. The speakers have been confirmed. We know many across the Greater Philadelphia area will descend on the City of Brotherly Love to give voice to the voiceless. All that is missing is your loving presence.

Here is the layout of the day

7:55 AM- Rosary at Basilica of Sts. Peter and Paul Cathedral. Come early if you like to join pro-lifers in filling the mother church of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia with prayer.

8:30 AM- Catholic Mass with Father Dennis Gill along with co-celebrants

9:30 AM- Interdenominational Prayer Rally on the south lawn of the Basilica

10:30 AM- The March begins at the Cathedral and ends at Independence Hall. Along the way, marchers will stop for a witness at Philadelphia Women’s Center where 6,500 babies are murdered on an annual basis.

12 noon- Rally


The cathedral will have parking space at a limited capacity at no charge. Arrive as early as possible. Offer a carpool to those who want to go.

If taking the regional rail, get off at Suburban Station and walk to the cathedral. Be sure to consult the SEPTA app or website if in doubt.


The stage is set for the 2nd Annual Philadelphia March for Life. Now, all pro-lifers have to do is get fellow pro-lifers to come out to attend.

Members of the Knights of Columbus, clergy, seminarians, faithful pro-life warriors, high school and college students, missionaries who evangelize to students, and families are asked to attend this event.

The cathedral will provide free parking. Be sure to plan accordingly and arrive early.


7:50 AM- Rosary at Basilica of Sts. Peter and Paul Cathedral

8:30 AM- Mass celebrated by Fr. Dennis Gill

9:30 AM- Praise and Prayer Rally on South lawn of Cathedral

10:30 AM- March begins from 17th and Race and ends on the north lawn of Independence Hall. There will be a stop outside of Philadelphia Women’s Center

12 noon- Rally begins

Be sure to dress warmly.


Kristan Hawkins- President of Students for Life of America

Michael Geer- Pennsylvania Family Institute

Toni McFadden- author of Redeemed and pro-life activist

Pastor Herb Lusk III- Pastor of Greater Exodus Church in North Philadelphia

Pete DeMaio- PLU board member and activist

Dr. Monique Ruberu- Pro-Life OBGYN, leader of 40 Days for Life campaigns in Philadelphia

Sister Maeve- Sisters of Life

Fr. Chris Walsh- Pastor of St. Raymond of Penafort in Mount Airy area, chaplain of PLU, and record holder of the longest homily preached at three hours.

Volunteers are still needed for set up and clean up. Visit prolifeunion.org to find out how you can help.


The 2nd annual Philadelphia March for Life will take place on Saturday, March 26th.

Mark your calendars and help us double our efforts from 1500 last year.

More details will be coming soon

Thousands of Students, Pro-Life Activists, Gather in Person and Virtually for “Post Roe” America

Over 2000 students from across the country made a long weekend in Washington, DC. Many were so happy at the moment when it was surreal to be “in person”. That came yesterday when they all gathered for the 2022 Pro-Life Summit. The theme of the conference was “All In for Life”, and it was no different as much anticipation is building for the reversal of the barbaric Supreme Court decision and a potential post-Roe America. It is fitting that the conference was held on the 49th anniversary of the controversial case casted down by 7 men on the Supreme Court bench.

Kristan Hawkins, President of Students for Life of America, delivered her opening remarks. Focusing on the inalienable rights in the Declaration of Independence, Hawkins told the attendees that even the founder fathers knew that without the right to life “everything else does not matter”. She encouraged everyone to continue the fight for the unborn in their communities and state while gearing up for a post-Roe America while sending the original decision to the “ash heap of history”.

Former VP Mike Pence delivered the keynote address. In it, he shared first hand how he had to do something when he heard the news of Roe v Wade. Along with former second lady, Karen they both protected life through their public service career. For Pence, he began when he was elected to Congress in 2001 and he dedicated his first session to defunding Planned Parenthood. Since then, he has consistently been a voice for the voiceless.

““The left believes children are a burden. We believe that they are a gift from God.” Pence remarked. The crowd stood and cheer. He encouraged everyone to persevere in the fight for the unborn, never give up, and get it done.

The summit included a myriad of speakers representing the diverse strength of the movement. One in particular, Christina Bennett. Bennett shared how she “escaped death” by the hands of a medical butcher. She knew that she had a purpose in life that even her mother knew from the moment blood was on the floor and wasn’t cleaned up. Today, she is a writer for Live Action and continues to help defend African Americans from abortion.

Delivering the evening keynote was Michael Knowles, author of his namesake podcast and author of “Speechless”, shared that in 43 states it is legal to murder a baby in its first trimester, 40 states allow abortions beginning at 15 weeks, at 25 weeks a baby can be murdered in 29 states, . He shared that the end of Roe would mark a monumental victory for “an end to abortion forever”.

Pro-lifers, let’s make 2022 a monumental year, whether you are a student, working professional, parent, clergy, or whatever you’re vocation in life is, you can make a difference and be all in for life. Don’t be afraid. If Jesus has to make sacrifices, so can you.

After Two Year Hiatus, March for Life Glad to Be “Back In-Person”

For hundreds of thousands of pro-lifers, they have longed to return to Washington, DC to be back in person as we slowly come out of the Draconian lockdowns and live in fear of an Orwellian reality.

Despite the efforts last year to proceed as planned, the event was canceled due to the ongoing pandemic and the plotted

That day become a reality as Jeanne Mancini, the President of the March for Life foundation, said in her opening remarks when she said, “It is good to be back in person”.

The three-quarters of a million gathered in the District of Columbia still stayed the course despite Mayor Martha Browser’s mandate for proof of vaccination for many dining and entertainment venues.

Mancini took the time to thank the lawmakers in Congress who have protected the most vulnerable on the federal level, especially longtime representative Chris Smith of New Jersey. Smith used his time to encourage those gathered to, “never give up.”

The main headliner for the March for Life was Fr. Mike Schmitz of Duluth, MN. Fr. Schmitz has a weekly Youtube video series on Ascension presents, and this time last year the No. 1 podcast titled, “Bible in a Year”. Correlating his message to a personal story involving his maternal grandmother, Fr. Mike shared how his grandmother Helen made a hard decision to walk away from a career as a nurse when her hospital participated in the evil of abortion. In his original message to his 8th-grade classmates, it was resonated again to the crowd that “every life matters.”

After hearing from dynamic speakers, the faithful who have gathered marched for a mile and a quarter from the National Mall to the Supreme Court. Along the way, the faithful would sing songs, pray the rosary or Divine Mercy chaplet, sing along to beloved hymns from TFP on the bagpipe and drums, overcome some occasional taunts from a small pro-abort counter-demonstration.

The peaceful, loving, and humble presence of the marchers continues to give people a glimpse of hope. It is the channel needed to bring equality to all unborn children in the womb because every life matters.

To view photos from the March, see our gallery here.


By now, we are all tired of hearing that pro-lifers only “care about pregnant women” or “they’re just pro-birth”.

There’s always an opportunity to prove them wrong while making their heads spin.

Here’s a list of things to take with you and while in DC when encountering the homeless

  1. Pray for them
  2. Toiletries
  3. warm clothes
  4. gift cards to restaurants
  5. Buy an extra meal for take out and give it to homeless near you
  6. Help them get access to nearby homeless shelter


Students for Life of America will host a prayer vigil on the steps of the Supreme Court on January 20th starting at 4:30 P.M.

All are welcome to come and pray for an end to abortion.


The Draconian Agenda continues as we welcome 2022. Have government officials learned their lesson of how they are making things worst with the “new normal”?

Effective January 15th in Washington, DC. those who wish to patron businesses must show proof of vaccination. It has gone too far. It’s okay for a feminist or a woke activist to chant “My Body, My Choice” when it comes to abortion, yet government officials in progressive cities are intrigued to know if you are complying with the controversial jabs while violating one’s medical freedom.

This is creeping fear among pro-lifers who are anticipating a return to the March for Life in DC after a two year hiatus. Are you one of those people?

How many times have we been scared to be in front of places of despair like Planned Parenthood? I’ve lost count on how many I have had fear sneak up on me like a ninja. However, through all of it, I still manage to muster the courage to do what is right. You can do the same

Do not be afraid to attend the March for Life in person. Abortion is not virtual. The culture of death is real and it must be confronted.


January 2022 To Do List

It’s 2022! Happy New Year! Start the year off with a bang. Here’s how

  1. Make plans to attend the March for Life in DC.
  2. Participate in prayer vigils in your community
  3. Reach out to pregnancy centers and donate maternity items for mother’s in need
  4. Collect old clothes and give to a homeless near you.
  5. Give alms to pro-life groups on the local and national level
  6. Offer a Mass for an end to abortion
  7. Hold a local pro-life rally in your city for those who can’t go to National events in DC, Los Angeles, and San Francisco’s Walk for Life
  8. Write pro-life op-eds for your local paper
  9. Call your representative and urge them to defend life from womb to tomb
  10. Begin the groundwork to oust pro-abortion politicians as 2022 is a mid-term election for 88% of state and federal offices.


More details to come but mark your calendars for Saturday, January 22nd at 10:00 AM to gather at Planned Parenthood. Perfect chance for those who can’t make it to this years March for Life in DC.