Pro-Lifers Rally For Unborn Freedom

Pro-Lifers can peacefully march in the cold and as a test to their character they can even do the same in the scorching heat.

400 pro-lifers across the Greater Philadelphia area were in attendance for the summer rally. The day began with Mass at the Basilica of Sts. Peter and Paul Cathedral. In his greeting and homily, Father Dennis Gill reminded the faithful gathered to continue to pray for the defense of human life, especially in its most vulnerable stage. He also reminded them that the Blessed Mother is with them and interceding with them as they continue to take a bold stand against the greater destroyer of life in society, abortion.

After mass ended, the faithful peacefully processed down to Planned Parenthood located at 12th and Locust. They were people shaking heads in disgust, high-fiving three lone escorts, and even honks for death.

The speakers took time to address authentic womanhood, the need for pro-lifers to be present, what we are really fighting when present outside of abortion facilities, and to be a peaceful vessel of God’s grace through our presences and prayers.

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As pro-lifers fight to Save the Hyde Amendment, Students for Life of America and Democrats for Life will tag team to hold rallies across the nation to convince elected officials to incline the life saving amendment in the new fiscal budget.

This Friday, July 9th, a rally will be held outside of Rep. Brendan Boyle’s office in Rhawnhurst section of Philadelphia. Rally begins at 11:00 am.

To rsvp for the event, visit here.


Philly Pro-Lifers are asked to participate in the summer rally on July 17th.

Come one. Come all. Bring your family, club, parishioners, and pro-life groups

Bucks County Pro-Life Coalition Continues First Friday Life Chains at PP in Warminster


The Bucks County Pro-Life Coalition invites all pro-lifer prayer warriors to join us for our monthly First Friday Life Chain on Friday, July 2 , 2021 at the Warminster Planned Parenthood at 610 Louis Drive from 9:30 – 10:30 am.  (see parking instructions here). 

We are also asking for those who attend to consider bringing diapers and wipes for Guiding Star Ministries and the Pro-life Union’s new outreach center in the Frankford center of Philly. (see related article here). 

We hope many will join with us to pray for an end to abortion at this facility as well as other facilities in Southeast Pennsylvania and across the country.  Signs will be provided for this event.

Please read the Code of Conduct for our Life Chain below

1 — Be humble but be bold as you stand today against the greatest injustice our nation has ever faced.
2 — In the spirit of Christian love, commit to being peaceful, prayerful, and polite, in word and deed. Any misconduct from passersby should be met with silence, which will convey your inner peace.
3 — Do not respond to motorists. Please stay silent and prayerful and your
response to any situation will be proper. Do not wave or gesture. Do not
frown or smile in response to motorists. Our mission is to pray and stand
against abortion—with the solemnity our mission deserves.
4 — Help others. Watch for mothers (and dads) who need help with children, and assist the elderly with chairs and other needs.
5 — Pick up any trash near you before leaving your area.
6 — Drive carefully, and park legally. Buddy-up, if possible, to minimize
traffic woes. Use crosswalks, and do not hold up traffic. Watch your small
children at all times. During the Chain, stand back from the street and do
not extend your sign over the curb. Give immediate passage to other
pedestrians. Only small children should eat during the LIFE CHAIN.
7 — Thank you for being a strong public witness for Christ and for being an
exemplary citizen in our local area.

(Published by Please Let Me Live, distributed by LifeChain.Net, 2002.)


The Bucks County Pro-Life Coalition is an organization that believes in the sanctity of life from the moment of conception to natural death.  We provide financial and material support to area crisis pregnancy care centers that endorse the sanctity of life.  To expand our mission, we provide information and education to the community.  Follow us on Facebook using this link.  

Planned Parenthood Northeast (Philadelphia) Surgical Center Failed Incidents Health Report December 2020

Pro-choice advocates continue to challenge anything they consider a roadblock to obtaining an abortion.  One of their often-heard complaints is the fact that in some states, these abortion surgical centers need to be inspected.  This requirement in Pennsylvania was the direct result of the Philadelphia-based Gosnell abortion clinic which was not inspected for years.  Once the atrocities that occurred there became known, Gosnell’s abortion clinic assumed the title of “the House of Horrors” where women died or were injured during the abortion process, three newborn babies were murdered during late-term abortions and aborted baby parts were found in jars scattered throughout the building.

Is this really want we want in a supposed civilized society? 

Why would you not want all medical facilities to be inspected?  Even if you support abortion, should not a clean, well-run facility be where you would want to go? 

As an example of what is found during these state inspections, please see the most recent report below for the Northeast Philadelphia Planned Parenthood Women’s Surgical Center (December 2020) found on the PA Department of Health website.  Inspections are not a means of delaying abortions – they are a way to ensure that those obtaining an abortion are treated with the same safety protocols as anyone would be in a hospital or outpatient procedure center. 

I often think if these inspections were not required, the pro-abortion advocates would be demanding that these facilities be clean and within all state guidelines as are other medical facilities. But because Planned Parenthood and other abortion centers complain about the inspection requirements (in their words “administrative hurdles) pro-abortion advocates have re-framed the discussion into one of limiting freedom to abort. Planned Parenthood calls these TRAP laws (Targeted Restrictions on Abortion Providers).

Steps taken to ensure patient safety should not be confused with restricting those patients. 

I would suggest all readers of this blog intermittently monitor their individual state’s Department of Health website to review abortion clinic inspections.

Health Inspection Results


Based on observation, review of facility policy and interview with staff (EMP), it was determined the facility failed to ensure a safe and sanitary environment in accordance with the facility approved policy for medication and specimen storage.

Findings include:

Observation tour conducted on December 16, 2020, with EMP2 revealed a specimen refrigerator which contain containers of tissue specimens revealed an open vial of tuberculin solution and quality control solutions. Further review revealed the tuberculin solution did not have a date of opening nor a date of discard.

Observation tour conducted on December 16, 2020, with EMP2 of the Operating Room revealed rust on brackets of the OR, stains on the OR floor and paint chips on the floor.

Review of facility policy “Infection Control Plan-Far Northeast Surgical Center last revised February 20, 2020, revealed “In using Standard Precautions, we assume all human blood, certain human body fluids and Other Potentially Infectious Materials (OPIM) are known to be infectious and use precautions with every patient and every procedure to reduce risk in the workplace. These practices are designed to both protect health care staff and to prevent staff from spreading infections among patients.”

An interview conducted on December 16, 2020, with EMP2 confirmed the above findings in the operating room and the issues of non-compliance identified in the specimen refrigerator during the observation tour in the facility.

Plan of Correction:

The Center Manager is responsible for ensuring the facility maintains a safe and sanitary environment and will address findings no later than 4/30/21.

1) The facility maintains two refrigerators, one for lab reagents/lab specimens and another for medication. The opened vial of tuberculin solution was removed/discarded immediately. All facility staff will receive training (retraining) on the Infection Control Plan related to proper storage and labeling of medication. The Center Manager (in collaboration with Director of Clinical Services) will provide staff retraining, obtain documentation of training, and monitor compliance. Additionally, labels with storage requirements will be added to the refrigerators. The Center Manager will monitor the refrigerators weekly for one month and monthly thereafter. Monitoring and any findings will be documented on the temperature logs, which are specific to each fridge. The CM will report on monitoring efforts at next quarterly Infection Control Committee. Reports from the Infection Control Committee are included in the quarterly Compliance, Risk, and Quality Management (CRQM) report to the Governing Board. The Director of Patient Services will ensure completion of the Plan of Correction.

2) As of 2/15/21, our Facilities Manager had serviced the Operating Room and the rust, stains and paint chips have been removed. The Center Manager (CM) will conduct monthly visual inspection of facility, looking for any items/areas needing repair (stains, rust, paint) and work with Facilities Manager to address any issues. The CM will report on monitoring efforts at next quarterly Infection Control Committee. Reports from the Infection Control Committee are included in the quarterly RQM report to the Governing Board. The Director of Patient Services will ensure completion of the Plan of Correction.

Tom Wolf Stripped of Emergency Powers By State Voters

If voters from the Keystone State were at the polls during the primary, they may have noticed the first question on whether the governor should have limited executive power. It was common sense. Now one was above the law.

By a 7-point margin (53%-46%), voters said yes to limiting the governor’s power. This came during the advent of the pandemic that took place last year. He closed churches [which should have been opened to encourage people to pray for the end of COVID-19] and businesses, yet he let abortion facilities like Planned Parenthood continue having abortions.

Despites the state’s efforts to pass bills ending the pandemic, Wolf vetoed every measure. That send the message for the people to decide at the polls and the convincing victory showed.

This shows that accountable is still alive in Pennsylvania as 2022 is around the corner.

Pennsylvania is just the first state to do so. Many others are looking to follow suit.

It’s time for We the People to stand up to tyrants like Commie Tommy Wolf and take our states back. Wolf’s legacy lied in his response to the scamdemic that happened and how he radically promoted abortion in the heat of the lockdowns where pro-lifers were not permitted to be peacefully demonstrating outside of abortion facilities like Planned Parenthood.

Planned Parenthood’s string of abysmal failures in Pennsylvania continues

Please see report from Maria Gallagher, Legislative Director of the Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation regarding the ‘lack of accountability by abortion facilities in the Commonwealth’ of Pennsylvania. 


A public report from a recent inspection of a Planned Parenthood center in Pennsylvania reveals that the facility performed an abortion on a teenage girl without obtaining parental consent 24 hours prior to the abortion. This represents a clear violation of the Commonwealth’s time-tested Abortion Control Act, which has been in place for decades.

According to the March 11th Department of Health report, a review of records “revealed no documented evidence that the parent of the pediatric patient was provided or signed an informed consent prior to the abortion” occurring at the Planned Parenthood Keystone in Warminster. The abortion took place on December 30, 2020.

Continue reading Maria’s report here. 

Bucks County, PA Life Chain, Friday, May 7th

Now that we have Spring time weather, the Bucks County Pro-Life Coalition First Friday Life Chain at the Planned Parenthood in Warminster will be returning to its original 9:30 AM time.

Please join us outside of PP to offer prayers for the mothers and their babies entering through the doors of PP and to continue to be a voice for these children.  Our public support always opens the opportunity to have the public driving by to question their own beliefs about abortion and perhaps realize the tragedy of lives lost in their own neighborhood.

Also, please feel free to bring baby supplies to stock the shelves of the pregnancy centers supported by the Coalition.

Please share this information…..ALL ARE WELCOME!

Time:  9:30 AM

Date:  May 7, 2021 (First Friday)

Place:  Planned Parenthood

             610 Louis Drive

             Warminster, PA 

*Please note Parking requirements:

 We are not permitted to park anywhere in the big parking where the PP building is.  That means no parking on either side of the 2 driveways left or right.  Also, some people have parked in the Mac Truck parking lot directly across the street from PP.  Please do not park there.  The owner is concerned about the big trucks that have to go in and out of their parking area.  The best place to park, if you are coming from Street Road, is in the parking lot just past the Seeton Turf Warehouse at 620 Louis Dr., Warminster.  If you are coming toward the Seeton Turf Warehouse from Ivyland Rd. and the warehouse is on your right, park in the parking just before the warehouse.  Do not pass the warehouse.  Otherwise, you have gone too far.