The following is an excerpt from a Daily Wire article written by Matt Walsh.

Abortion has made its way back to the forefront of the public conversation with the news of Roe v. Wade’s impending demise. Popular wisdom suggests that the focus on abortion will help the Democrats because it will have the effect of galvanizing their base. 

Also, it is claimed, that the public is largely pro-abortion. The problem with this latter claim is that it is certainly not true. Most polling data may show that a majority of Americans oppose overturning Roe, but those same polls also show that a majority of Americans favor restrictions on abortion. 

Considering that Roe prevents such restrictions, it’s clear that the public is not largely pro-abortion. It is, rather, largely confused. Democrats prefer to keep it that way. This means that focusing on abortion is not a political win for their party. They would much rather relegate the issue to the background. The more people think about it, and the more that the Democrats are forced to say about it, the worse it is for the pro-abortion side. All of their arguments collapse upon closer inspection. The best thing for them is that we do not inspect or think about the arguments at all.

To demonstrate this point, I thought it might be worthwhile to go through and respond to the ten most common pro-abortion arguments. All of these arguments have been repeated ad nauseam over the past few days. And all of them are so flimsy and weak that they can be debunked with only a few sentences. Like so: 

“A woman has the right to choose.”

Answer: No, nobody has a universal “right to choose.” We all agree that some choices must be prohibited. The question is not if women should be able to choose generally, but if they should be able to choose to intentionally destroy innocent human life. If you say that they do have that right, then you have to defend that choice on its merits. You can’t defend the choice based simply on the fact that it is one. 

“Pro-lifers want to control women’s bodies.”

Answer: the body in dispute is not the mother’s. The question, again, is whether the body of the human in her womb can be intentionally destroyed. The child’s body is the one at issue here, and we as pro-lifers are the ones trying to defend it. Besides, the people making this argument don’t even know what a woman is, or what her body is, so that’s a problem as well. But more on that later. 

“Pro-lifers are only pro-birth. They don’t care about babies after they’re born.”

Answer: you have no data or evidence to support this claim. Besides, our position is that babies in the womb have moral worth equal to babies outside. Of course, we believe babies outside have worth. That’s the whole basis of our argument. Our assertion that babies in the womb have worth is based on our contention that babies and all people outside have worth. Our argument hinges on the comparison between humans inside and outside the womb, and our contention is that there is no inherent difference in these groups aside from their physical location. 

“The “fetus” is just a clump of cells.”

Answer: We are all clumps of cells. Some of us are far clumpier than the average infant. None of that is relevant. What’s relevant is whether the “fetus” is a distinct and separate human entity, which he is. He is distinct and separate because he has his own DNA and his own developing body. He is a human being because his DNA is human, and because he was conceived by two humans.

“The “fetus” is not a person but a potential person.”

Answer: No. He is, again, a distinct human entity. If this is not the definition of a person, then none of us are persons. Also, even if he is a “potential person,” it does not automatically follow that we should destroy him. Do you believe that all non-persons can be killed? What if I decapitated a bald eagle? How would you feel about that? You see, you’re wrong that the unborn child isn’t a person — by definition he is — but even if you were right, you’d still be wrong. That’s how wrong you are. A living creature’s status as a “potential person” does not automatically justify destroying him. We all agree that there are all manners of non-person lifeforms that we shouldn’t kill. Now you have to prove not only that the unborn child isn’t a person — which you can’t — but also that, if he isn’t a person, it is morally permissible to destroy him. Which you also can’t.

“Women have reproductive rights.”

Answer: This one I agree with. Nobody should ever force a woman to reproduce. But birth is not a reproduction. Conception is reproduction. By the time the abortion is procured, reproduction has already occurred.

“What about rape and incest?”

Answer: That’s not an argument. It’s hypothetical. Rape and incest only account for one percent of all abortions. These are hard and rare cases. They might mitigate the individual moral culpability of a woman who chooses abortion but they do not change the fact that the unborn child is a distinct human entity, i.e. a human being, i.e. a person, and therefore worthy of the same protections the rest of us receive. We cannot kill the child for the sins of the father. If you want to execute someone for rape, execute the rapist, not the baby. 

“Women cannot be forced to remain pregnant. They have bodily autonomy.” 

Answer: No, they don’t have absolute autonomy, and yes they should be forced to remain pregnant if the other option is to kill the child. If this sounds harsh to you, then consider the fact that we already force parents to do all kinds of things for their born children. We force them to feed their children, clothe their children, and care for their children every second of the day. We impose responsibilities on parents that we do not impose on anyone else. I am required to do things for my child that I do not have to do for any other human on Earth. If parents do not want to fulfill this obligation, they must find someone who will. They cannot simply leave their child on the side of the road, nor can they drown their kid in the bathtub. Murder and neglect are not acceptable parenting strategies for babies outside the womb, and they shouldn’t be for babies inside the womb either. 

“Fetuses aren’t conscious.”

Answer: First of all, how do you know? We know basically nothing about the nature of consciousness. We can’t even agree on what consciousness is, much less where it comes from or how it works. Besides, let’s say they aren’t conscious, how does that justify murder — especially when we know their state of unconsciousness is temporary? Should it be legal to kill sleeping people? What about a person who is in a coma but is expected to recover within a few months? And if consciousness is the measure, then shouldn’t the right to life be granted in degrees according to the level of consciousness? Not everyone is equal in consciousness. A 25-year-old has greater consciousness, and greater self-awareness, than a 1-year-old. What about old people with dementia? They’re conscious to some degree, but it’s fading. What about people who make small talk in elevators? They appear to have no self-awareness at all? How far does this go? What is the limiting principle here? There isn’t one.

“Pro-lifers are just a bunch of men trying to boss women around.”

Answer: Not true. The pro-life movement is and has always been led primarily by women. Also, irrelevant. Also, a double-edged sword. Roe v. Wade was decided by men. Should we overturn it on that basis? I’m guessing you’d say no. Finally, what is this “women” word you use? What does that mean? Can you define it? I didn’t think so.


The following is from Kim Griffen. If you can help, no matter how big or small, it is appreciated. Be sure to learn more about Biking for Babies by visiting their website here.

On June 11th, my cousin Rachele and I will be participating in Biking for Babies’ first local ride in the Philadelphia area (Exton, Pa.) We are biking to raise awareness and funds for pregnant women and their babies! 

Would you consider “sponsoring” our ride with Biking for Babies? We hope to raise $500. Your contribution will support the Sisters of Life, Chester County Women’s Services, and the Hope Pregnancy Center. Thanks in advance, your contribution to this cause means so much to us!


We know times are tough for many folks right now, so if you are unable to donate could you please share the link with family or friends? Neither of us has social media so we could use some help reaching out to the pro-life community! Thank you!

Please pray for pregnant women vulnerable to abortion and their precious babies. And please pray for all the cyclists participating on June 11th! 


If you have friends in Montgomery County, please ask them to write in NANCY PRICE for Assembly in the 149th District on Election Day (17 May) and on early voting ballots… West Norriton, Bridgeport, Lower Merion, Upper Merion, West Conshohocken. 

Republicans have no candidate on the ballot in PA District 149. NANCY PRICE is running as a write-in candidate for this State Rep office in Montgomery County… a pro-God, pro-life write-in. 

Democrat opposition, who was running unopposed, scored 100% from planned parenthood and almost 0% from NRA. 



Like many people, I heard of the leak on the news about the possibility of Roe v Wade not making it to its 50th anniversary. (I think my sister and brother in law have a better shot at that). Even Justice Samuel Alito believes that the issue should be decided by the people, not the high court.

Since the news of the leak, pro-aborts have acted unhinged. There was a protest in Los Angeles that turned violent that law enforcement had to intervene. Even elected Karens, like Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, (I’m surprised she didn’t suffer a stroke after her agonizing rant). Wait a second, Sen. Karen of Massachusetts is angry? *Eye roll*. She is so angry that a snickers bar can’t turn her into a conservative.

Even Catholics for Choice (oxymoron name for a group) are up in arms with the leak that they are planning to protest during Catholic Masses nationwide on Mother’s Day weekend.


Regardless of the imminent outcome and ruling that will be casted by nine judges, pro-lifers must remain vigilant. Yes, Roe v Wade has been a controversial court decision for five decades, and there is light at the end of the tunnel for many pro-lifers to see this issue return to the states as it should have from the beginning.

The first and foremost thing to do is pray. Hold Holy Hours for an end to abortion and for the conversion of those who turned a blind eye and deaf ear to the cry of the most vulnerable of our society. Pray the rosary. Learn about the Flame of Love rosary that has been effective during several prayer vigils here.

Continue attending prayer vigils. This idea speaks for itself. The presence of pro-lifers has a powerful and profound impact on the number of people entering the facility. Your presence matters. 40 Days for Life Campaign may have came and went, but murders are still happening.

Participate in the 2022 elections. Primary season is heating up. Pennsylvania’s primary is Tuesday, May 17th. Be sure to vote with a clear conscience and in person. Visit here for all state primaries.

Speak up! This goes for laity and clergy alike. The only way hearts and minds will change in this ongoing debate to have these hard discussions. Indeed, we have seen the videos of a bunch of grown up kindergartners wanted to silence speech of people they don’t agree with. Bishops, Pastors, and Deacons, preach the message of life from the pulpits. We need more engaging homilies and sermons that pierce the hearts and minds of church-goers every given Sunday.

Laity, share the message of life on social media. Get louder on the platform if big tech tries to silence you. The truth can never be silenced or censored. The Minister of Lies can’t stop the movement that has gained momentum the last fifty years. This is our time! Let’s seize the moment!

Pray, Fast, and Give Alms!


The following is from CatholicVote.org.

A radical abortion group calling itself “Ruth Sent Us” announced this week that it is mobilizing activists to enter Catholic churches during Mass this coming Sunday in response to reports that the Supreme Court is set to overturn Roe vs. Wade.

“Whether you’re a ‘Catholic for Choice’, ex-Catholic, of other or no faith, recognize that six extremist Catholics set out to overturn Roe,” the group stated on Twitter. “Stand at or in a local Catholic Church Sun May 8.”

Ruth Sent Us included a video with the post, which showed activists dressed in Handmaid’s Tale costumes in a sacred building, disrupting worshippers with shouts of “Abortion on demand and without apology!” 

The same radical group earlier this week published the locations of pro-life Supreme Court justices’ private homes, calling on activists to show up at their houses. “We must rise up to force accountability using a diversity of tactics,” the group stated.

A Ruth Sent Us TikTok account uploaded a video of activists marching toward the doors of a Catholic Church. “Sometime a*****es need a beating,” the post stated.

Ruth Sent Us tweeted out another video of protesters interrupting Mass in another sacred building. The activists marched in and stood between the holy altar and the parishioners. “For 2,000 years the Catholic Church has been an institution for the enslavement of women,” shouted one.

“This is what Mother’s Day should look like,” tweeted Ruth Sent Us. “Catholic and Evangelical Churches nationwide.”

CatholicVote Communications Director Joshua Mercer says Catholics throughout the country should be wary and prepared when they attend Mass, especially this coming Sunday.

“In the past, we might have blown off the words of these activists as empty threats. But given the recent rash of very real attacks on Catholic statues and churches, it makes sense to be cautious,” Mercer said.

He added that Ruth Sent Us and other activists are quite explicit about their anti-Catholicism. “If they wanted, they could have just focused on the issue of abortion. But instead, they chose to highlight the Catholic faith of some of the pro-life justices,” he said, noting that the radical abortion group called the justices “extremist Catholics.”

CatholicVote has called on Catholics to pray for the justices whose addresses were published. “We’re talking about human beings, with children,” Mercer said. “And this Sunday, keep your eyes open. These are ruthless people, and they’re looking for a confrontation.”


It’s the month of May. Spring is at its peak. It is the month of our Blessed Mother (Fellow Catholics will get that). The flowers have since bloomed. And in due time, the weather will gradually get warmer (especially for any of us tired of the roller coaster weather pattern recently).

Here are suggestions for the month of May:

  1. Throw a baby shower for expectant mothers
  2. Pray for all expectant mothers
  3. Collect maternity items for Pregnancy Resource Centers
  4. Attend pro-life prayer vigils and rallies in your community
  5. Plan a Holy Hour for Life at your parish
  6. Hold your elected officials accountable in the upcoming primary elections
  7. Give your graduate, mom, or anyone receiving the sacraments a reminder about the prolife message

May you have a blessed month of May. Defend and save a life. It may be your own.


On Wednesday, the pro-life community has learned of the tragic loss of Vicki Thorn, foundress of Project Rachel, at the age of 72.

She shared her first indirect encountered when a friend needed help. “All I could do was just love her and be present to her, and make sure she was OK,” Thorn would recall years later. “But it was a life-changing experience for me, in understanding that abortion was not a non-event, that it left enormous footprints in someone’s life, and enormous pain.”

In 1984, Thorn founded Project Rachel while working for the Respect Life Office in Milwaukee. The idea of her ministry came from Jeremiah 31:25, which reads, “In Ramah is heard the sound of sobbing, bitter weeping! Rachel mourns for her children, she refuses to be consoled for her children — they are no more!”

In his statement on the tragic loss of Vicki Thorn, Archbishop Listecki recalled that “Vicki’s life was dedicated to a single mission; caring for men and women wounded by abortion. As the founder of Project Rachel, she single-handedly created a post-abortion healing ministry at a time when none existed,”

In 2021, Vicki Thorn received Evangelium Vitae Medal from the University of Notre Dame. View the presentation here.

Today, Project Rachel is flourishing through a majority of Archdioceses throughout the United States and in 25 additional countries.

More information about Project Rachel is available on the ministry’s USCCB’s website, or by calling 888-456-HOPE (4673).


Twelve little souls were saved that we know of because of your prayers, your fasting, your love… your presence!!!  PRAISE GOD!!!!! 

Almost every hour was covered with prayer on the sidewalk… hours of prayer and witness resulted in 12 known lifelines which will lead to 100’s of other people coming from each of those babies. 


Learn more here. Your presence is needed

Happy Easter!!!!! The Lord Is Risen!


In its 10th year, Philly Youth Mission continued its annual Good Friday in Center City.

The morning began with a faithful witness outside of Planned Parenthood with 300 strong in attendance from all walks of life and different denominations.

Testimonies from Maria Liney and Monique Ruberu preceded the rosary.

Dr. Liney, a counselor by profession, shared how she was hesitant to take a group to pray outside of an abortion facility out of fear. However, after much prayer, she took the leap of faith and was instrumental in helping spread the message to women in their hour of great need.

Dr. Ruberu shared a recap on the recent success of the recent 40 Days campaign at both locations in Philadelphia. She even shared that two women, both of whom were pregnant weeks apart, came to her office to discuss keeping their babies. She closed to encourage those gathered to be present every day outside of the modern-day concentration camps in our communities and cities.

During the rosary, powerful meditations on the sorrowful mysteries were so poignant to the jeers, ridicule, and even mockery the faithful witnesses have endured, yet they kept the faith and no question prayed for everyone’s conversion.

After everyone gathered outside for an hour of prayer, the young missionaries, a majority from three Catholic High Schools in Philadelphia, broke off carrying heavy wooden cross (made of actual wood) around the city collecting prayer intentions.

After collecting intentions from passerbyers and those in need, they acted out the stations of the cross on the streets of Center City from Rittenhouse Square to the Basilica and everywhere in between.

Their witness gave the city a spark of hope and a gesture of love and mercy. Even Christ would have joined these young missionaries who are taking time out of their Easter break to bring the gospel and faith to the street.

See a gallery from yesterday’s witness here.

To learn more about Youth Missions Philly, visit here