Legacy of Life – New and Improved Baby Bottle Drive!

lolAdapting.  We all do it, sometimes without even thinking about it.  Stuck in traffic, we use a shortcut someone showed us 10 years ago.  Power goes out, find a flashlight or light all the candles we received as Christmas presents.  And now, the pandemic really has spotlighted all our adapting skills. Sports fans not allowed in stadiums during the pandemic?  Fill the seats with purchased photo cardboard cutouts and donate the proceeds to charity.  We just naturally want to fix something that currently isn’t working.

The Legacy of Life Foundation (Bucks County, PA) has not let any grass grow under its feet when it comes to adapting.

Legacy’s infamous Baby Bottle Drive has now undergone a makeover to allow for any Covid safety concerns of pastors, parishioners or organization leaders. Rather than distributing baby bottles to be taken home and filled up with donations, then collected at a later date, there is now the option of distributing envelopes with a baby bottle printed on the front that can then be returned the following week either in a bassinet or donation box in the back of the church.  You also have the option of mailing the envelope back directly to the Foundation or contributing online.

urgentPlease consider contacting Legacy of Life to initiate a Bottle Drive at your parish, church or organization.  The funding received from these drives is critical in providing supportive services to those moms who reach out to the women’s centers rather than abort their children. When the pandemic first reared its ugly head and everything was shut down, the Legacy of Life women’s centers still had a mission to support the women and children in their program.  Life did not stop but a good portion of the funding did.

To make arrangements for the new and improved Baby Bottle Drive, please contact Legacy of Life at 215-788-4051.

Adapting.  Sometimes it brings out the best in all of us!


CCWS 35th Annual Banquet & Silent Auction – We are going virtual!

We urge everyone in SE Pennsylvania to attend this virtual banquet to help Chester County Women Services. Our pro-life centers and homes depend on us to keep their doors open so no women in a crisis situation is left without a support system.

Chester County Women’s Services Invites Community to Free Virtual Banquet & Silent Auction

Coatesville, PA, August 21, 2020 – Chester County Women’s Services (CCWS), a local Pregnancy Care Medical Center that focuses on providing medical, educational, and support services to those facing unplanned pregnancies, is holding their 35th Annual Virtual Banquet & Silent Auction on Monday, September 14, 2020. The event is open to the entire community. Tickets are free but registration is required to attend.

The banquet originally schedule to take place in a live format in May, has been rescheduled to virtual format due to the pandemic. The silent auction will be opening one week prior the banquet, on Monday, September 7th. The silent auction has more than 70 baskets to bid on, all from the convenience of your smart phone. Baskets include vacation packages dated for use through 2023, tickets to local attractions and gifts that support many local small businesses. The auction will close the following Monday, September 14th, at 9pm, following the virtual banquet. The silent auction is open to the entire community. Participants must download the Handbid app from their smart phone app store. Instructions can be found by visiting ccwsmedicalinfo.org/banquet.

The virtual banquet that is happening on Monday, September 14, 2020, will start promptly at 7pm. There is a fast-paced and exciting lineup, including appearances from actor Kirk Cameron, author & speaker Naomi Zacharias, and influential speaker Sean O’Hare! To register for this free event pleas
visit http://www.givebutter.com/CCWS2020Banquet.

Chester County Women’s Services executive director, Myriam Ruager stated, “This is our largest fundraiser of the year. Our goal is to raise $185,000. This is more than 1/4 of our total annual budget. The funds raised help those in our community who are facing unplanned pregnancies get the
medical, educational, emotional, and spiritual support that they need. And during these turbulent economic times, more and more women are finding themselves in this type of crisis. We are here to listen to their concerns, educate them about their options, and empower them to make life-affirmingchoices!”

Ruager went on to say, “Although we didn’t foresee ourselves pivoting to a virtual platform when we started planning this event, we are excited about the possibilities that moving to a virtual platform brings to our ministry. We are excited that this event has no borders. You can listen in from anywhere in the world—just imagine how far our reach could go if you were to share this event within your social circles, and those friends shared it within their social circles, and so on? I hope you and your family can join us for this family friendly event; to learn more about the lives being saved right here in your community!”

Just last year, CCWS served over 3,900 appointments throughout Chester County. The medical services include pregnancy tests, limited-ultrasounds, prenatal vitamins and proof of pregnancy. Educational visits include abortion facts and alternatives, sexual integrity information, adoption guidance, post-abortion healing, anger management, homeless prevention support, parenting support up through age 16, and discipline support. CCWS also assists with community referrals and client-earned material assistance.

CCWS is a Pregnancy Care Medical Center that exists to educate and empower individuals and their families to make life-affirming choices. All services are 100% free and offered in both English and Spanish. Families are supported physically, emotionally, and financially through basic pregnancy care parenting education, peer counseling, a family advocacy program, and community referrals. Offices are located in Coatesville, Kennett Square and West Chester. CCWS is a 501c(3) non-profit organization that is 90% volunteer-based. To learn more, please visit http://www.ccwsmedicalinfo.org or call 610.383.0930.

2 Minute Action Item to Save Unborn Lives

The following is from Ron Kelsey, President, Planned Parenthood Exposed located in Kansas City, Kansas.  Click on the link in the post below to see what you can do to help save unborn lives. 

two minute action

As we continue our battle to Stop Planned Parenthood in KCK, pro-life forces have countered PP by opening Kansas City Pregnancy Clinic (KCPC) which offers life-affirming options to women at risk of choosing abortion.

You can help abortion-risk women be aware of the existence of KCPC by simply going to the KCPC website. Doing so will increase the visibility of KCPC when abortion-risk women do web searches.

Take 2 minutes and go to www.kcpregnancyclinic.org . Your 2 minutes could help save lives!!! Thank you.


Legacy of Life – Virtual Episode – Seeing is Believing – Thursday, June 18th, 7 PM


baby graceLegacy of Life is an organization based in the Philadelphia area and its mission is to invest in educating,  inspiring and supporting women in unplanned pregnancies to find the strength to choose life.  You are invited to join a Virtual Episode with the Legacy of Life Foundation called Seeing is Believing: The Ultrasound.  This episode will highlight the ultrasound appointment with women in crisis.  You will learn about the role the ultrasound plays in transforming a woman’s heart from abortion-minded to saying YES to life after a woman meets her baby for the first time on an ultrasound. You’ll hear from our ultrasound technician telling the stories of hope and miracles.  We will interview the Knights of Columbus about their role in making ultrasound possible at our centers and finish up with Q&A for all at the end.

You will need to register on the Legacy of Life site to receive the Zoom information to join the virtual tour:  https://www.legacyoflifefoundation.org/give/virtual-tour/

Once you have registered, keep an eye out for the Zoom webinar link in your email June 18, Thursday afternoon! If you have never used Zoom before, you may want to download the app before joining the webinar. 

Let us all say hello to Baby Grace!!

Legacy of Life Virtual Tour

LegacyOptions. We all like them. Whether it be cereal, cars, houses, ice cream or whatever our hearts desire, the more options the better. Sherwin Williams offers over 1,500 colors of paint. If we make a mistake, we just try another option. But imagine not having any options – or worse yet, not realizing there are other options out there in a critical situation. Imagine thinking you would not get pregnant; you had not planned on creating a new life but now you realize what was not planned has become a reality. You are being pressured by family and friends about how you will handle the situation and not seeing any options that provide a sustainable solution you go for the only thing you know will solve the immediate circumstance – ending this new life that has been created, knowing full well it is an irreversible decision and something you will carry with you forever.

Now imagine instead that someone listened to your concerns and offered you care, compassion and support. You learn that there are other options. Options that allow you to not only nurture your child but nurture yourself as well. This is what Legacy of Life offers – options!

Legacy of Life’s mission is to empower change by investing in educating, inspiring and supporting women in unplanned pregnancies to find the strength to choose life. Support and advocacy are there not only during the pregnancy but after the baby’s birth.

And now there is an opportunity to join Legacy of Life on a virtual tour on Thursday, May 14th at 7PM. I had done a physical tour of one of their pregnancy centers a few years ago and it was an amazing experience. The love and care for the women and their children envelopes each and every room. Details on the virtual tour are below.

Options. We all want them but sometimes we need them and Legacy of Life joyfully and lovingly fills that need.


Legacy of Life Virtual Tour

You are invited to a virtual tour to see what the Legacy of Life Foundation and the Women’s Centers are up to during the Coronavirus! First you’ll hear from our Executive Director, Marie Joseph, and she will tell you how the ministry began. Then you will hear the stories of hope from our counselors, advocates, and ultrasound techs who are working to help women in crisis see the light of the truth and save their babies from the pains of abortion right now in the middle of this pandemic

Thursday, May 14th at 7PM

Zoom info provided upon registration

Register Here


Pray at abortion facilities; Pray at Home

Every hour going forward has at least one person praying to end abortion at the two downtown vigil sites. These people are also praying for the few people going down to be present, praying for the women and babies as well as for the conversion of the workers.

Now we are looking for people to be the 2nd and third prayer warriors from home at those hours see below and pick your hours…


1. I just got off the phone and conference call with an abortion pill reversal patient from the Allentown area. She has an 8-month baby and was concerned that she wouldn’t be able to handle another pregnancy with severe nausea and vomiting. Her boyfriend is the same father and he was not happy about the abortion, he is happy that she is trying to reverse. Please pray for this patient and if any of you are willing to be on her support team or know of anyone in that area (Allentown) to help with a baby shower and to address any needs she may have… let me know.
2. on Monday and Tuesday we are trying to inundate senators offices with quick 2-5 minute calls stating that we don’t want telemedicine abortions included in the tele-med bill. Senators say they hear from the pro-abortion side much more frequently than they hear from us… so LET’S BE HEARD!!! There is a signup genius through the pro-life union of Greater Philadelphia – the goal is to have 5 people scheduled to call every 20 min while offices are open… want to flood their lines.

SIGN UP HERE  about tele-med Bill

Let’s bring every hour up to at least 2 people …

Saturday: 7(1),8(2),9(2),10(1),11(3),12(1),1(7), 2(1),3(2),4(1),5(1),6(1),7(1)

Sunday: 7(1),8(2),9(1),10(1),11(2),12(0),1(2),2(2),3(2),4(1),5(1),6(1),7(1)

monday:7(3),8(2),9(3),10(1),11(2),12(1),1(3),2(1),3(3), 4(1),5(1),6(1),7(1)

tuesday: 7(3),8(3),9(2),10(1),11(2),12(1),1(2),2(1),3(3), 4(1),5(1),6(1),7(1)

wed:7(2),8(2),9(3),10(1), 11(2),12(1),1(3),2(1),3(3), 4(1),5(1),6(1),7(1)

thurs: 7(3),8(3),9(2),10(1),11(1),12(1),1(2),2(1),3(3), 4(1), 5(1),6(1), 7(1)

friday: 7(2),8(2), 9(2),10(1), 11(2), 12(1),1(2), 2(1),3(3), 4(1), 5(1), 6(1), 7(1)

Upcoming Events from Students for Life

Coronavirus cancellations have you stuck inside?

While we can’t ship you milk or toilet paper, we CAN provide you with FIVE weeks of virtual training courses! You’ll be joined by your Regional Coordinator along with 50+ other pro-life students.

Your virtual pro-life training is happening over video calls every week all the way through April 20th. Remaining sessions include:

  • Week of 3/30: “How to Dialogue Online
  • Week of 4/6: “Countering Abortion Culture
  • Week of 4/13: “Non-Violent Patient Care
  • Week of 4/20: “Preparing for 2020 Elections

Click here to find out what time & date yours are and to register!

Are You a Pro-Life Artist?
Students for Life has added a brand-new program to our family of fellowships: The Hildegard Art Fellowship. And this one’s just for pro-life artists! The Hildegard Art Fellowship is about engaging young artists to use their artistry to change hearts and minds on abortion by becoming artist-activists. Click here (or the button below) to apply by May 1st!

Here’s who can apply:

  • Any incoming undergraduate, graduate, law, and med students.
  • Artists of all kinds: visual, word, and performing.
  • Must be a current leader or member of a campus pro-life organization.
  • Must be interested in pursuing a full-time career in the pro-life movement.
  • Must be able to attend the kick-off weekend, Friday, June 26th– Tuesday, June 30th.*
    *pending the safety of travel at that time due to COVID-19.


It’s spring cleaning time at the Students for Life warehouse! All merch & apparel are on sale through March 31st or until supplies last.

Some of our most popular items are up to 40% off! It is the BEST time to stock up on our trendy, thought-provoking gear.

Shop to find discounts on our pro-life hoodies, crew neck sweaters, tees, cropped tops, tanks, stickers, and pins with some of our favorite designs.

Don’t miss out – it won’t last long!

Top 8 Pro-Life Things To Do During COVID-19
While we’re all in virtual quarantine, Students for Life decided to go ahead and create a plan for the Pro-Life Generation to go 100% digital. Check out how you can take advantage of all that time you’ll now be spending at home and continue to be a voice for Life!

The Top 8 List:

  • Sign up for the Regional Pro-Life Trainings.
  • Tune in to the SFLA Facebook Lives with special guests.
  • Subscribe to and catch up on the Explicitly Pro-Life podcast.
  • Check out our re-vamped Students for Life HQ.
  • Log conversations and earn prizes with the T.A.L.K. Challenge. Read more here.
  • Write thank you’s to your pro-life legislators (check their track records here).
  • Update your group’s materials so you’re ready to go next fall.
  • Promote an online diaper bank to support families in need at this time.


Bonus Training: Should Women be Jailed for Aborting?

As you saw, Students for Life is hosting our own pro-life trainings for the next 5 weeks.

But there’s also a Bonus Training by Equal Rights Institute this Tuesday at 9pm EST!

The topic is a question that comes up often in conversations about abortion: “Do you think women should go to jail for having an abortion when it becomes illegal?”

In this webinar, Josh Brahm (the president of the Equal Rights Institute) will discuss that difficult question and offer several practical suggestions for how to respond to it. Afterward, Josh will take YOUR questions!

Make sure to REGISTER HERE or you won’t be able to join us live. Plus, the replay of the webinar will only be available for 48-hours. If you can’t join us live but you want to receive the replay link afterward, click HERE to register now.

Encounter with 6 Clients

This was from an email blast sent out yesterday by Dr. Monique Ruberu

Dear friends,

I wanted to share an encounter that our dear friend Marlene who leads the Hope Pregnancy Center sponsored by Greater Exodus Church shared with me… She has a total of 6 clients today!!!

6 couples that were looking for help on their path… 6 babies whose moms were trying to determine if they would allow them the gift of life… and every time Marlene met with them she was so open to God… His guidance, His word… the impression He placed on her heart as to how to best minister to the child He brought to her…

a young high school girl sat in front of Marlene… she didn’t appear like the overly studious type but instantly the Lord impressed upon Marlene that she was a good student…

Marlene asked her, “You’re a good student aren’t you” and the girl quietly replied, “yes”… “What are your grades like?” “Straight A’s”

Marlene instantly knew to continue trusting in the Lord within this conversation… The girl came in already resigned to have an abortion.. she came for the free pregnancy test to solidify her plan…

Marlene invited her and the father to sit with her… she explained that they are ALREADY parents, they are already a Man and Woman… acting like the baby isn’t real or their child isn’t going to make it so… they need to talk to her mother… share the truth and make decisions based on the facts…

she then had them read a card out loud… she had the young father read 6 points about adoption and the young mother read 6 points about abortion… this is what it sounded like :

Him: your pregnancy ends with giving life

Her: Your pregnancy ends with death

him: you can feel good about your choice

her: You may feel guilt and shame about your choice

him: You will remember giving birth

her; You will remember taking life

him: You will have plenty of time to plan you and your baby’s future

her: Abortion is final you will have no time to go back on this decision.
Him: You can hold, name and love your baby

her: You will never know or treasure your baby

him: You can have continued contact with your child and know how he or she is growing and developing

her: You will miss the opportunity to see your child grow and develop

After they read through this together out loud… Marlene turned to the young father… she said, you obviously care about her… do you want her to go through everything that comes with abortion… he responded, “No, and I don’t want my child to be killed”

Marlene prayed with them both… she signed them both up for an ultrasound a few days later, please please pray that this young couple returns to see their child

Please pray for Marlene and all the other Pregnancy Help Centers that care for the men and women we so desire to minister to.
please fill these hours tomorrow and maybe you can be the one who sends the next person to the centers for help!!!

Tuesday 3/10: 12th and locust : 3,4

Wed 3/11: 777 appletree 12,1

thursday 3/12: 777 appletree: Tom Stevens CEO of the pro life union will be out there.. go pray with him at 11,12,1

friday 3/13: 777 appletree: come pray with Bernadette at 11, or fill an empty hour at 12,1,2

mon 3/16: 12th and locust: 9,10,11,12,1,2,4

God bless you all!!

dr Monique


Conceived In Adultery/ The Circumstances of our Conception Should not Determine our Worth – One Woman’s Testimony

The following was sent to me by one of my friends who asked if  I’d share with everyone on our blog.  Mindy’s purpose in sharing is to reach out to others who may be in the same situation she faced and show them that they are not alone, and there are loving options for them to choose.   At the end of this post we list a few national pregnancy websites and hotline numbers for those who are seeking help as well as the websites for  those who are suffering from an abortion.  

Gods Child

In late November 2002, I found out I was pregnant. This was the last news I wanted to hear. For awhile, I even tried to deny it, telling myself it couldn’t be true.

My life was in a lot of chaos at the time. I was a struggling single Mom of a little boy. We were basically in desperate poverty, even though I worked two or three jobs at times. Many months I would have to decide if I should pay the rent or buy food. I always chose rent because I did not want my little boy to be homeless and often we went to the food pantry or the food kitchen, and since I worked in a restaurant, I would get free meals on my break, so many times I would eat very little & bring it home for my child. There was always a way to get food and I did try my best to be a good Mom to him.

To have another child at this time brought me to tears. No, this can’t be, not now.

I got involved with someone knowing better. I was lonely and wasn’t thinking right.
He pursued me, I always politely declined, but I did have a crush on him. Many of my female co-workers did too. One day he asked for a ride home from work ,then he said he had another job to get to in about an hour, could he stop real quick over at my apartment to get ready for his other job and then I could take him to his other job in a bit. That put me off,  but I am too nice, so I agreed.  I knew it was difficult working two jobs and I thought I should help out. We talked a little, then things stated to get out of control. I said I didn’t think that it was a good idea, but I still gave in. I don’t know what I was thinking, not very clearly.

I had to still go to work and work with him, it was very awkward and I was embarrassed and ashamed. I didn’t know him very long, just a few months, but this was a bad situation. He became very rude with me. I was invited along with all the coworkers to a Christmas party. I had a few glasses of wine though I felt guilty because I just discovered I was pregnant, but I tried not to think about being pregnant or that it was true. Since I was feeling a little tipsy, I told a female coworker that I thought I was pregnant and that he may or may not be the Dad (I knew it was him of course, but I didn’t want to say). She looked at me funny and said ‘that woman that is with him is his wife’ and moved tables away from me. I was in shock. I said too much and I couldn’t leave until I sobered up. I would have to quit this job.

After another week or two I confirmed that yes indeed I was pregnant, I knew I had to tell him. He had a few words for me- That I could never see him again unless I had an abortion (I didn’t want to see him again anyways, so good riddance), if I don’t have an abortion it would destroy his marriage (Now I knew for sure he was married) and he said he had an ex-girlfriend that had an abortion and it was ‘no big deal’ (his words)

My mind was spinning. Of all the reasons,the one that stood out in my mind is ‘I’m going to ruin his marriage’. I knew he had a one year old daughter too. I am destroying a family and  taking a child away from her Dad if I don’t have an abortion -t his ran through my mind. This was all my fault. I told him I don’t want to see him anymore and he asked if we could just talk some more. I agreed. He said I need to call and make an appointment with Planned Parenthood.

I told him I would talk to them just to finish up the conversation . He said he would drive me there. Here I am sitting in his car and I don’t know what to do. He said do I know where it is? I told him I thought I did. I guess he didn’t understand that you need an appointment, but neither did I at the time. I told him there is a place a few blocks away. He placed $300.00 in my hand and parked and said, ‘then this is the place ?’ I said yes, but I was shocked about the money and gave it back. I thanked him for the ride and he left. He dropped me off at the free health clinic where I had an appointment a couple hours away for my first prenatal appointment. I did not tell him that. And I did not know how I was going to get home.

I quit my job soon after that. I told my ex husband the situation and that I was pregnant because we were still good friends, but mostly because our son was going to be a big brother. I was scared and crying.  I told him the Dad was married and that he told me to have an abortion or else it would destroy his family. I said I didn’t know at the time(though there were rumors ) that he was married . I told him I could not have an abortion, but I didn’t know what to do. I said it was all my fault. Also,I am 9 years older, he was only 21. I told my ex husband it would be easier if I told him I have cancer. I cried & cried.

My ex husband told me this-I will never forget “It is not the baby’s fault how they were conceived, this is our son’s sister or brother. God will take care of us and this child deserves a chance at life”  He said he would do anything he could to help, just ask.

One man turned away from his own flesh & blood and wanted me to kill her and another man gave life affirming words and actions to her inherent value and cherished her like his own from the beginning.

I gave her Dad another chance when I called from the hospital and asked if he wanted to see her. He said “Never!” and  slammed down the phone.

I have repented and feel remorse for my actions, though I have made mistakes, she was never a mistake. Her father never wanted to be in her life or get to know her, my ex husband is her God -Father and she is a child of God.

His wife did find out. I don’t know if their marriage was saved, but my child was. As far as I understand they moved away and I have never heard from him again. My daughter has at least 1 other half sibling that I hope someday she can meet (his other child).

The sins of a parent or the circumstances surrounding a child’s conception should not be a death penalty for that child. The child is always innocent. She is now a bright and beautiful 16 year old young lady.  She has a caring and compassionate heart, she is a great student, she loves children and she loves God. She mentors and teaches the preschool children in the Church. I cannot imagine my life without her. God has great plans for her life.

Conceived In Adultery/ The circumstances of our conception do not determine our worth. All Life is precious /Choose Life! ~Mindy

Pregnancy Help Centers

Crisis Pregnancy OutreachIn the last two years, more than 1,000 women have received assistance from CPO. Help is available 24/7. Call or text us now: 918-296-3377.  (Website lists locations throughout the USA). 

CareNet  Care Net centers provide information about all pregnancy options to clients, as well as ongoing practical support for those choosing non-violent options. With more than 1,100 affiliates across North America, chances are there’s a Care Net pregnancy center in your community ready and equipped to serve you. We can  connect you with your local pregnancy center in your community. Call us at 866-274-0126. 

National Hotline: 1-800-712-HELP – Tex: HELPLINE TO 313131

If you or someone you know has had an abortion, help is available.  Below are some links to organizations for those suffering from the effects of abortion.  


Abortion Hurts Men Too- Philly 40 Days for Life

The following is from an email blast sent out by Dr. Monique Ruberu. She shares about a pro-lifer’s encounter with a man whose girlfriend was getting an abortion at 777 Appletree.

Dear Friends,

Abortion hurts. It hurts the child the mother and the father. It hurts the siblings, the grandparents, the great grandparents and every one of us that miss out on the gift of that human being.
Often at the abortion centers, we encounter men who are completely helpless. They have no “choice” in the matter and their inability to protect their child is heartbreaking.
Thank you for being there for these men as well.   I thank God that Rita was there to acknowledge one of these men’s pain and try to be the hands and feet of Jesus at that moment…

Sadly, this mother likely didn’t change her mind, but at least this man may be exposed to the love of Jesus… sometimes all we can do is plant a seed and let God grow it within them.

Here is Rita’s encounter:

I had a divine appointment yesterday at Appletree. After driving around forever to find a parking space, I found a space on Appletree Street on the same block as the clinic. Once I found the spot I had to put a note on my car in an attempt to avoid getting a ticket while I wandered all over to get change for the kiosk. In my frustration, I was, honestly, tempted to leave but I pressed past the temptation for the cause. This proved to be perfectly orchestrated as I finally got change and purchased my ticket at the kiosk.  As I stepped away from the kiosk a guy walked up, looked at the kiosk, and asked me in frustration if it took dollar bills.  I told him, “No” and expressed my frustration about the situation to him as well.  I just knew that he was with someone that was in Appletree so I purposely used this encounter as a segue to approach his reason for being there.

So my next question was, “Where are you going?”  He said, “My lady is in there” and pointed to the clinic.  I said, “Oh, she is in there having an abortion?”  He hung his head in sorrow and said, “Yeah.”  I replied, “I’m so sorry.  Is there anything I can do to help?”  He hung and shook his head again, shrugged his shoulders, and said, “Naw.  She made up her mind.”  He said that she has lupus and didn’t want the complications.  I asked him if she did it yet and he said he didn’t know but there was nothing he could do.  I told him that I was so sorry and shared with him the story of my termination as a teenager and how 35 years later the father of the baby still talked about our baby with regret.  As I walked him to his car, I told him that I know abortion hurts men.  I had just parked,  so I didn’t get a chance to grab any literature from our post so I gave him a gospel tract and shared with him the love of Jesus for him, his girlfriend, and their baby.

After I gave him the track, it occurred to me that I could write the names of resources on the back of the track for him.  I saw a pen in his car and asked if I could use it to write some resources on the track for him but he declined.  However, he did keep the tract.  I asked his name to pray for him.  He said his name is Antoine.  If nothing else, I can usher him by name to the throne of God that the Holy Spirit would intervene and draw them to Himself in love, repentance, and healing.  I believe that the process started the moment we met.


please continue to join us in filling the following hours:

Mon 3/2 : 12th and locust: 12,1,2

Tues 3/3 12th and locust – Ed will be there – come and join him as the 2nd person at 9,10,11,12,2,3

Wed 3/4: 12th and locust: 2

Thurs 3/5: 12th and loc: 10,12,1

God bless you all!

Blogger’s Note: This is why we must be present outside of these abortion facilities. We must, like Christ, overcome the unruly passions of the word to share his message with others. 

End of Blog post