The Senate Bill Women’s Health Protection Act was defeated today. Along with 50 republicans that stopped it from codifying Roe v Wade into federal law, one lone Democrat crossed party aisles to prevent this so-called “healthcare bill” from being passed… Joe Manchin of West Virginia.

The bill would’ve wiped out 500 pro-life bills passed on the state level while expanding abortion to the point of coercing medical staff against their moral conscience and even allowing non-medically licensed people to perform the procedure.

We have another pro-life victory, despite a deadlock in the senate and a razor-thin pro-death majority in the House of Representatives.

Pray. Fast. Hold the line. Hold your elected officials accountable. We’re not done yet.

Bear in mind, that this debate will be decided when we make abortion unthinkable and it begins in our community. Continue changing hearts and minds.


On Wednesday, the pro-life community has learned of the tragic loss of Vicki Thorn, foundress of Project Rachel, at the age of 72.

She shared her first indirect encountered when a friend needed help. “All I could do was just love her and be present to her, and make sure she was OK,” Thorn would recall years later. “But it was a life-changing experience for me, in understanding that abortion was not a non-event, that it left enormous footprints in someone’s life, and enormous pain.”

In 1984, Thorn founded Project Rachel while working for the Respect Life Office in Milwaukee. The idea of her ministry came from Jeremiah 31:25, which reads, “In Ramah is heard the sound of sobbing, bitter weeping! Rachel mourns for her children, she refuses to be consoled for her children — they are no more!”

In his statement on the tragic loss of Vicki Thorn, Archbishop Listecki recalled that “Vicki’s life was dedicated to a single mission; caring for men and women wounded by abortion. As the founder of Project Rachel, she single-handedly created a post-abortion healing ministry at a time when none existed,”

In 2021, Vicki Thorn received Evangelium Vitae Medal from the University of Notre Dame. View the presentation here.

Today, Project Rachel is flourishing through a majority of Archdioceses throughout the United States and in 25 additional countries.

More information about Project Rachel is available on the ministry’s USCCB’s website, or by calling 888-456-HOPE (4673).


With the primary race for PA Governor just a few mere weeks away, it is clear that there is one candidate who can cross off everything voters need to defeat Josh Shapiro and undo everything Tom Wolf has done… Joe Gale.

Against all odds, Joe Gale won a challenging and dirty race in 2015 to become Commissioner of Montgomery County after he learned of the establishment Republicans in the county had endorsed a board member of Planned Parenthood. He won by 1000 votes between him and the establishment candidate.

What sets him apart from establishment candidates like Jake Corman and Doug Mastriano is his events called “Cup of Joe”. He has held more than 1000 of these events since 2015. During these events, he connects with voters throughout Pennsylvania to discuss the issues pressing them.

In the summer of 2017, he became a voice for families of Berks County who wanted to remove Planned Parenthood and its agenda in the public school system. With his help and voice, the nine-member school board voted down Planned Parenthood by a narrow 5-4 vote.

With Joe Gale, we have a powerful voice that is needed to walk the walk and not just talk the talk. Joe Gale is the complete package that is needed for Pennsylvania.

He has even fought the recent mask mandates in his county that have been waning our school children. He brings a common-sense approach to politics.

With Joe Gale, he can restore common sense, undo the Tom Wolf and RINO legacy combined, and most importantly bring more common sense to Harrisburg and the entire keystone state.

I am endorsing Joe Gale for Governor. You should too. Let’s support more candidates like him that are more action than talk.


After a two-year hiatus, the St. Patrick’s Day parade in Philadelphia will make its return on Sunday, March 13th.

The ProLife Union of Greater Philadelphia is slated to participate in the annual tradition and they invite pro-lifers throughout the Greater Philadelphia area to join them.

If interested, please contact Tom Stevens for more information at


You could be one of the faithful warriors standing outside of Planned Parenthood either praying, sidewalk advocating, or just being present.

As pro-lifers gear up for another 40 Days for Life campaign, Voices4Life takes this time to preview what to expect as we prepare for the Lenten Campaign outside of Planned Parenthood in the heart of the City of Brotherly Love, filled with darkness and hatred from those who claim that “#lovewins, #noplaceforhate, and my favorite #blacklivesmatter when a majority of the abortions are perpetrated on black unborn lives. Love will win when we offer compassion, love, and mercy to women in their hour of great need. Pro-lifers in the greater Philadelphia area are encouraged to make a Lenten sacrifice by giving the pro-life movement an hour or more of their time to save lives. The Lenten campaign runs from Wednesday, March 2nd, and ends on April 9th.

The 40 Days for Life Campaign will be present outside of Planned Parenthood in Center City Philadelphia for the 16th time.

During the previous campaigns, there has been much growth, many saves, and even many encounters. The main reason is because of faithful warriors stepping into the breach, whether old, young, retired, young professional, or even a student in the pursuit of knowledge gave an hour or more to help turn the tide of the abortion battle on the streets with prayer, fasting, and alms.

You too can make a difference. You are encouraged to take an hour or so during this Lenten campaign. Bring a friend or two with you.

Visit to pick your hours now.

The hours of operation are Mondays through Saturdays from 8AM to 5PM


The following below are the opening remarks made by Kristan Hawkins during the 2022 Pro-Life Summit held on Saturday, January 22nd in Washington, DC.

In 1776, British citizens gathered in Philadelphia to rebel against the most powerful empire our world had ever known…for their time had come to demand their freedom, their very right to self-govern….. And their Declaration changed the course of human history…”that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.–That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, –That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it.”

But after we won our independence as nation, our Founders failed to ensure everyone was free. And nearly 90 years later, our fight for freedom continued on through the abolition movement, a bloody Civil War, and then decades of marching in streets to ensure full citizenship for Black Americans. This was our second fight for freedom.

Friends, I believe it was no mistake as to why our founding fathers listed LIFE as the very first of those God-given rights in the Declaration of Independence…for without life, none of our other rights matter. Abortion advocates want to claim that they are defending the freedom of choice—what we call violence, they call a “woman’s right to choose.” But no one has a right to choose death for another innocent human being. The Founders understood that freedom can only survive within the constraints of justice. If a king, slaveholder, or even an abortion facility …. can take away a person’s life at will, then no one’s rights are truly secure. 

And when the protection of these rights become disordered, with one’s pursuit of happiness or liberty preceding another’s right to life – the result has always been the same devastation resulting in subjugation to a foreign crown, slavery for those of a different skin color, and, since 1973, death for those whose existence is an inconvenience. 

So, today, on this the 49th anniversary of handing down of the Roe v. Wade & Doe v. Bolton decisions, which together legalized abortion in all nine months of pregnancy, I propose to you that it us, our generation…each of us born after 1973 who all could have been aborted for the mere price of a playstation…who have been called to launch what will be the third and final fight for freedom in our nation. 

To end the predatory lies and violence of the abortion industry. 

To serve every woman and family in crisis on our campus and in our community with hope, love, and tangible support.

To protect every baby and their very first freedom…the right to be born, no matter their genetic code, race, sex, gender, sexual orientation, religion, or circumstance of conception.

To ensure Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton never see their 50th anniversary.

To accomplish our full mission of making abortion unthinkable and unavailable in our lifetime.

To finally make good on our Founders’ promise of a nation devoted to “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” for every citizen, without exception. No matter their age, size, location, development, or circumstance.

And as we anxiously, impatiently await the Supreme Court decision’s in the Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization case this June, a decision that may very well throw Roe v. Wade  on to the ash heap of history, right where it belongs right alongside Dred Scott and Plessy, and launch the next legal phase of the anti-abortion movement from Washington, D.C. to every state capitol….

It’s time for us to work harder than we’ve ever worked before.

At Students for Life, I am proud to say that this Pro-Life Generation is a diverse army, that’s more than 1300 campuses and more than 100,000 supporters strong. Every day, you have the most mind-changing conversations with those most-directly targeted by the abortion industry’s create-a-customer business model. And every day, you ensure that no woman stands alone during her pregnancy or after the birth of her child.

But this morning, I’m asking you to do more.

Take out your phones right now and go to to share the TV commercial Students for Life is running nationwide to recruit new members, both young and old, to our army.

Next, be ready to call out the abortion lobby’s post Roe plan which is a radical and dangerous expansion of Chemical Abortion Pills that are not only deadly for preborn children with heartbeats but their mothers. They even want them to come right to your campus health center. So, write this website down,, for I need you to watch our brand-new social media docu-series on these threats and share the powerful and brutally honest testimonies of dozens of women harmed by these pills.

And finally, before you leave this Summit, go to to commit to your next steps after today. On this day, the49th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, I  pray you realize your future and take your place in this Final Fight for Freedom to become the first Post Roe Generation of Americans by continuing your work on your campuses to change minds and unjust policies but also go out into your community, through Students for Life’s Campaign for Abortion Free Cities, through our ground-breaking Standing With You Initiative, and or through our All Expense Paid for Activism Trips at Students for Life Action, to get door by door, church by church, or computer to phone to show America, to show her the non-violent resources that exist to help her see abortion as we do…unthinkable and help elect leaders who will stand with us to make it 

Our fathers ended their Declaration, their call for revolution saying it was “with a firm reliance on the protection of divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes, and our sacred Honor”. 

Men and Women, Friends and Allies, our Founders’ pledge is my pledge to you today…my honor, my fortune, and my life – to ensure millions of lives may one day be free to live. The Fight Fight for Freedom is here. It’s today. It’s now.  For there is no better cause in the world. And I’m All in…for Life.

Here’s a recap from the summit here.

John P. Stanton Prayer Vigil and Memorial Mass

The following is from Tom Stevens, President of the Pro-Life Union of Greater Philadelphia

Dear Friends,

Please join us Saturday, February 5th, on the 8th Anniversary of the passing of the Pro-Life Union founder, John P. Stanton, for a Prayer Vigil and Memorial Mass.  The 8:00 am Prayer Vigil will be held at the Philadelphia Women’s Center (the largest abortion center in PA), 777 Appletree St., Philadelphia, followed by a 9:30 am Memorial Mass in remembrance of John Stanton at Holy Redeemer Catholic Church, 915 Vine Street.  The Mass will be celebrated by Rev. Rayford E. Emmons.  

John Stanton’s leadership since before Roe v. Wade built the pro-life movement in the Philadelphia area.  To be inspired and learn about John Stanton, take a moment to watch the engaging tribute video here:

Respect Life Memorial Prayer Vigil and Mass

8:00 am — Prayer Vigil
777 Appletree St., Philadelphia

9:30 am — Memorial Mass in remembrance of John P. Stanton
Holy Redeemer Catholic Church, 915 Vine St. Philadelphia

Well Done, Good and Faithful Servant – A Tribute to Sandy Slater


“Speak softly and carry a big stick.” This quote  personifies Sandy Slater.  Of course her weapons were her constant prayer and daily Mass attendance, her faithfulness to the Lord, and her commitment  to the most vulnerable in our society, the unborn.

Sandy passed away on December 12 of this year; the feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe, patroness of the unborn!  How fitting that she would enter her eternal reward on this feast day.

Sandy and I had many conversations over the years and created a bond.  She and I are both adoptive mothers.   We connected because of our adoption experiences, our love of the Lord, and our commitment to do what we can to stop the slaughter of our unborn brothers and sisters. 

I can picture Sandy sitting on a rocking chair in heaven holding and consoling the many babies who lives were cut short through abortion.  I can hear her voice saying to them, ‘hush, it’s okay, you’re safe now.” 

Several pro-life warriors have shared their memories with me and I’ve posted them below. 

“Sandy Slater was a gentle, graceful presence in the pro-life movement. She was always eager to learn more about the issue and was an absolute joy to work with. Her quiet strength and dignity made her a wonderful role model for advocates for life. She was at the forefront of alerting voters in southeast Pennsylvania to the stands of the candidates as they related to the pro-life issue. She was tireless in her advocacy and dedication. She will be greatly missed.” Maria Gallagher, Legislative Director of the Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation

“Sandy Slater was the epitome of a daughter of the Pro Life Movement. She walked in grace and dignity with silent determination to right the grievous wrong of abortion. Every time I met her , she was quietly encouraging and helpful in any pro life work I asked her to share with me. My heart is deeply saddened at her passing. I can imagine that all of the babies she tried to save are now giving her a round of applause and cheer. This beautiful daughter of Life is now residing with her Heavenly Father. I will miss her as will all that knew her and were blessed enough to be her friend in the Journey of the Pro life movement. With all of my heart.” Denise Wilcox, RTL SE PA,  the Pennsylvania Pro Life Federation, Director to the NRLC 

“Sandy was a person who would want you to get involved in pro life. She had a warm and loving personality.  She always was thinking of others before herself.  She was a great example of following Christ with a true and loving heart. She was humble, modest, kind, and a gentle woman.  My comfort is thinking of her in the arms of Mother Mary, St Joseph and our loving and merciful God, Jesus.”  Christina Doherty, Treasurer, Bucks County Pro-Life Coalition

“A few years back when Sandy was sick, another pro-lifer and I spent some time praying with her.  I was very inspired by Sandy’s acceptance of her cross and quiet, gentle demeanor in spite of her suffering. Another memory which I will always hold onto when thinking about this kind woman is that she always asked how my youngest son was doing even though she had met him only once.  She was so spiritual that she was truly seeing Christ in everyone.  Missing you already, Sandy.  Please pray for us.” Mary Paris, Bucks County Sidewalk Counselor 

“I only met Sandy two years ago but am so thankful I had the opportunity to know her and join her at Bucks County Pro-Life activities.  She was a soft-spoken woman with an easy smile and laugh but was fiercely committed to the pro-life cause and was a tremendous gatherer of people to help her on this journey.” Anita Flynn, Bucks County Pro-Life Coalition 

“Sandy was a great lady! It is heartbreaking to hear she is gone. May she be richly rewarded for her marvelous work on behalf of the babies! And May the Lord of Life hold her in the palm of His hand. Rest In Peace Sandy!”Ted Meehan, Delaware County Pro-Life Coalition  

“Sandy  always had a little hustle in her step and a gentile manner in dealing with others. She was the real McCoy. There was no guile, only a willingness to lead others in the fight against the greatest evil in our lifetime.” – Patrick Stanton, Pro-Life Union of Greater Philadelphia Board of Directors, Founder, Our Lady’s House

Sandy was by far one of the sweetest persons to ever enter our lives. I believe most of us would agree on this. There was an instant connection between Sandy and whomever she met. Many of us felt like a daughter, son, a sister, brother, or a best friend to Sandy because that’s just the way she made you feel. Sandy was interested in your wellbeing and your family too. Her soft and gentle style was all it took to feel the warmth of her personality and the depth of her sincerity.

Beneath the tenderness was a woman of conviction that was full of love for God. Her priorities were God-driven, placing others’ needs before her own. Nothing was sugar-coated about Sandy’s ambition to protect life. Year after year, the challenge was on between good and evil and Sandy’s determination persisted. Sandy inserted herself, in her kind yet convincing manner, where the need was the greatest. Understanding the law, knowing our legislators, seeking protection for the unborn and attending to the financial needs of the pregnancy centers was Sandy’s mission and she carried out God’s plan through her tireless efforts.

People were drawn to Sandy and for this reason were compelled to join her crusade for those at-risk babies. Individually and collectively, we were important to Sandy. She saw our value and understood the impact each of us could make if we gave just a little tiny bit of ourselves. Sandy’s requests of us were simple and uncomplicated, never wanting to burden anyone with a load too heavy to carry. All the while, Sandy carried the heaviest load as our leader and mentor. Never asking of us what she wouldn’t do herself.

Sandy, our dear, sweet friend will be remembered by all those who entered her life. Only the Lord knows the full range and magnitude of her acts of kindness as I am sure we have only had a glimpse. Sandy’s influence on the respect life movement and many other social concerns will surely have a lasting effect on those she touched.  Well done faithful servant! Proverbs 16:24 – Anne Ruegner, A Baby’s Breath 

Sandy Slater was a strong leader and role model in the pro-life movement.  She was devoted to the Lord and faithful to His call in restoring the sanctity of human life. Sandy was soft spoken and gentle in her manner. These were in strong contrast to her efforts and determination to save babies from abortion and assisting mother’s who chose life.  She worked tirelessly to promote the pro-life cause.I’m so thankful for having known Sandy. Her friendship, leadership and example of perseverance and love has been an inspiration. I will miss her more than words can say.As we mourn her passing, we remember the legacy she left us. We are grateful for Sandy’s life and devotion to ‘serve the least of these’.  Sandy was faithful to His call and now she is home with Jesus.  “…We’ll done thou good and faithful servant…” Matthew 25:21 – Terry Noble, Bucks County Pro-Life Coalition, Voices for Life Blog

I describe Sandy Slater as a meek and faithful compassionate servant and courageous warrior for justice, all motivated by her deep Catholic Faith.

Meekness is the virtue that counters the sin of Anger, which is the desire for revenge or to cause serious harm to another. In her pro-life advocacy and leadership, Sandy maintained a calmness and gentleness in word and spirit while usually speaking through her actions.

Sandy spent most of her 83 years in the service of the Least of our Lord’s brethren. When the Culture of Death pervaded our nation, State, and community, she demonstrated the insight and courage to recognize children in the womb as the least of these.

During her service as a social worker, particularly in drug and alcohol abuse counseling, Sandy offered a sympathetic ear and practical assistance. In her encounters with expectant mothers, she resisted the pervasive practice of her colleagues to recommend killing the mother’s child by abortion and provided extensive assistance for these mothers and their children.

Providing such counseling and assistance led Sandy to lengthy and extensive volunteer service in the pro-life movement as her Parish Pro-Life Coordinator and in the leadership of the Bucks County Pro-Life Coalition. This leadership included persistent and effective efforts to elect and motivate public officials who would do justice by enacting pro-life public policies that included legal protection for the lives of all children before birth.

Sandy’s life beautifully fulfilled the exhortation of the Old Testament Prophet, Micah to.. “Do justice, love mercy, and walk humbly with our God.” – Micah 6:8 – Mike McMonagle, President Pro-Life Coalition of Pennsylvania 

Pictures from Annual Stand Up for Life Dinner

Several attendees and board members submitted pictures from the annual event. See article here.

Enjoy the pictures of the event. Don’t forget to support pro-life organizations during #GivingTuesday campaign on Tuesday, November 30th. Learn more here.

Susan B Anthony Hit Ground Running, A Year Ahead of Critical Mid-Term Elections; Set Record

The Susan B Anthony List knows that they have much work to do if they want to secure a pro-life majority during the 2022 mid-term elections let alone flip Harrisburg from pro-abortion to pro-life.

Thanks to the help of 30 students from Benedictine College, who took time out of their fall break, had the opportunity to knock on doors around the Greater Philadelphia area.

They wore the blue shirt with the name of the organization emblazoned on the left side of their shirt.

In the span of just three days, the small but might group set a record of 25,305 doors knocked during the course of the weekend. They had good and bad encounters. Their message was clear: abortion, at any stage, is wrong.

To learn more about how to get involved with the Susan b Anthony List, see my previous blogpost on working for them. Also, learn of the facts about this beloved pro-life feminist.