We are over a third into the dog days of summer. By now, we have seen advertisements for back-to-school, last-minute summer getaways, and even some early Christmas deals. Before you know it, the summer is over and it is back to reality for many people. Here are some things you can do this month to advance the culture of life:

  1. Take part in prayer vigils
  2. Sign up for 40 Days for Life
  3. Read a pro-life book or two with our list here.
  4. Volunteer at a local pregnancy resource center
  5. Sponsor a Holy Hour for Life at your parish
  6. Collect diapers and material items for moms in need
  7. Take part in National Pro-Life Chaslk Day on August 7th. Find out more here.
  8. Take part in the First Saturday and First Friday devotions
  9. Make plans to attend your state’s March for Life. For Pennsylvania, visit here. For California, visit here. For Virginia, visit here.
  10. Heading back to school? Form a pro-life group (if there isn’t one), Recruit new members during activities fair on your campus.
  11. Start planning your trip to the 49th annual March for Life in DC on Friday, January 21st 2022. Learn more from our previous blogpost here.

Save the Dates! Annual Rummage Sale to Benefit Pregnancy Help Centers in Bucks County, Pa is Back!




The Respect Life Ministries of both Our Lady of Mount Carmel and Our Lady of Guadalupe parishes located in Central Bucks County, Pennsylvania will once again host their annual Rummage this August.  This year the sale will take place in the Parish Center of Our Lady of Guadalupe Church. 

Sale dates are Friday, August 20th from 9:00 – 6:00 pm and Saturday, August 21st from 9:00 – 12:00 noon.   Saturday is half-price day!  

Volunteers needed! – If you are able to help in any way before, during or after this sale, please contact Mary @  (Please see flyer below for more information.)

All proceeds benefit Pregnancy Help Centers in and around Bucks County.  


Let us Honor our Aborted Brothers and Sisters by Flying the American Flag on August 3rd

Pro-Life Waco has long been a leader in innovative ways to expose the evil of abortion to the general public.  Below is another way in which we can participate right from our own homes! Let’s all fly our flags (half-mast if possible) on the 3rd of August and the third each month to remember the souls of those babies who have been killed thought the terrible act of abortion. 

And let us pray for healing for the mothers and families of these children.  Thank you to John Pisciotta and Pro-Life Waco for providing us with another outreach we can employ to end the genocide of God’s precious little ones.




We will fly American flags on the third day of each month in the Greater Waco area to honor lives lost to abortion. An American tradition is to fly the flag, half-staff if possible, to honor the dead. Who deserves this honor more than innocent babies brutally attacked in abortions?

My hometown is one of eight abortion cities in Texas. Pro-Life Waco combats this holocaust with every tool we can devise. The latest is flying the American flag.
Flags flying on an unexpected day will generate interest and curiosity. Our allies and opponents will eventually find out that the flags honor babies killed in abortions. This will be effective public square outreach. We must never let our neighbors forget that they live near an abortion holocaust center.

The inaugural day for flying the American flag in Central Texas will be Tuesday, August 3. We chose the third of each month because abortion returned to Waco (after a one-year suspension) on March 3, 2021 at the Planned Parenthood abortuary.

We appeal to residents, churches, and businesses to fly their flags on August 3, and every 3rd day of the month, until the killing stops in Waco. I would appreciate your letting me know that you will participate.

Please share this to your friends. If you have any suggestions for making this new outreach successful, please send me an email at


Some things to keep in mind when planning your trip:

  1. Keep checking the March for Life Foundation’s website for event before, during, and after the March for Life
  2. Plan ahead to book your hotel before all rooms are filled whether traveling alone or with a small or large group
  3. Local pro-lifers invite to pray outside of DC Planned Parenthood the morning of the march and the next day from 9AM to noon
  4. There are two conferences if traveling with your college or high school group. One is hosted by Students for Life of America and another to be hosted by Georgetown Right to Life. More information will be available at a later time when released.

Don’t forget to start planning to attend the annual event. More details will be passed on as it becomes available.

In the meantime, read about my experience from January 2021.

Pro-Lifers Rally For Unborn Freedom

Pro-Lifers can peacefully march in the cold and as a test to their character they can even do the same in the scorching heat.

400 pro-lifers across the Greater Philadelphia area were in attendance for the summer rally. The day began with Mass at the Basilica of Sts. Peter and Paul Cathedral. In his greeting and homily, Father Dennis Gill reminded the faithful gathered to continue to pray for the defense of human life, especially in its most vulnerable stage. He also reminded them that the Blessed Mother is with them and interceding with them as they continue to take a bold stand against the greater destroyer of life in society, abortion.

After mass ended, the faithful peacefully processed down to Planned Parenthood located at 12th and Locust. They were people shaking heads in disgust, high-fiving three lone escorts, and even honks for death.

The speakers took time to address authentic womanhood, the need for pro-lifers to be present, what we are really fighting when present outside of abortion facilities, and to be a peaceful vessel of God’s grace through our presences and prayers.

See our photo gallery here.

Help Berks County Make This Friday’s National Bridges Day Another Success

Friday, July 16th is National Bridges Day and Pro-Life Berks is looking for people to join them to make this another successful day.  Information is provided below on when, where and time of this event.  Picture below is from their 2018 National Bridges Day.

Berks Bridges Day

from Kathy Kuhns 

Dear Pro-Life Friends,  We need you on Friday, July 16th, 4 to 6 PM, to help make our local National Pro-Life Bridge Day another great event.

See flyer below for details, but mainly all you need to do is to be there.  You can bring flags, signs and chairs if you like.  We have several large pro-life  banners so we are highly visible and always get a great response from the cars and trucks as they pass under us.  #422 is VERY busy.
It’s fun and quite safe.  Parking is at Kissinger Church.
If you need a ride, let us know.  Also, bring your friends and family, even if they can’t stay the entire time.
Directions.  We are just down from the movie theatre on Berkshire Blvd, in Wyomissing and parking is on the other side of the overpass.
  Let’s make this the best effort to get out our pro-life message to our community.



As pro-lifers fight to Save the Hyde Amendment, Students for Life of America and Democrats for Life will tag team to hold rallies across the nation to convince elected officials to incline the life saving amendment in the new fiscal budget.

This Friday, July 9th, a rally will be held outside of Rep. Brendan Boyle’s office in Rhawnhurst section of Philadelphia. Rally begins at 11:00 am.

To rsvp for the event, visit here.

Please Join Pro-Life Waco for their Pro-Life Outreach this Week and Every Week

The information below is from an email from Pro-Life Waco.  Please join them in prayer this Wednesday, Thursday and Friday at the PP in Waco from your home, church or in person if you’re able. 

Abortions this Wed, Thurs, and Friday in Waco

Yes, babies are scheduled to die in “Suite A” at 700 W HWY 6 this Wed. (July 6), Thur. (July 7), and Fri. (July 8).  Pro-Life Waco will deliver Sidewalk Counseling to turn moms to Care Net’s life-saving and soul-nurturing support.

Please provide prayer support from wherever you are and particularly on your feet or on your knees in the PP public right-of way along Highway 6.

This Wednesday and EVERY Wednesday a Pro-Life Rosary will be prayed at 9 AM at Planned Parenthood. All are welcome to join.

In support of Sidewalk Counseling, we will have counseling blessing bag assembly on Saturday, July 10 at St Mark Lutheran Church, 2000 Clay Avenue. Begins at 10 AM and will be finished before noon. Can you help?


Rise Up in Waco at PP on Thursday, July 8

A little sunshine. A little rain. Delicious tacos. A bold proclamation of the Gospel of Life from 8 to 10 AM on July 8. We will be in the public right-of way of Planned Parenthood at 700 W HWY 6. We will show our neighbors that they have neighbors that deeply care about the shedding of innocent blood in our midst. Delicious breakfast tacos will be served on site at 9 AM. Free yard signs, t-shirts, literature, and jewelry will be available. JOIN AND LET YOUR LITTLE LIGHT SHINE!

Philly Welcomes Positively Pro-Life Program to The Delaware Valley

As someone who co-hosted a popular pro-life radio program in the Philly area in the 80’s, I am encouraged and excited to see that we now have a new and much needed weekly pro-life program in SE Pennsylvania.  Hosted by Maria Gallagher and Bonnie Finnerty of the Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation, this 1/2-hour program airs every Wednesday night at 6:00 pm on WWDB-AM 860 Talk Radio

Please pass this information on to everyone you know and tune in each week to hear Maria and Bonnie, and their guests tackle current moral issues from a positively pro-life perspective.  

You can listen to the podcasts of these shows using this link.  

July To-Do List

We’re halfway through the year. It felt like yesterday that we said good riddance to 2020 that will eventually be a livid memory.

Now, that we are slowly but surely coming out of the nerve-wrecking pandemic, it is time to step up your game to defend life in your community.

Here are events and suggestions for July:

  1. First Friday and Saturday devotions
  2. Pray the Patriotic Rosary for the 4th of July holiday
  3. Educate people about the importance of the Declaration of Independence, particularly the first inalienable right.
  4. Make a Holy Hour for Life
  5. Take part in Sidewalk Servants
  6. Learn how to Sidewalk Counsel
  7. Volunteer at a pregnancy resource center
  8. Distribute water, food, and toiletries to the homeless
  9. Host a fundraiser for a homeless shelter, crisis resource center, etc
  10. When on vacation, locate an abortion facility near the destination and pray for an hour while meeting local activists.
  11. Participate in the summer rally near you. Details coming soon.
  12. Join the Sisters of Life in a rosary walk on July 24th. It’ll start at Basilica at 10AM.
  13. Run a maternity drive for mothers in need and pregnancy resource centers.

Overall, your pro-life conviction does not take a vacation. It is 24/7. Be sure to be creative with exercising your pro-life views.

Have a great month of July and a safe summer.