Join Us for Our Annual Peace in the Womb Christmas Caroling in Warminster, Pa on December 18th


Every year pro-lifers across the nation bring the joy and hope of Christmas to the darkness of abortion facilities with a Christmas Caroling day.


Some gather around a large empty Christmas crèche  symbolizing both the hopeful anticipation of a child’s birth and the emptiness left behind by abortion and sing carols about the Christ child. Babies have been SAVED from abortion when their mothers heard these carols and were moved by the thought of how Mary said “YES” to be the mother of Jesus.

In Warminster, Pennsylvania,  ‘Peace in the Womb Christmas Caroling’ will be held on Friday, December 18th beginning at 9:30 am in front of Planned Parenthood.  We hope everyone from Bucks County will come and join us for this annual event.


A Christmas Rosary and Chaplet of Divine Mercy will be prayed following our Caroling. Please dress warmly and invite your family and friends to join you.  CDC guidlines will be followed.


This event is sponsored locally by the Bucks County Pro-Life Coalition and  nationally by the Pro-Life Action League.  

Warminster Flyer 

Congratulations to Voices for Life’s Mickey Kelly

Mickey KellyEvery year pro-life warriors in SE Pennsylvania look forward to the annual Stand Up for Life Banquet hosted by the Pro-life Union of Greater Philadelphia. It is a chance to socialize with friends, to network with pro-life organizations in our area, to hear from fabulous keynote speakers and to congratulate those who are receiving awards for their commitment to the pro-life movement.

This year’s ‘Stand Up for Life’ banquet was a virtual event because of the restrictions posed by the coronavirus. Pro-Lifers are always being stretched beyond our comfort zone to get out the pro-life message and this year was no exception.  Despite the challenges, the Pro-Life Union put on a very professional event.

Keynote speaker for this event was Matt Walsh.  Matt as most know is a writer, public speaker and author who tackles tough subjects including opining on the evils of abortion.

The awards were given at the end of the banquet, one to Voices for Life’s very own Mickey Kelly for his faithful commitment to being a public witness outside of the two abortion mills in center city Philadelphia. Mickey has been involved with the pro-life movement since 2008 and has prayed outside of abortion facilities for over a decade. Mickey joined Voices for Life blog in 2017. He credits his involvement with the Knights of Columbus for his commitment to the pro-life movement and he hopes to inspire more men to step up and defend life.  Mickey is also the President of the St. Raymond Nonnatus Foundation which helps families in crisis.  Tonight Mickey will be interviewed live on Facebook  on the show, Journeys in Faith with Anne DeSantis.  Show begins at 8:30 pm tonight.

We are Voices for Life are proud of Mickey and grateful for his many posts on our blog. You can view the video of last week’s event below.  And if you’re feeling generous this Giving Tuesday, please consider contributing to the Pro-Life Union to help them continue their work in our area.   Here is a link to their website.

How Do We Build a Pro-Life Culture Among Youth?

What the pro-life movement needs is younger people to become involved, and the Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation has a very good suggestion in the post below.  

We need to provide opportunities to learn, to think critically, to articulate facts, to argue persuasively, and to defend the truth about the sanctity of every human life. Our Essay Contest is an excellent way to do that! We invite all students in Grades 7-12 who are attending any school in PA, including homeschool, to enter our contest. Winning entries are awarded cash prizes and publication, but all students win by being a voice for life!

Click on this link for details!


Annual Mass of Remembrance for Our Deceased Pro-Life Friends to be Celebrated on Nov 30th in Newtown Square, Pa.

Towards the end of the year we have two memorial Masses in Southeast Pennsylvania.  One the end of November to remember the souls of our pro-life brothers and sisters who have preceded us in death, and one on the Feast of the Holy Innocents to remember the innocent preborn who were killed by abortion.  Below is information from Jack and Pat O’Brien, long-time leaders in the SE Pennsylvania pro-life movement on the  November Memorial Mass. 

Memorial Mass Rose

You are invited to a very special celebration of Mass, different in the dedication for whom this Mass is offered.

Since, one year ago, our family in heaven has increased as God has called in more Saints, workers in this field of Pro-Life mission. This yearly Memorial has two effects.  The grace that comes through the Gift of the Eucharist is ours, the Prayer of the Mass reaches those souls in God’s hands as smiling babies shout in joy as each new name is called.

Elizabeth Andrews, Lee Brown, Frank Callaghan, Joe Cunnane, George Farrelly, U. S. Rep. Michael Fitzpatrick, Joan Gail, Jack Klotz, JoAnn Marshall, Tony McGinley, Sister Marie Paschal, IHM, Fred Porter, Rosemary Porter, Claire Prendergast, Fran Rafferty, Maria Schubert, Bob Siter, Bill Wohlgemuth, Jeannette Wynn, Maryann Yorina, Lillian Young

This is likely to be the happiest Memorial Mass you have ever attended.

We have physically parted from dear friends, natural family members, co-workers, soldiers in the fray and parting can be mournful. Yes, the human loss is sad. But, the tribute to their lives never ends.

So therefore, you are requested to come to St. Anastasia Church on Monday, November 30, at 8:00 p.m.   Join in this holy, sacred, celebration for all of our past and most current People of Life pleading for God’s Kingdom and Will be done.

Bucks County Pro-Life Coalition Holds Successful Walking with Moms in Need Event at Peace Valley Park

We couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day last Saturday as the Bucks County Pro-Life Coalition held  a Walking with Moms in Need event at Peace Valley Park in Doylestown, Pennsylvania.  Families, mothers and fathers pushing baby carriages, and even one man in a wheelchair joined us for this event.

Walking with Moms in Need is a national initiative backed by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB).  It is a one-year endeavor – an opportunity to express helping others in some way.

When our walk was complete, we enjoyed box lunches which were provided by MEI Catering located in Feasterville, Pennsylvania while social distancing under the pavilion.

Primary sponsors of this walk were Holy Spirit Radio, A Baby’s BreathA. Mastrocco Jr. Moving & Storage, Lincoln Investment, Long & Foster Chris Doherty & Marion Louie Team, Regina Mundi Council 4052 Bernie Kranicka.  We ask that you patronize these businesses.

Other supporters included St. Lawrence Church in Riegelsville, Nancy Gagnon, Anita Flynn, Pat Dowling, Greg Hoyt, Connie Schandein, Steve Jackson, Bob Noble, Pat Hess, Honoria Smith, and Sandy Slater.

While this is a one-year endeavor by the USCCB, the Bucks County Pro-Life Coalition plans to make this an annual event.

If you were not able to attend this walk and would like to help, you can make an on-line donation using this link.  Proceeds from this walk go to pregnancy help centers in SE Pennsylvania to assist them in keeping their doors open.

Below are some pictures of last week’s walk.  Enjoy!

Walking with Moms in Need Event Photos 

Doctors Pressured Mom 15 Times to Abort Because Her Baby Has Down Syndrome, She Refused

October is Down Syndrome Awareness Month. Below is a story of a couple’s torturous journey to save their unborn daughter from doctors pressuring them to abort her.

Micaiah Bilger of Life News reports on an interview between the BBC and a British mother. 

When Emma Mellor learned that her unborn daughter, Jaimie, might have Down syndrome, she refused to consider an abortion.

But her doctors did not take “no” for an answer. They kept asking and asking. And asking.

In an interview with the BBC, the British mother said she was pressured to abort Jaimie 15 times – including right up to birth — just because she had a disability.

“I was told that until my baby had started traveling down the birth canal, I could still terminate,” she told the news outlet.

Now, Mellor and other families are urging society to protect children, born and unborn, who have Down syndrome and provide better information and support to their families.

About six years ago, Mellor said she was 20-weeks pregnant when an ultrasound scan detected water on Jaimie’s brain.

Even though Jaimie had not been diagnosed with Down syndrome yet, her mother said doctors began pressuring her to have an abortion. Mellor’s doctors even tried to influence her by pointing to her young son, Logan, who, at the time, needed surgery to repair a hole in his heart, the BBC reports.

Mellor said she and her husband knew an abortion would involve injecting poison into their daughter’s heart to kill her, and they could not even think of doing that to her.

About six years ago, Mellor said she was 20-weeks pregnant when an ultrasound scan detected water on Jaimie’s brain.

Even though Jaimie had not been diagnosed with Down syndrome yet, her mother said doctors began pressuring her to have an abortion. Mellor’s doctors even tried to influence her by pointing to her young son, Logan, who, at the time, needed surgery to repair a hole in his heart, the BBC reports.

“From that moment on, they recommended we should terminate and told us to think about the effect on our son and his quality of life,” she said. “In all honesty we were offered 15 terminations, even though we made it really clear that it wasn’t an option for us, but they really seemed to push and really seemed to want us to terminate.”

Life News article continues

President Trump Signs Pro-LifeGeneva Declaration Promoting Women’s Health & Strengthening the Family

Thirty-two (32) countries signed the Geneva Consensus Declaration on October 22, 2020!  This Declaration represents over one (1) billion people from every corner of the world.  This is very encouraging news for pro-life/pro-family organizations.  Six (6) of these countries were co-sponsors, including the U.S.A.  (see link below to see which countries took a stand for life and family).

My thanks to President Trump for signing this Declaration (see link below to read this one-page declaration).  And many thanks to Marie Tasy, Executive Director, New Jersey Right to Life for passing on this information. 


Today, the Trump administration signed the Geneva Consensus Declaration, a multinational agreement on Promoting Women’s Health and Strengthening the Family.   The United States was joined by 31 other country signatories.  

As explained by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, “This Declaration further strengthens the coalition to achieve these four pillars: (1) better health for women, (2) the preservation of human life, (3) strengthening of family as the foundational unit of society, and (4) protecting every nation’s national sovereignty in global politics.”

You can read the text of the Declaration: HERE

This Declaration is the fundamental opposite of the “so-called Reproductive Freedom Act” introduced by pro-abortion extremist Governor Phil Murphy and his like-minded friends in the legislature. 

Please share this life-affirming information with pro-life family and friends.

The election is 12 days away. There is so much at stake in this election concerning the sanctity of human life.    Please don’t forget to vote for President Trump and Vice President Mike Pence and all the candidates endorsed by New Jersey Right to Life PAC.  View a list of our endorsed candidates and voting information by clicking on this link:  HERE

“RIGHT TO BIRTH” Mass and Rally

To conclude the Fall 202 40 Days for Life Campaign, the Pro-Life Union invites all to the Right to Birth mass and rally on Saturday, October 31st.

Mass will be celebrated by Fr. Dennis Gill at 8AM.

A procession to Planned Parenthood will immediately follow and Clenard Childress will be the main highlight.

Five Takeaways form the Vice Presidential Debate

The Vice President debate is a one and done shot. It can even make or break one’s race. We have seen it on Wednesday evening between radical Kamala Harris of California, the running mate of Former Vice President Joe Biden and current Vice President Mike Pence.

Five takeaways form the debate

  1. Unlike President Trump’s behavior last week, VP Pence stayed cool and calm. He even overcame interruptions from Kamala and Susan Page, the moderator. She even threw a fit like a typical nasty woman that wears a pink hat and lectures about “my body, my choice”.
  2. VP Pence exposed Harris and the lies of the Biden campaign one by one. He even reminded everyone of how she openly attacked the Knights of Columbus when she, along with many of her colleagues in the senate, attacked a federal judge over his membership.
  3. “You’re entitled to your opinions, but you are not entitled to your own facts.” The Biden Campaign and even Senator Harris herself have been manipulated by lies. In reality, they have stirred the pot of hatred, division, and even racism.
  4. “I am pro-life and will not apologize for it”. VP Pence made this bold statement when it came to the issue of abortion. Harris continued to echo the faulty narrative of women’s health.
  5. Joe Biden is not a practicing Catholic. The Catholic Church, since the first century, has consistently defended the sanctity of human life. Particularly the issue of abortion. It was reinforced many times in the Catholic Catechism and even multiple papal encyclicals. He has flipped flopped on the Hyde Amendment, consistently advocated for abortion even up to birth, coerced religious groups to take part in the costly HHS mandate that he was its biggest cheerleader.

A Catholic with a clear conscience cannot support someone who is a Catholic In Name Only. One’s faith does not tell you to take part in the murder of innocent lives. Rather, it tells you to be the ones on the right that will be acknowledged by their creator for fulfilling the Works of Mercy.