Megan’s Story: The Doctor Gave Her a Death Sentence by Starvation After She Was Born

Alfie Evans and Charlie Gard’s Deaths at the Hands of Doctors are Not Exceptions. It Happens in the US More Often Than You Know.

Blogger’s note: The following story was originally published in March 2016.  

This is a true account that I experienced in 1981 at Frankford Hospital, now Aria Hospital in Philadelphia. Terry Noble, Voices for Life

It was 36 years ago, when my first grandson came into the world. He was born in the hospital where I worked as a billing clerk. A joyous celebration of his birth took place that day. Christopher Robert was a healthy 8lb, 3oz. baby. He was and still is the joy of our lives.

On the same day, a baby girl was born. Megan was a beautiful newborn, 6 lbs, 6 oz. Rumors were flying around the hospital about a “little angel” in the nursery who would not survive. As I later found out, Megan was that “little angel”. A friend in housekeeping told me that Megan was diagnosed by the pediatrician as “not having a brain”.

The doctor told the parents that Megan only had a brain stem. As it turned out, the pediatrician was wrong. He never ordered a CAT scan to confirm his diagnosis. It was later determined Megan had hydrocephalus. This condition causes fluid on the brain. A procedure is performed to drain the fluid within two to three days after birth. Today, this can be done in the womb. The procedure was never ordered by the physician.

Armed with his prognosis, the pediatrician withheld nutrition from Megan. The newborn was given fluids. The parents were young and naive. They believed the doctor’s report. They came to see Megan every day. He was starving her to death, as they continued to trust the one who took an oath to “do no harm” to their baby.

About one week later, Lois told me that Megan was moved to a private room. She was taken out of her isolate. In the meantime, the nurses began to sneak feedings to Megan. It was later reported that nurses had threatened the administration with notifying the media.

When I told my co-workers that a baby was being starved to death in our hospital, there was one of two responses: “It’s not true” or “It’s none of your business”. Even a pediatrician said he would not remove nutrition, but did not intervene. I was upset and confused. How could this be happening? How could we allow a baby to be starved to death? What would they record as the official cause of her death,”starvation”? I thought, we’re not only killing babies in the womb, now we’re killing them outside the womb.

I called my pastor for advice. He gave me the phone number of a pro-life attorney. I told him what Megan was suffering at the hands of the pediatrician. He was shocked. He said because she did not have a shunt to relieve the pressure on her brain, she was in tremendous pain.

Four weeks passed. Lois continued to keep me updated. It seemed there was no way we could do anything to save Megan.I cried out to the Lord to send someone, anyone to intervene and save her. Then the Lord began to lead Lois and me on different paths to help Megan. 

The attorney called a pro-life group. They called the hospital and told them they would picket the building if they didn’t feed the baby. Since the parents were Catholic, they sent a priest to their home to speak with them. At the same time, Lois called the parents and told them to take their baby out of the hospital. Before Megan was discharged, I went to her room. Her little body was just skin and bones. I cried as I placed my hands over her and asked God to raise her up as a testimony to His power.

The parents rushed her to Philadelphia Children’s Hospital. When the physicians saw Megan, they were in tears. They could not believe a doctor could have done this to an infant. She received the procedure and began to recover from the first painful weeks after her birth.

Megan’s mother invited Lois and me to her home after her discharge from Children’s Hospital. We were so grateful to finally meet her. The baby I prayed over was transformed from the shell of an infant to a precious, thriving “little angel”. This was truly a miracle of God’s grace and love.

Megan was also diagnosed with spina bifida and learning disabilities. But Megan and her parents triumphed through the Lord’s Divine intervention over a system that wanted to take her life. He used a billing clerk and a hospital housekeeper to do what the administration refused to do to save Megan’s life.

Priest who Refused Communion to Joe Biden Needs Our Prayers and Support

Let us pray

The last few days there have been many articles written and news reports of a very courageous priest from South Carolina who refused the sacrament of Holy Eucharist to former vsice-president Joe Biden because of his strong convictions on abortion.  (see link below to one of these article)

While we are all sinners, we who are Catholic, approach the communion rail, hopefully, in the state of grace so as not to incur a more grave sin of receiving the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Our Lord Jesus Christ with tainted souls.

Abortion is a mortal sin, one which needs to be confessed and forgiven before receiving the sacrament of Holy Eucharist.

As you can imagine, the phone in the rectory of St. Anthony’s Church has been ringing constantly and  the secretary of this parish has asked for prayer.

I’m asking not only for prayers for Father Morey and his parish, but I would encourage all to write a note of support to him as well.

You can contact him at: Rev. Robert E. Morey,  St. Anthony Catholic Church, 2536 Hoffmeyer Rd, Florence, SC 29501 or send him an email at

And let’s pray also for Joe Biden, our elected officials and all who hold authority over us  that they will follow God’s law and His Will and not their own.

AMEN! Florence Catholic Priest Refuses to Give Communion to Pro-Abortion Joe Biden



Groups Call for End to Use of Aborted Fetal Tissue in Animal Research

Fetael research

WASHINGTON (CNS) — A collection of pro-life groups Oct. 22 called for an end to the use of aborted fetal tissue in animal research.

Although the Trump administration banned the practice in June for federal research at the National Institutes of Health, the group White Coat Waste Project said research continues in 31 different states with research dates not expiring until 2023 or even later, with some projects having open-ended deadlines.

Anthony Bellotti, president and founder of the White Coat Waste Project, said the trade in aborted fetal tissue supports a $100-million-a-year industry. “If you’re an animal lover, you’re opposed to this. If you’re pro-life or pro-choice, you’re opposed to this. If you’re Republican or Democrat, you’re opposed to this,” he added.

Bellotti made his remarks at what was billed as a “congressional briefing,” titled “Putting Life Back Into Life Science,” and held in a room at the Capitol Visitors Center.

Continue reading this article here.  

Election News: New Jersey Right to Life PAC Endorsements for Tuesday, November 5, 2019

The following is from Marie Tasy, Executive Director of the New Jersey Right to Life.  It’s important that pro-life advocates vote in all elections for pro-life candidates; not just in presidential elections, but in every election. If we want to see an end to abortion and other evils so prevalent in our society, we must exercise our right to vote!   

Vote prolife

On Tuesday, November 5, 2019, NJ voters will be asked to go to the polls to elect their 2 State Assembly Members who represent us at the State House in Trenton. Please see link below for a list of Assembly candidates endorsed by New Jersey Right to Life PAC. We have also endorsed some local candidates running for town/county races.


We recommend that you review your ballot and then compare it to our list of endorsed candidates. If your ballot contains Assembly and/or local candidates endorsed by New Jersey Right to Life PAC, please vote for those candidates.

Please Note regarding Assembly Candidates: If the Assembly candidates appearing on your ballot have not been endorsed by us, but they are incumbent Assembly candidates which means they are running for reelection, please call our office to find out how they voted on pro-life issues.

Polls are open on Tuesday, November 5th from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m.  Voter turnout is expected to be light.  Every vote counts and pro-life voters can make a difference!   Please make sure to vote pro-life and please consider reminding and urging other pro-life voters to vote as well.  You may even consider driving some folks to the polls.

Please share this information with other pro-life voters.

You can also view these endorsements on our website  


Former Abortionist to Highlight Closing Rally for 40 Days for Life Waco on Oct 29th

from John Pisciotta, Director, Pro-Life Waco 

We are in the final week of the successful 40 Days for Life prayer vigil in Waco. There is very good news about the Closing Rally, which begins at 6 PM on Tuesday the 29th in the public right of way of Planned Parenthood at 700 W HWY 6.

Dr. Haywood

The keynote speaker will be Dr. Haywood Robinson, an abortion doctor in California as a young physician until is conversion to pro-life and to Christ.

He is now retired from his health care career and works for international 40 Days for Life in Bryan, Texas. Dr. Robinson has been very busy speaking at fall 40 days events around the country and beyond. Below is a sneak preview of Dr. Robinson: a 7-minute recent interview on the 700 Club.



True Freedom Conference Focuses on Hope, Freedom, Love and Forgiveness Found in Christ

Below is a report from Kim Griffin on the True Freedom Conference that was held in center city Philadelphia on Saturday.  Additional pictures of the prayer rally are in the file below Kim’s report.  


On October 26, 2019 people of faith, young and old gathered for a prayer vigil at the Women’s Center of Philadelphia.

The Women’s Center of Philadelphia is an abortion center in a non-descript building on Appletree Street in Center City Philadelphia. They provide abortions up to 24 weeks of pregnancy. On an average day, they abort 19 babies per day, 6437 per year.

Speakers at the event spoke of the hope, freedom, love and forgiveness found in Christ. And acknowledged the difficulties facing the pro-life movement but that is a worthy and important cause.

Here are some highlights:

Karly Brown from Temple University spoke about abortion being the “greatest battle of our day. “She pointed out that Christ was humiliated and mocked for sharing truth and so we will be too.

Pastor Curtis who comes to the clinic to pray with his three children and hand out blessing bags spoke and shared that each one of us is “made in the image and likeness of God.” The blessings bags contain handwritten cards with words of encouragement and pamphlets that contain resources for adoption, counseling, and free ultrasounds. There is also information on the abortion reversal pill. When women go the clinic for a chemical abortion they take the first dose of the abortion pill (Mifeprex or RU-486.) They are sent home to complete the abortion with two more doses. But if the woman changes her mind the effects of the first dose may be reversed and allow the pregnancy to continue. Women have up to 72 hours but ideally would call within 24 hours of taking the first dose for a greater chance of reversal. Women can call and receive help from a medical professional that will guide the woman towards reversing the effects of the abortion pill. The hotline number is (877) 558-0333.

Marlene Downing who is the executive director of Hope Pregnancy Center in North Philadelphia emphasized that pro-life efforts are never in vain, that we must not grow weary. The pregnancy Center offers positive alternatives to unplanned pregnancies working to meet both the needs of the woman and the child at every level.

And Father Joseph Coffey, a Navy Chaplain and champion for the unborn reminded us that the Quakers spoke out against slavery long before it was abolished. We too are speaking out against an injustice against humanity, the killing of the unborn. And our efforts are not in vain.

Pat Stanton, co-leader of Sidewalk Servants for 40 days for life pointed out that abortion statistics are in our favor.  Less women are getting abortions. And there have been two saves during this 40 days for life campaign in Philadelphia that we are aware of, perhaps many more.  Patrick further stated, “since the 1990’s the number of abortion clinics has dropped 68% from app. 2100 to 728. And according to 40 Days for Life, the results from 24 coordinated campaigns; 16,004 babies have been saved and 190 abortion workers have been converted and 100 abortion centers closed!”

During the prayer vigil, many women entered the clinic (Saturday is one of the clinics busiest days) but this Saturday at least the message of hope, forgiveness, and healing in Christ was shared.

You can view more photos from the True Freedom Conference prayer vigil are below.

True Freedom Conference


Closing Rally Scheduled for Saturday, November 2 at 4 PM in West Chester, Pa.

Chester County spring campaign

from Rachel Hayes Chester County Leader – 40 Days for Life 

The fall 40 Days for Life campaign home stretch is here with just another week and a half to go! Your help is needed to fill the remaining vigil hours on behalf of the unborn at risk. Please consider committing to an hour of prayer and peaceful vigil before the end of the campaign: Chester County 40 Days for Life 

Though the official last day of our campaign is Nov. 3, we will be having our closing rally celebration at 4 pm on Sat., Nov. 2 at our vigil location.  (map)

Come out to be encouraged and inspired at what God can do through our prayers and faithful witness as we hear from Steve Karlen the National Headquarters Campaign Director.

Here’s an excerpt from Karlen’s bio: “Steve got involved in the pro-life movement as a volunteer leader with the 40 Days for Life campaign in Madison, Wisconsin. Before long, he found himself at the center of a nationwide controversy as the health system at his alma mater, the University of Wisconsin, was secretly preparing to open a late-term abortion center on campus. Groups across the state looked to him for leadership. After a grueling 16-month campaign, the university health system cancelled its abortion plans, later citing the work of Karlen and his team as the reason for making that decision.”

March for Life in Warminster, Pa to Close 40 Days for Life Campaign on Saturday, Nov 2

March for Life in Warminster

As the 40 Days for Life Fall Campaign draws to an end, the Bucks County Pro-Life Coalition will hold a March for Life on Saturday, November 2 beginning at 12:00 noon at Nativity of Our Lord parking lot located at 626 Street Road in Warminster (map) and ending at Planned Parenthood on Louis Drive.

We will march silently up Street Road to give witness to those who live and shop in Warminster of the terrible crimes committed by Planned Parenthood right in their own neighborhood.

Please try to join us for this closing event.  Signs will be provided for everyone.  A short prayer service will follow this march at Planned Parenthood.

 Please print out and share the flyer below.

March for Life in Warminster



You Still Have Time to Register for This Saturday’s True Freedom Conference

Conference 1

Generation Life   invites you and the young people in your life to join us for a FREE, galvanizing Pro-Life conference featuring premiere speaker, Christopher West.

This conference will begin with a prayer vigil & rally at the 777 Appletree St. abortion clinic, then confer at Roman Catholic High School’s Howard Center for the Arts.

Date: Saturday, October 26
Time: 8:00am – 12:15pm
Vigil Location: 777 Appletree St.
Philadelphia, PA 19106
Conference Location: Howard Center for the Arts
1212 Wood St., Philadelphia, PA, 19107

The abortion industry is targeting more and more young people, trapping them in the culture of death.

Encourage young people you know to explore TRUE FREEDOM with these two powerful events. Share this with high school students and young adults in your life!

Christopher West

Join us for witness and prayer, followed by Mass, and a powerful presentation by  Christopher West of the Theology of the Body Institute.

There are several ways to reserve your space for this no-cost event.

Online: Visit
By Phone: Call (215) 393-3610
By Mail: Print and send the form below to Generation Life, 8506 Frankford Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19136

For more information, please see flyer and registration forms provided below.



Generation Life officially began its outreach to youth with a summer leadership conference at Drexel University during the summer of 2000. At this conference 200 students rallied together to form the first group of Gen Lifers in the Southeastern Pennsylvania area. Based on the success of this conference, the leadership at Generation Life decided that it was necessary to outreach to youth on a more fulltime basis. So in the fall of 2001, following a second successful summer leadership conference at Villanova University, Generation Life began to outreach to area schools (public, private and parochial) with the hiring of a fulltime workforce. Since 2001, Generation Life has invited over 400,000 young people throughout the Philadelphia and tri-state area to embrace the message of saving sex for marriage. For more information on this organization, please visit their website using this link.  



Woman Headed to the Abortion Clinic Changes Her Mind, Her Friends Adopt Her Baby

“It was all definitely orchestrated by God. I just think, if we had even had children when we were first trying, Kyndal might never have been born.”

Life News published a heartwarming story from Right to Life of Michigan. Read the details of an adoption of a baby girl whose mom changed her mind about abortion on the way to her appointment. Thank the Lord that this mother chose life. Adoption is always the loving option.

Tricia and her husband Scott spent long years wishing for a child. They tried for many years to conceive, and when they never did, they decided to start the adoption journey. They became an active couple, hoping to be paired with a child who needed a home, but after a few years of waiting with no responses they became discouraged.

“We thought, maybe God had other plans for us,” Tricia said. “We committed to thoroughly spoiling our nieces and nephews.”

Meanwhile, an acquaintance of Scott’s through work was facing her own difficulties. She was pregnant, but not ready to care for a child and didn’t want her family to know about it.

One night, Tricia and Scott received a Facebook message from her, asking if they would ever consider adopting from someone they know.

“This was someone who was very supportive when she learned we were hoping to adopt,” Tricia said. “She said she would even share our information if she ever encountered someone looking for options. When she reached out because she was pregnant, we said, of course we would!”

Tricia and Scott were thrilled at the possibility of receiving the child into their home. They were even more grateful and surprised when they heard the story behind the woman’s inspiration to contact them.

“She was going to terminate—she was actually on her way to the appointment, but she said she remembered Scott and I, and how much we wanted a baby but couldn’t have one. She realized the weight of her decision and decided to reach out to us.” Tricia said.

They soon finalized the paperwork to become her adoptive parents, and on October 7th, 2017, Tricia and Scott were in the delivery room while Kyndal was born.

“It was kind of like coming full circle,” Tricia said, explaining that she was also adopted.

After Kyndal’s birth, there was a 30-day period in which the birth mother could change her mind about the adoption.

“This was almost more stressful than the years we spent waiting to be matched,” Tricia said. “We were pretty sure she wouldn’t change her mind because she had such a good understanding with us, but there’s always that ‘what if?’”

Eventually the 30 days were over, and Kyndal has spent two happy years at home with Tricia and Scott.

“She is the sweetest, most beautiful blessing,” Tricia said. “It was all definitely orchestrated by God. I just think, if we had even had children when we were first trying, Kyndal might never have been born.”

Tricia acknowledged the long and difficult period of waiting during the adoption process was a necessary part of the story. A small misunderstanding in their paperwork caused years of waiting without a match, even though their profile had very high views from birth parents looking for a couple.

“But again, if we had been paired with a child any sooner, our Kyndal may never have been born,” she said.

Click here to continue reading this inspiring Life News story.