Two saves in Philadelphia. No Joking

No one will be April fooling you with this email from Dr. Monique Ruberu.

Praise God and praise the fearless prayer warriors who continue to show up and pray outside the abortion centers.

Praise God for the continued prayer support YOU are providing through our daily 12-hour vigil at home.

Today we have had reports of two women who chose life… one at Comley Rd and one at 12th and locust!!!


Here is the report from Pat Stanton about the save at 12th and Locust…

” She was meandering in and out of the Center… a young girl… twice we offered her help and resources but she wouldn’t take a thing…

A while later an older lady walked in… I approached her in the same way “Can I offer you any help?” She replied, “I’m not here for an abortion… I have someone in there”

Pat responded, “Will you take some resources in for her? You know this is murder”

sadly she shook her said and said, “I know”

Pat returned to prayer…

a short while later he was so thrilled to see the older lady coming out fists pumping into the air in JUBILATION.accompanied by her granddaughter..” we are KEEPING this baby!!!”
Pat shared all of the resources with them, made sure they had the numbers they needed to call for help and watched them walk away.
It was a good day. Thanks be to God!


Meanwhile, Anita Flynn shared about how an unlikely person helped pro-lifers in NorthEast Philly helped a girl to the pro-life side.
if you are not older or immunosuppressed and want to join pat and the few others on the front lines please reach out to pat (2677184851) to see how you can help there are some masks available for the few that go down.

please see the list of hours covered and let me know if you want to cover an hour of prayer at home.

hour(number of people)

Let’s bring every hour up to at least 2 people …

Saturday: 7(1),8(4),9(3),10(5),11(4),12(1),1(7), 2(2),3(2),4(3),5(1),6(1),7(1)

Sunday: 7(1),8(4),9(2), 10(3), 11(3),12(4),1(2),2(3),3(2),4(1),5(1),6(1),7(1)

monday:7(3),8(4),9(4)10(3),11(3),12(2),1(3),2(2), 3(3), 4(1),5(1),6(1),7(1)

tuesday: 7(2), 8(4),,9(5),10(2), 11(3),12(2),1(2),2(2),3(3), 4(1),5(1),6(1),7(1)

wed:7(3),8(4),9(4),10(2),11(3),12(2),1(3),2(2),3(3), 4(1),5(1),6(1),7(1)

thurs: 7(3),8(4),9(3),10(2),11(3),12(2),1(2),2(2),3(3), 4(1), 5(1),6(1), 7(1)

friday: 7(3),8(4), 9(3),10(2),11(3), 12(3),1(2), 2(2), ,3(4),4(2),  5(1), 6(1), 7(1)

Wanna Break Cabin Fever? Take a Leap of Faith and Pray Outside of Abortion Facilities

The headliner might be a bit misleading. However, two brave men decided to continue praying outside of abortion facilities in the Philadelphia area, despite the stay at home order from elected officials.

The suggestion does come with some parameters.

  1. Do not come within two feet of patients entering the facility or escorts (if any decide to be out there)
  2. Be sure to be courteous and respectful to police and people coming and going on the sidewalk
  3. Be peaceful
  4. Bring love
  5. Stay safe and well
  6. Treat this like 40 Days for Life is still going on.
  7. Pray in small groups of less than ten
  8. If you are ill, pray from home

Remember, God has appeared to many people to do his will. You should do his, not the will of man.

“Never underestimate the spirit of God working through you, with you, and despite you.” Archbishop Nelson Perez

Save! Save! Save!

Quakers for Life

Today at 12th and locust a young woman named Betty took resources and opted to save the life of her 8-week baby


Here is another update from the front lines :

Crowd Shot 2


Diane said:

“This morning a woman walked into 777; turned around, exited the building, and began talking to us.  She wanted information from us regarding a pregnancy test;  she is unsure if she is pregnant.  I gave her one of our bags and was also able to get her an appointment for next Tuesday at Amnion Pregnancy Center (where I volunteer). At  Amnion she will get a free pregnancy test and ultrasound. She also is in need of housing; currently, she lives with her dad and her 3-year-old daughter. Please keep Nikenya in your prayers.


Another girl who was picking up a friend from 777 requested one of our bags.


I was able to speak with 3 different Uber drivers today.  Assuming they were with the women they dropped off, I began telling them about other options besides abortion and how much we love and care for them.  Surprisingly they listened politely to everything I had to say before telling me they were just the drivers.  One even thanked me for what we do and said, “God bless you!”

There’s lots of empty space to spread out in outside the downtown abortion centers:

please help fill the hours

Monday 3/23 : 12th and locust: 8,9,10,11,12,1,2,4,

tuesday 3/24 : 12th and locust: 10,11,12,1,2,3,4

777 appletree : 8,9,10,11,12,1,2

wed 3/25: 12th and locust: 3,4

777 appletree: 8,9,10,11,12,1,2

God bless,


Visit 40 Days for Life to sign up today.

Yard Signs can Speak out for you During Covid 19 Crisis

This is a great idea from John Pisciotta of Waco, Texas for those who are sheltering in place during this virus crisis.  Display your signs on your lawns for a pro-life witness to your neighbors! 

Signs Pro-life outreach in Waco is modifying and drawing back slightly–with regrets. The Covid 19 threat is real and deadly. The Planned Parenthood threat to babies is also real and deadly. We cannot abandon the battle for life. At this time of serious health concern, I want to emphasize the importance of you and your family having a stronger yard sign proclamation. I have five types of yard signs available for you, free of charge, at my front doorstep. As we draw back in some ways, we can escalate our pro-life message with yard signs. If you have a yard, there is no excuse for not displaying a yard sign. If you have one, please consider two. Corner lots look nice with 3 or 4. At my doorstep at 4200 Grim Avenue, you will find signs with the following messages: Vote Pro-Life, Pray to End Abortion in English, Pray to End Abortion in Spanish, Choose Life with a photo of a Anglo/Hispanic mom and baby, and Choose Life with an African-American mom and baby.

You will also find some stakes without signs. Take one of these if the stake on one of your signs has broken. If you live outside of Waco and travel through, you are welcome to choose a free sign provide by the generous Pro-Life Waco donors. We must continue to let our neighbors know that they have neighbors who deeply care about the shedding of innocent blood.
This is the international headquarters of PLW

Using this time with a pro-life purpose

Our lifestyle has changed dramatically in a very short time. But extra time at home now gives us an opportunity perhaps to bring more people into active participation in pro-life activities and to increase our own knowledge and support for this cause. Below are just a few ideas to use this time with purpose. While these suggestions specify organizations in the Philadelphia region, the sentiment is the same regardless of your locale.

  blogpic4   *Share the 40 Days for Life website with others who may now be home more than usual and schedule an hour of prayer and support outside your local abortion center (following whatever CDC recommendations are in place as to number of people and distancing).

       *Substitute what would have been your commute time with extra time to pray for an end to abortion or meditate on ways you can best use your talents to participate in this goal.

       *Search out local pro-life organizations and request to be added to their contact list so you can follow current news and participate in upcoming events. (example Pro-Life Union of Greater Philadelphia).

     *Check out the Sidewalk Servant training videos on the Pro-Life Union’s website to learn more about following best practices standing vigil outside an abortion center.Unplanned

     *Watch “Unplanned” or lend your copy to someone who hasn’t seen it. It is also available to rent/buy from your cable provider (e.g. Comcast On Demand)

     *Contact local/state/federal representatives – either to thank those who support a pro-life agenda or to question those that do not

       *Contact women’s pregnancy centers about volunteer opportunities – they may be limiting the number of volunteers onsite at this time but you can be ready for when things return to normal. Also ask them what supplies they are in need of and perhaps schedule an online order to ship directly to them. (Examples: A Baby’s Breath, Legacy of Life).

     *If shopping online thru Amazon, you can link to various charities through their Amazon smile program – I know Generation Life is one of them as my purchases are linked to this organization. AmazonSmile Foundation will donate 0.5% of the purchase price of eligible products to the charitable organization of your choice. See if you can link any pro-life charities to your AmazonSmile account. You can also set up automatic donations to pro-life charities you wish to support routinely. Most have details on their websites.

Some of us may be doing all these things. Some of us may be doing a few and meant to check into the others and just never had the time. Personally, I want to check into possible volunteer opportunities at A Baby’s Breath – I kept meaning to but it never happened. Now, it will.

And one more thing we need to do — keep the patients who have contracted the virus in our prayers that they may recover.

Encounter with 6 Clients

This was from an email blast sent out yesterday by Dr. Monique Ruberu

Dear friends,

I wanted to share an encounter that our dear friend Marlene who leads the Hope Pregnancy Center sponsored by Greater Exodus Church shared with me… She has a total of 6 clients today!!!

6 couples that were looking for help on their path… 6 babies whose moms were trying to determine if they would allow them the gift of life… and every time Marlene met with them she was so open to God… His guidance, His word… the impression He placed on her heart as to how to best minister to the child He brought to her…

a young high school girl sat in front of Marlene… she didn’t appear like the overly studious type but instantly the Lord impressed upon Marlene that she was a good student…

Marlene asked her, “You’re a good student aren’t you” and the girl quietly replied, “yes”… “What are your grades like?” “Straight A’s”

Marlene instantly knew to continue trusting in the Lord within this conversation… The girl came in already resigned to have an abortion.. she came for the free pregnancy test to solidify her plan…

Marlene invited her and the father to sit with her… she explained that they are ALREADY parents, they are already a Man and Woman… acting like the baby isn’t real or their child isn’t going to make it so… they need to talk to her mother… share the truth and make decisions based on the facts…

she then had them read a card out loud… she had the young father read 6 points about adoption and the young mother read 6 points about abortion… this is what it sounded like :

Him: your pregnancy ends with giving life

Her: Your pregnancy ends with death

him: you can feel good about your choice

her: You may feel guilt and shame about your choice

him: You will remember giving birth

her; You will remember taking life

him: You will have plenty of time to plan you and your baby’s future

her: Abortion is final you will have no time to go back on this decision.
Him: You can hold, name and love your baby

her: You will never know or treasure your baby

him: You can have continued contact with your child and know how he or she is growing and developing

her: You will miss the opportunity to see your child grow and develop

After they read through this together out loud… Marlene turned to the young father… she said, you obviously care about her… do you want her to go through everything that comes with abortion… he responded, “No, and I don’t want my child to be killed”

Marlene prayed with them both… she signed them both up for an ultrasound a few days later, please please pray that this young couple returns to see their child

Please pray for Marlene and all the other Pregnancy Help Centers that care for the men and women we so desire to minister to.
please fill these hours tomorrow and maybe you can be the one who sends the next person to the centers for help!!!

Tuesday 3/10: 12th and locust : 3,4

Wed 3/11: 777 appletree 12,1

thursday 3/12: 777 appletree: Tom Stevens CEO of the pro life union will be out there.. go pray with him at 11,12,1

friday 3/13: 777 appletree: come pray with Bernadette at 11, or fill an empty hour at 12,1,2

mon 3/16: 12th and locust: 9,10,11,12,1,2,4

God bless you all!!

dr Monique


Don’t Miss the Pro-Life Union’s Sidewalk Outreach Training on March 3rd

Pat Stanton

The following is from Tom Stevens, President and CEO of the Pro-Life Union of Greater Philadelphia.We encourage everyone in Southeast Pennsylvania to attend Tuesday’s Outreach Training. 

Learn from seasoned counselors how to speak with moms entering abortion facilities to encourage them to choose life for their children. This is a great opportunity to learn how to speak with moms entering abortion centers and help them make the choice for life!


St Colman Parish

(Park across the street in the Church parking lot and enter from the rear of the rectory building.)

Watch the Pro-Life Union’s Sidewalk Servant Video Series, become trained, and contact us today to become a prayerful, peaceful presence in front of an abortion clinic. You can impact someone’s life forever!

The Pro-Life Union supports alternatives to abortion across the Greater Philadelphia region through Guiding Star Ministries, as well as proactive education, public affairs, and awareness efforts to speak heart-to-heart with women and men of all ages about how practically to build a better culture that serves all people.  Your donation will help the Pro-Life Union with these pro-life efforts.



Philly 40 Days for Life- Day 3

The following is from an email blast sent out by Dr. Monique Ruberu regarding 40 Days for Life in Philadelphia. 

Dear Friends,

Today was another full day at the vigil!! Many thanks to the amazing prolifers from Epiphany led by Janet Glendening and the awesome Temple students led by Karly Brown.

Tomorrow is Saturday…. the worst day at the abortion centers… the line of cars seems endless and it is simply heartbreaking to watch.

Every woman entering these places is entering because they feel hopeless, scared, boxed in… and they don’t realize how much they will suffer if they go through with this “choice”…

The good news is that we are covered for every single hour tomorrow!!!!!! Thanks be to God for every one of you that will be present! Know that we will be praying for you as you stand in the gap!!!

please consider joining us and covering hours next week!!!

Monday 3/2: 12th and locust : 10,1,2

Tues 3/3: 12th and locust: 9,11,12,2,3

Wed 3/4: 12th and loc: 11,2

wed 3/4 777 appletree 12,1,2

thurs 3/5 12th and loc : 8,9,10,12,1

To sign up for hours, visit here for Planned Parenthood (1144 Locust) and Philadelphia Women’s Center.

Chester County, Pa. Spring Campaign Has Begun. Sign Up Today!

Chester County 2020

The following is from Rachel Hayes, Campaign Leader for the 40 Days for Life Campaign in Chester County, Pennsylvania.  This campaign runs from February 26 through April 5th.  Sign-up information is listed below.  

Our spring campaign is officially underway. 12 hours a day of peaceful, prayer-filled vigil over the next 40 days from Wednesday, February 26 through Sunday, April 5th. If each person reading this post signs up for just one open hour and brings along one friend, we will have at least two people holding vigil each day and all 480 hours covered in prayer!

Your prayers and presence are making a life-saving impact, so please make every effort to give one hour of your time over the course of the campaign. This is the largest 40 Days campaign to date being held in 507 cities across the U.S. and globally. Our prayer and fasting, community outreach, and peaceful vigil is bringing us one step closer to ending abortion where we live.

Thank you for prayerfully and boldly standing in the gap, and doing all you can to make the killing of the innocent unborn both unthinkable and unavailable.

You may sign-up for vigil hours anytime on our local campaign page, and there you will also find helpful information and resources, such as location/parking details, local pregnancy center contacts, introduction to sidewalk advocacy, and updates on campaign events.

Philly 2020 40 Days for Life Campaign- Day 1 Recap

The following is an email correspondence from Dr. Monqieu Ruberu. She offers a recap from each day of the 40 Days for Life campaign.
Dear Friends,

Today we had a beautiful day at the vigil!! Many thanks to the prolifers from St Richards under the leadership of Rosemary Cialberti and the prolifers from St Francis Xavier organized by Mickey Kelly and Guy Vacca!! we also had some awesome knights present at the end of the day!! Thanks Chas de Feo and friends!!!

Rosemary spent the whole day from 10am to 5 pm at 12th and locust!! Thank you for your love and dedication!!

One of the women at 12th and Locust was witnessed going into the women’s center after receiving a bag!! Thanks be to God a step in the right direction!!!

please continue to help us fill hours in the following days:

Thursday 2/27: 777 appletree 2pm

Thursday 2/27: 12th and Locust: 8 and 9

Friday 2/28: 12th and locust 12,3

Sat 2/29: 12th and loc: 12,1,2

Mon 3/2 12th and loc: 10,1,2

Visit here to sign up.