Please Join Us on Good Friday at the Planned Parenthood in Northeast Philly for a Prayer Vigil and Stations of the Cross

One of the most poignant events hosted each year by local pro-life groups is the Way of the Cross for victims of abortion.  These events are held on Good Friday in front of abortion centers across the country.  

In Northeast Philadelphia the annual Way of the Cross will be held at the Planned Parenthood located on Comly Road on Good Friday, April 15th from 9:00 – 10:00 am.  We invite everyone to join with us as we pray and meditate on the suffering of Jesus Christ at our own modern-day Golgotha in Northeast Philly.

This event is sponsored by the Northeast Philadelphia Pro-Life Coalition.  

Pro-Life Stations of the Cross – Closing Prayer

Thank you for joining us in prayer and reflection on the Stations of the Cross the last 14 days. Without the power of God’s grace, the flood of immorality, false thinking and grave sin cannot be overcome. A culture drenched in blood and glorified in lust and pride desperately needs the purifying, transforming grace of Christ. 

Prolife Stations

Closing Prayer

Lord, we have followed step by step the way of the Cross of murdered unborn children, victims of our time. With these steps we have kept in step with You and have kept You company on Your Holy way of the Cross, because You have said, “Whatsoever you do for the least of my brothers, you do for Me.”

Have mercy on mankind in our day and time.  It is You, You alone, who can put an end to these evil works of the devil.  The souls of murdered innocent life are crying out to You.  Lord, have mercy.  Amen.


Although Lent is coming to an end it is not too late to enter deeply into Christ’s Passion.

Come and join Mission Youth this Good Friday, April 2nd, to close out Holy Week.

9 AM Rosary at Planned Parenthood (12th & Locust)

10 AM Center City Crosswalk

Lunch, Living Stations Rehearsal

12:30 PM Living Stations of the Cross – Beginning at St. Patrick’s – Ends at Cathedral of Sts. Peter & Paul

The Thirteenth Station of the Cross: Jesus’ Body is Removed from the Cross

After an excruciating death, Our Lord was removed from the cross with love and tenderness and laid in His mother’s arms.  She lived every day since she was called to be his Mother knowing that this day would come.  And now that it was over, she just wanted to hold her Son in her arms one last time.  They had both accomplished what they had been asked to do by God, Our Father.  Their life together, bound by their promise to the Father, made them one with each other.

Abortion removes the possibility of ever knowing a love as deep as a mother for her child.  We are called to nurture, protect and teach our children, not to violently destroy their very being.  If only the mothers of these children could see into the future, they might realize how different their lives could have been.  Love, joy, and yes, even a little pride, could have filled their lives instead of regret at what could have been. Contentment in knowing they had done their very best as a parent would have replaced their unrelenting remorse.

Jesus, let all those mothers carrying sons and daughters at this very minute realize the precious gift they have within them.  Let them know the closeness of a mother and child; the closeness You had with Mary.  Mary felt every lash of the whip, every thorn piercing your head, every nail in your hands and feet and yet she did not ask that this trial be taken from her.  Just as You said, “Thy will be done”, so too did Mary utter these words.  Let these new mothers look forward to the day when they can sing together with the voices of their unborn sons and daughters.  Let them tenderly hold them in their arms as Mary so tenderly held her Son at his birth in Bethlehem and at the foot of the cross at Calvary.  Amen.

The Ninth Station of the Cross: Jesus Falls the Third Time

By this time on Our Lord’s path to crucifixion he was extremely weak.  He had endured the scourging, the crowning with thorns and the weight of the cross.  He knew his death was imminent but he proceeded along to fulfill His Father’s mission: death on a cross to redeem the world.

Often our work pursuing an abortion-free world seems daunting.  There is the immediate need to change each woman’s mind day-in-and-day-out at the abortion centers.  There is also the need to communicate with our governmental officials and hold them accountable to recognize all life is valuable.  Then there is the need to help those who have chosen life by supporting them through our pro-life pregnancy centers.  And finally, to be an example to others and explain with facts how abortion impacts women and society.  We may fall every now and then and wonder if society will ever change its acceptance of abortion but we must follow Jesus’ example and get back up and travel the road with one more day outside an abortion clinic, one more conversation with our local representative, one more fundraiser for our pregnancy centers and one more discussion with a friend who still cannot fully accept a pro-life agenda.

Lord, let us follow the example of all those who have steadfastly stood up for life, both past and present.  Let us pray that we have the energy and determination to continue the battle for life. And if we fall, give us a moment to gather ourselves together and then stand up to do your work as the voice for our unborn. Amen.

8th Station of the Cross: Jesus meets the Women of Jerusalem

8th Station

We adore You O Christ and we praise You, because by Your Holy Cross, You have redeemed the world.

Lord Jesus, You turn aside the tender pity of the women of Jerusalem; in Your mercy You warn them of the sufferings which they themselves will have to face. 

Reflection: There are women today who are not ready to accept Christ’s grace, who place self-love above the welfare of their children, who boast of their abortions; but Christ is thinking precisely of those children whose parents give scandal, children growing up in broken homes, children who suffer in a time of abundance and luxury.  And we should ask:  What about ourselves? 

Prayer: Have mercy on mankind in our day and time. It is You Lord, and You alone who can put an end to these evil works of the devil.

The 7th Station: Jesus Falls the Second Time

Jesus falls once again falls for our sins. This time, he falls away from the cross. The journey is taking a toll on him as he draws near to Mt. Calvary.

Reflection: No matter how many times we may fall in our journey, the mercy of God is everlasting. Women who have gone through with abortion have often done it again while engaged in a promiscuous lifestyle. They get to the point where if, “there is a way out.”

Challenge: Get to confession. Invite someone to go with you. Forgive someone whom you may have hurted.

6th Station of the Cross: Veronica Wipes the Face of Jesus

6th Station

We adore You O Christ and we praise You, because by Your Holy Cross, You have redeemed the world.

Veronica, a bystander along the road to Calvary, sees Jesus’ suffering. She does not care what people might think or say; she simply follows her impulse and steps forward to help You, Lord.

Today a majority of doctors and nurses still want to help and save the unborn life they see threatened by death.  They join the fight against abortion and refuse to take part in murder.

Reflection: We should permit no discrimination against such doctors and nurses.  Nor should we permit the mass media to revile them for helping women to carry their children until birth.

Prayer: Lord Jesus crucified, help us all walk in your steps.

The Fifth Station: Simon of Cyrene Helps Jesus

In this fifth station, the soldiers see that Jesus is slowing down. The cross was too much to bear. One pulls from the crowd Simon who just stopped and saw the event unfold.

Reflection: There are times people need help in unexpected times. We can either let the spirit take over and make best of the situation, or we can just turn the other way.

The example of Simon helping Jesus can tells us that pregnant women are in need of our help. They need a Simon of Cyrene to help them in their journey to choose life and accompany them through many challenging phases.

Challenge: Offer help to a woman going into the abortion facility by letting them know about healthy alternatives.

Step further: If you see someone struggling, jump into action. Perhaps you have elderly who cannot get all of their groceries in the house. Maybe you just happen to see someone drop something and don’t realize it. This is your moment to shine.

4th Station of the Cross: Jesus meets His Afflicted Mother

4th Station

We adore you, O Christ and we praise You, because by Your Holy Cross, you have redeemed the world.

This meeting of Jesus and His Mother should deepen our faith and arouse our conscience.  Ever since the prophecy of Simeon in the temple, “A sword of sorrow shall pierce your soul,” Mary had a forboding of this most tragic moment of her life.

Reflection:  We want to pray, Lord, for those women who in a tragic moment of their life, turned to abortion as the only way out, resulting in physical suffering and the burden of moral guilt.

Prayer:  Have mercy on us O Lord, have mercy on us!