Frankenstein is Alive and Well at the University of Pittsburgh

You need to watch this just-released shocking new video on what is happening with aborted babies at the University of Pittsburgh.

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University of Pittsburgh Campus

The following information and video is from the Pennsylvania Family Institute. They describe the horrendous practices of the University of Pittsburgh in ‘medical research’ using the tiny bodies of aborted babies. Clearly, there are no boundaries of evil that Planned Parenthood and the Pittsburgh University will not cross.

You need to watch this just-released shocking new video on what is happening with aborted babies at the University of Pittsburgh.

Today, in tandem with the release of the video, we’ve launched a new webpage — — where I encourage you to take the following three-step action plan:

1. Watch this new shocking six-minute video from our friend David Daleiden and Center for Medical Progress. In 2015, Daleiden, who courageously went undercover, exposed Planned Parenthood and their selling of aborted baby parts

2. Sign the open letter to the University of Pittsburgh at

3. Share this video and website with family and friends.

This new video is devastating in its content. It shares in detail about three of the most recent horrifying examples of government-sponsored fetal experimentation at the University of Pittsburgh. What our tax dollars are paying for through Pitt should alarm us all.

The timing of this video could not have been better as it is one day before David Daleiden is set to testify before the PA House Health Committee in a public hearing on fetal experimentation. What is happening right here in Pennsylvania needs to be fully investigated and actions need to be taken to correct this incredible injustice being inflicted upon the most vulnerable. This hearing is a great first step.

Thank you for watching and sharing this video and website. Your support helps us connect with national allies like David Daleiden and Center for Medical Progress in sharing the truth about abortion and organizing ways we can work together to save lives.

Thank you for watching and sharing this video and website. Your support helps us connect with national allies like David Daleiden and Center for Medical Progress in sharing the truth about abortion and organizing ways we can work together to save lives.

Stay tuned for more on this developing situation. We must do something about this.


Michael Geer
President & CEO

Pennsylvania Family Institute
23 N Front Street, Harrisburg, PA 17101
Phone: 717-545-0600 | Fax: 717-545-8107


If you are reading this, you may have realized that it has been 100 days since a so called Catholic has taken the oath of office.

What has he accomplished you may ask? Promoting a radical death agenda for all human life. He has promoted abortion the moment he took office. He promoted transgender to participate in sports through executive order.

Look at his cabinet they all want to advance abortion on demand. Even Xavier Beccera, the Attorney General and biggest scourge of Daleiden’s undercover work.

To those who voted for this nightmare, you reap what you sow. Catholics are held accountable for voting for a so called “Catholic” who supports abortion. The clergy and laity must be more vocal in criticizing the radical administration. We cannot be passive anymore.

CALL OUT EVERY SO CALLED CATHOLIC PROMOTING IMMORALITY. Let us get behind true and authentic candidates to advance the Culture of Life.

Purchase Orders Show FDA Bought “Fresh” Livers of Viable Babies Killed in Abortions

Some of these babies bodies were used to create “humanized mice” by surgically implanting their organs into mice…

The following report by Micaiah Bilger of Life News concerns Judicial Watch’s release of documents obtained through a FISA request. They prove the FDA’s purchase of baby body parts killed in abortion for research.

Americans’ tax dollars are keeping the abortion industry going, not only by supporting the killing of unborn babies in abortions but also by purchasing their body parts for scientific research.

Documents obtained by Judicial Watch through a Freedom of Information Act request show just how connected the abortion industry is with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, National Institutes of Health and taxpayer-funded scientific research.

The Federalist recently highlighted one of these documents, an email from an FDA contract specialist asking for a quote for aborted babies’ “tissue” to be used in experiments involving “humanized mice.” The email was written to Advanced Bioscience Resources (ABR), a human tissue procurement group that works with Planned Parenthood and other abortion facilities.

On June 28, 2017, the FDA asked ABR for an estimate for 16 livers and 16 thymuses from second-trimester aborted babies. It specified that the babies’ bodies must be “free of known chromosomal abnormalities” and “fresh and never frozen.”

According to the document, the FDA wanted livers and thymuses “approximately two to three times per month.”

According to the FDA email, researchers wanted organs from babies between 16 and 24 weeks of pregnancy. Babies are viable outside the womb by about 22 weeks, so some of the aborted babies whose organs were harvested may have been viable outside the womb.

While the FDA referred to the organs as “tissue” and never to the babies from whom they came, it did acknowledge in a roundabout way that the aborted babies were, in fact, babies by mentioning their “mothers.”

In the email, the FDA contract specialist wrote, “No tissues where the mother is known to be positive for HIV or for Hepatitis A, B, or C viruses.” Later the specialist also made a reference to “maternal blood.”

These references to mothers are significant because they make the barbaric reality of what is being done clear. Mothers had their unborn babies killed in abortions. Then their babies’ bodies were dissected, labeled with a price tag and shipped to scientific researchers – at the American taxpayers’ expense.

Some of these babies’ bodies were used to create “humanized mice” by surgically implanting their organs into mice “that have multiple genetic mutations that block the development of the mouse immune system,” according to the email. Scientists then use the mice to grow the human tissue for their research.

Under the Obama administration, at least $77 million tax dollars were spent on research projects that used aborted baby body parts, according to The Hill.

“We’ve done business with the F.D.A. for many years …” an ABR employee wrote in another email to a Food and Drug Administration contract specialist, dated July 18, 2017.

Life News continues

Archbishop Prays Outside Planned Parenthood For an End to Abortion

“Christians have always understood that the commandment, ‘Thou shall not kill,’ applies to all life, including life in the womb,” Archbishop Cardileone

Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone Leads Prayers for Unborn Babies at a PP Abortion Site

Micaiah Bilger of Life News filed the following report concerning California Archbishop Cordileone leading prayers in front of Planned Parenthood.

San Francisco Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone led prayers for unborn babies outside a Planned Parenthood abortion facility April 10 in San Mateo, California.

Catholic San Francisco reports the Catholic leader joined hundreds of pro-lifers for a special Mass for Life outside the nation’s largest abortion chain.

“During these days after Easter we celebrate the new life God has given us through the resurrection of Christ, His son,” Cordileone said. “We come together to pray for and to witness to the sanctity of life, human life that speaks to us of the eternal life God has won for us through the sacrifice of His Son.”

He emphasized the power of prayer before he led Catholics in the rosary on the sidewalk near the abortion facility, according to the report.

“The rosary is a very important prayer, and the history of the church has shown that when we pray the rosary, God can work miracles,” the archbishop said. “We need the miracle of putting an end to abortion and recreating a culture of life in which every new life is welcome.”

The special Mass was a ministry of St. Gregory, St. Bartholomew and St. Timothy parishes in San Mateo and the local Knights of Columbus, the report states.

Planned Parenthood is a billion-dollar abortion chain that reported more than 354,000 abortions last year. Peaceful pro-life advocates frequently stand outside abortion facilities to pray and offer information and support to mothers in need.

Cordileone has spoken out repeatedly against abortion this year. In January, he drew national attention when he publicly criticized House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for her pro-abortion views. Pelosi, a pro-abortion Democrat who represents San Francisco, accused pro-life voters of “being willing to sell the whole democracy down the river for that one issue,” abortion.

Life News report continues

Bucks County Pro-Life Coalition Sponsors Mother’s Day Rose Sale that Funds Seven Area Pregnancy Care Centers

The following message is from Sandy Slater, president of the Bucks County Pro-Life Coalition, PA.

Already it is time to think about Mother’s Day and the Rose sale.  Because of the interruption that we had from March of 2020 and ongoing, the Bucks County Pro-Life Coalition that supports  7 area pregnancy care centers is falling short of funds.  To date we have been able to send $2,400 to them each month.  They are A Baby’s Breath, Warminster; Blessed Margaret Home, Bensalem; Legacy of Life, Bristol, Crossroads Pregnancy Care, Quakertown; Guiding Star, Philadelphia; Our Lady’s House, Jenkintown; Moms House, Downingtown. In the near future we hope to add possibly 1 more pregnancy care center.  

Donations are down due to the pandemic, but Moms in crisis still need help for their unborn as the Coalition has tried to do.  This message is being sent to the members of the coalition in the event that you do not have a Respect Life group in your Church but could speak to your pastor about the fund raiser, you do have a Respect Life group and the members would like to make a personal donation, as an individual you have not participated in the annual Rose sale before, or that you may have a Moms group that would like to do something to help other moms that are in need through the pregnancy care centers.  

Your help in any way is greatly appreciated. 

Checks may also be mailed to Bucks County Pro-Life Coalition, PO Box 7068, Penndel, PA 19047. Please see message below to Respect Life/Pro-Life Church Contacts from Christina Doherty.

Thank you and may God bless you.  

Sandy Slater
Bucks County Pro-Life Coalition

To Respect Life/Pro-Life Church Contacts:
If you are planning to sell live and/or wood roses, please contact me to order.

Christina Doherty
Bucks County Pro-Life Coalition
PO Box 7068
Penndel PA 19047
Telephone: 267-689-8399


The following is from Tom Stevens of Pro-Life Union of Greater Philadelphia.

This week there are two more pro-life hearings happening in the PA House Health Committee – and again each presents you with an opportunity to help share pro-life facts with your supporters and on social media.

  1. Wednesday, April 21st, 8:00am – Pro-Life, Abortion – Part II – Providers and Alternatives
    1. A representative from Planned Parenthood and an independent abortion provider are expected to testify.
  2. Thursday, April 22nd, 9:00am – Pro-Life, Abortion – Part III – Down Syndrome
    1. Dr. Karen Gaffney and several parents of children with Down syndrome are scheduled to testify in support of the Down Syndrome Protection Act, Senate Bill 21. More about the bill:

To watch the livestream of both pro-life hearings this week, go to  

One way to show your pro-life support is to do so on social media – especially since the pro-abortion lobby will be active in attacking pro-life legislators and testifiers.

  • On Facebook, please thank State Representative and House Health Chairwoman Kathy Rapp –
  • For Thursday, on Twitter you can thank the lead sponsors of the Down Syndrome Protection Act, State Senators Scott Martin – @SenatorMartinPA – and Judy Ward – @SenatorJWard – along with State Representative Kate Klunk (who is on the PA House Health Committee) – @RepKateKlunk 
  • You can also use #SB21 and #ALifeWorthLiving to support the Down Syndrome Protection Act online.

I will continue to use #ProLifeFacts on Twitter in my posts from each hearing – you can follow along at

Lastly, we were very thankful to have outstanding testimony shared by three pro-life doctors at the first PA House Health Committee hearing on abortion that focused on fetal development and fetal pain. Here are the opening statements by each of these three doctors:

  1. Dr. Eric Hussar:
  2. Dr. Monique Ruberu:
    1. Rep. Rapp asked Dr. Ruberu about the level of pain during various abortion procedures. “I was listening in while [the Dept. of Health Secretary] was describing [the procedures] and she mentioned gentle suction. There’s nothing gentle about it.” Here’s the clip. As one of the Reps said afterwards, there were not many dry eyes after Dr. Ruberu’s response.
  3. Dr. Joseph Castelli:  

FDA Suspends In-Person Requirement for Mifepristone Abortions: Decision Puts Women at Risk

RU486 Abortion Pill, How Does It Work. All The Facts About ...

Convincing the FDA to discard necessary safety precautions is part of the abortion industry’s long-term campaign to have women take the drug at home.

Below is a press release from the National Right to Life.

WASHINGTON — In a letter dated April 12th, acting commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration, Janet Woodcock, M.D., announced that the FDA would not enforce in-person dispensing requirements for the abortion drug mifepristone during the remainder of the pandemic.

Convincing the FDA to discard necessary safety precautions is part of the abortion industry’s long-term campaign to have women take the drug at home.

“Suspending this basic requirement places the lives of an untold number of women at risk,” said Carol Tobias, president of National Right to Life. “Telemedicine abortions and abortions by mail fit in with the plans of abortion groups to have women essentially self-abort at home. Sadly, women and their unborn babies will be the ones to suffer.”

In September 2000, the FDA approved the abortion drug mifepristone (“RU-486”) for use in the U.S. When the drug was first approved, the FDA placed restrictions on the use of the drug. The FDA felt mifepristone was one of those “medications with serious safety concerns” that required special safety regulation “to help ensure the benefits of the medication outweigh its risks.”

But, in 2016, the FDA loosened some protocols required in the prescribing of mifepristone by lifting the requirement that the drug be used no later than 7 weeks of pregnancy and expanded the time frame to allow use up to 10 weeks of pregnancy. The FDA also lowered the required dosage, expanded the types of prescribers, and reduced the number of office visits required.

Experimenting with telemedicine abortions began in Iowa in 2008. In 2016, an abortion group launched a multi-state “study” where women could have a video consult and then have the drugs shipped by overnight mail.

“Abortion groups now argue that, during the pandemic, it is ‘safer’ not to evaluate and monitor a woman taking abortion drugs than to have her come to the office. An office visit would confirm that she is not too far along for the pills to work or that she does not have an ectopic pregnancy, which these pills do not treat and can prove deadly to a woman if it goes undetected,” said Tobias.

Tobias continued, “These changes place women at greater risk because they may not be able to distinguish the signs of an incomplete abortion, a ruptured ectopic pregnancy, or a deadly infection from the ordinary pain and bleeding of completed chemical abortion. None of these changes make this process safer for the woman. What these changes do is make the process easier and cheaper for the abortion industry.”

Several state attorneys general, led by then-California AG (and now HHS Secretary) Xavier Becerra, signed a letter in March of 2020 petitioning the FDA to relax the regulations on mifepristone.

Click here for National Right to Life press release

Canadian Father Jailed after Publicly Objecting to Minor Daughter Taking Testosterone

“There’s a child — and not only mine — but in my case, my child out there having her life ruined,” he said

The transgender pride (L), pride (C) and Canada 150 pride flags fly following a flag-raising ceremony on Parliament Hill in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, June 14, 2017. | REUTERS/Chris Wattie

By Brandon Showalter, Christian Post Reporter

A father who has long objected to his minor daughter taking testosterone as part of an experimental gender transition has been jailed in British Columbia for contempt of court. 

Robert Hoogland was arrested Tuesday after a warrant was issued by a judge earlier this month for telling the public his name and showing his face, according to sources close to the situation. He will reportedly remain in police custody pending a decision on his release to be made at 9:30 a.m. Friday in the British Columbia Supreme Court in Vancouver.

Sources told The Christian Post this week that at the Friday hearing, Hoogland’s attorney will ask that the arrest warrant be voided and that he be released on the basis that the detention is unlawful. 

Hoogland has been outspoken in his opposition to what is now known as “gender-affirming” medical care in hopes of preventing his daughter from undergoing irreversible harm. Hoogland’s ex-wife, who is supported by the Canadian medical and legal system, is proceeding with their child’s transitioning against his wishes. 

The father discovered that his daughter’s school had been showing gender identity education materials called SOGI 123, The Post Millennial reported Tuesday.

His daughter had several complex problems, but they were all attributed to gender dysphoria. When his daughter was in seventh grade, her yearbook showed her being referred to by a different name as the school counselor changed her name without informing her parents.

The school decided to do so on its own after having received input from psychologist Wallace Wong, a known gender ideologue, according to The Post Millenial. 

Wong reportedly advised Hoogland’s daughter to take testosterone and referred her to an endocrinology unit at a nearby hospital. When Hoogland contested the matter in court, the judge at the time held that his consent was not relevant and that if he did not affirm her as a male, he would be implicated in the criminal offense of “family violence.”

“I had a perfectly healthy child a year ago, and that perfectly healthy child has been altered and destroyed for absolutely no good reason,” Hoogland told The Federalist in a gag order-breaking interview from February 2020, referring to it as “state-sponsored child abuse.”

“She can never go back to being a girl in the healthy body that she should have had. She’s going to forever have a lower voice. She’ll forever have to shave because of facial hair. She won’t be able to have children…”

Hoogland stated that sometimes he wants to “scream so that other parents and people will… jump in, understand what’s going on.”

“There’s a child — and not only mine — but in my case, my child out there having her life ruined,” he said. 

Christian Post continues here

WACO ACTION ALERT: PLW Director Pleads for an Escalation of Pro-Life Outreach with Return of Abortion in Waco

Pro-Life Waco is committed to ending abortion, its damaging effects among women, and promoting chastity.  

Pro Life Waco Outreach for the Gospel of Life

Voices for Life received a request for prayer and the following information from John Pisciotta, Director of Pro-Life Waco. Included is a schedule of their upcoming prayerful gatherings.

This is John Pisciotta, Director of Pro-Life Waco.

I ask for your fervent prayers for the dozens of moms with babies in the womb scheduled to be aborted this week in Waco. Let us pray for Divine guidance and human intervention to bring wisdom and courage to moms and dads to turn to life and love for their children. Let us pray for the effectiveness of sidewalk counselors who engage abortion-minded moms on these days. Your prayerful presence in the public right away of Planned Parenthood this Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday will show solidarity with lives in peril.  Waco and its neighbors carry the cross of being one of the eight abortion cities in the State of Texas.

Second Sunday Gathering was a call to greater witness to our neighbors.

In the Second Sunday program and in this message, PLW Director John Pisciotta presents five initiatives to break out this year into stronger support for babies in the womb and their moms.

#1. The featured speaker for the September 18, 2021 National Day of Remembrance for Aborted Children will be the Rev. Clenard Childress who leads New Calvary Baptist Church and his community in public square outreach in Montclair, New Jersey.  The event will be held next to 3000 crosses at Rachel’s Park Memorial on  19th Street. Here is Pastor Childress’ 12 minute speech last January at the Walk for Life West Coast.

#2. John Pisciotta pleaded for a dramatic increase in participation in the Rise Up in Waco outreach outside the fence of Planned Parenthood along HWY 6. The next monthly Rise Up in Waco outreach will be from 8 to 10 AM on April 20.  We can make a powerful proclamation to morning commuter traffic. The strongest sign for life is your personal witness.

#3. On June 3 (and the 3rd of the month thereafter) we will fly the American flag (half mast, if possible) at our homes and businesses and churches.  The 3rd of the month is chosen because the shedding of innocent blood returned to Waco on March 3.  With this public square outreach, we will honor the precious little ones lost to abortion and display our concern for babies and moms threatened by Planned Parenthood in Waco.

#4. On April 23rd, Bank of America outreach returns to Waco at the very busy corner of Valley Mills Drive and Waco Drive from 11:30 AM to 1:00 PM.  With its financial support of Planned Parenthood, BOA is one business enablers of abortion.  What will we accomplish by holding up signs to thousands and engage dozens in conversation?  David will challenge the Goliath of Bank of America.  And, we will communicate to the Waco business community that entanglement with Planned Parenthood is bad business. Thirdly, we will give affirmation and invitation to the vast majority of abortion opponents passing by. In the next newsletter, you will read a touching story of a thankful young mom during our first outreach at Bank of America in September of 2015.

#5. An appeal was made for a leadership team to deliver special event to honor the victims of abortion on Good Friday 2022, as happens in several other cities nationwide.  On this day, Planned Parenthood may again abort babies in the womb.  Planned parenthood will be there on Good Friday 2022.  Will we be there?

Those attending the Second Sunday Gathering were challenged to be a part of one public square outreach event each month if they had been participating in none.  Those already active each month were asked to add one or two to their already dedicated outreach.

NOTE. You can always find the schedule of the current month’s outreach events at the home page of Over pass outreach is happening this Thursday.  Sidewalk Counseling Training is this Saturday. Click on the link and get the details.


I am a loss of word after what has happened to me in the last 36 hours.

Yesterday, as I was on my way to work, I was followed by two teenagers. I was attacked but manage to evade a blow from behind to get a laceration on right forehead and ear. Additionally, I fell on my right side as I ran away from them, only to dislocate my shoulder and fracture my humerus.

For 12 hours, I had to overcome excruciating pain while reflecting on how these two teenage robbers went about preying on people to get things without working hard for it. On top of all of it, I was violated of my human dignity. Those thugs had no regard for human life whatsoever.

In any tragedy, we must rise up above it and fight back.