We’re halfway through 2022. We have so much to celebrate, especially the recent ruling from the Supreme Court.

Now, that we will navigate the first full month in a post-Roe society, there is much work that needs to be done to build a culture of life. There is no victory lap.

Summer is upon us, yet we still must be present outside of abortion facilities, pregnancy resource centers (with the threat of the summer of rage from the pro-aborts), and even those from all walks of life

  1. Take part in prayer vigils near you
  2. Contact your priest and request a Mass be celebrated in thanksgiving for the reversal of Roe v Wade
  3. Donate to Crisis Pregnancy Center
  4. Brush up on pro-life apologetics
  5. Write op-eds for your paper
  6. Continue to recruit new people to join your respect life group at your church
  7. Help the elderly without air-conditioning or alone
  8. Host a BBQ/Shower for moms who courageously chose life but need help.
  9. When traveling, take part in a prayer vigil at the city of your destination

Make this your summer of service for the needy and marginalized.

Corporate America and Roe V Wade

(Provided by Yale School of Management Chief Executive Leadership Institute)

In listening to CNBC financial news, I have been hearing more and more about companies that are offering travel benefits to women who opt to go to another state so that they can fulfill their abortion plans.  Also, I have heard questions posed to corporate management representatives asking why they are not joining the fray and stating their position and/or supporting employees with regard to the   recent overturn of Roe v Wade by the Supreme Court.  Pressure – whether self-imposed or by the media – is forcing corporate America to state publicly where they stand on issues such as abortion, gun control, police brutality, immigration, etc.    One of the guidelines now for selecting a financial investment is an ESG rating (Environmental, Social, Governance).  Gone are the days when we bought something or invested in something and had no idea what the CEO and Board of Directors thought.  Over the years we have probably all taken a stand on a particular company or product and boycotted purchases for a personal reason. 

With this in mind, here is a snapshot of companies that currently do provide travel benefits for employees seeking abortions (or in some cases other medical treatment) not offered in their state.   This information may offer an opportunity to think twice before purchasing from these commercial icons.  I would be hypocritical to say I denounce Amazon while I use them for everything, including purchasing diapers for a local pregnancy center but I do not need to buy a SONY brand television, or visit a CVS Pharmacy or get pulled into the middle of the ferocious cyclone known as Disney.  Public and private companies can do what they want as long as their board and investors agree.  And we their customers can take the time to evaluate where best to spend our dollars as it relates to our core beliefs.

Students For Life of America Counters Abortion Activists’ Summer of Rage with Summer of Service

The following is from an email blast sent from Kristi Hamrick, the chief media and policy strategist for Students for Life of America.

Students for Life of America (SFLA) President Kristan Hawkins reported an increase of violence displayed against the Pro-Life Generation who peacefully sought to counter protest the ‘Bans Off Of Bodies’ rallies recently. Abortion protestors took direction from Women’s March President, Rachel Carmona, who said, “For the women of this country, this will be a summer of rage.”  

Destroyed and stolen property, racial slurs, derogatory insults, swarming intimidation, taunting, and screaming profanities at the Pro-Life Generation were all behaviors fanned by incendiary pro-abortion rhetoric and the abortion lobby’s frantic response to the likely reversal of Roe v. Wade. SFLA is witnessing how the “summer of rage” is quickly turning into a summer of pro-abortion violence; falling short on any promise to help women. 

Writing at FOX, Hawkins observed: “Historically speaking, an uptick in violence perpetrated by the ‘losing side’ of a civil or human rights battle is an observable trend. In the 72 years of the women’s suffrage movement, notable violence did not occur towards the suffragists until near the end of their hard-fought battle when 33 women were imprisoned, beaten, and force-fed. The turning point of emancipation of enslaved African Americans was met with extreme violence from pro-slavery Americans – not to mention the literal war that preceded Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation … Hopefully, for the safety of all involved, violence from abortion supporters peaked with Roe’s reversal.”

“I was a firsthand witness to the hostility and hatred of the abortion lobby,” said Campaign for Abortion Free Cities St. Paul Community Organizer Ellisha Olson. “Despite checking off all the boxes which [abortion advocates] claim to protect—minority, female, sexual assault survivor—I was dehumanized and treated like “trash” merely because I believe life is sacred, and women deserve better than abortion.”   

Olson recalled the Caucasian girls who screamed racist insults at her and her friend of South-Asian descent. The two women of color were called “white trash,” “white supremacists,” and were told they were “ugly and useless” by the intolerant abortion activists. Even the African American security guard tasked with protecting pro-lifers at the rally was verbally attacked as one Caucasian man yelled, “Black men don’t matter.” Captured in the audio, pro-abortion attendees tell Olson, “I wish you were aborted,” among other derogatory slurs.   

From flagrant attempts to belittle or intimidate pro-lifers whether it be knocking phones out of their hands to covering their signs, it’s clear the abortion lobby is unhinged. In response, SFLA will continue to expose their violent outbreaks and utilize the summer to continue serving parenting moms with the forthcoming live, virtual event entitled Standing With Her Sunday. The August national event will equip church leaders and members on how to respond and meet the needs of moms with non-violent pregnancy resources. 

Standing With Her Summer, a digital and physical pledge which will be distributed online, as well as at dozens of Christian festivals this summer. After pledging to stand with women in unplanned pregnancies, participants will receive information via email on how to be active in the pro-life movement and serve women and their children.

BILLBOARD CAMPAIGN LAUNCHING: In addition, SFLA’s initiatives, the Campaign for Abortion Free Cities and Standing With You, will be working in accord to create a pro-life billboard campaign this summer to advertise non-violent resources in cities for pregnant and parenting mothers. SFLA will be launching billboards in up to five cities by June 1 and rolling out more through the summer. The initial buy will be in Naples, FL; Sacramento, CA; Denver, CO; Tacoma, WA; and Dallas, TX. You can see the billboards here.

To learn more about the Summer of Serviceclick here.

Read more on SFLAction’s plan for a Post-Roe America HEREHERE, and HERE

Sign up to host a Standing With Her Sunday event HERE

For interviews email media@studentsforlife.org 

Formula Shortage – How To Help

With the much-publicized baby formula shortage, please consider contacting your local life-affirming pregnancy centers to see if they have a need and/or have been receiving requests for help from moms in need.

My personal experience today trying to purchase formula for donation was 1 store out of 3 had any in stock and there was a 4-can limit. 

 I realize how anxious and frustrated new parents must be when they see nothing but empty shelves in front of them or prices that will make their budgets take a big hit.

Hungry mouths to feed takes on a whole new urgency.

Yesterday we considered the pro-life agenda at the polls; today let us continue to reach out at the ground level where the need is the greatest.

And just an added note, I did call Planned Parenthood to see if they were accepting formula donations to help moms (since they state they are all about supporting women and the choices they make). The response was a hesitation, a pause, a stutter and then a statement that “they don’t really handle….another pause…. supply donations and there were probably other outlets that could handle that better.”

 Yes, like life-affirming pregnancy centers!

With PP’s toolkit, when all you have is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail.


If Trump hasn’t learned something since being the 45th commander in chief, he has kept his enemies closer than his friends.

Case in point, Dr. Mehmet Oz, discovered by Oprah Winfrey, has thrown his hat in the ring to succeed Pat Toomey. Sadly, Dr. Oz, a trained medical professional, is not the answer Pennsylvania needs for the U.S. Senate. Despite local roots as a medical student at Ivy League Penn, he is looking to do what he can to be the complete package to win the highly contested race. Here are some areas where he lacks in being the candidate to build the Culture of Life on the federal level from Pennsylvania.


Like many personal “pro-life” politicians and celebrities, Dr. Oz is no difference than the status quo. He is inconsistent on the life issue. In one article, he shamelessly flip flops on the abortion issue.


During an interview on the Breakfast Club back in 2019, Dr. Oz criticized the heartbeat bill that was signed in Alabama.


No surprise transgenderism has been on the news lately, yet he is no stranger to this issue at all. It appears that on a couple of occasions, the so called “good doctor” had episodes dedicated to transgender issues. He was even praised by GLAAD on the times he had transgender activist on his show. One goes back to 2010.

Five years later, Oz once again did a transgender segment with Jazz Jennings.

Bottom line: Oz is a carpetbagger that we cannot have on the federal level. Voters must not be deceived by his lies or forget his past as the primary race is only a month away.


Tired of the inconsistency from the once thick pool of candidates looking to replace Pat Toomey and defeat either Fetterman or Lamb in the midterm election this November

Previously, this blog made a case to support Joe Gale for PA Governor. Now, as we shift from state race to the US Senate race, it is no coincidence that his brother, Sean has his eye on the US Senate.

With Pennsylvania being one of the important battleground states in any given election, the stakes are very high. All that is needed is the right man for the job. Sean is the one.

Like his brother, Sean wasted little time calling out his opponents on their inconsistency while also being a consistent voice for life. He is not your statu quo candidate. He is confident to get things done on the federal level while holding bi-partisan accountable for lack of action on all levels.

Sean is the pro-life, pro-family, pro-liberty, and America first candidate needed at the federal level. He does have a tough hill to climb against the top contenders in Dr. Oz, Jeff Bartos, and Dave McCormick.

On May 17th, vote for Sean Gale for U.S. Senate and his brother Joe for Governor in the Republican primary.


In its 10th year, Philly Youth Mission continued its annual Good Friday in Center City.

The morning began with a faithful witness outside of Planned Parenthood with 300 strong in attendance from all walks of life and different denominations.

Testimonies from Maria Liney and Monique Ruberu preceded the rosary.

Dr. Liney, a counselor by profession, shared how she was hesitant to take a group to pray outside of an abortion facility out of fear. However, after much prayer, she took the leap of faith and was instrumental in helping spread the message to women in their hour of great need.

Dr. Ruberu shared a recap on the recent success of the recent 40 Days campaign at both locations in Philadelphia. She even shared that two women, both of whom were pregnant weeks apart, came to her office to discuss keeping their babies. She closed to encourage those gathered to be present every day outside of the modern-day concentration camps in our communities and cities.

During the rosary, powerful meditations on the sorrowful mysteries were so poignant to the jeers, ridicule, and even mockery the faithful witnesses have endured, yet they kept the faith and no question prayed for everyone’s conversion.

After everyone gathered outside for an hour of prayer, the young missionaries, a majority from three Catholic High Schools in Philadelphia, broke off carrying heavy wooden cross (made of actual wood) around the city collecting prayer intentions.

After collecting intentions from passerbyers and those in need, they acted out the stations of the cross on the streets of Center City from Rittenhouse Square to the Basilica and everywhere in between.

Their witness gave the city a spark of hope and a gesture of love and mercy. Even Christ would have joined these young missionaries who are taking time out of their Easter break to bring the gospel and faith to the street.

See a gallery from yesterday’s witness here.

To learn more about Youth Missions Philly, visit here


The following is from an email blast sent by Dr. Monique Ruberu

PRAISE GOD!!! The Sisters of Life encountered a girl that they knew was a risk of abortion and took her to the Philadelphia Community Women’s Center – She is in need of help with a two bedroom apartment for her and her 2 other daughters , also needs more hours and a better paying job – I believe she is a hair stylist. 

The second girl is 19 years old – her mother almost aborted her when her mom was at the age of 20. – she is a real go getter. Very strong, Is entering an early nursing program and is hoping to get help with babysitting when the time comes and community support.  She has a meeting at the Womens Center on Monday. 

Pat just informed me there was another save at 777 today!!!! Details to come!!!

I have asked girls recently … if there was an ultrasound bud in front of the abortion center offering free ultrasound – would you go… they have all said yes. Please pray that if this is God’s will everything will fall in place to set this up and allow us to offer this service at 12th to start and also at 777 and Comley. 

Please help us fill every hour as we transition back to Sidewalk Servants campaign until the Fall 40 Days campaign

Join us for our Annual Good Friday Pilgrimage and Way of the Cross for Victims of Abortion at Warminster Planned Parenthood on April 15th

Good Friday Prayer vigil

Our Good Friday observance (Friday, April 15) in front of the Planned Parenthood in Warminster will begin with a procession from Nativity of Our Lord Church parking lot starting at 9:00 am and ending at the Planned Parenthood on Louis Drive where we will have the reading of the Passion and the Stations of the Cross.

We invite everyone to attend and pray with us in reparation for the crime of abortion that takes place in this facility and those across our nation.

Please be sure to read our Code of Conduct and the parking guidelines.

Additional information can be found on the flyer below or by contacting Karly Harney  at  karly.b.harney@gmail.com.  We ask that you print out and distribute the flyer.  

Good Friday Vigil Flyer


This event is sponsored nationally by the Pro-Life Action League and locally by the Bucks County Pro-Life Coalition