Has the Persecution of Conservative Americans Begun?

Where has the country I grew up in gone?  I never in my wildest dreams would have believed I’d live to see the things that are happening now.  We who are pro-life and conservative walk a fine line.  You never know who is coming for you.

Yesterday, one of our local pro-life leaders, Mark Houck, had his home invaded by a SWAT Team and was arrested. (see link to article from Catholic Vote below) His crime?  Basically, being pro-life and saving the lives of preborn children who were scheduled to be aborted (my opinion).   About a year ago he defended his 7-year-old son from an obnoxious pro-death escort.  This man was harassing his son and Mark got between them to protect his son.  The pro-abort faked being pushed down and consequently Mark was later arrested. (see link below to article by Mickey Kelly with details on this encounter).

Earlier this month a young man, Cayler Ellingson, was murdered by a man with whom he had an altercation.  His crime?  He was a Republican and killed for his ‘political views’.  The man who deliberately killed him, Shannon Brandt, was arrested but let go on bail!  According to a recent article in heavy.com, Brandt had this to say at his court hearing. “I have a job, a life and a house and things I don’t want to see go by the wayside—family that are very important to me.”  What about Cayler’s family?  What about his dreams?

I’ve often heard pro-lifers say that our persecution is coming.  Well, I have news for you, it’s already here.  Will we be ready when they come for us?  How should we prepare? I would encourage everyone to stay close to the Lord and His Blessed Mother, Mary.  I suggest before we go to our local abortion mill, we first pray.  Go to Confession and Mass if possible and receive the Holy Eucharist. Say the Rosary every day and spend time with Our Lord in Adoration.  Read your Bible.  And don’t be afraid to continue speaking out or giving public witness at your local abortion mill.  Our Lord will protect you.

And don’t forget to pray for those who persecute you, they need our prayers more than anyone.

In the meantime, we can support Mark and his family though a page set up to help with the expenses incurred by his arrest. A link to this page is below.

Article from Catholic Vote

Mickey Kelly’s article

Column by Tim Graham: Republican Teenager Murdered, Media Yawn

Support the Houck Family

Don’t Miss the 2022 Mother-Daughter Tea

The Gianna Center of Philadelphia would like to invite all mothers and daughters between the ages of 10 – 13 to their annual Mother-Daughter tea.  Information along with a link to a flyer is provided below.  

The Gianna Center of Philadelphia, together with Generation Life, is bringing the  Mother-Daughter Tea back to Philadelphia! Our readers may remember the special program for mothers and daughters that provided an opportunity to interact in a facilitated group setting while learning about the gift of fertility and how to care for it. Talks focused on the sacredness of human life, the physical changes in a girl’s body, the importance of modesty and the development of healthy parent and peer relationships. The Mother-Daughter Tea was one of the most popular events of the former Friends of FertilityCare.  We recommend registering early to avoid missing out!  This year’s program is scheduled for  October 16, 2022 at St Helena parish in Blue Bell. To register, click the button below. To download a flyer, click here

To register, click here.  

Flight for Life! San Antonio to Fort Collins, CO

From San Antonio, TX to Fort Collins, CO. Heart changes. Baby lives. Mom cries tears of joy.

This is an uplifting story from my friend Kevin Williams of Ft Collins, Colorado. Kevin is a great fulltime sidewalk counselor at killing centers in Boulder, Denver, and his hometown of Fort Collins. On or near September 8, a mom named Vanessa arrived at Fort Collins Planned Parenthood after flying in from San Antonio, Texas. The abortion ban in Texas helped save her baby’s life and turned mom away from a life of regret.

Vanessa wrote to Kevin Williams, “I just came across your group one week ago. You have worked so many miracles in my family already. You and the people you have sent my way have truly been a blessing to me and my family. So Thankful I chose life again for my preborn baby! WE THANK YOU!

Kevin, wrote back to Vanessa, “We thank YOU for choosing Life and we thank God for the opportunity to see His Beautiful Heart in and through His people once again!”

With all the bans on abortion, NBC won’t bring you a love story like this.


The following is from Michael Geer from the Pennsylvania Family Institute.

It’s a dark day for Lancaster County.

Today, Planned Parenthood opened an abortion clinic on 902 Manor Street in Lancaster where chemical abortion pills will be administered.

Not only will unborn babies be aborted through this clinic – a first for Lancaster County, but additional harmful services are now being pushed in this community like “transgender hormone therapy.”

There’s no question this is a devastating development that will harm more families and challenge the pro-life movement in new ways, but after the triumphant overturning of Roe v. Wade, we knew the battle for life would shift to states and localities.

We have always fought for preborn children everywhere and that fight will continue in Lancaster and throughout Pennsylvania. 

Let it not go unrecognized that Lancaster County was kept abortion-free for nearly a quarter century, thanks to men and women willing to take a stand for life. In 1998, Planned Parenthood filed to obtain a building permit in order to perform abortions in Lancaster. But a broad-based coalition made up of churches, physicians, pregnancy care ministries and community and political leaders fought back. This group, called Lancaster United for Life, won a court appeal to successfully keep Planned Parenthood from performing abortions in Lancaster city. Zero abortions have occurred in Lancaster for all these years since.

Lives were saved over this past quarter century in Lancaster County and we can all praise the Lord for this fact.

In their announcement of this new abortion facility, the head of Planned Parenthood’s central PA region stated they must “do everything we can in Pennsylvania” to continue killing unborn children. It matches the abortion industry’s agenda for our state and nation: to remove every pro-life limit on abortion, to force you to pay for abortion and to attack anyone that threatens their profits from abortion, like pregnancy care centers. 

It’s why we must do everything we can to get involved in advancing a culture of life here in Pennsylvania. For our children and grandchildren, may we continue to rally, to march, to stand, to advocate for the most vulnerable among us – preborn children in the womb.

One way you can do so is by joining us in Harrisburg next Monday, September 19th, for the Pennsylvania March for Life – the first state march for life in the nation since Roe was overturned! The battleground for life has now shifted strongly to the states. We have the opportunity to build on the momentum of the US Supreme Court decision and direct Pennsylvania as a pro-life state, not a radical state in the likes of New York or California.

We know the power of prayer – many considered it a miracle when Roe was overturned recently along with when Planned Parenthood was stopped in Lancaster back in the ‘90’s. Through Christ, all things are possible!

So please join me next week in Harrisburg, and join me in prayer especially for all of the preborn and the young women in Lancaster. We need faithful Christians standing up in their communities and being a daily voice for the voiceless.

Together, let’s build up the culture of life in Pennsylvania.

Allentown City Council Committee Meeting on Four Abortion Ordinances, Includes Harassing Pregnancy Center

Bright Hope Pregnancy Center in Allentown is being harassed by some city council members.  Many believe, including myself, that this is a test run to use against pro life work in other towns and cities across the country. 

The following is from Debra Biro, an activist in Allentown who attended the hearings on August 24th.

Yesterday I attended Allentown’s Special City Council Meeting regarding four abortion ordinances.
Following is my observation and an article from the Morning Call and 69 News.
The committee agreed to send the four proposed abortion rights ordinances to the next full council
meeting, currently scheduled for Sept. 7.

The decision was not unanimous among the three members of the ad hoc committee, which consists of Joshua Siegel, the bill’s author; Cynthia Motto, board president; and Darryl L. Hendricks. (Note Darryl voted NO). The ordinances are listed below. It should be noted that Joshua Siegel who submitted the ordinances is running for Democratic candidate for State Representative District 22.
 Bill 60: Buffer zones
 Bill 61: Advertising with limited services
 Bills 62, 63: Abortion-related crimes, out-of-state investigations
Below are some of the stories I heard at the Council meeting.

A woman spoke about being from Mexico. When her husband found out she was pregnant he insisted
that she get an abortion, she went to Planned Parenthood, but she decided not to go through with the
abortion. When the woman began to show, the husband took her to the doctor and asked what is going
on, she had an abortion. The doctor explained that she is having a baby. The husband was very angry
and told his wife he is taking away her phone and locking her in a room until she decides to have an
abortion. She asked if she could make a call to her father to explain, he would not be hearing from her for
a while.

The husband agreed. The woman called the Allentown police and spoke in Spanish (her
husband did not speak Spanish) and explained the situation. The police arrived and rescued the woman.
The police got her in touch with a group that helps pregnant woman in need. Today the woman is out of
the abusive relationship and she and her daughter one year old are doing well.
A woman spoke about having an abortion many years ago and how depressed she became. She was so
severely depressed that breathing was difficult.

A teacher from Easton spoke about a 4 th grade student who was very excited that it was his birthday and asked the teacher if he could set his watch to the exact time he was born. The teacher said of course it is your birthday. The alarm went off around lunchtime and the student exclaimed I was born at this time!

Later that day when the mother came to pick up her son the teacher told the mom the story of her son
setting his watch and that she never saw a student so excited for the time he was born. The mom
explained. I lived in California and became pregnant very young. My parent told me to have an abortion
or get out. I choose to leave. I took a bus across country and ended up in Easton. I was supported by
caring people who helped me. My son knows the story and very much values his life.

Woman spoke about being in abusive relationships / sex slaves and partners and / or family member
insist that they get an abortion as there is no other option. These women spoke that it was great to know
they could have their baby with caring support. Numerous woman spoke that they were finally able to get
out of very bad situations due to support of caring groups.

One woman traveled from Stroudsburg, over an hour drive to share her story and tell the committee to
vote NO on all the ordinances.

Many women spoke out that they were in much appreciation to be greeted by a caring person and be
giving an alternative to abortion.

The were some people who spoke in favor of the ordinances stating that the woman are being harassed
and called names like murderer when coming to Planned Parenthood. Joshua Siegel who submitted the
ordinances, pointed out that the violence includes leaving baby booties and a “Medina” statue. A woman
pointed out that she left the Madonna Statue. Although all the pro-life stories were very moving, Joshua
insisted that abortion does not cause any trauma to the women and stating such this is deceptive
information. Joshua stated this even after a woman spoke about her trauma and difficulty breathing after
her abortion and it was noted that the Mayo Clinic quoted that woman experience trauma after an

There was a doctor who pointed out that facilities like Bright Hope are giving women misinformation.
Stating either that the ultrasound showed the woman further along than they were or woman were told to
return to the facility week after week until they are further along in their pregnancy.

Cindy O’Brien has been investigating abortion and is a freelance reporter. Cindy contacted the Allentown
police and asked if there were any reports of violence at Planned Parenthood facilities. The Allentown
Police Chief reported, No not one report of violence at Planned Parenthood. There was not one person
at the meeting spoke about violence or threats toward them. Joshua explained that the woman do not
want to escalate things and get the police involved.


While the amendment failed to get the yes majority from Kansasans, many of those who went door to door to encourage people to vote had some takes on their firsthand accounts on voters being informed on the pro-life amendment. Here are two of those who were stepped into the breach.

Dana Stancavage, Students for Life Action Press Specialist and Online Editor: “We fought hard in Kansas against the disinformation being spread on Value Them Both, but our work is far from over. While we fully supported this amendment to pave the way for pro-life laws to be taken up by the legislature, we reflect on the many years it took for Roe to fall and know more work lies ahead for the Pro-Life Generation who have the grit and passion to defend preborn lives.”  

Gabby Lara, Students for Life Action KS Value Them Both Field Coordinator: “Despite the disappointing results, the dedication of our students all summer shows us that the pro-life generation is always ready to take action against abortion. We are ready to change culture in America by continuing to talk to our generation about this issue, one of the biggest injustices of our time. I couldn’t have been prouder to work with the Pro-Life Generation every single day.”

If you’re a high school or college student who wants to take part in deployments for Students for Life, visit here to sign up today.

Abortion Supporter Attacks Teenager Canvassing with Students for Life Action Ahead of Kansas Value Them Both Vote 

The following is from Kristi Hemrick of Students for Life of America.

“As reported to police, a grown woman took out her frustrations over abortion on a teenager who volunteered to let people know about the Kansas ballot initiative. This brings abortion radicals’ ‘Summer of Rage’ close to home,” said Students for Life Action President Kristan Hawkins. “But the Pro-Life Generation will not be forced into silence or fear because of radical pro-abortionists who show no regard for life, inside or outside of the womb, and no respect for the free speech rights of their fellow citizens.”  

Kansas City, KS and Washington, D.C. (08-01-22) – Students for Life Action President Kristan Hawkins said that a police complaint has been filed regarding an attack on a teenager working to get out the vote in favor of the Kansas Value Them Both Amendment that will ensure the state’s constitution is abortion neutral, allowing voters to engage on abortion policy. “In knocking on thousands of doors nationwide, we’ve never experienced such an unprovoked attack,” said Hawkins. A report was filed with the Leewood Police Department by the teenager who was wrongfully attacked. 

“It’s unfathomable that the pro-choice movement claims to be ‘pro-woman’ and yet attacks women who don’t agree with their narrative,” said 18-year-old SFLAction volunteer Grace Hartsock, who returned to door knocking today. “It’s not surprising to me that a person who advocates for violence in the womb wouldn’t hesitate to attack a pro-life woman like myself.” 

Video, pictures, and more details at the Students for Life Action blog, here. The details of the event from the volunteer are as follows:

On Sunday, July 31st, Hartsock rang the doorbell of a home just as the SFLAction team did over 1,700 times that day in the Overland Park area. After introducing herself and asking if she could count on the woman’s support for Tuesday vote, the resident replied, “No, I’m sorry I don’t think you want to talk to us.” 

Hartsock recounted that as she politely thanked her for her time and began to leave the property, a female voice began yelling and cursing from inside the home. Hartsock said that she stopped momentarily to turn around to face the voice yelling expletives and heard her say, “Don’t apologize to her, mom.” As Hartsock was turning, the yelling woman ran out the front door and began chasing her.  

The woman shoved Hartsock in the chest with both hands and began hitting her in the head with closed fists. Hartsock attempted to protect herself and leave while the resident’s mother was laughing and telling her daughter to stop the violence.

Hartsock told police that as she made it down the driveway to get distance from the irate pro-abortion supporters, the woman (the mother?) threw a piece of food that hit her in the face as the pro-abortionist (daughter?) followed her down the street screaming curses and phrases such as, “I hope you get raped,” and “I hope you get run over by a car.” 

Students for Life Action’s team on the ground took Hartsock to be examined at a local Emergency Room and has no physical injuries though she was emotionally shaken.  

“What’s a little ironic is that the ballot initiative would allow every Kansan to weigh in on the policy they prefer, but rather than fight for abortion policy, we have some fighting our volunteers,” said Hawkins.  

This first post-Roe vote would allow make it clear that Kansas State Constitution does not protect abortion, which would allow pro-life laws to be passed. With the vote set to take place on Tuesday, SFLAction and pro-life groups are making one last push to educate voters on the Value Them Both ballot referendum as the Pro-Life Generation seeks for their voice and vote on abortion to be heard.  

To learn more about the Post-Roe Blueprint from SFLAction, read Hawkins’ latest op-ed at Fox titled RIP Roe: Supreme Court abortion ruling sets stage for what pro-life groups do next. 

August To Do List

August is upon us. We are also entering the second full month since the Dobbs decision.

We are seeing many back to school commercials, summer deals, and for the whole nation the political ads as we are less than a 100 days away from the general election.

Here is a list for the month of August

  1. Collect items for children in need of school supplies
  2. Take part in prayer vigils in your community
  3. Make a Holy Hour for Life
  4. Volunteer to make blessing bags with your group
  5. Recruit new members on campus, your parish, or even at school
  6. Make plans to attend your state March for Life
  7. Host a pro-life movie screening and raise funds for pro-life PRC or for a mom in need
  8. Make meals for the homeless
  9. Give a talk to youth and or young adults about the pro-life message

Happy August

Pennsylvania March for Life: Monday, September 19, 2022 — Deacon John’s Space

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Pennsylvania March for Life: Monday September 19, 2022 — Deacon John’s Space