Fall 2019 40 Days Preview: Planned Parenthood (Center City)


The second 40 Days for Life Vigil will take place outside of the largest Planned Parenthood in the Keystone State. The 40 Days Vigil was first introduced there in the Fall of 2014 thanks to the efforts and diligence of Dr. Monique Ruberu. 5 turnarounds took place during the inaugural campaign.

Recently the facility made national headlines when State Rep. Brian Sims harassed pro-lifers and even dox his supporters in the location and names of four teenage girls who prayed outside of the facility this past spring. Read more here and how the father of teenage girls responded here

One appalling fact that cannot be denied is how this facility has failed 13 state inspections, yet it kills 4,000 babies a year.

Center City

Even a thousand people showed up to stand against bullying days after the videos of Brian Sims verbally harassing peaceful pro-lifers went viral. While the peaceful pro-life community came together to condemn the now-disgraced Rep. Brian Sims, The escorts and volunteers of Planned Parenthood refuse to denounce him

Aren’t we fed up with the lies Planned Parenthood has filled in our culture? Isn’t it time we, concerned Christians, who want to show love to women in their hour of great need that enough is enough? Is there a solution to stopping the murders in our city?

There is a solution. It is you and me. We can turn the tide in the City of Brotherly Love. We cannot let this atrocity continue in the city where the first inalienable right known as life which was given to all Americans since 1776. The right to life is not for some, but it is for all people from womb to tomb.


The vigil hours outside of this abortion facility are from Monday to Saturday 8AM to 4PM. The campaign begins on Wednesday, September 25th and ends on All Souls Day (Saturday, November 2nd). Mondays and Tuesdays are appointment days. Surgical abortions take place between Wednesdays to Saturdays. This facility also issues the chemical abortion pill RU-482.

If you are reading this post and wondering how someone with no experience can prepare to shower love to women entering these abortion facilities, then you may want to check out sidewalk servants 

We will also post the link to prayer suggestions while outside of the abortion facility at a later time.

To sign up for hours, visit here


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40 Days for Life Campaign Preview: Philadelphia Women’s Center


It’s that time of the year. Schools will be back in session. Retailers will gear up for the final quarter of sales. Summer air and heat will transition into the cool, crisp autumn air. Unfortunately, the innocent unborn will continue to be slaughtered in Philadelphia. The solution is 40 Days for Life Campaign. The campaign at the largest non- Planned Parenthood affiliate, now in its sixth campaign, will take place once again.

According to the Pennsylvania Department of Health, the Philadelphia Women’s Center performed 6,437 abortions in 2018. The majority of the abortions are done on black babies. Where is the outrage from the city of Brotherly Love?  Why do Black Lives Matters on all stages but conception? How can we stop these many children being led to the slaughter at an abortion facility that sits five floors above a day-care?

The answer is prayer, fast, love, mercy, boldness, truth, and courage. With each of them, I know that people will be more aware of this chop shop and eventually hit it where it hurts.

Pro-Lifers are encouraged to sign up for vigil hours here.

Encourage your friends, family, groups, and even those who are looking to be more involved with this campaign.

Note: This facility is located at 777 Appletree and has no connection with Planned Parenthood. They have a facility along the eastern seaboard in cities such as Hartford, Atlanta, and New York. The vigil hours are Tuesday to Saturday from 8AM-3PM. There is a regular Saturday vigil from 6:30AM to 8AM. All pro-lifers living in the Philadelphia area are encouraged to take part in the vigil during and after the 40 Days campaign. 

Calling All Prayer Warriors! Please Join Pro-Life Berks at the Planned Parenthood in Reading, Pennsylvania

The following is from an email I received from Kathy Kuhns and the Pro-Life Berks Board of Directors looking for volunteers to join them in their Prayer Project (see previous article on this project here and read the Guidlines listed below) as well as other information from their weekly updates.  

Praying Hands

Calling all prayer warriors!  It’s time to start praying at Reading Planned Parenthood for the new Prayer Project.  We’re asking God to close Reading Planned Parenthood and end abortion here.   We need several hundred people to commit to praying at RPP every day of the week!  We’re facing very great evil as you know. RPP still does abortions after 20 years.  Please let Pastor Joe know you will be praying, and if you are planning on a set time each week (a half hour is fine), let him know that as well.  Pastor Joe:  jsclafani@ springvalley.church.

The first 30 people to sign up and commit to praying in the Prayer Project will receive a free t-shirt!  We’ll also be getting signs for you to hold and handouts.

Last week at Reading Planned Parenthood (RPP) there were 11 of us there when the abortionist arrived. (Thanks to Tome and Sue Taylor for bringing some young people from their church).    The abortionist shows little emotion, but at least he knows we’re praying for him and the babies.   RPP had there rainbow flag out again last wee, but not this week.  This week the new faces, and a few older ones, of the workers arrived.  They sure have a turnover of workers.  The abortionist came at his usual time.  Business was rather slow, thanks be to God, only a few who seemed abortion – minded entered.

If you have extra time to pray at RPP, please consider Wednesday morning, when the hazardous waste truck comes to pick up the boxed dead babies and other bloody trash to be taken to the incinerator for burning.  Pray for the souls of the babies and for this company, and it’s workers, to stop doing business with Reading Planned Parenthood.   I’ve been able to sprinkle holy water on the boxes a few times and talk to the driver,  so you can too.

Don’t forget to tune in to Pro-Life Berks on BCTV, Monday, Aug 19th, 8 PM,   Guests, the McFaddens.  Great story to tell!

Praise God that the movie, Unplanned, now on DVD, is number one!  So many people reached by this movie.


Guidelines for Praying and Bible Verses

Former Students for Life Group Founder Nominated by Trump to Federal Court


The following article was written by Matt Lamb, communications director for Students for Life of America. It is reposted with the intent to keep our readers in the loop on current events regarding life issues. It is reposted with the permission of Students for Life of America. 

President Trump has nominated Sarah Pitlyk, the founder of Yale Law Students for Life and an attorney for the pro-life non-profit Thomas More Society to become a federal judge. Pitlyk has been nominated for a seat in the Eastern District of Missouri, according to courthousenews.com.

Pitlyk also clerked for then-Judge Brett Kavanaugh and has frequently defended high profile pro-life clients, including David Daleiden.

Kristan Hawkins, president of Students for Life of America said, “Sarah Pitlyk is an excellent nominee to be a federal judge and we are excited to see a former leader of ours nominated to be a federal judge. Her intellect, compassion, and integrity will serve the interests of all who come before her in court.”
According to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, “Pitlyk has worked on a series of anti-abortion legal cases in recent years, including: A dispute over whether a divorced St. Louis County couple’s frozen embryos were property or “unborn children” under Missouri law; a civil lawsuit filed against Planned Parenthood by a man acquitted of a bomb threat charge; and the defense of a man accused in California of making a false exposé that claimed that Planned Parenthood was selling fetal tissue….In the other seven cases, all filed in 2019, Pitlyk was one of the lawyers who filed amicus briefs on behalf of the Susan B. Anthony List, an anti-abortion advocacy organization that supported abortion-related rule changes by the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services. Those changes were being challenged in a series of lawsuits. The rules bar clinics that receive federal money from referring patients to abortion providers, among other requirements.”
You can watch her interview from EWTN here
You can also learn more about the nominee from the St. Thomas More Society

The Innocent Martyrs Pro-Life Rosary

Pro Life Rosary

Ghirelli is selling a one of a kind rosary that has a pro-life theme.

The Innocent Martyrs Pro Life Rosary, a first for Ghirelli, offers a design that’s unique yet powerfully provocative. It is our hope that you will use this rosary to pray for not only those innocent martyrs who were aborted from their mother’s womb, but also for those women who are currently contemplating an abortion, healthcare workers involved in the abortion industry, parents who chose to abort their child without understanding the horror of the procedure, parents overwhelmed by grief and remorse from choosing an abortion, and for the prayer warriors who stand in silent protest witnessing the Gospel of Our Lord at the abortion clinics every day.

To order your pro-life rosary, order here

The break down of its concept:

The Centerpiece: On the front side a beautiful image of Mary, the model of Motherhood, embracing the Child Jesus, who is Life, the Word made flesh! On the back side, a weeping mother embraces an empty space in the form of a child filled with the blood of the baby’s martyrdom in abortion.

The Crucifix: On the front side Jesus, the Author of Life, who gave His life so that we might have it in abundance — which is the fulfillment of His plans for each of us. On the reverse side: a void in the form of a child full of the blood of his martyrdom in abortion. Below this image, three drops of Blood which represents the pain of the Most Holy Trinity, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit — the Triune God who infused the Soul at the moment of conception. Like Jesus, the child lost to abortion suffers from his killing from which innocent blood descends.

Beads: round glass beads in 6mm size and white color

Finish: Antique Silver

Embellishments: Hand enamel detail in red color

Note: The rosaries, after they are ordered, will not ship until late September. Get yours today.

Two Pro-Life Movies Assemble At The Top Two Spots in Amazon’s DVD Releases

Two of the biggest pro-life movies take the top two spots on Amazon’s newest DVD releases.


Coming in at No. 1 is Unplanned. Unplanned premiered at No. 4 in the box office, despite some public backlash that included media bias. It tells the story about Abby Johnson becoming the pioneer in the #WalkAway movement from the abortion industry. Read more here.


Coming in at No. 2 is Avengers: Endgame. Recently the movie topped Avatar as the highest-grossing movie in ten years. Evidently, the movie has a hidden pro-life message in the film. Not bad for Disney that does support Planned Parenthood. Here’s the full review from Catholic Weekly

It is clear from a previous blogpost made by me that we need to cultivate a culture of life in cinema and other myriads of entertainment. Read my previous post here

Don’t forget to get your copy of these two prominent pro-life movies of the year and host a screening party.

Human Life Action Launches Video Campaign to Answer Why People Are Pro-Life

Call to Action

The second annual pro-life video campaign, sponsored by Human Life Action, is now underway.

In order for it to be a success is submission from pro-lifers like you.

Individuals are asked to submit an unedited 30-45 video stating why are you pro-life. Videos will be shared on all social media outlets.

The videos are to be submitted to Luke Faulkner at lfaulkner@nchla.org

Submissions will be accepted from now until September 30th.


Reflection: Out of Touch Liberal Hollywood- Why It’s Important to Change the Culture?


It seems that there was a recent headline of a threat, from a well-known broadcasting company, to boycott Georgia after a pro-life bill was signed into law. Read more about the article here.


It seems that 90% of what we watch on television, at the movies, or stream from our phones, have made us squirm or even walk away with our heads hanging low. Sometimes we have to ask ourselves, “What can we do to change it?”

A simple solution and it goes to those who are creative and have aspirations to shift the way we entertain while cultivating a message of life and love in accordance with the gospel.

Sadly, our industry is okay with entertainment that gives us the message that men should be wimps, both men and women can live a promiscuous lifestyle, and that the Catholic Church teachings are irrelevant. For what it’s worth, I AM SICK OF IT!

We are to use our creative skills to promote the messages that our culture has craved. It is starving for truth. You won’t find satisfaction from a company, like ABC. It may be intimidating, but we must challenge the entertainment industry if we want quality, family-fun entertainment that can make us think and actually entertain us.