Preemie of the Week: Doctors Left Benson to Die at Birth, But His Parents Fought for Him

Children are a heritage from the Lord, offspring a reward from him.Psalm 127:3-5

Tim and Meg Artman were told that their son, born at 22 weeks, would not survive. Doctors left him to die. Benson Artman is alive and thriving today. Read this miraculous story posted in Live Action by Nancy Flanders.

In November 2017, Megan Artman went into premature labor at just 22 weeks and five days. She and her husband Tim were told their tiny son Benson would only live a few hours, but Benson had other plans. Today, he is a thriving three-year-old.

Benson was born weighing just one pound, two ounces. Believing he would not survive, doctors left him to die on his mother’s chest. At first, doctors wouldn’t even help Benson warm up because he wasn’t considered to be viable. But his parents fought for him, acknowledging that God was in charge of Benson’s life, not the doctors. Five hours later, he was still breathing and the medical team decided to step in and help him.

“They all expected him to die within an hour but after going strong five hours after birth and still breathing consistently with a decent heartbeat, we told them we weren’t giving up on him,” Artman wrote on Facebook. “They tried to convince me to hold him til he died but we’re taking the neonatal route to intervene for his life. They’re making an exception for him because they’re all so shocked at how well he’s doing and they don’t usually even try for babies born quite this early.”

Baby Benson (22 weeks)

Once the medical team saw that Benson was responding to medical assistance, they transferred him to a different NICU that was better equipped to care for a baby so young. Benson spent six months in that NICU before finally receiving the green light to join his three big sisters at home. Now, three years later, he is an active toddler who loves the outdoors, climbs on everything, and rides his scooter. Artman wrote on Facebook:

Lately, our little toughguy has been busy:
+Potty training
+He is now officially out of his crib
+Learning ABC’s and 123’s
+Spotting colors and animals
+Enjoying lots of books, coloring and outside play time
+Speaking new words and phrases every day with increased clarity
He is sharp, quick, obedient and compassionate, and literally doesn’t miss a beat. Glory to God!

Benson continues to shock doctors with his progress, to the delight of his parents, who give all the glory to God.

While some doctors still deny care to babies born as young as Benson was, babies born as young as 21 weeks have a small chance of surviving if given proper medical care. The number of hospitals throughout the United States and the world that are able to care for babies born so early is expanding, as more doctors realize that with the right equipment, lives can be saved. Benson is living proof of that.

Live Action News Article

The Anti-Life Agenda of Xavier Becerra

Pro-Lifers and every American should be more concerned as the Biden Administration continue to to add another so called “Catholic” to a scandalous cabinet. The agenda is simple; death.

His nominee to fill the HHS Department favored euthanasia in San Francisco. In addition to euthanasia, Becerra is also in favor of coercive action towards religious groups.

Becerra even went after David Daleiden when he took over for Vice President Kamala Harris. The crime? Exposing his ally, Planned Parenthood.

This move from the Biden Administrations shows that he is out of touch, not a Catholic, and has nothing real in store for our country.

Mourning the Loss of Long Time Pro-Lifer Who Passed Within Months of His Pro-Life Wife

“Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of his faithful servants.” Psalm 116:15

Tom and Jeannette Wynne Co-host Radio Broadcast for Voices for the Unborn

The following is a moving tribute to long time pro-life advocates, Thomas and Jeannette Wynne by their son, Jeffrey Wynne. Their lives left a legacy of love, faith in Christ, and commitment to their family and the sanctity of life.

“Dad, Mom and I would often go down to Planned Parenthood for a monthly vigil on the 1st Saturday at 2751 Comly
Road in Philadelphia preceded by attending mass at the local parish.  Mom was involved in selling script for Pro-Life and Dad used to keep the books.  Enclosed is a picture of when Dad stood in for Bill Miller co-hosted by my mom.  It was an hour long and I have to say it was very interesting to me because it talked about the early pro-life efforts and persons in the area.” 

“My dad as well as myself were prodded into action by my mom, the real pro-life warrior, and we both gained a real concern for pro-life causes through her.  Many pro-life fund-raiser dinners and March for Life in Washington DC.” Jeffrey Wynne

Please pray for the Lord’s peace and comfort for the Wynne family.


Born in Suffern, NY on January 7, 1927, and married 70 years to Jeannette V. Wynne (age 93) who died June 5th this past summer, Thomas is survived by his eight children, Jeffrey J. Wynne, Janet C. Jensik (Rob), Elizabeth M. Wynne, Michael F. Wynne (Carol), Theresa M. Vail (Rob), Dorothy J. Wang (Bo), Matthew J. Wynne (Michele), and Annette M. Galczynski (Joe).  Also surviving are 21 grand children and 14 great grand children. Tom graduated from Cornell University in 1947 with the NROTC program and was honorably discharged shortly thereafter at the end of World War II due to the over abundance of service men. 

His Funeral Mass will be celebrated 10:30 AM, Friday February 19,2021, at St. Jude RC Church, 321 West Butler Ave. (Route 202), Chalfont, PA, where his public viewing will begin at 9:30 AM. Interment will follow at Saint John Neumann Cemetery on County Line Road.  Please remember to follow local social distancing guidelines and wear face masks.

In lieu of flowers, donations to the local Bucks County Pro-Life Coalition would be appreciated. Their mailing address PO Box 7068, Penndel, PA 19047.

Why Praise and Not Reform of Planned Parenthood?

“If a business is built on misleading users, on data exploitation, on choices that are not choices at all, then it doesn’t deserve our praise, it deserves reform.”

This is a quote from Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, during a video conference on the subject of privacy.  He was suggesting that regulators scrutinize social media’s privacy policies (e.g. Facebook) instead of Apple’s.  When I read the words though, it reminded me of a particular organization that needs scrutiny and reform – Planned Parenthood.

Misleading users

  We can check that box off.  Planned Parenthood has the following statements on their website:

“There are fake clinics that say they have pregnancy services. These are called Crisis Pregnancy Centers, and they’re run by people who are anti-abortion and don’t believe in telling you the truth about all of your pregnancy options. They may use lies and manipulation to try to scare or shame people out of choosing abortion.”

With regard to life-affirming pregnancy centers. These centers provide information for alternatives to abortion.  They don’t shame or scare anyone.  This information alone is misleading.

“Both in-clinic and medication abortions are very safe.”

 Well, Planned Parenthood needs to define “very” safe. A baby’s heart is stopped so it’s not safe at all for at least one life involved in the procedure.

Data exploitation

  We can check that box off also.  The Center for Medical Progress’ exposure of Planned Parenthood’s sale of baby parts business included the following:

“Planned Parenthood revealed private patient medical information to third party contractors at StemExpress, LLC in order to meet the company’s quotas for harvesting body parts from Planned Parenthood abortions, said a former StemExpress procurement technician, Holly O’Donnell.”

So, PP exploited personal patient data in order to work with StemExpress in gathering the requested baby body parts.

Choices that are not choices at all.  We can check that box off definitively.

When Dr. Leana Wen took over as president of Planned Parenthood in 2018 she stated that the “core mission” of Planned Parenthood was “providing, protecting and expanding access to abortion.” Despite this, Wen was fired within months of joining Planned Parenthood, and according to her she was fired because she “did not prioritize abortion enough.”

 From personal experience, I have never seen Planned Parenthood work with any pro-life witnesses outside their facilities to share life-affirming choices before a woman makes a decision even though we are within feet of their doors.   The choices they do offer are whether to have a surgical abortion or a medical one.  Opting to end a child’s heartbeat is the only choice offered.  There are no referrals to pregnancy centers.  There is no counseling as to the adoption process.  Abortions are the key ingredient of PP’s profit margins so it would be counter-intuitive to not push the key product.

Tim Cook is known to have a liberal-leaning ideology. I may not agree with his politics, but he is a successful businessman and I can’t say I disagree with his statement as it stands for any business.  So, based on this analysis why is PP praised and why is it not singled out for reform?  Because once again, the primary party involved in abortion, a child, cannot speak, cannot vote and is considered just collateral damage in Planned Parenthood’s misguided and heartless message that abortion empowers women.  Therefore, misleading the moms and dads, exploiting their personal information and underhandedly offering the idea of choices that really aren’t there is celebrated instead of being denigrated and targeted for reform.

Judge May Ban David Daleiden From Releasing New Videos Exposing Planned Parenthood Selling Baby Parts

Their undercover videos did a lot of damage to Planned Parenthood when they revealed the abortion giant’s baby body parts operation. 

The following Life News article was authored by Micaiah Bilger.

The court battles continue for David Daleiden, the Center for Medical Progress investigator who exposed Planned Parenthood’s aborted baby body parts trade.

On Wednesday, Daleiden and his attorneys appeared before California federal Judge William Orrick to argue against a permanent injunction prohibiting them from releasing undercover videos of a National Abortion Federation conference, Courthouse News Service reports.

The National Abortion Federation (NAF) sued Daleiden, fellow investigator Sandra Merritt and others involved in the Center for Medical Progress, accusing them of trespassing, fraud and breach of contract.

Orrick, who has ties to Planned Parenthood, repeatedly has ruled against the pro-life advocates not only in the NAF case but also in a separate lawsuit filed by the Planned Parenthood abortion chain. The judge appears likely to rule in favor of the abortion industry again.

According to the report:

[Orrick] signaled his intention on Wednesday to rule in favor of the National Abortion Federation and enter a permanent injunction barring the release of videos taken surreptitiously by anti-abortion activists at industry conferences years ago.

The ruling would avoid a trial over whether the recordings were made in pursuit of a scheme to fraudulently infiltrate the professional association for abortion providers around the country.

The judge referred to the separate lawsuit that Planned Parenthood won against Daleiden as evidence to support the NAF case.

The abortion industry has claimed that the undercover videos caused safety and privacy problems, and Orrick agreed that these were reason enough to block the videos from being released, the report states.

But attorney Peter Breen, who represents Daleiden, urged the court not to censor the videos, especially because Daleiden also is facing a separate criminal prosecution case in relation to them. That case, which began when Vice President Kamala Harris raided Daleiden’s home when she was attorney general of California, could send the pro-life leader to prison if convicted.

Breen said law enforcement also should be allowed to access the videos for investigations, according to the report.

Orrick issued a temporary injunction blocking the videos in 2015. His ruling applies only to the undercover videos of an NAF conference. Other Center for Medical Progress videos are still public.

In addition to a permanent block on the videos, NAF also asked the judge to prohibit Daleiden and others with the Center for Medical Progress from attending any of its conferences in the future, according to the report.

Daleiden also is facing criminal charges in a separate unjust prosecution by the California Attorney General’s Office. It began with Harris and continued with Xavier Becerra, President Joe Biden’s nominee to lead the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

The California Attorney General’s Office claims Daleiden and Merritt broke the law by filming conversations with abortionists and others without their consent. The pro-life investigators are facing possible jail time and fines if convicted.

In May, the Center for Medical Progress and Daleiden filed a lawsuit against Harris for prosecuting him unjustly for his undercover investigative work. The lawsuit accuses Harris, Becerra, Planned Parenthood and others of conspiracy to violate First and Fourteenth Amendment civil rights.

Donations to Daleiden’s legal defense may be made to the Thomas More Society, the pro-life legal organization representing him. Click here to donate.

Life News continues here

Rush Limbaugh Dead at 70

Many conservatives mourn the loss of Rush Limbaugh, a conservative radio host. Limbaugh lost his battle to lung cancer today at the age of 70.

He is known for attacking the ideas of the far left and even many liberal politicians. At the same time, he was falsely labeled as a hypocrite by many who despised his views and even the valid points he made time after time. Unfortunately, his death was met with celebration by those on the left side of the spectrum that comments on Twitter was filled with so much hatred.

The good news is that he was met by praise, particularly by former President Donald J Trump. He stood for everything that America, “has stood for.” He was a guiding light to truth. In 2020, Former President Trump awarded Rush the Medal of Freedom following his stage four cancer diagnosis.

One thing that set Rush apart from other commentators is his tenacity for the defend of the unborn. He admitted that abortion is why the country is wrong at its root in this country.

For anyone using this time to dance on his gravce or labeling him a hypocrite (which I’m sure you are one as we were reminded in the gospel chosen for Ash Wednesday), I offer a few words from a talented journalist:

“You are the cancer that eats away at our virtue.You are the toxins in our societal bloodstream.You are the children of the Church Of No Rules.You are the sickness with no antidote.You are the flaming torches and flaring nostrils of another Guernica.You are what, and why, Rush was necessary.And why he will never be forgotten.”

May Rush Hudson Limbaugh rest in the heavenly arms of Jesus.

Eternal rest grant unto him, O Lord. And let the perpetual light shine upon him. May his soul and souls of the faithfully departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace. Amen.

Well donegood and faithful servant” Matthew 25:23

Brian Sims for Lieutenant Governor?

Remember Brian Sims? Yes, the man who livestreamed himself harassing pro-life women.

Well, a report has surfaced that he announced through Twitter that he is eyeing the office of Lieutenant Governor of Pennsylvania.

Let us never forget how Sims harassed women in 2019. He even doxxed teenage girls in front of their mother while praying in front of Planned Parenthood within his state district.

We must hold this so called “public servant” accountable for his incorrigible actions against pro-life women.

Legacy of Life Virtual Tour – February 18th

The weather is dreary for many of us and we are still living under Covid-19 restrictions so we need to create our own bright spots in our days.  One bright spot I recommend is joining the virtual tour of Legacy of Life on Thursday, February 18th at 7 PM EST on Zoom.  You will learn first hand about the work Legacy of Life does everyday to support moms and their children.  Legacy of Life offers life-changing alternatives to women who are considering abortion…alternatives that Planned Parenthood does not offer.  My first tour there made realize that when I stand outside an abortion center, I can be confident in the alternative resources I offer women.  I know they will be taken care of if they only make the call.  Below are the details for joining the tour.  I guarantee you will be uplifted after taking part in this tour and may even decide to volunteer or donate to this worthwhile mission.

You are invited to join the Legacy of Life Foundation!  
You will hear from our advocates about how love & mercy give a woman hope even after they have been abandoned by their family, friends, and even the father of their baby just because they are pregnant.   Advocates and Ultrasound techs will share how through love and mercy truth transforms a woman’s heart from abortion-minded to saying YES to life.  These stories will melt your heart and reaffirm that, yes, hope abounds through love & mercy!

Mark your calendars and join us!
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Archdiocese of Philadelphia
Thursday, February 18, 2021 7pm EST on Zoom
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This week we have seen the cancel culture from both sides of the spectrum while a partisan response in one. Here’s a look.

Disney Let Go Rising Actress on Hit Series

News broke this week that Disney has terminated one of their rising stars on a hit series. Gina Carano, the star of “The Mandalorian”, was fired for making comments that triggered the left-leaning crowd. The move by Disney and Lucafilm has since backfired.

Carano got support from Texas Senator Ted Cruz. Sen. Cruz said in a tweet how the actress rose to stardom in a popular series, yet she was canceled because of her views.

This move by Disney shows that actors and actresses with right leaning or religious views don’t have a place in the big tent, the entertainment industry. We are even seeing Disney with its true colors as they have supported gay marriage let alone Planned Parenthood.

Abby Johnson and Catholic University of America

Recently, the pro-life group of Cardinals for Life at Catholic University of America in Washington, DC were pressured to cancel Abby Johnson, former Planned Parenthood director turned pro-life advocate. However, she was picked up by the school’s republican group, which sparked some controversy.

The original reason for canceling Abby was for remarks she made about her adopted son last summer ahead of the 2020 Republican National Committee. This sparked the debate among many liberal pro-lifers, particularly the ones who have been a part of the number of Black Lives Matter protests nationwide that same summer.

Even in a post leading to the cancellation, Abby knew deep down she was going to speak at the Catholic University of America. She event thanked the college republicans for the invitation to speak. To see her presentation, visit here.

Whether we agree with the person or not, we can’t just simply cancel that person because of remarks that person made. We live in a society that preaches tolerance for some, not for all. One, pro-lifers must have some non partisan groups speak or contribute to the debate in advancing a culture of life. Two, when we want to cancel out, it opens the door for another to welcome a particular viewpoint while declining to offer another point of view.

The idea of a university is to be universal without becoming too radical. Sadly, the higher education scene has been climatically heated to the point that one side is put to the side just to accommodate one’s feelings. Cancel culture is killing critical thinking. Critical thinking has been seen a an inconvenience in education. It needs to be brought back.

In the words of Rep. Madison Cawthorne, “Ideas sharpen the mind”.


Honduras Makes Its Abortion Ban Permanent: “All Human Beings Have a Right to Life”

Last year, medical groups representing more than 30,000 doctors in America emphasized that abortions are not “essential” or “urgent.”

The following report by Micaiah Bilger was published in Life News.

The Honduran National Congress strengthened pro-life laws last week by amending the national constitution to declare that unborn babies have the same rights as born human beings under the law.

Breitbart reports lawmakers passed the reforms Thursday in response to growing international pressure on pro-life countries to legalize abortions.

They amended the Honduran Constitution to read: “The unborn shall be considered as born for all rights accorded within the limits established by law. It is prohibited and illegal for the mother or a third party to practice any form of interruption of life on the unborn, whose life must be respected from conception.”

They also passed legislation increasing the vote threshold to 75 percent for congress to repeal unborn babies’ constitutional right to life.

“All human beings have a right to life from the moment of conception,” said Mario Pérez, the lawmaker who sponsored the legislation.

The South American country was spurred to action after Argentina legalized abortions in December. Lawmakers said they wanted to create a “shield against abortion” in Honduras, where most people support unborn babies’ right to life.

Pro-abortion groups expressed hope that Argentina’s decision would prompt other South American countries to do the same, but now they fear – and pro-life advocates hope – the opposite will be true.

According to Breitbart, the British medical journal The Lancet described how Honduran lawmakers’ action “sparked fears” among abortion activists that other countries also may act to secure unborn babies’ rights.

After the vote last week, international pro-abortion groups and agencies, including the United Nations and European Union, slammed Honduras for protecting unborn babies.

“The move doubles down on draconian reproductive rights laws in a country with some of the highest rates of teenage pregnancy and sexual violence in Latin America,” according to The Lancet.

Abortion activists with the UN also criticized Honduras for even considering a measure to strengthen protections for unborn babies.

“This bill is alarming. Instead of taking a step towards fulfilling the fundamental rights of women and girls, the country is moving backwards,” they said in a statement earlier this month.

Other critics included Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch and Oxfam, according to the report.

Most Central and South American countries protect unborn babies’ right to life, but they face growing pressure from the United Nations and other international groups to legalize abortion on demand. Abortion advocacy groups, backed by some of the richest men in the world, hope the vote in Argentina will prompt neighboring countries to legalize abortions as well.

Legalizing abortion does not save lives or help women. Abortions destroy unborn babies’ lives and often harm mothers physically and/or psychologically. Pro-abortion groups often overestimate the number of illegal and unsafe abortions that occur in countries across the world.

Life News article continue