Unethical Study Manufactures Results

The truth has been twisted to such a degree
it more resembles a pretzel than a research finding.


This is a hard hitting expose of a study done on abortion pill reversal.  It’s authored by Bradley Mattes of Life Issues Institute and uncovers the pro-abortion agenda of the researchers.

The chemical abortion pill is growing in use and may soon outpace surgical abortion. This evolving trend demonstrates why the Abortion Pill Reversal network of medical professionals is vital to saving babies and protecting their mothers.

A so-called study was underway to examine the effectiveness of progesterone to reverse a chemical abortion when a mother changed her mind. However, critics say its unspoken goal was to actually undermine the progesterone protocol.

But the process backfired and further underscored the need for added protections for women subjected to chemical abortion.

The study’s credibility was suspect from the start and many expected its conclusion would result in a preconceived notion that abortion pill reversal is “junk science.” Consider the bias of its authors. All five are dedicated pro-abortion advocates. Mitchell D. Creinin, is an abortionist and paid consultant with Danco Laboratories which manufactures mifepristone, the chemical abortion pill. Laura Dalton is an employee of Planned Parenthood of Arizona. Collectively, Planned Parenthood is the largest chain of abortion facilities in America and the most aggressive lobbyist for extreme pro-abortion laws on both the federal and state level. Melody Y. Hou, Rachel Steward, and Melissa J. Chen have all been or are currently abortionists.

The study’s goal was to enroll 40 pregnant women who had previously decided to have a surgical abortion. After consenting to a chemical abortion and receiving the mifepristone, the women were selected randomly to be given progesterone to attempt reversing the chemical abortion or a placebo. Those whose babies were still alive after two weeks were promised a surgical abortion.

The purpose of this ethically bankrupt research was to determine if a drug effectively saves the lives of babies, and if so, they guarantee mothers a dead child in the end.
After 12 women had been enrolled, researchers abruptly ended the study because of serious health concerns for those participating. Three women experienced “severe hemorrhage requiring ambulance transport to hospital.” One lost enough blood to require a transfusion.

A critical distinction that most media outlets have not made or highlighted is that two of the three women who experienced medical emergencies were given the placebo – that is, the only active drug they received and were suffering from was the mifepristone chemical abortion drug. One had been given progesterone. The potential of lethal blood loss has been an ever-present concern with chemical abortion. The study’s hasty demise underscores the need for the FDA to more closely scrutinize Danco’s death drug.

Website: Life Issues Institute


Supreme Court Lets Kentucky Law Requiring Ultrasounds Before Abortions Stand

“Modern ultrasound technology opens an unprecedented window into the womb, providing indisputable evidence of the humanity of the unborn child.”

Pro-Life Supporters (Photo: Reuters/Jonathan Ernst)

A great victory handed down by the US Supreme Court in favor of a Kentucky law is recounted by Samuel Smith, a reporter for Christian Post.  

The U.S. Supreme Court Monday rejected a case brought against a Kentucky law requiring mothers to view an ultrasound and listen to audio of their child’s heartbeat before going through with their abortions.

The nation’s high court offered no reasoning for its decision to let stand a Kentucky law that has been blocked by courts since it was enacted in 2017. But the court’s decision paves the way for the law to finally be enacted.

The law requires mothers to look at an ultrasound of their child while a doctor describes the ultrasound to the patient. Doctors are also required to play audio of the fetal heartbeat.

“We are encouraged by today’s Supreme Court decision that lets Kentucky’s pro-life ultrasound law stand,” Marjorie Dannenfelser, president of the national pro-life lobbying group Susan B. Anthony List, said in a statement. “Modern ultrasound technology opens an unprecedented window into the womb, providing indisputable evidence of the humanity of the unborn child.”

Abortion rights supporters chided the court’s decision. The law was challenged by Kentucky’s only abortion clinic, EMW Women’s Clinic of Louisville, which was represented by the American Civil Liberties Union.  The ACLU contends that the court’s decision “allows extreme political interference in the doctor-patient relationship.” The ACLU claims that the law violates the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

“Kentucky’s law is just one example of the ways politicians punish and stigmatize people who have already decided to have an abortion,” the ACLU tweeted. “Abortion is a right — and it’s legal in all 50 states.”

The pro-abortion advocacy group NARAL argued that the law “shames women for accessing basic care.”

“Mandating transvaginal ultrasounds for women seeking abortion care is not only medically unnecessary — it’s violently invasive,” NARAL wrote in a tweet.
Proponents of the legislation argue that patients looking to abort have the right to “informed consent.”

“Women facing an unexpected pregnancy deserve to have as much medically and technically accurate information as possible when they are making what could be the most important decision of their life,” March for Life President Jeanne Mancini said in a statement.

Dannenfelser contends that the “abortion industry has proven incapable of policing itself and will stop at nothing to keep vulnerable women in the dark for the sake of profit.”
Pro-life activist Lila Rose, the founder of Live Action, tweeted that many women “reject the violence of abortion” when they have the “chance to see the humanity of their child [and] hear their heartbeat.”

The court’s refusal to take up the case leaves in place a ruling by a three-judge bench of the Sixth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals last April upholding the constitutionality of the Kentucky law.

The appeals court overturned a lower court ruling declaring the law to be unconstitutional. The opinion by the Sixth Circuit was written by Trump appointee John Bush.

Although the case sets no precedents, it does imply that the court’s conservative majority could be inclined to grant the ability to states to regulate the abortion industry.
In October, the Supreme Court agreed to take up a case against a Louisiana law requiring doctors who perform abortions to have admitting privileges at nearby hospitals. Critics say the law will leave only one authorized abortion clinic in the state.

“We hope the Court will render another just decision in the case of Louisiana’s law requiring reasonable standards to protect women’s health and safety,” Dannenfelser said.

Website: Christian Post

Paramedic Becomes Pro-Life After Viewing Post Abortion Body of Unborn Baby

Below is a story of how one person’s experience forever reinforced his belief in the sanctity of life.  


The incident you are about to read is true.  It took place in a hospital after the infamous US Supreme Court decision, Roe v. Wade in January 1973.  It involves, a young Philadelphia Firefighter who was training to become a paramedic.

A segment of his three-month paramedic course was a rotation in obstetrics.  Part of this training included how to deliver a baby.  He observed how doctors assisted women during the birth process.

While he was in the delivery area, he walked into a side room.  In that small area, he observed a shocking scene.  Laying on a metal counter top was the fully formed body of a dead baby.  He described the baby’s skin as reddish in color. He didn’t understand how this baby died and what caused the crimson color of the baby’s skin. He then left the side room and asked a staff member how did the baby die. The person told him the baby was aborted.

Since that time, this incident has been etched in his memory.  It was years later that he shared this traumatic story with me.  As one who has been a long time pro-life activist, I knew why the baby’s skin was red.  I told him, since this was a late-term abortion, the baby was killed by the doctor injecting a saline solution into the mother’s womb.  This solution causes the baby to die a slow painful death and in the process burns the baby’s body.

As he matured, his belief that taking an unborn baby’s life by abortion was immoral. His view evolved to become a large part of his moral and ethical beliefs.  This incident is still clearly etched in his memory.  He said when he thinks about abortion and the right to life of the unborn, the picture of that dead baby comes to mind and reinforces his belief in the sanctity of human life.

“For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb. I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made.” Psalm 139:13-14

prayer for the unborn







Pro-Life Novena by Archbishop Fulton Sheen


Recently, the Vatican has approved a pro-life miracle attributed to Archbishop Fulton J Sheen.

He wrote a very powerful novena that is to be prayed for a successful nine months straight

Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, I love you very much. I beg you to spare the life of the unborn baby [baby’s name] that I have spiritually adopted who is in danger of abortion. Amen.

Spiritually adopting a baby in danger of abortion has been a way to remind our family that 2,899 babies die every day by surgical abortion—a number that doesn’t even reflect chemical abortions—and most never receive a name.

Novena to Our Lady of Guadalupe Day 1

First Day – December 4
Dearest Lady of Guadalupe, fruitful Mother of holiness, teach me your ways of gentleness and strength. Hear my humble
prayer offered with heartfelt confidence to beg this favor… (Here mention your requests)
Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory Be and Memorare of Our Lady of Guadalupe

Remember, O most gracious Virgin of Guadalupe, that in your heavenly apparitions on the mount of Tepeyac, you
promised to show your compassion and pity towards all who, loving and trusting you, seek your help and call upon you in
their necessities and afflictions. You promised to hear our supplications, to dry our tears, and to give us consolation and
Never has it been known that anyone who fled to your protection, implored your help, or sought your intercession, was left
unaided. Inspired by this confidence, we fly to you, O Mary, ever-Virgin Mother of the true God! Though grieving under the
weight of our sins, we come to prostrate ourselves before you. We fully trust that, standing beneath your shadow and
protection, nothing will trouble or afflict us, nor do we need to fear illness or misfortune, or any other sorrow.
O Virgin of Guadalupe, you want to remain with us through your admirable Image, you who are our Mother, our health,
and our life. Placing ourselves beneath your maternal gaze, and having recourse to you in all our necessities, we need do
nothing more.
O Holy Mother of God, despise not our petitions, but in your mercy hear and answer us. Amen


Help Students from Archdiocesan High Schools Attend National Conference and March for Life


Eighty high school students in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia will be attending the annual March for Life on Jan. 24, 2020 and the annual conference of Students for Life the following day, thanks to the national organization’s $6,000 grant to the archdiocesan Office for Life and Family.

Students for Life aims to educate teenagers and young adults on “the violence of abortion, create new pro-lifers and transform campuses into places that support pregnant and parenting students,” according to its website.

Now a crowd funding effort by the archdiocesan office seeks to raise an additional $15,000 to send up to 200 more students for the events.

Visit the website GiveSendGo and help raise awareness of the sanctity of human life among young people by making a donation here.

Should We ‘Turn the Other Cheek’ on Chick fil A’s Betrayal or Hold Their Feet to the Fire?

Chick fil a

I seem to have created a firestorm of controversy over an article I posted on my Facebook wall from Decision Magazine entitled,  Wendy’s Chooses to Promote Adoption, Not Abortion.  It wasn’t the article that offended people, but the comment I posted along with that article.  I dared to say, “Let’s dump Chick fil A and patronize Wendy’s”.

Chick fil A has always been held in high esteem by pro-life warriors and other conservatives because of their strong Christian values.  When others caved, they remained strong, until recently.

I have read many articles about how this fast food chain has surrendered to the LBGT faction, dumping certain Christian organizations and sending donations to groups such as the Southern Poverty Law Center, an organization which has attacked mainstream conservative organizations, including the Family Research Council.  Read one of their articles here.  

So, do we ‘turn the other cheek’  and give Chick fil A a pass, or do we hold their feet to the fire and let them know that they are losing their Christian base by capitulating?

I believe in turning the other cheek;  however, we can’t allow ourselves to be continually slapped silly by organizations we’ve supported who then turn their backs on their Christian and pro-life base.  It’s time to fight back.

We do that by:

  • signing the petition from the Family Research Council
  • Boycotting Chick fil A until they come to their senses and  fund Christian organizations again, and stop funding the Southern Poverty Law Center and other anti-life and anti-Christian organizations
  • Contacting Chick fil A Corporate offices to let them know you are boycotting them (It’s important to let them know why you are boycotting them)
  • Praying!  Prayer is the best weapon we have to combat the forces of evil in our land and we all know it is satan who is the real enemy here.

We owe it to our children and grandchildren to stand up for what is right and not let the bullies on the left intimidate us.  And we need to remind companies like Chick fil A of their commitment to uphold God’s perfect law instead of cowering to man’s imperfect one.

Are you with me?

Novena to Our Lady of Guadalupe


Please join Voices for Life as we participate in the Novena to Our Lady of Guadalupe.

The novena runs from Wednesday, December 4th to Thursday, December 12th

We hope that you can join us.

Note: This novena was sent to me by America Needs Fatima.

Empty Creche Christmas Caroling



As we enter December, many pro-lifers will take part in the empty Creche Christmas Caroling. We will pray the rosary, Divine Mercy Chaplet, Angelus, aas well as a litany. The caroling will soon follow. 

Pro-Lifers in Philadelphia will be doing just that in December. Here are the details.

Saturday December 28th

777 Appletree Street

Regular prayer vigil starts at 6:30 AM. Caroling will start at 7:30 PM.

All pro-lifers are welcome to come with their families. You do not need to have the best voice in the world.

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