The recap of the Republican National Convention continues. This time we highlight Abby Johnson.

Abby Johnson is no stranger to pro-lifers and pro-abortion mobs alike. Her biopic came out last year, based on a memoir she wrote on how she led the #WalkAway movement from the abortion industry.

Here’s her full speech from the convention here.

Drive-In Movie Benefit for Guiding Star at The Shores

DRIVE-IN and watch the inspiring true story of ABBY JOHNSON in the film UNPLANNED! Gates open at 7:30 pm with Unplanned books and DVD’s available for purchase. Bring your appetite! You can pre-order and purchase food on the Delsea Drive-in website!


One lucky car will win our raffle and get to have ABBY as their guest
while watching UNPLANNED together! Abby’s message to South Jersey will be previewed immediately before the film begins. Bring your chairs if you’d like to watch the movie outside of your car, and don’t forget your masks!


For additional info about the venue visit:
So gather your Carpool , get your tickets and let’s go to the movies!!


*For additional tickets and/or information visit:


Additional Questions email/call Sue Decker- 609-705-0078.  See more information with their flyer below. 

UNPLANNED with Abby Johnson! 



Using this time with a pro-life purpose

Our lifestyle has changed dramatically in a very short time. But extra time at home now gives us an opportunity perhaps to bring more people into active participation in pro-life activities and to increase our own knowledge and support for this cause. Below are just a few ideas to use this time with purpose. While these suggestions specify organizations in the Philadelphia region, the sentiment is the same regardless of your locale.

  blogpic4   *Share the 40 Days for Life website with others who may now be home more than usual and schedule an hour of prayer and support outside your local abortion center (following whatever CDC recommendations are in place as to number of people and distancing).

       *Substitute what would have been your commute time with extra time to pray for an end to abortion or meditate on ways you can best use your talents to participate in this goal.

       *Search out local pro-life organizations and request to be added to their contact list so you can follow current news and participate in upcoming events. (example Pro-Life Union of Greater Philadelphia).

     *Check out the Sidewalk Servant training videos on the Pro-Life Union’s website to learn more about following best practices standing vigil outside an abortion center.Unplanned

     *Watch “Unplanned” or lend your copy to someone who hasn’t seen it. It is also available to rent/buy from your cable provider (e.g. Comcast On Demand)

     *Contact local/state/federal representatives – either to thank those who support a pro-life agenda or to question those that do not

       *Contact women’s pregnancy centers about volunteer opportunities – they may be limiting the number of volunteers onsite at this time but you can be ready for when things return to normal. Also ask them what supplies they are in need of and perhaps schedule an online order to ship directly to them. (Examples: A Baby’s Breath, Legacy of Life).

     *If shopping online thru Amazon, you can link to various charities through their Amazon smile program – I know Generation Life is one of them as my purchases are linked to this organization. AmazonSmile Foundation will donate 0.5% of the purchase price of eligible products to the charitable organization of your choice. See if you can link any pro-life charities to your AmazonSmile account. You can also set up automatic donations to pro-life charities you wish to support routinely. Most have details on their websites.

Some of us may be doing all these things. Some of us may be doing a few and meant to check into the others and just never had the time. Personally, I want to check into possible volunteer opportunities at A Baby’s Breath – I kept meaning to but it never happened. Now, it will.

And one more thing we need to do — keep the patients who have contracted the virus in our prayers that they may recover.

Can’t Make the March for Life? Here’s what you can do instead

It’s March for Life week. It is predicted that it will be the biggest rally in its history with marchers from 500,000 to possibly close to 800,000 from all across the United States. In addition to the March for Life in DC, this Saturday is also the Walk for Life in San Francisco.

Now, many of us are asking, “What if I can’t go to the March for Life?” That is okay. Here are some ideas of what you can do this Friday.

  1. Treat it like a Friday in Lent
    1. Abstain from meat
    2. Fast from sugar and cream and drink your coffee black
    3. Don’t butter your toast or drown your fries in ketchup. Eat them plain
    4. Limit your screen time if necessary
  2. Attend a Holy Hour near you
    1. Can you not watch for one hour
    2. Offer it up for those involved with the pro-life movement
    3. Go to confession
  3. Pray your rosary (this should be done every day)
    1. Offer it up for an end to abortion
    2. Pray for the conversion of those who are pro-choice among your family members and friends
  4. Offer a Divine Mercy Chaplet for the conversion of those involved with abortion.
  5. Pray in front of an abortion facility near you.
    1. Take material with you and offer it to women going into the places that offer counterfeit healthcare.
  6. Attend a local event commemorating the lives lost.
  7. Engage in social media fests
    1. Tweet/Retweet about the March or why you are pro-life (be aware of hashtags to use).
    2. Share some of your past March for Life experiences
    3. Post a pro-life quote or phrase on Facebook
    4. Share testimonies of those who once worked in the abortion industry or are post-abortive
  8. Volunteer your time at a crisis pregnancy center
  9. Host a screening of Unplanned or other pro-life theme movies and documents
  10. Write a letter to your elected official
    1. Be sure to remind them of the total number of Americans killed since 1973 as a result of Roe v Wade and how Planned Parenthood is targeting Hispanics and Blacks. Ask them why they continue to be silent.
    2. Share your concern over their record on supporting abortion on demand.

These are just the many things you can do to spread the message of life. Even when the march ends, we are called to March for Life every day, not just every January 22nd. Continue making a difference today and every day in the defense of life.


A Pro-Life To-Do List

To do list


For the past few years, I took time on my Facebook page to reveal some of the things I hope to accomplish or do in a given new year. It can be challenging, but at the same time, it can help you to do new or accomplish things that you’ve always wanted to cross off.

As a pro-lifer, you may be on the same boat as I am. You may be asking yourself what you can do in the New Year to be a better pro-lifer or go into the unknown. To help you get a jump start on your pro-life to-do list, I came up with 10 things you can do as a pro-lifer.

  1. Host a screening of a pro-life themed movie. Unplanned took the world by storm and there is no question that many groups want to show movies like the world phenom of 2019. Cinema is a powerful medium to convey the message of life.
  2. Take part in a 40 Days for Life campaign (February 26th thru April 5th, 2020 and again the fall from September 23rd to November 1st). Be on the lookout once registration for vigil hours become available.
  3. Have a mass or Holy Hour offered for an end to the scourge of abortion or the conversion of those involved with the diabolical industry.
  4. Brush up on apologetics. It may be one thing to think you know it all. It’s another if you educate on what to say to those who may not know the issue at hand. Some people to learn from are Stephanie Gray and Trent Horn. Using their experience, they share the dos and don’ts in conveying the pro-life message to an individual or group.
  5. Volunteer at a pregnancy resource or crisis center. Many of them are not too far from a Planned Parenthood facility. these facilities need additional help with tasks like answering calls, taking inventory, and even being a support to vulnerable women. Side note: consider helping one raise funds for an ultrasound machine.
  6. Take part in prayer vigils. Yes, this may be scary, but we have been reminded 365 times in the Bible to not be afraid. If you can muster the courage every day to be present, your reward will be heaven. Don’t know what to say or do? Here’s a blog post for that. Here’s a post on prayers to recite in front of the facilities.
  7. Donate or raise funds for pro-life organizations. A previous blog post breaks down different groups that may help you decide who you can send your donation. If you want to go towards a fundraiser route, you might want to consider having a quizzo night, have someone teach ballroom dancing, or arts and craft and sell them with proceeds going to a pro-life organization of your choosing.
  8. Attend a rally. One of the most common events you can attend is the March for Life in DC, Chicago,  or West Coast area (San Francisco or L.A. areas). You may also want to consider attending one on the state level. (Pennsylvania will host their inaugural state march on May 18th, 2020.
  9. Attend a pro-life seminar near you or on a national scale. Dr. Monique Ruberu and Richara Krajewski will be speaking at the annual National Pro-Life Summit on January 25th in Washington, DC. Secure your spot today.
  10. Recruit more people to join the pro-life cause. Visit parishes, have displays on your campus, invite a pro-life speaker to your classroom, and learn more about how you can

Pro-Lifers Attend Annual Peace in the Womb and Christmas Caroling at Warminster Planned Parenthood


Warminster Peace in WombChristmas Caroling at Peace in the Womb Event, December 13, 2019, Warminster Planned Parenthood 

On Friday morning in near freezing temperatures, 35 pro-lifers gathered in front of Warminster Planned Parenthood.  They came to the annual Peace in the Womb event to  observe the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and pray for an end to abortion.

Sandy Slater, president of Bucks County Pro-Life Coalition, began the event by introducing Pastor Chuck Wilson of New Hope Community Church.

Pastor Chuck Wilson
Pastor Chuck Wilson, New Hope Community Church

Pastor Chuck opened with a prayer followed by a powerful, encouraging message.  He spoke about the importance of intercessory prayer in defeating abortion, especially at abortion sites. He mentioned the impact the movie Unplanned had on changing hearts and minds about the killing of unborn babies . Prayer warriors standing in front of abortion sites has resulted in many women choosing life for their babies. He also shared the satanic influence that is behind the abortion industry.  Pastor Wilson stressed that our presence and prayers are essential in defeating the evil of abortion.

Christmas Caroling brought to mind the Biblical account of Jesus’ birth: a miraculous ‘unexpected’ pregnancy, Mary and Joseph’s journey to Bethlehem, angels announcing the Savior’s birth to shepherds, the joy and holiness of that silent night.  Singing these joyful hymns about the sacred birth of Jesus was in sharp contrast to the evil of killing unborn babies taking place inside Warminster Planned Parenthood.

Longtime pro-lifer, Patrick Stanton, spoke about the importance of our presence and prayers at Warminster Planned Parenthood.  His late father, John Stanton, was known as the father of the pro-life movement in Southeast Pennsylvania.  Patrick shared the great need for intercessors and sidewalk counselors at two abortion sites in center city Philadelphia.  Mike McMonagle of the Pro-Life Coalition of PA urged everyone to become informed about pending legislation on pro-life issues.

Participants were invited for refreshments and fellowship at the VFW Hall following the close of the program.  This event was sponsored locally by the Bucks County Pro-Life Coalition  and nationally by the Pro-Life Action League.

Another Peace in the Womb event took place at Planned Parenthood at Comly Road and Roosevelt Blvd. in NE Philly on Saturday, November 14th. They stood in the rain as they prayed and sang Christmas Carols in celebration of the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  Anita Flynn, Voices for Life blogger, reported there were 21 pro-lifers who participated.

Below are photos of the gathering and a sign with a powerful pro-life message.

Comly Road Peace in Womb 2Comly Road Peace in Womb

Unplanned Movie to be Shown in 40 Churches this Coming Weekend in Waco, Texas Area

The following is from John Pisciotta, Director, Pro-life Waco.  If you live in Waco and haven’t had the opportunity to see this movie, there are many churches in the area showing the film on Friday, October 25th, Saturday, October 26th and Sunday, October 27th. 



Unprecedented showing of Unplanned Movie in churches October 25/26/27

A weekend showing of the Unplanned movie in over 40 churches in the Waco area. Wow, even more Central Texans will learn about the Abby Johnson conversion story and see realities of first trimester abortion.

This is the culmination of the work of over three months of the Central Texas Pro-Life Alliance. The alliance includes the Republican Club of McLennan County, the Republican Women’s Club of McLennan County, CareNet Pregnancy Center of Central Texas, Pro-Life Waco, 40 Days for Life Waco, and Church of the Open Door. This graphic is the top part of the full-page ad that appeared Sunday, October 20 in the Waco Tribune Herald.

The whole add can be found in the file below. To see if your church is showing the Unplanned movie, and to find times and locations for these churches go to

Start inviting your friends to take advantage of this opportunity. Unplanned is a game changer in the battle for preborn babies in the womb and for their moms.

Waco Unplanned Movie