Exciting New Pro-life Legislation Kicks off Monday, Oct 21 in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania Heartbeat Bill Being Introduced on Monday


The following is from the Pennsylvania Family Institute.  They are looking for as many people as possible to attend this rally.  Please gather in the Media Room in the Capitol basement at 10:00 am.  

On Monday, October 21st, Senator Doug Mastriano (R-Adams) and State Representative Stephanie Borowicz (R-Clinton) will help lead other elected officials and pro-life Pennsylvanians in introducing Senate Bill 912 and House Bill 1977 – the Heartbeat Bill. The introductory press conference is open to the public and we encourage you to join us at the announcement starting at 10 am at the PA State Capitol.

What is the Heartbeat Bill? This legislation would improve our current state law by protecting unborn children from abortion after a heartbeat is detected. Under current law, abortion is permitted up through 24 weeks into pregnancy (six months in pregnancy) – an outdated determination of life based on the subjective nature of viability. Pennsylvania’s Heartbeat Bill would protect thousands of babies every year throughout our state.

Take Action: When you hear a heartbeat, you hear life. Please contact your State Senator and State Representative in support of the Heartbeat Bill – click here to email them your support.

If you would like to attend the Heartbeat Bill press conference / rally on Monday, October 21, please contact Dan Bartkowiak at dbart@pafamily.org.

We will have plenty more to share on Monday and in the weeks to come so stay tuned.


The best moments of the 2019 Al Smith Dinner — Aleteia — Catholic Spirituality, Lifestyle, World News, and Culture

General James Mattis has the audience rolling on the floor laughing at the annual charity event in the New York Archdiocese.

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Prayer Project Rally Tomorrow at 10 AM at the Planned Parenthood in Reading, Pa.

Saturdays are busy days for pro-life warriors in Pennsylvania.  Most go to the abortion centers in their cities to pray and give witness or to offer help to women seeking abortions.  My parish is having a Prayer Rally at the site of vandalism of our Memorial Crosses.   And Prayer Warriors in Berks County are being urged to come out for a rally at the Planned Parenthood in Reading (map) as part of their Prayer Project.  Please see the information below from Kathy Kuhns.   

Prayer project

Please be at Reading Planned Parenthood tomorrow, Sat., 10 AM for the Prayer Project Rally.  We’ll be storming heaven with our prayers to close the place down for good.  We’ll also be thanking God for what He’s already done.  Pastor Joe Sclafani will lead the prayers.

We have some signs and t-shirts, so just ask.  You can also bring your own sign, but no graphic signs please.
Sorry to say the Reading Eagle is unable to cover our event due to so many other events going on at the same time.  They were very nice and have always covered our events, so we can’t complain.
Also, Pro-Life Berks on BCTV, Monday, Oct 21st, 8 PM.  Change of schedule.  Rep. Muesser couldn’t make it and will be on the program in February.  Scott and Joel will discuss lost fatherhood when their children were aborted.
See you tomorrow.  Rain or shine!


Guidelines for Praying and Bible Verses

Students for Life “Lies Feminists Tell” Tour Comes to Villanova University


The following is from an email blast from Kristan Hawkins, President of Students for Life of America

I’m heading to Philadelphia!

One of the next stops on my speaking tour is on Wednesday, October 30th at 7:00 PM EST at Villanova University.  

The title of my talk is “Lies Feminists Tell.” I will be talking about how abortion hijacked the feminist movement!

The event will be in Bartley Hall, Room 2001 and it’s free and open to the public. There will be a Q & A as part of the presentation (and it’s my favorite part).

You can RSVP for the event here or just reply to this e-mail. You can find more information on parking on campus here as well as hotel recommendations here.

I am praying that this is a successful speech and that students, especially pro-choice ones, come out to hear me speak. At previous events, hostile protesters have come out and tried to shout me down and have even cursed at me!

I hope to see you there!

Message in a Box


The following is from Dr. Monique Ruberu with the need to fill hours for the upcoming days during the 40 Days for Life

I keep a box of cards in my office waiting room so people can write cards for moms considering abortion. Every morning before I start my day I read the cards and I am always blown away by the love, encouragement, and stories my patients share through these cards.

Today I read this message :

Dear beautiful mom,

Breathe, take a deep breath and bring your mind and your heart to peace.

I do not know you or what you are going through, but I just want to let you know that whatever is going on – you are NOT alone.

I spent 13 months living in a homeless shelter for pregnant women. I met countless scared, confused, hurt women who found themselves in unexpected pregnancies and truly had no idea what to do or who to turn to.

YOU are not alone. There is HOPE. I met many women who questioned what to do about their pregnancy and slowly I saw them see the glimmer of hope. Hope that they can and will be wonderful mothers. I ask you to take a minute I think of the baby you carry as a gift. You are not alone. You are Strong! You can do this!! I am rooting for you and praying for you!

Br strong pretty girl! Love and God bless – Erin.

these messages and many others are in the blessing bags you will hand out when you come to pray.

please fill the hours below – especially the ones for tomorrow

Friday 10/18: 12th and locust; 10

Friday 10/18: 777 appletree: 12

Monday 10/21 12th and locust: 2,3

thanks and God bless!!

Pennsylvania Action Alert! Please Contact Your Legislators – SPREAD THE WORD!

The following urgent request is from Ted Meehan of Delaware County, Pennsylvania. 
Please residents of Pennsylvania, take the actions below on the Down Syndrome Bill in the Senate,  the Censure Motion of Rep Brian Sims in the House,  the Heartbeat Bill in both the House and the Senate. 
Ted has supplied the contact information for you on these bills. When you’ve completed these tasks, please share with all your pro-life family and friends in Pennsylvania. 

Pennsylvania action alert
When our founders gave us our Constitution, they emphasized three categories of rights above all others. Life, Liberty, and Property. The first of these has been under assault for the past half century – but you and I have stood up to demand protection of Life from our elected representatives.

And today I am asking you to do THREE Tasks – and spread the word to your networks so that we flood the offices of our senators and state reps. Please send an email AND leave a voicemail.

1) PASS HB 321 (in Subject Line)
 To Senators
Joe Scarnati  jscarnati@pasen.gov
             (717) 787-7084
Jake Corman  jcorman@pasen.gov
             (717) 787-1377
Michele Brooks  mbrooks@pasen.gov
             (717) 787-1322
“Please move the Down Syndrome Bill (HB 321) out of the Health Committee and bring it up for a vote by the Full Senate.” (This bill has already passed in the House 117-76.)

2) To Reps in the House Censure Motion of Rep Brian Sims
Please contact the State Rep in your area (Find contact info here  and ask them to co-sponsor the Censure Motion of Rep Brian Sims – who last spring had harassed and intimidated ladies and young girls who had been praying outside Planned Parenthood in Philadelphia. He used his status as a State Rep to try to scare them, while he insulted their religious beliefs, and offered a $100 reward for anyone who could identify these ladies and girls so he could harass them further in their own neighborhoods. He then posted a video of the entire assault on the internet! Despite many calls upon him to apologize, Sims remains defiant. So a Motion to Censure is to be introduced next week. Please ask your state rep to co-sponsor this Motion AND vote to Censure Rep Sims.

3) Both Senators and State Reps Heartbeat Bill
Please ask them to co-sponsor HB 1977 – Heartbeat Bill. You can find contact info here.
May the Lord of Life bless your efforts and multiply them to His greater Glory and Honor!

40 Days For Life: DAY 23: Choice is real…so is coercion — Deacon John’s Space

The choice of abortion is like all choices–it comes with consequences. Abortion advocates hide behind this term as if abortion is a flippant choice that happens, and all involved simply move on. The former CEO of Planned Parenthood publicly treated her own abortion as something trivial. That is degrading to the women and all involved […]

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Two Saves in Torrential Rain

40 Days Rain.jpg

From an email blast sent out by Dr. Monique Ruberu.

Dear Friends,

I am so grateful for those of you who stood in the torrential rain today to minister to the beautiful women and babies we serve.

here is an uplifting story from Jane who is a year around sidewalk servant as well.

Praise God! I believe we helped 2 sisters save their babies, this afternoon. After finishing my FOL (Flame of Love) Rosary, I prayed repeatedly (most Precious Blood of Jesus Christ save us and the whole world).  A large car pulled up and I greeted 3 women and 2 small children before they got out of the car. They were headed to “pp”, but willing to listen and receive a blessing bag. One woman knew she was pregnant and wanted to go over to our women’s center right away. Thank God they welcomed her and her friend or sister.  I continued the conversation with the woman staying with the children, she told me she too may be pregnant and wanted a few more blessing bags and more information. Her name was H. The children in the car belonged to her sister. The children were smiling and waving to me.  While I was talking to them Mary Gerry continued to pray the rosary.
Mary and I stayed until 2:30, we waited for someone to relieve us, but no one came. When we were sure they would be good (they were smiling and thankful) we left after putting the signs and bag away. The rain continued the whole time we were there.

They never even entered pp because of their peaceful loving witness in the rain!!! Thanks be to God!!!

We have had multiple signs and boxes stolen during this vigil… please go to the following link and print resources to bring with you:


please help us fill the following hours :

Friday 10/18: 12th and locust 10

Sat 10/19: 12th and locust: 12,1,2

Mon 10/21: 12th and locust: 12,2,3

Even A Rainy Day Mourns The Loss of Innocent Life

twins babies

I am staring out into the side yard from the dining room, figuring out what to write. Then, tap, tap, tap, tap.  I continue to hear it and realize that it’s raining. It is not always sunny in Philadelphia, folks. I thought to myself that the rain is from the babies who were murdered. Babies who could’ve brought joy to the world and even their families. Why? Why are we allowing this to happen?

God wants us to stop the innocent from being silenced by the apathy of his people. We cannot just stand around and be silent on this issue. We need to step out of our comfort zones (that includes the gadgets that consume our time) and pray and give witness to life with the intention of our culture’s conversion.

Are you willing to answer the call? Visit here to find a campaign in your area.