A Beautiful Day for a Rally & March

Last Monday, September 19th was a beautiful day.  Not just the weather but being in the presence of so many faithful pro-life warriors.  Reports of between 6,000 and 10,000 people from across the commonwealth were present at the first post-Roe March for Life in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.  Members of the Bucks County Pro-Life Coalition, Bucks County Right to Life as well as members of several parishes in Bucks County traveled to Harrisburg to be a part of this historic event.  Below are pictures taken by Kathleen Wilson of the Bucks County Right to Life as well as a report from her.  

It was wonderful meeting all of you yesterday. To those who couldn’t make it, know that it was a very successful day. There were 34 of us who traveled to Harrisburg. When we arrived, we listened to the speakers while others met with State Rep Shelby Labs and State Rep. Meghan Schroder. Both Representatives were very happy that we stopped by as we encouraged them to always vote pro-life. We marched around the Capital with a huge crowd filled with young people, listened to Silent No More women who regret their abortion as well as Fr. Pavone and finally ended with a Mass with Archbishop Perez. 

Thank you all for your passion for the protection of the unborn. We look forward to laws changing every day in favor of saving babies. Have a great day and thank you for participating in a great day! 

Don’t Miss the 2022 Mother-Daughter Tea

The Gianna Center of Philadelphia would like to invite all mothers and daughters between the ages of 10 – 13 to their annual Mother-Daughter tea.  Information along with a link to a flyer is provided below.  

The Gianna Center of Philadelphia, together with Generation Life, is bringing the  Mother-Daughter Tea back to Philadelphia! Our readers may remember the special program for mothers and daughters that provided an opportunity to interact in a facilitated group setting while learning about the gift of fertility and how to care for it. Talks focused on the sacredness of human life, the physical changes in a girl’s body, the importance of modesty and the development of healthy parent and peer relationships. The Mother-Daughter Tea was one of the most popular events of the former Friends of FertilityCare.  We recommend registering early to avoid missing out!  This year’s program is scheduled for  October 16, 2022 at St Helena parish in Blue Bell. To register, click the button below. To download a flyer, click here

To register, click here.  


The following is from Michael Geer, President of PA Family Institute.

On the left, that’s our second annual Pennsylvania March for Life, held yesterday on the Capitol steps here in Harrisburg. It was an absolutely amazing day, with crowd estimates of about 6,000 – even more than last year’s rally! Some veteran state lawmakers told us it was the largest Capitol rally they’d ever seen. 

On the right is the pro-abortion rally held this morning and organized months ago by Planned Parenthood, the ACLU, and others as a counter to our PA March for Life. They had less than 80 attendees. Yes, less than 80!

The abortion lobby even hired a public relations firm out of Texas to plan their rally and boost attendance. Their prepared remarks included speaking to “a sea of faces” as their expectations were to see many in attendance. Drop in the bucket is what comes to mind.

Meanwhile, the day before was a pro-life groundswell. There was no hired PR firm for the Pennsylvania March for Life. What we had was you, and thousands of others helping us spread the word about this historic pro-life rally and march – the first state March for Life anywhere since the overturn of Roe v. Wade. And wow did pro-life Pennsylvanians ever show up.  

This picture above of the Pennsylvania March for Life doesn’t do it justice. What a blessing I had to view from the stage the waves of people in attendance, from those on the steps to the Capitol to those filling in the sides – and getting some shade from the trees. I’m told we have some drone footage coming soon that will give a fuller picture. I can’t wait to share it with you, and other highlights of the day. 


While the Dobbs Decision in June reversed the 1973 Roe v Wade decision, the organizers of the annual March for Life in DC will continue to have its annual event in January.

A culture of life must continue to be built everywhere.

Mark your calendars for the 49th annual March for Life in Washington, D.C. on Friday, January 20th.

Information on the event will become available when more information is released.

Flight for Life! San Antonio to Fort Collins, CO

From San Antonio, TX to Fort Collins, CO. Heart changes. Baby lives. Mom cries tears of joy.

This is an uplifting story from my friend Kevin Williams of Ft Collins, Colorado. Kevin is a great fulltime sidewalk counselor at killing centers in Boulder, Denver, and his hometown of Fort Collins. On or near September 8, a mom named Vanessa arrived at Fort Collins Planned Parenthood after flying in from San Antonio, Texas. The abortion ban in Texas helped save her baby’s life and turned mom away from a life of regret.

Vanessa wrote to Kevin Williams, “I just came across your group one week ago. You have worked so many miracles in my family already. You and the people you have sent my way have truly been a blessing to me and my family. So Thankful I chose life again for my preborn baby! WE THANK YOU!

Kevin, wrote back to Vanessa, “We thank YOU for choosing Life and we thank God for the opportunity to see His Beautiful Heart in and through His people once again!”

With all the bans on abortion, NBC won’t bring you a love story like this.


The Fall 2022 40 Days for Life Campaign begins on Wednesday, September 28th. Here’s a preview of the campaigns in the Greater Philadelphia Area

In the heart of Philadelphia, the second biggest murder mill is there. The place has been defended by disgraced State Rep. Brian Sims, who has not apologized to the girls who were doxed by him in a live video. He was never to be seen during and after the Stand Against Bullying Rally when people watched in dismay and disgust the way he harassed women who stood against Planned Parenthood. 4,000 lives have been lost at the facility on a yearly basis.

The good news is there’s a Community Women’s Center across the street that offers healthy alternatives to abortion. They have build countless relationships with moms who went from abortion minded to choosing life for their child.

Pro-Lifers in Greater Philly area can help in saving lives with their prayers and support.

The campaign will run from September 28th to Saturday November 5th. The hours are 8 AM to 5 PM Monday through Saturday. Visit here to sign up today. Bring your own materials.

Learn what to do or say when on the sidewalk here.

Remember to pray for the conversion of the following workers and volunteers:

Dr. Lee Anthony Tripp

Dr. Joel Lebed

Jonathan Lovitz

Anna Smith

Dr. Lin-Fan Wang

Alhambra Frarey

Aishat Olatunde

Angie Ortiz 

Bobbie Trotenberg

Sylvia Metzler


The following is from Michael Geer from the Pennsylvania Family Institute.

It’s a dark day for Lancaster County.

Today, Planned Parenthood opened an abortion clinic on 902 Manor Street in Lancaster where chemical abortion pills will be administered.

Not only will unborn babies be aborted through this clinic – a first for Lancaster County, but additional harmful services are now being pushed in this community like “transgender hormone therapy.”

There’s no question this is a devastating development that will harm more families and challenge the pro-life movement in new ways, but after the triumphant overturning of Roe v. Wade, we knew the battle for life would shift to states and localities.

We have always fought for preborn children everywhere and that fight will continue in Lancaster and throughout Pennsylvania. 

Let it not go unrecognized that Lancaster County was kept abortion-free for nearly a quarter century, thanks to men and women willing to take a stand for life. In 1998, Planned Parenthood filed to obtain a building permit in order to perform abortions in Lancaster. But a broad-based coalition made up of churches, physicians, pregnancy care ministries and community and political leaders fought back. This group, called Lancaster United for Life, won a court appeal to successfully keep Planned Parenthood from performing abortions in Lancaster city. Zero abortions have occurred in Lancaster for all these years since.

Lives were saved over this past quarter century in Lancaster County and we can all praise the Lord for this fact.

In their announcement of this new abortion facility, the head of Planned Parenthood’s central PA region stated they must “do everything we can in Pennsylvania” to continue killing unborn children. It matches the abortion industry’s agenda for our state and nation: to remove every pro-life limit on abortion, to force you to pay for abortion and to attack anyone that threatens their profits from abortion, like pregnancy care centers. 

It’s why we must do everything we can to get involved in advancing a culture of life here in Pennsylvania. For our children and grandchildren, may we continue to rally, to march, to stand, to advocate for the most vulnerable among us – preborn children in the womb.

One way you can do so is by joining us in Harrisburg next Monday, September 19th, for the Pennsylvania March for Life – the first state march for life in the nation since Roe was overturned! The battleground for life has now shifted strongly to the states. We have the opportunity to build on the momentum of the US Supreme Court decision and direct Pennsylvania as a pro-life state, not a radical state in the likes of New York or California.

We know the power of prayer – many considered it a miracle when Roe was overturned recently along with when Planned Parenthood was stopped in Lancaster back in the ‘90’s. Through Christ, all things are possible!

So please join me next week in Harrisburg, and join me in prayer especially for all of the preborn and the young women in Lancaster. We need faithful Christians standing up in their communities and being a daily voice for the voiceless.

Together, let’s build up the culture of life in Pennsylvania.


The November mid-term elections are close yet far away. pro-life voters have much to do to ensure pro-life and pro-liberty candidates emerge victorious on election night.

If the scary agenda from the Biden Administration does not concern voters, what will? Their plan was clear all along to promote abortion demand despite Roe’s defeat by the Supreme Court this past summer. The administration and its allies in congress are out of touch with the American people on all levels.

There are many promising candidates that can help ensure a red wave and control both houses which has happened throughout history depending on who occupies the White House. When it happens, Biden is a lame duck heading into a potential re-election bid, despite poor health and low poll numbers.

Meanwhile, in Pennsylvania, the question looms on who will be Tom Wolf’s successor. Josh Shapiro has had ads left and right on television and even youtube. Doug, where are you? Do you not want to win the race?

Pennsylvania has held the blueprint in the pro-life debate, especially under the leadership of the late Bob Casey Sr who led the commonwealth in the 80s.

Pro-Life bills were passed on the state level, yet were vetoed or not enforced.

If voters can do something now, they can start by educating the community on the horrors of abortion, fetal development, and sharing the stories of those who walked away from the diabolical industry.

Pro-lifers, are you ready to step up your game? Take an active role in securing the pro-life majority now in Pennsylvania and Washington.