Teenager Makes Viral Response to Miley Cyrus with Message of Adoption

Adoption Cake

Photo courtesy of Hannah Rickords Facebook page

By now, many of us are outraged by the stunt pulled by pop and teen idol, Miley Cyrus.

Does she realize that she is part of the problem of how many people are being exposed to the promiscuity in our culture?

Recently, Hannah Rickords, a young woman in her late teens countered Miley’s Facebook sharing her adoption story.

Read below:


You teamed up with Planned Parenthood to share a message…

Here’s mine.

20 years ago, my biological mother walked into her Planned Parenthood pregnant and not sure where else to go. Measuring over 20 weeks, she was told they could move forward with termination. When she explained she wasn’t there for that kind of procedure, it was explained to her that was all the only help she could receive there.

My birth mom wrote:

“All I wanted was help. For someone to see me for the terrified young woman I was. I wanted someone to hold my hand and tell me everything was going to be okay. I quickly learned that this was not the place for that kind of reassurance. The woman quietly, but firmly, said she was sorry she couldn’t help me.”

If that day she had chosen abortion as her plan, I would not be here today. Regardless of what argument you could have of when life truly begins, if that day in that Planned Parenthood, a young girl was swayed to terminate, I would not be here.

Miley, what about my healthcare? What about the millions of people that will never see the light of day because “abortion is healthcare?”

As an unborn child, there wasn’t much I could do to contribute to society, but now as a 20-year-old being, I have been able to touch the lives of hundreds through a conference I held and my original music.

I am grateful every single day that my birthmother chose another plan for me.

I am grateful every single day that an adoption is an option.

Take action by sharing her photo on her social media platforms today. Adoption Story


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Delaware County Church Vandalized

Notre Dame de Grace Parish in Swarthmore was vandalized over the weekend by pro-choice vandals.

The graffiti has since been cleaned up at a Delaware County church, but now the search is underway for the vandal.

On Sunday, parishioners at Notre Dame de Lourdes in Swarthmore, Pa. spotted graffiti on the front glass doors and a side brick wall that included the words, ‘You do not have the right to decide what people can do, #ProChoice.’

This is what we are up against. Unhinged and violent pro-choicers who would cry, complain, whine, and even resort to violent confrontations in order to get their point across. On the other hand, pro-lifers rely on prayer, fasting, education, and even works or mercy to build a culture of life.

People constantly put the will of God aside for things of this world, like comfort.

God did not put us here for comfort, He put us here for greatness.Notre Dame de Lourdes

EWTN Pro-Life Weekly to Feature Cristina Barba of The Culture Project

Tune in TOMORROW to catch our very own Cristina Barba featured on EWTN Pro-Life Weekly to discuss actress Alyssa Milano’s recent call for a “sex strike” following Alabama’s passage of pro-life legislation.

The show will air Thursday (5/16) at 10 pm ET on EWTN Pro-Life Weekly. It will re-air on Sunday (5/19) at 1pm ET.

Ambulance Shows Up Hours Later Outside Same Planned Parenthood Rally Took Place

Safe, legal, and rare? That’s the biggest lie of the abortion industry.

Just hours following a rally against State Rep. and his bullying, an ambulance stops to take a woman to a nearby hospital after a botched abortion attempt.

See the video here

Here’s more from Operation Rescue:

Nearly 1,000 pro-life supporters had gathered in front of a Philadelphia Planned Parenthood abortion facility on Friday, May 10, 2019, to protest the bullying of pro-life activists by State Rep. Brian Sims.  But after the protest was over and the crowd had cleared the streets, an ambulance was dispatched to that same Planned Parenthood facility.

One pro-life supporter, Antonio Calimano, captured the incident on video.

At approximately 3:00 p.m., an ambulance arrived at the Planned Parenthood facility on Locust Street in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  Emergency responders can be seen in Calimano’s video pushing a woman in a wheelchair out to the ambulance.  She was loaded into the ambulance’s side door before being transported, apparently to a nearby hospital.

“We question whether this Planned Parenthood delayed calling an ambulance for this woman until after they thought all the pro-lifers had left for the day.  It certainly wouldn’t be the first time a Planned Parenthood delayed calling for emergency medical assistance,” said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue, which documents such emergencies at abortion facilities.

“This is another example of just how dangerous abortions really are.  Planned Parenthood tells the public that abortions are the safest ‘procedure,’ yet hundreds of documented medical emergencies at the abortion facilities themselves debunk that false narrative,” said Newman. “We pray that every abortion facility in America is closed down so women and their babies will no longer suffer from the barbaric practice of abortion.”

[This is a developing story. Stay tuned for updates as we get them.]

For more on medical emergencies at abortion facilities around the nation, visit Abortion911.com. 


Recap on Daily Vigils, Weekly Sidewalk Servants Sign-Up

Deb was at 777 appletree last Saturday praying to end abortion and handing out blessing bags… A young Spanish speaking girl approached the building. Deb spoke to her in Spanish and offered her help. The girl expressed that she would rather get help than end her pregnancy. Deb contacted the Community Women’s Center instantly and set her up for an appointment on Monday. Then she picked her up on Monday and took her to the appointment. At the appointment, this beautiful girl was loved and supported, and now she is definitely choosing life. If Deb was not there… if that hour was empty… if that young girl never encountered her and never learned about the help available… she would likely be mourning instead of rejoicing and preparing for her child.

You make the difference! Please be there to pray and offer help to these women and babies who need us… Let’s fill every hour this week! let us know if you need instructions before you go.

We will make sure that there are resources available, and if you have any questions at all before you go contact us for instructions.
Invite your friends to check out the “sidewalk servant quick start” videos on Youtube and google sidewalkservantsphilly.com to find our website for more resources.

please help us fill this weeks hours in downtown philly:

Tuesday 5/14 12th and locust:8,9,10,11,1,2,3

Tuesday 5/14: 777 appletree: 11,2

Wed 5/15: 12th and loc: 11,1,2,4

wed 5/15: 777 appletree: 8,9,10,11,12,1,2

Thurs 5/16: 12th and locust: 8,11,12,1,2,3,4

Thurs 5/16: 777 appletree: 8,9,10,11,12,1,2

Friday 5/17: 12th and locust:8,9,10,11,12,1,2,3,4

Friday 5/17: 777 appletree: 9,10,12,1,2

Sat 5/18: 12th and locust:11, 12,1,2

Sat 5/18: 777 appletree: 1,2

Big Tech Suppressing Pro-Life Message?

Terry Beatley’s Hosea Initiative claims Big Tech suppressing opposing viewpoints through non-profit gatekeeper TechSoup.

Tech Soup declines non-profit application on the basis that the pro-life organization “discriminates”

Hosea Initiative is a pro-life non-profit organization with a mission – to fulfill a promise made to repentant NARAL Pro-Choice America founder Dr. Bernard Nathanson. (www.Hosea4You.org )

Terry Beatley of Hosea asks, “Why would Tech Soup reject the one pro-life, non-profit organization dedicated to Dr. Nathanson who so deeply regretted unleashing abortion onto America and who wanted to set the record straight?”

Tech Soup serves as gatekeepers of billions of dollars in the assistance offered by many of the big tech companies including Google, Microsoft, Dell, and Cisco. These companies make organizations register to Tech Soup before giving out these perks. It seems to Terry, that this has become a way for big-tech companies to suppress opposing viewpoints. Hosea went through this registration process before receiving a rather Orwellian rejection.

I feel this is just part of a wider censorship effort, says Beatley. “We have seen a pattern of social media and tech giants attempting to silence anyone who holds views other than their own.” Last November Facebook removed a pro-life ad supporting Tennessee Republican Senate candidate Marsha Blackburn and more recently Twitter suspended Unplanned movie’s account only to reinstate it after a national outcry.

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) held a Senate hearing on this very subject and proposed several solutions to Silicon Valley’s censorship practices: regulation, antitrust, and policing big tech’s fraud.

Hosea is seeking donations to help get around this embargo.

About Hosea Initiative: Terry Beatley who founded Hosea, promised Dr. Nathanson after he awoke to the evil he helped unleash, that she would reveal the eight-point scheme he used to deceive America.

In a rare interview in 2009, Terry Beatley accepted the pro-life mantle of Dr. Bernard Nathanson, the regretful cofounder of NARAL (National Association for the Repeal of Abortion Law, currently known as NARAL Pro-Choice America – a pro-abortion political action organization). He was once known as America’s “Abortion King” and is the father of America’s abortion industry.

Terry promised Dr. Nathanson that she would reveal the truth of how he deceived America’s media, courts, legislators, doctors, clergy and public with the insidious lie that abortion is synonymous to “women’s healthcare.”

Right before his death, Dr. Nathanson asked her to tell America the co-founder of NARAL says Abortion is not love – the world needs more love, stop the killing and love one another.

To help fulfill this promise, Terry established Hosea Initiative, an educational 501(c)3 organization. She named the organization after the Bible verse Hosea 4:6 “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.”

Company Contact: P.O. Box 56, Lancaster, Virginia 22503 info@hosea4you.org www.hosea4you.org

PBS Frontline Features Local Pro-Lifers

*The following is a review of Frontline’s latest episode that documented the abortion debate in Philly area; 36 years after it’s initial episode. Mark Harrington of Created Equal took time to put the episode under review. It was used with his permission.

In 1983, a decade after the Roe v. Wade decision, FRONTLINE went inside an abortion clinic on the outskirts of Chester, Pennsylvania and filmed Abortion Clinic. 

Almost four decades later, FRONTLINE returned to Pennsylvania to film FRONTLINE’s latest documentary, The Abortion Divide, which aired on April 23rd.

Here are my takeaways from the film:

• Transition to medical abortions: The key difference explored in the film is the availability of a non-surgical method of killing babies: RU-486, often called “the abortion pill.” In the film two women — Taryn and Megan — begin the process of a chemical abortion. They take one pill in the clinic and will take another at home. Of course, unlike in the movie unPlanned, the film doesn’t show what happened when the cramping and bleeding began!

• Abortion reality: The film shows the aftermath of a 6-week surgical abortion in the pathology room but covers over the flask containing an aborted baby killed in the procedure room. Oddly, the film tries to have it both ways by showing abortion but not really showing abortion since 6 features of week aborted babies are generally not recognizable due to be torn up through high powered suction catheter.

• Abortion pill lies: The complications and process of medical abortions are minimized in the documentary. One of the abortionists, Dr. Rebecca Mercier, says, “A medical abortion procedure is very similar to inducing a miscarriage. It is safe for women to do up to ten weeks of their pregnancy.” However, Dr. Anthony Levatino, a former abortionist, begs to differ. In a Live Action video, Dr. Levatino discusses the failure rates, risks, and adverse effects (i.e. abdominal pain, vomiting, heavy bleeding, and maternal death) from medical abortions.

• Ultrasounds matter: Despite some criticism of the Heartbeat Bills and other legislation requiring an ultrasound before an abortion, the film demonstrates how requiring an ultrasound affects the decision to abort.

• Pill reversals work: Dr. Monique Ruberu, an obstetrician-gynecologist who opposes abortion and counsels outside the abortion center, tells women who are exiting, “If you took the abortion pill, we can reverse it.”

• Restrictions on abortion facilities close clinics: Laws that require abortion facilities to meet the same requirements as ambulatory surgical centers closed eight abortion facilities in Pennsylvania.

• Authentic sidewalk advocates: Counselors are depicted as thoughtful, law-abiding, and sacrificial. One such counselor, George Asajiw, M.D., is shown taking at-risk families into his home.

• Pregnancy Resource Centers and homes for pregnant mothers are shown in a favorable light.

• Pro-lifers are vigilant: Now, with an abortion process that can begin by swallowing a pill, the film shows pro-lifers becoming more vigilant.

Dr. Ruberu says, “The RU-486 pill has completely changed the landscape of abortion, and it really necessitates that somebody is present outside of these abortion centers every single day, every hour that they’re open,” she says.

Finally, one of the most disturbing parts of the film is when Taryn, a mother of two who became pregnant with twins, says:

“What I hope I feel is a sense of peace, not only with myself and the decision that I’ve made but also a sense of peace with these two beings that I’ve chosen not to bring into the world. Thank you for choosing me. And I’m honored to be given this gift of life. I can’t do it right now. I can’t accept that mantle in terms of the other lives that I’m taking care of and I’m responsible for.”

One thing is clear in the film, there is no getting away from the fact that abortion is sad and tragic despite the attempts of some abortion advocates to destigmatize it.

Considering the source, overall, the documentary is fair treatment of the abortion debate in America.

To see the episode in its entirety, visit here: Frontline Episode

Pennsylvania Action Alert – Merit Selection Bill Coming for a Vote Next Week

Please see the message from Maria Gallagher below and make the necessary calls and send emails today.  Don’t let liberals take away your right to vote for these judges.  


from Maria Gallagher, Legislative Director for Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation

Pa Action Alert We have just learned that a dangerous bill, House Bill 111, the so-called merit selection of judges bill, is coming up for a vote in the PA House Judiciary Committee next week. The bill would mean that a pro-abortion Governor could appoint judges for the state Supreme Court, the Superior Court, and the Commonwealth Court.

Please call and email the following pro-life or leans pro-life Judiciary Committee members with this message: I urge you to oppose House Bill 111 because I don’t want my right to vote for judges to be taken away!

Rep. Ron Kauffman– (717) 532-1707 rkauffma@pahousegop.com
Rep. Kate Klunk– (717) 787-4790 kklunk@pahousegop.com
Rep. Tedd Nesbit– (717) 783-6438 TNesbit@pahousegop.com
Rep. Matt Dowling–   (717) 783-5173  Mdowling@pahousegop.com
Rep. Torren Ecker– (717) 783-8875  tecker@pahousegop.com
Rep. Johnathan Hershey– (717) 783-7830 jhershey@pahousegop.com
Rep. Barry Jozwiak– (717) 772-9940 bjozwiak@pahousegop.com
Rep. Natalie Mihalek (717) 783-1522 nmihalek@pahousegop.com
Rep. Tarah Toohil (717) 260-6136  ttoohil@pahousegop.com
Rep. Jesse Topper (717) 787-7076 jtopper@pahousegop.com
Rep. Justin Walsh (717) 783-3825 jwalsh@pahousegop.com
The following two legislators need to be contacted through their websites:
Rep. Ryan Bizzarro  http://www.pahouse.com/3/Contact/

Thank you for making these critical calls and sending these important emails!

Urgent PA Pro-Life Legislative Alert

Please contact your State Representatives as Maria Gallagher has asked.  If you’re not sure who your representative is, use the link in Maria’s message below.  Don’t let liberals take away your right to vote for judges!  Remember, Governor Wolf is extremely pro-abortion (he was a former Planned Parenthood escort) and would appoint pro-death judges. 

from Maria V. Gallagher, Legislative Director
Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation

Pa Action Alert

Please call and email your state representative in the PA House and urge him or her to oppose House Bill 111 because you don’t want them to take away your right to vote for judges!

House Bill 111 is a dangerous bill that would rescind our right to vote for judges for the PA Supreme Court, Superior Court, and the Commonwealth Court. Instead, judges could be appointed by a pro-abortion Governor who would stack the courts with pro-abortion activists.

The Women’s Law Project and the ACLU, which oppose all of our pro-life laws, have supported this plan, which is known as “merit selection of judges.”

Please share this message with all your family and friends in Pennsylvania.  Thank you so much for making these critical calls and sending these important emails!