Unplanned Matters

UnplannedArchbishop Charles Chaput weighs in on the importance of the movie that everyone should see, Unplanned.

Here’s an excerpt from his latest column:

A friend of mine, a mother and teacher, has spent the last 40 years caring for young people: her hundreds of grade-school students, her children, and her many grandchildren. She’s spent those same 40 years volunteering in the cause of life. Over the decades she’s helped open 11 pro-life clinics; led and served on the boards of pro-life organizations; marched and picketed; given public talks; and spent hundreds of hours on the phone and in person listening to and trying to help women faced with the crisis of an unplanned pregnancy.

She once told me that, in her view, the two biggest rackets in American culture are the mob, whose profits are fat but its activities criminal, and Planned Parenthood, whose funding is fat but its activities praised. She has her own personal memory of the latter. As a young woman early in her marriage, and before the direction of her life changed, she sought out birth control counseling and pills from a Planned Parenthood clinic in Manhattan. She got what she came for — and left feeling processed “like a piece of meat.”

She’s never forgotten the experience. Planned Parenthood has worked earnestly to improve its customer service and public relations in the years since, but the essence of what it does hasn’t changed any more than the mob’s has. In practice, the business of Planned Parenthood is to prevent new life and to help kill developing life if it becomes inconvenient. And too many women to count have been damaged or repelled by it.

One of those women, one who has not remained silent, is Abby Johnson. As director of a Planned Parenthood clinic in Texas, and committed to the ideals of reproductive choice and a woman’s “right to choose,” Johnson oversaw a site that conducted thousands of abortions during her tenure. It was only when she took part personally in one of the procedures that the reality of killing a living, developing, unborn human child imprinted itself on her conscience full force. She left Planned Parenthood and joined the Coalition for Life.

Johnson’s journey from one side of the abortion struggle to the other is told powerfully in her compelling book Unplanned, available from Ignatius Press and other booksellers. It’s well worth reading and sharing. And her story is now an equally powerful motion picture, Unplanned, opening in theaters around the metro Philadelphia area on March  29.

Don’t expect to see positive reviews in mainstream media outlets; miracles do happen, but this one would be a stretch. Ignore that. See this movie, and bring as many friends and acquaintances with you as you can (it’s rated R for the nature of its content). It’s that important.

Note that Generation Life is hosting an advance screening of the film in South Philadelphia on March 28, with details here

Against all predictions and odds, the pro-life movement has endured and gained ground over the past four decades because the humanity of the unborn child can’t finally be hidden or denied. The right to life is the fundamental human right; without it, no other rights are secure. Abby Johnson discovered that in a hard but deeply moving way. In supporting the film that tells her story, we join in the task of communicating the sanctity of life.

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Be Not Afraid

In a recent email sent out by Monique Ruberu, she shares how a sidewalk servant helped in a recent save.

This work is really hard. There are times that the person who is considering abortion is no more than a child herself.

One of our sidewalk servants was put in contact with a very young girl. She was in a relationship with an older person and conceived a child. Her age makes this a case of rape. When the conversation began, she was unwilling to consider allowing the pregnancy to continue.  Her main concern was that it would prevent her from pursuing a gymnastics career in the future.

The Sidewalk Servant had multiple conversations with this girl, explaining that although she couldn’t guarantee that she would be an Olympic gymnast in the future, it is totally possible for her to have a child and still pursue her dreams.

Despite the many conversations, the sweet young girl decided to go for an abortion today to planned parenthood.  The Sidewalk servant sent her one more message:

“I heard that you are going to get the abortion. I wish you would reconsider, but I understand why you feel that you need to. I am here to talk, I know you must be really scared, but I want to remind you that you are in control of your life, not your boyfriend. Please don’t do this for him”

The girl responded ” I changed my mind. God told me not to do it. I heard him… do you believe me???”

SS: “Really? what did He say? I believe you. God has spoken to me before.”

girl: “He said to be not afraid for I have a plan for you. That’s what I heard”

SS: “That’s right, He has a plan for you because YOU are HIS child.. You have no idea what God has planned for you, but it is bigger than you and me. Where did He talk to you?”

girl: outside of the planned parenthood

SS: were there people outside? Did they help you? They have resources you can use”

girl: ya, but not right outside.  I want to give my life to God like my sister..

My friends. This girl who is so brave, and so willing to listen to the voice of God is just a child herself. If she can be so brave and come to the gates of hell… and because she heard His voice SHE can turn away… shouldn’t we be there… every hour that they are open… all year?

Rejoice.. two of our children have been saved today. This young girl, and her precious child… Thanks be to God for this loving Sidewalk servant.. all names deleted to protect the privacy of the pregnant mom.

please help us cover the next set of hours:

Wed 3/20:

12th and locust: 12

Friday 3/22:

12th and locust: 11,12

777 appletree: 11,12

Tuesday 3/26:

777: 1,2

Tuesday 4/2:

777: 1,2

Wed 4/3:

777: 8,9,10,11,12,1,2,

Visit 40 Days for Life to sign up for your vigil hours.

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Down Syndrome Rate in Iceland from Ally of the Culture Project

Using her personal experience, Ally shared how babies with Down Syndrome are not a burden but a blessing. She also shares how one country has killed nearly all children with this condition.

Culture Project Video 

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Quizzo Night for Life-Saving Cause

I know many of you love trivia and would enjoy playing for fun while also helping to raise funds for a good cause.

Pro-Lifers in Northeast Philadelphia will be hosting their first quizzo night. Cost is $25 per person and includes pizza, soft drinks, beer, prizes, and DJ. Proceeds will benefit abortion alternatives and pro-life outreach in the Northeast section of Philadelphia. Come one, come all.

The event will be held at St. Katherine of Siena Parish McBride Hall, 9700 Frankford Avenue, Philadelphia, PA on Friday, April 26th from 7:30PM to 10PM.

To register or for additional info, visit www.HV50Philly.com/Events or contact Lisa Beck at 267-574-5854; lisa.mcardle.beck@gmail.com

Baby Save #3 in Philadelphia

The 40 Days Campaign has saved their third baby during the current campaign outside of the largest non-Planned Parenthood affiliate in Pennsylvania. The following is an email from Dr. Monique Ruberu that was sent to contacts involved with the campaign. Note: there are hours available this coming week that need to be filled with your love and mercy that must be emptied out to every person you will encounter.

From her email:

Holy Martyrs had taken the day… it was a Friday and things seemed quiet.

On the narrow alley that holds the nursery school next door to the abortion center where 6,000 babies lives are ended each year they stood… quietly… prayerfully… lovingly.

They continued to hope that even one of these mothers would have a change of heart.

She walked up to Bob Gilles…. and she said “I never had the procedure, sir… I changed my mind”  He was too shocked to know how to respond… he never thought this would happen on his watch…Thrilled but shocked!

But it can and does happen because when we show up and cover these people and places with love and prayer hearts and minds change.

God bless all of you for helping,

please join us this week:

Monday 3/18:

12th and locust: 2

Wed 3/20:

12th and Locust: 3

Thursday 3/21:

777 appletree: 1,2

Friday 3/22:

777 appletree: 11,12,1,2

Mon 3/25:

12th and locust: 9,10,11,12,1,2,3,4

Sign up at your local campaign site(s) here: 40 Days Sign Up

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Giving God permission

On Thursday, March 14th, 2019, I answered Monique’s call to fill a last-minute vacant hour outside of Planned Parenthood. That one hour turned into two. As I was going through the daily readings for that day, I realized that the Gospel of Matthew really spoke to me in a profound way. Here’s the full story from Dr. Ruberu, the coordinator of the 40 Days for Life campaign in Center City Philadelphia, who started the first campaign in the fall of 2014.

I began talking to a young man about my age who was waiting for his girlfriend who had an appointment. I opened his eyes on what was happening inside of Planned Parenthood and he was blown away.

Another gentleman saw my our Lady of Guadalupe rosary that my best friend gave me when we were in DC a couple of summers ago. I encouraged him to keep praying for the end of abortion.

My 10 AM had no escorts outside so I had no problem planting seeds by handing out our blessing bags to the women entering the facility.

For the first time, I had people walk past and commend me for being present.

I was later joined by Elaine Coyne. She had a calm and sweet approach to the women and workers coming in and out of PP.

I remember reviewing today’s gospel and it talks about asking and receiving. It turns out someone asked for a blessing bag and she received one. I never realized how rewarding it is to stand and let those who enter know that there is a better option than abortion.

I also recall hearing the story of how St. Teresa said to a newly ordained cardinal. She said to him these three simple words: “Give God Permission”. I felt like I just emptied myself that day and let God just take control of what I was doing by showering his love to everyone.

– so happy Mickey was there to fill one of our last minute hours…as did Joe Paganelli, Elaine Coyne, and Paula Terreri!!! Thank you all so much!

A Spiritual Battle That Every Pro-Lifer Must Engage In

Why are pro-abortion supporters so hostile to prayer.  We must first understand that this is not a battle between ideologies, i.e. pro-life vs. pro-abortion, rule of law vs. moral law, conservatives vs. liberals, but an all-out war between good vs evil.  

On January 22nd, 1973, the US Supreme Court’s Roe vs Wade decision legalized abortion through all nine months of pregnancy. This was a dream that Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood, never imagined. 

Unborn babies lost their right to life, guaranteed under the constitution. Under the guise of women’s rights, babies were in the middle of a tug of war between the forces of darkness and the Kingdom of Light. Planned Parenthood, leftist groups, pro-abortion politicians, even recently satanist groups have joined forces to ensure that the slaughter of the innocent would continue.

“For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. Therefore put on the full armor of God, so that when the day of evil comes, you may be able to stand your ground, and after you have done everything, to stand.” Ephesians 6:10-12 

“For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds.”  2 Corinthians 10:4

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A Praise Report

A few weeks ago, Mary Jo was at 777 providing prayer, love, and resources to all those entering the building and passing by.  A woman came up to her and wanted to give her a “Praise Report”. Mary Jo said, “What?” and the woman repeated, “A Praise Report”

The woman then went on to say that her granddaughter became pregnant and wanted to have an abortion because she couldn’t handle it…

She told her granddaughter that “WE don’t do that…” but the granddaughter still wanted to go ahead with the procedure.

She came with her granddaughter and they went upstairs. The granddaughter watched the film and changed her mind. She decided she didn’t want to do it after all.

She said that day there were a lot of ladies out there praying, and they all prayed together.   The Grandmother then went on to say, “I just want you to know that your being here makes a difference, and whenever I’m in town and I see someone here I come over and tell them.”

She also said that the granddaughter is doing fine, she is very excited about the little baby girl who is due in May.

This occurred 3 weeks before our current vigil started during the sidewalk servants outreach that occurs between the 40 days.

Please remember the wise and beautiful words of this Grandmother. Our presence does matter. Our prayers do make a difference, and most of all our LOVE can change hearts and minds.

Please help us continue to save lives by covering these hours

if you meet a turn away out there always try and get their info so we can support them with a baby shower and we can walk with them if they desire.

Help fill these hours:

Friday 3/15:

12th and locust:4

Monday 3/18:

12th and locust: 2,3

Tuesday 3/19:

12th and locust:9,11,12,1,2,3,4

777 appletree: 12,1,2 (1st timer has signed up need prayer partner for these 3 hours)

Wed 3/20:

12th and locust: 2,3,4

777 appletree: 12

Thursday 3/21:

777 appletree: 12,1,2

Friday 3/22:

777 appletree: 8,9,10,11,12,1,2

Visit here: 40 Days Sign Up

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First-Hand Account from Fall 2018 Campaign at Philadelphia’s Women’s Center

This is the following from the Facebook account of Pete DeMaio, who prayed in front of Philadelphia’s Women Center (777 Appletree Street) several days ago.

Several days ago many moms celebrated the loss of their baby. Babies lost, moms & dads wounded! (Don’t forget dads. We suffer too. We lose a baby but also have to watch our love, our wives, suffer and can’t fix it or protect. Breaks our primordial, alpha need as men).

On Wednesday Tricia DeMaio and I had the privilege to witness down at the 777 apple tree Abortion mill.

The workers proudly wear their shirt “abortion 100% of the time 0% shame”
I asked the sidewalk employee if she would take a picture of Tom Stevens, Tricia and I. She refused. I asked her what her deal was and she told me “don’t talk to me. I’m not talking to you” I guess that was the sign in their window that says – Bring Only Love.

Meanwhile when I tried to hand someone a bag with the info she almost shoulder blocked me putting herself between me and the person. I wasn’t feeling the love… we prayed Thx Tom!

Then it happened: A young girl came out with a worker and family member walking her/carrying her out. She was wounded. She could barely walk or stand up. I felt the gut shot. My heart ached. I wanted to help. Nobody did anything. She had a “procedure”

Tragic & Senseless death and another wounded mom.

PWC Signs

A few minutes later we met Nice. He told me we shouldn’t be there because we didn’t understand. I asked what? He said do you mind if I drop some knowledge on y’all. I said sure. He said you’re making people feel bad and not everyone agrees. He said I have 4 kids. Do you know how hard it is to have 4 kids? Tricia said yea we do. We have 6. He humbly quieted down. (I didn’t realize there was a contest for who can impregnate women more times. I’ll suit up and wear my Stallion jersey next time for the competition. Lol 😆)

Since I won that one and now had street credibility for having more children than Nice 🙄, I said do you mind if I drop some knowledge on you now? I did. His little cousin was in there having an abortion because she just had a baby a year ago…

Our Petey and Nicky are 1 year apart. They’re best friends. They’re my whole life 😢 I love them more than I’ve ever loved anything. Alyssa came 17 months later. I didn’t think I wanted a girl. She melted my heart. I’m still in love. It’s intoxicating. Jenna and Cenzo are 15 months apart. It’s wasn’t convenient. They wouldn’t know each other if we chose “choice”

Finally, I’ve never been a part of a save. Harmony comes waking out. As we stood holding a sign and praying the rosary, Harmony looked at us and said “I’m not gonna do it. I can’t do it. I can’t kill my baby. I’m 2 1/2-3 months pregnant”.

She climbed over the rope and came to talk to us. Tricia and I reassured her. She said the “counselor” keeps trying to convince her it’s better.

Our Lady intervened!

The counselor came out and said “harmony you’re on the wrong side”
Look at the picture of the “counselor” smoking a cigarette trying to convince harmony to come back in while Harmony is calling for a ride home and probably family guidance and support.

Tricia, a former nurse, said that’s informed consent? Is that person even credentialed to counsel?

This is 2018. This is what we’ve got. Love Saves Lives. Abortion Kills. Abortion wounds moms and dads. #40daysforlife. Get involved. Do something. Every 20 seconds a baby is being brutally murdered; a fellow human person; a soul.

Pray to our Blessed Mother. Ask her to go to her Son. Prayer & Fasting. Visit 40daysforlife.com to sign up today.

Rain Could Never Damper Pro-Life Spirit

Fifty pro-lifers took part in the annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade. The morning starting with many losing an hour of sleep the night before, yet they offered it up for the conversion of souls, especially those involved with the culture of death. It also was pouring rain. Some had Sunday commitments at their parishes that caused them to run late. However, everything came to together by the grace of God.

The meetup was outside of Suburban Station on 16th and JFK. The group, as in the year’s past, were in the early group that would march first in the parade. Some handed out prayer cards for the end of abortion, which includes a spiritual adoption made possible by Archbishop Fulton J Sheen. It reads: “Jesus, Mary and Joseph, I love you very much. I beg you to spare the life of [baby’s name] the unborn baby that I have spiritually adopted who is in danger of abortion.” 

The spiritual adoption prayer is encouraged to be prayed every day for nine months straight.

Along the parade route, Pat Stanton’s brother Dennis provided a personal PA system that blasted well known Irish songs while parade goers would cheer on the small contingent as they were in the parade to plant the seeds for potential conversion and to make their voices heard. No question that our voices were heard.

Pat and Wendy Stanton


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