Focus on the Family’s “See Life 2020” Powerful Video

Below is a must see video from Focus on the Family. Please share with family, friends and those who need to see the reality of this powerful online film.

Abortion is a difficult topic. Please note this premiere touches on mature themes. Parents, check out the PluggedIn review for more info: See the beauty some are afraid for you to see… See Life 2020 is an online event that will expose the lies and pain of abortion and celebrate the miraculous wonder of life. Watch and Share the digital premiere that includes powerful pro-life stories of hope, compelling Christian commentary, and soul-stirring music. PLUS a 4D ultrasound of a baby, offering a window into the reality of life in the womb. —

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Embracing Gods Gift of Life – Focus on the Family Sits Down with Author Laura Lynn Hughes

Below is an interview with Laura Lynn Hughes, pro-life author and co-founder of A Movement of Love ministry done by  Focus on the Family where she shares her journey from a pregnant teen to a volunteer of a pregnancy center.  

Choose Zoe

Laura  indicated that her book, Choose Zoe, has been censored by Facebook and Instagram stating it was ‘political’.  You can  purchase her book at Amazon here.  It is available in both paperback  and electronically for your Kindle or other electronic device. 

Please take a few moments to view her interview below or on YouTube by clicking here.