Remembering Betty Maier – A Good and Faithful Servant

Once again, we are mourning the loss of one of our pro-life warriors.  Betty Maier left us on Sunday, March 6th to join the many of our pro-life community who have gone before her.  Betty and her husband, Dave, could be found on Saturday mornings (and other days of the week) praying and offering help to women in front of the Planned Parenthood (formerly the Northeast Women’s Center) on Comly Road.

In the 1980’s when Sister Maryanne Regensburger and I decided to open another (but much needed) maternity home in SE Pennsylvania, I asked Dave and Betty to be part of this new ministry.  Without hesitation, they both agreed and were a very large part of our new program, Guiding Star Ministries. With the help of Betty and Dave, we established a Board of Directors, a Mission Statement, and met with Monsignor Charles Devlin, the Vicar for our area of Philadelphia at that time, for his guidance.  Monsignor Devlin was very enthusiastic about our mission and paved the way for our Board to meet with the Archdiocese to see about getting an empty convent to use.

After a presentation at St. Jude’s parish in Chalfont, we were directed by Jennette Wynn, Respect Life Committee Co-Ordinator of St. Jude’s, to St. Benedict’s parish in the Germantown area of Philly (where Betty and Dave lived).  Father Moore, pastor of St. Benedict’s was excited about this program, and after discussing it with the few nuns who were living there, graciously gave us the convent to begin our ministry. These nuns made arrangements to move to St. Raymond’s convent, a neighboring parish.

Betty was a great inspiration to everyone.  She was always there to offer her guidance and support for our program, and to everyone in the pro-life movement.  She will be greatly missed not only by her family, but by those of us who worked with her to end the killing of God’s precious little ones.  I’m not sure if she was ever recognized for her untiring pro-life work here on earth, but I’m certain in heaven she will be.  Rest in peace, Betty, good and faithful servant!

In lieu of flowers, the family has asked for donations to be send to the following in Betty’s memory: Guiding Star Ministries, 1940 E. Chelten Ave., Phila., PA 19138; Legacy of Life, 25 S. Main St., #217, Yardley, PA 19067 or AlphaCare, 3807 Lancaster Ave., Phila., PA 19104, would be appreciated.

Below is more information on Betty from Mike McMonagle, President of the Pro-Life Coalition of Pennsylvania. 

For many years, Betty Maier served as a highly faithful and effective pro-life activist in our area’s pro-life movement.  On Sunday, March 6, 2022 Betty died at Jefferson Torresdale Hospital after a prolonged illness.  Her husband Dave and some of their children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren gathered around her in prayer and song (Amazing Grace) at the time of her death.Betty Maier (née Walton) grew up in Germantown in St. Francis Parish and became a Registered Nurse through then St. Joseph Hospital.  She and Dave married in 1955 and were blessed with seven children, 18 grandchildren, and 14 great-grandchildren.Because of their Catholic Faith, Dave and Betty became intensely involved in the Philadelphia area pro-life movement through many activities.  They engaged in faithful sidewalk counseling prayer vigils at the Planned Parenthood abortion chamber on Comly Road and provided tremendous leadership for Guiding Star Ministries Maternity Home at the former St. Benedict Convent in Germantown.

Messy Gifts


Your Life is a Gift

from Marie Joseph, Executive Director of Legacy of Life Foundation

Your Life is a Gift!

Life can be a messy thing!

Life can be a wild portrait of joy, sorrow, pain, triumph, and everything in between. Emotions we have one moment can be completely changed in the next!

An unplanned pregnancy can really add to the emotional roller coaster of Life!

I am thinking of a woman named Kathy who came into our center. She came to us with her friend and was totally overwhelmed by the news of her pregnancy. Her situation was messy. She did not feel financially stable.

All of her family was in Venezuela.

The father of her baby wanted her to have an abortion.

Feeling alone and forgotten, she felt she had no other choice.

When she learned the truth about the abortion procedure she came to understand that it, too, was messy.

It was then she said: “I can’t kill my baby!”

But her situation was far from over. She needed a lot of help and she had no idea how her family would react to the news.

She was encouraged  to tell her family, and she finally told her aunt, who she was very close to.

To her surprise, her family was overjoyed at the news!

Her mother made plans to fly in to help during her delivery.

Her family embraced Kathy with all the love and support she needed.

They recognized both Kathy and her unplanned pregnancy as a gift.

This is the most important realization a woman needs to have…

That this baby, planned or unplanned, is a gift.

It is God’s blessing to the woman and the world!

This past Sunday, Jesus calls us the Father’s “gift” to him.

“Father, they are your gift to me. I wish that where I am they also may be with me, that they may see my glory that you gave me, because you loved me before the foundation of the world”    John 17:24

Our messy lives are a gift to Jesus!

Here at the Legacy of Life Foundation centers, we seek to see each woman as a gift from the Father.

Her pregnancy, her crisis, the beauty of her messy life is a gift to us.

We want to make the love of God known to the mothers who come to our centers.

So many of them do not know the gift they’ve received!

When they receive love the mess becomes blessed!

Pray for the beautiful, courageous moms everywhere – that they can rise above the mess of life and see the beautiful perfection of the Father’s plan in their lives!


Legacy of Life Foundation supports two crisis women’s centers in Bucks County and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania,  by fundraising to support the financial needs of these two life sustaining crisis pregnancy centers. The unique mission of the centers we fund is the counseling approach used to empower women in a crisis pregnancy to be free from fear and isolation so that they can freely choose life.  For more information on this organization, please use this link. 

What if Thomas had an Ultrasound?

from Marie Joseph, Executive Director – Legacy of Life Foundation 

St. Thomas

We all like proof. As they say, “seeing is believing”

We read about Thomas’ struggle with this in the scriptures, and I cannot help but reflect on the very real experience we all have with this issue. When we are in doubt, we would like the proof of our own eyes to dispel those doubts.

So many of the mothers who come into our centers carry doubts with them. Some doubt they are pregnant, they doubt they could ever be good mothers, some even doubt the baby is a human person! They need the proof. They need to see it with their own eyes.

I thank God for the support you provide so that we are able to provide ultrasound services at our centers to help dispel the doubts they have about their child!

It reminds me of a woman named Renee who recently came into our center, convinced she needed to get an abortion. She heard so many voices from all around her saying “it” was just a clump of cells, “it” wouldn’t feel anything, “it” didn’t have a heartbeat yet…

When she found out we provided her with true abortion information, she almost walked out on us! Just like the disciples in the upper room, the doors of her heart were locked tight out of fear.

When we offered her a same day ultrasound, she was able to see her baby boy – and that he was very much alive!

Just as Thomas looked on our risen Lord and saw his wounds and then proclaimed “My Lord and My God!” Renee saw her baby alive on the ultrasound screen and said, with tears in her eyes –

“This baby boy is a blessing!”

Thank God for the curious human heart! It is a gift to believe without sight, but it is a blessing to see and believe!

May we all be given the gift of belief, that one day we may behold with our eyes what we profess with our hearts. Let us pray for the mothers who are weighed down by doubts, that God’s grace and mercy may touch their lives so they can see and believe in the beauty of life and the beauty in themselves.


Legacy of Life, Inc., is  dedicated to advancing the pro-life cause and to supporting pregnant women in choosing life for their babies, even when in crisis situations. We support crisis pregnancy centers by coordinating with volunteers and donors in the local community who are willing to make the sacredness of life a priority in their own lives.

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What’s the Verdict Today?

“With loud shouts, however,
they persisted in calling for his crucifixion,
and their voices prevailed.
The verdict of Pilate was that their demand should be granted.”
What’s the verdict today?


Legacy of Life Palm Sunday

from Marie Joseph, Executive Director – Legacy of Life Foundation 

History repeats itself.

We see it happen all the time, and the same stories are retold in a different world and social context.

The story we see being replayed in our country now is the clamoring of the crowds for the death of the innocent babies.

And the verdict of the government…. Giving in to their demands…

Calling for abortion during all stages of the unborn baby’s life!

We will read in the Passion narrative how the crowds cried out for the death of Jesus. He made them uncomfortable.

He called for their conversion.

He preached repentance and forgiveness of sins.

They deafened his message with their shouts of “Crucify Him!”

In our nation, we see the crowds still clamoring for the death of the innocent …

– the death of children, both in and outside the womb.

When the pregnancy is unplanned…these children are “inconvenient” and it can be overwhelming to imagine how it will all work out!

But God has a plan!  The baby is a blessing!

The baby is God’s calling us to selflessness. He calls us to responsibility.

To respond to His love!

The baby’s very existence calls us to an unconditional love that would never be experienced if not for this baby’s life!

But this truth makes many uneasy, and so our society is shouting that these babies must die.

As the crowds call for Jesus to die, Pilot caves to their demands. Just as abortion giants call for fewer restrictions, the government caves as well!

However, while their voices seem to prevail in the courtroom…

There is a different voice being heard in the Women’s Centers funded by the Legacy of Life Foundation!

There are women, pregnant mothers,  who are led with compassion every day to see the true beauty of tiny and precious life alive in their womb at our centers!

The silent image of their baby on the ultrasound screen is the boldest witness to life, drowning out all the voices of bitterness, fear, or anger surrounding them.

May the silent majority speak out and the voices of death be drowned out by the cries of new life!

Use this link to help save a life today!


Legacy of Life, Inc., is  dedicated to advancing the pro-life cause and to supporting pregnant women in choosing life for their babies, even when in crisis situations. We support crisis pregnancy centers by coordinating with volunteers and donors in the local community who are willing to make the sacredness of life a priority in their own lives.

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